Cute I Miss You Quotes for Family, Friends and Lovers



Find the best I miss you messages in a whole collection of cute I miss you quotes for family, friends, and lovers. All categories of I miss quotes that you may want are covered in these lovely messages.

i miss you father quotes

I Miss You Father Quotes to Make Him Smile

You have been away for some times now, you miss your superhero father who means everything to you, don’t you think to send him any of these lovely I Miss You Father Quotes will put a smile on his face?

1. I have never known another Superman apart from you dad, leaving home was a very hard decision for me to make, I miss you dad.

2. Dear father, I thank you for all the love and care that have shown me, I use to live by everything that you have thought, you are the best teacher that I have ever seen. I miss you, dad.

3. I may be several miles away from home, but my heart is always with you dad, you are the only hero of life that I know. I miss my home.

4. You represent the symbols of every goodness in this life, I miss you dad.

5. You are the best father in the world, I miss you so much, dad.

6. Life cannot be complete without you here dad, we miss you more than the air that we breathe, you are the crown on our head.

7. Hope you will be back home soon dad, we can live happily without you, we miss you.

8. Dear father, we miss your smile, we miss the laughter, and we miss your wonderful company.

9. Out of sight is not out of mind, we miss you, dad.

10. I miss those beautiful stories you use to tell me, dad, there is no place like home.

i miss-you-supper-dad

11. Thank you, dad, for always being my cushion in life I miss you so much.

12. Dear dad, you are a wonderful father, you have been everything to us, your love and care for us cannot be surpassed by what other parents shows to their children, you are the hero of our life. We miss you, dad.

13. I cannot imagine living a single day without you dad, you make every positive thing happens in my life, no one can take your place in my life, you are indeed a real angel. I miss you, dad.

14. Dear father you are the reasons I smiled, you are the hope of my life. I miss you, dad.

15. Thank you, dad, for bringing me up in this special way, despite my not been at home under your guidance right now, I live by every wonderful thing you have thought me; life has been so easy for me out here following your footstep. I miss you, dad.

16. You make this life a wonderful place for us, you loved and cared for all of us, we will ever be grateful for having an amazing father like you. You are one in a million. I miss you, dad.

17. Dear dad, you are the stars that shine brightly above us in the night, you are the moon that brightens every darkness where it lurks, you are the sun that shines with calmness in cold day. You are the superhero of our life. I miss you, dad.

18. I have never come across another father like you; you are the best father in the world. I miss you, dad.

19. Thank GOD for giving us a marvelous father like you, every night when I go to sleep I pray that the LORD protect you and keep you alive. I miss you, dad.

20. Dear father, you unlock the key to every beautiful thing in my life my, may all the beautiful things of this life locate your heart. I miss you, dad.

21. Life can never be the same without you, I missed everything about you dad. I will be coming home soon.

22. If I have one wish to make, I will wish that you will always be with us and never leave us. I miss you, dad.

23. You are the best everything dad, the best dad, the best husband, the best teacher, and above all you are my best friend. I miss you, dad.

i miss you mother quotes

            I Miss You Mother Quotes to Make Her Smile

Mothers are wonderful people; no one can take their place. Tell your mother how much you miss by sending her any of these lovely I miss you mother quotes. I’m sure she will love it.

24. Dearest mother, I don’t think I can live another minute here without you, you mean everything to me, I miss you.

25. You are everything that smells good, you are everything that tastes good, you are everything that sounds good, you are everything that seems marvelous, and thank GOD you are my dear mother. I miss you, mum.

26. I have traveled to several places in the world; I have never found another wonderful mother like you, you are the star that shines brighter among other stars, you are one in a million. I miss you so much, mom.

27. Over the years I have come to realize that there is no mother like you, you are the best mom in the world, I miss you.

28. Leaving home was a very tough decision to make; I know I’m going to miss you so much, mom.

29. You are the loveliest heart I have ever seen, your heart is enshrouded with kindness and calmness. I miss you, mum.

30. Oh, beloved mother, you are the beautiful star that shines brighter among the other stars in my life, you mean a lot to me and I will always love you, I really miss you so much.

31. Dear mother do you know? I’ve seen many mothers and I’ve lived with them but you were the best among all and you would always be that perfect mother, I miss you.

32. Everything moment, I always think about you I always remember those lovely sayings of yours which make me have hope in life, you are really a great mother, I really miss you a lot.

33. You are so great, the best, the best mother, the best companion, and the absolute super mom ever, I miss you very much.

34. I always wish that you would always be there for us and would be with us and never leave us along, we miss you, dear mom.

35. Dear mom, I will be coming home soon because life is always different without you, I miss everything about you, and you are the best.


36. You are the beauty of my soul, in your arms, I grow to find love and peace; no one can take your place in my heart. I miss you, mom.

37. I have to confess to you mom, I wouldn’t have embarked on this journey if not that you urge on, and you know the last thing I will do is to disappoint you. You are the angel of life; I don’t want to be far from you. I miss you, mum.

38. I grow up to find love in your arms; you have done more than what the whole world couldn’t have done for me. You mean everything to me, I miss mom.

39. Life is sweeter as long as you are still here with mom. I miss you, my dear mother.

40. You are the jewel of my heart, you are the greatest mother in the world, I miss you so much, mom.

41. No one can take your place in my heart, you are always there for me when the whole shot the door on me, and you never gave up on me. I love you more than the life that I breathe, I miss you mom.

42. You are the sweetness that put flavor in my life, I wouldn’t have been here without you, I love you mom, and I miss you too.

43. The joy I feel when I see your face every morning is so huge, even now that I’m far away from home, I wake up every morning to stare at your beautiful photo that I hung on the wall of my room, you mean everything to me mother. I miss you so much.

44. You are my joy dear mother, I miss you, I will be coming home soon.

45. You are the best thing that has happened to me, I love you mum and miss your presence.

46. The most dearly and loving person in my life is you and now you far away, miss you mother.

47. I missed that special and sincere love and compassion, you are always remembered and remain in my thought forever, miss you mom.

48. Mother, you are the reason for my being alive today and all you have thought m made me great today love you and miss you a lot.

49. Be happy and feel good where ever you are because I will always pray for you. Miss you mother.

50. The love of a mother is never comparable to any other, you teach me to love, kindness and will always love you for that. Missing you, mother.

51. Come back home soon mama, for the four corners of the walls feels your absents, I miss you so much.

52. The best person to be with, to share a secret with and discourse important matters with is you, miss you, mum.

53. I love you, mother, I am really missing you, I cannot forget those wonderful time together mother.

I miss you my husband quotes

                I Miss My Wife Quotes to Make Her Smile

Little things can make much, ignite your love in her heart by letting her know how much she means to you and how much you miss her through a cute I miss my wife quotes.

55. You are like an angel that wrapped me in her arms on chilling night weather, thinking about you now, I can’t sleep, I miss you, my dear wife.

56. Life seems empty without you here, I wonder if I will be able to stay one more day without you here by my side, I miss you, my dear wife.

57. It is another beginning of another beautiful day, all I ever pray for throughout the night is to wake up and find you by side, life has been so tough without you, I will be coming home soon into your lovely arms. I miss you so much.

58. You are like my light in every darkness, you are my sweetness in every sadness, you bring joy and happiness into my life. I miss holding and cuddling your lovely arms, I miss you, my dear love.

59. You are my sources of inspiration, you stood by me in my tough time, you urge me on when I almost gave up everything, you are one in a million, you are my lovely wife, I miss you so much.

60. My life is incomplete without you, I miss you.

61. If there is one prayer I ever want GOD to answer is the prayer of never have to miss you, I always want to see you my side. I miss you love.

62. I thank GOD for blessing me with you, you are such a lovely wife and a wonderful mother, I will be home soon, I miss you.

63. I don’t know how long I will tarry on this journey, but I know I going to miss you so badly.

64. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have a lovely angel like you as a wife, you make my life rich and beautiful, I miss you my dearest.

65. I’m what I’m today because you loved me, you don’t how special you are to my me. I miss you; I will be back home soon.

66. You make me feel the sweetness of life; I never could imagine that life can be so sweet until you come into my life. I can’t live without you, I miss you.

67. I hate to live one inch away from you, because of the pain of not seeing you. I miss you a lot my dear wife, I will be coming home soon.

68. I’m all alone here, waiting for the day you will rush back into my arms. I miss you, my love.

69. I can’t let you go; you know I’m going to miss you so much. Please stay, don’t go.

i-miss-you-my dear-wife

                             Missing A Wife Who Left You

She may have gone but she left a big hole in your heart that nobody can fill, send her one these I miss you wife quotes, perhaps she may change her mind and come back to you.

70. Ever since you have left me, life has never been the same for me, you left with my happiness, my laughter, my smile, you left with everything. Please come back, I miss you.

71. I have grown with you over the years, when our life was getting better; suddenly you decided to go, why? You know I don’t love another woman except you and this I have told you several times. Please come to your home, it is here you can find true love, I miss you.

72. Life is hard without you, I have given you all the love in my heart, why do you still find it difficult to live with me. Please come back, I miss you.

73. Don’t you know that we are better together than being apart, I know you are feeling the same way I’m feeling right now, helpless, heartbroken, and dejected. Come back let’s settle our differences, I miss you so much.

74. You are my joy, and suddenly everything turned sour, let’s look back at the beautiful moments we have shared together, I have corrected my errors, I will never hurt you again, please come back, I miss you.

75. You can’t live me this way, you know how much you mean to me, I’m waiting with an open arm to take you back into my life, I miss you.

76. This is the most crucial moment of my life, the moment when I opened my eyes I can’t see you, when I opened my hands and I can’t embrace, and when I lie on my bed and I can’t find you beside me. I want you back home honey, I miss you.

77. The day you go you went with my happiness, don’t you want me to be happy again, I miss you, please come back.

78. I’m deeply hurt because you left me, I have become so sad and I can’t do anything, please come back to me, I miss you.

79. There is no single minute in a day that I don’t think about you ever since the time you left, I’m in a great mess, please come back, lest make a happy family together, I miss you.

80. There is no need to pretend anymore, search your mind, just as have searched mine, we can’t live without each other, let forget about the past and look forward to a better tomorrow, please come back, I miss you.

81. Our life is interwoven, don’t you see, we can’t live without each other, I miss you.

82. It pains me so much to hurt you I’m sorry, please come back to me, I miss you.

83. I can’t face the future alone without you by side, you complete me, I miss you.

84. You are the only made for me, I can never find another woman better than you, I will make up all the mistake of the past. I promise to love forever, please come back, I miss you.

85. My life is empty without you, you make me perfect in everything that I do, I miss you.

86. The most beautiful moments in life are the moment that we spend in each other’s arms. I miss you.

87. My life revolves around you, please don’t leave all alone in this murky life, I miss you.

88. You are too beautiful to let you go, I miss you so much.

Heart Touching Miss You Question for Her.

Ask her these questions, she might find a reason to come back to you.

89. Don’t you want me anymore?

90. Have you forgotten all the beautiful moment we share together?

91. What is it that you want me to do for you that I have not done?

92. Is this how you want us to end up?

93. Search your mind do you really want us to live apart without seeing each other again?

94. Have you forgotten all the promises you made to me?

95. Think about it, is it proper to run away from your true love?

96. Are you not missing me?

97. Don’t you love me again?

98. You use to tell me you would never leave me, tell me what has changed?

99. What really is the matter that we have to go our separate way, are we not missing each other?

 Missing You so Much Questions for Her

Let her know you really miss her and she means so much to you

100. Aren’t you missing me so much?

101. What makes you feel I don’t miss you? I miss you so much.

102. Do you think that I don’t miss you? I miss you so much.

103. Do you think I feel OK where I’m now? No, I don’t, I miss you so much.

104. Do you know how I feel without you? I feel like I fish out of the water. I miss you so much.

105. Haven’t you notice that I don’t sound well over the phone? It’s because I miss you so much.

106. Is it not better I’m here with you next time I come? I can’t concentrate without you. I miss you so much.


             I Miss My Husband Quotes to Make Him Smile

He is your lovely husband, he has been away for some times, tell him how special he is over a lovely I miss my husband quotes. Let me tell you, men like it when you flatter them over the text, make your husband rush back to your arms with a lovely miss you text like the below whenever he is away.

107. You mean the world to me, my world is empty without you, I miss you, my dear husband.

108. You are the best husband among the men of the world, I miss you love.

109. The world was too small for me when you are away, you seem to make everything large and beautiful, I miss you, my angel.

110. I miss all the sweet talk that use to prelude my sleep at night, I miss the kiss, I miss you, love, you are my world.

111. I miss the early morning smile that use to open a beautiful chapter of a lovely day. Hope you will be coming home soon.

112. My life is just in a mess without you; I don’t want to live another I minute without seeing you. I miss you.

113. You are the hero of my life; I have given you all my heart. So, when you travel, you went with my heart. I miss you.

114. I have searched every languages dictionary to find a perfect word for you, I haven’t found any. You make me feel like a queen, I miss you, please come back soon.

115. I’m proud to have a lovely husband like you, no one can match your act of care and love. I miss you so much.

116. Whenever you are away I’m sick until you return, I miss you.

117. I don’t how you do it, you always make me happy. I miss you a lot.

118. I miss you like the night misses the moon on a rainy night.

119. I miss you like the desert misses the rain, you are my joy.

120. I miss you so bad because you are my happiness.

121. Dear love every part of body aches without you, I miss you so much.

122. My life revolves around your world, I miss you so much.

123. Please come back home soon my love, I miss you.

124. You are like a star that shines brightly, in the darkest night, you shed light where ever you go, thank God that I have a life hero like you. Hope you will be home soon, I miss you.

125. I feel like I’m imprisoned without you, I miss you.

126. I want to be in your world forever, I miss you.

127. There is no single moment that I don’t always think about you, I miss my lovely husband.

128. I wonder if you miss me as much as I do, I miss you so much that I don’t like eating anything today.

129. This way I’m missing you shows how deep my love for you is, I love you so much.

130. I don’t think I can live in this world alone without you, I miss you.

131. I thought that I would be able to cope without you, but this loneliness is becoming unbearable, I’m missing you, my love.

132. Where ever you are right now just let me know, I will charter the next flight to meet you over there, I can’t adjust to the pain of missing you.

133. You are the missing sugar in my tea, I miss you.

134. You are the missing salt in my soup, I miss you.

135. I miss you more a monkey misses’ banana.

136. What is life without you? Boring and uninteresting, I miss you.

137. You make feel on top of the world, I miss you a lot, please come home soon.

138. I’m drowning in your world forever, I can’t live without you, I miss you.

139. You just know what to do to make me happy, you are the only one that makes me feel this way, I miss you.

140. The house is empty, the room is still. My life is boring without you here, I miss you a lot.

141. The feeling of missing you is like being left outside to sit on a rock on a hot sunny day, I really miss you, my love. I hope to rush in your arms soon.

142. I do not believe that there is another one out there that can make me feel the way you do, nothing matters to me but you, I love you with my heart. I miss you.

143. You are sweeter than the sweetest thing in the world, you cool my eyes and soothe my heart with your love and care. You have loved me too much, so my heart naturally belongs to you, I miss you my dear husband.

144. You have left an empty space in my heart where only you can fill, please come back very soon and fill these spaces. I miss you.

145. I’m eager to see you return, I have missed you too much.

146. It so tough to live without you, I miss you so much.

147. I have endured life with you; I can’t cope further, please save my soul and return home soon.

148. My heart is failing me, my eyes are sore, just because you don’t know how much I missed you.

149. It hurt so bad when the man you love Is away, it’s also hurt you more when you realized that he is not coming back home soon. It hurt me to tell you that I miss you.

150. Even as you are not here with me, my mind can never take you away for a minute, I always think about you. I miss you.

151. The best moments are the moment that I see you, and the worst moment is when you are away, out of my sight, I miss you my love.

152. Safe me from a broken heart, save me from an unhappy mind, save me and come back now, I miss you so much.

153. I feel like my entire world is in your hand, so when you leave, you go with it, won’t you come back and give me my world? Won’t you come back and restore my happiness. I miss you.

154. You know how to make me smile when I frown, you know how to make me laugh when I don’t feel like laughing, and only you know the perfect words to say to make me happy when I’m sad, you are my dreams come true. I miss you.

155. You are just the right man for me, and I’m just the right woman for you, no distance can take your love away from my heart. I love you and I miss you.

156. It is quite interesting to know how much I love you; I never knew I love you this much, until I miss you so much, the world feels deserted without you.

157. You are my superman, I don’t want you to fall into the arms of another woman, please come back let me love you more. I miss you.

158. The world seems to be crashing on my head when you are away, you make my morning beautiful, my afternoon splendid and my night wonderful, I can’t leave apart without you, I miss you.

159. The only thing I ever pray for in this world is never to miss you, don’t make me miss you more than this because I’m already down with miss you syndrome.

160. There is only one disease in my heart, and when it attacks me it dealt me a huge blow, and that is the disease of missing you, it just unbearable.

161. Life is crude without you, I miss you so much.

162. The more I miss you, the more I realize that I love you so much. I miss you, please come home sooner.

163. My biggest regret is to let you, please come back, I miss you.

164. You are the best husband in the world, my life is full of beauties because you love me, I can’t imagine life without you. I miss you more than the oxygen that I breathe.

165. Every night when I sleep, I prayed that the LORD will bring you into my arms tomorrow morning when I wake, I miss you.

166. I miss you love, seeing you is all that would make me happy.

i miss my brother quotes

       I Miss my Brother Quotes to Make Him Feel Special

Brothers are great people, how do you remember them when they are away? I suggest sending him a cute I miss you quotes to make them feel loved.

167. You are a wonderful brother, I there is another brother like you, the world would have been a better place, hope you will come home soon, and we miss you.

168. “How do people make it through life without a brother?” life is different here without you brother, I miss you.

169. The greatest gift that life ever gave me is a wonderful brother like you, you are one in a million, I miss you brother.

170. “Life is better with brothers!” I miss you so much brother.

171. “Some people don’t believe in heroes. But they haven’t met my brother.” You are the all-time hero, I miss you brother.

172. I miss you brother, the house has been so quite without you, and nobody can fill the vacuum you left behind. We are awaiting your beautiful return.

173. Dear brother, hope you are doing great over there, we miss you so dearly.

174. There’s no buddy like a brother, I miss you dear brother.

175. If I were to choose between being here and over there with you, I will choose to be there with you, you are such a great brother, I miss you so much.

176. There is no love like the love for a brother. There is no love like the love from a brother. I miss you brother.

177. “Being sister and brother means being there for each other.” I miss you my dear brother.

178. It was great growing up with a brother like you, you protected and took good care of me, I can never forget all those beautiful moments, hope you are great over there? I miss you brother.

179. Your speech means peace and your silence means peace, I have never a peaceful human being like you, I miss you brother.

180. “The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose.” That is how we grow up full of fun and beauty, I miss you brother.

181. If I could make one wish that would come true, I will wish that I have many brothers like you, you a living here, a super brother, I miss you.

182. “The greatest gift my parents ever gave me was my brother.”

183. “Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero.” I miss you brother.

184. “We came into the world like brother and brother; and now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another.”

185. “There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother.”

186. “Never make a companion equal to a brother”

187. You are a great brother, I can’t live with you, I miss you so much, please come home soon.

188. There is no love as beautiful as the love of a true brother, I miss you so much brother.

189. “A brother is someone who knows there’s something wrong even when you have the biggest smile on your face.” You always there for me I miss you brother.

190. You are the shining star that make my life beautiful, I miss you big brother.

191. “A brother is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit.” I miss you brother.

192. I have a perfect brother like you, and I have everything in life, I miss you brother.

193. How time flies, it’s been a year now when you left for your study, we miss you brother.

194. “Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” But you are both dear brother, I miss you.

195. “Brothers are what best friends can never be.” You simply irreplaceable no one can take your place in my life, I miss you brother.

196. “I had a brother who was my savior, made my childhood bearable.” You are so dear to me, I miss you brother.

197. “Being his real brother, I could feel I live in his shadows, but I never have and I do not now. I live in his glow.” I miss you brother.

198. God blessed our home with wonderful person like you, I miss you brother.

i miss you quotes

        I miss my Sisters Quotes to Make Her Feel Loved

Do you have a sister? Do you really miss her? Then, don’t hesitate put a lovely smile on her face right now by sending her any of these cute I miss you quotes to her.

199. You I left home the other day, I person I wish would have come with me on journey was you, but time did not permit that, I miss a lot my dear sister.

200. Having a lovely sister like you is a gift from GOD; you have been sources of joy and inspiration to my life. I miss you so much.

201. I love it when you are around me, you make me feel like a king with kind of way you treat me, I have never come across another person that fit your shoes, you an amazing beautiful sister. I miss you.

202. The joy in the home not complete because you are not here, I’m always proud of you and I know you will do well over there, we miss you.

203. I love the way handle every around the house, you are my lovely sister and my second mother when mom is away, we miss you dear sister.

204. Life is good, life is fun and life is amazing to have lovely sister like you, I miss you so much, I will be coming home soon.

205. You are the best sister in the world, I love everything about you, I miss you sister.

206. I remember those beautiful days we share together when we were growing up, I remember the laughter, the fight and the makeup, and above the beautiful stories we shared. I wish I can turn back the hand of the clock. I miss you my special sister.

207. If brothers were allowed to marry their sister, you would have long been my lovely wife, the only beautiful words I can use for you is that you an angel sent from above. You are so caring, loving, and beautiful. I miss you.

208. Dearest sister, if we have two of your kind in the world, the world would have been a better place. I miss you.

209. When I say I miss home, it is you I’m actually missing; you are such a special person to my heart.

210. I love sister, I can never forget all the things that you did for me, being a big sister you were always there to protect me and you cared for me like a mother.

211. Deep inside in my heart I know I always want to be close to you where ever you are, I miss you so much sister.

212. Friends come and go, life changes every now and then, but one thing has always remained with me, and that is you my dear sister, you are still that lovely and nice sister I use to know. I miss you sister.

213. I couldn’t have imagined how life would have been without you sister, you are such an amazing person. I miss you sister.
214. If the one prayer I ever wish God could grant is to live close to you forever, I miss you my lovely sister.

215. Thank you sister for sharing in my tears when I cried, the memory of those beautiful moment still remain evergreen in my mind. I miss you sister.

216. Thank you sister for sharing in my punishments, as a little child then, the best any one can do for you are to risk everything and share in your punishments. I can never forget the sympathy you always have for me in your eyes. Despite the distance between us you still remain my big sister. I miss you.

217. You were by my side, you are my sister, but you perform the role of a second mother in my life. I miss you sister.
218. You will remain forever the joy of my soul, you are my dear sister. I miss you.

219. Thank you sister for being of my life from beginning. I hold the memories of those beautiful days with great nostalgia. I miss you.

220. You share in my dreams, you helped me when I needed you, I can’t all the numerous things that you have done for me. I owe you a beautiful thank you gift. I miss you sister.

221. There are only two sisters in the world, you and others. I miss you sister.

222. I pray that the sun continue to shine in your life, I pray that the LORD make all your dreams come true. You are more than the entire treasure in the world to me, you are my lovely sister. I miss you.

223. You have been amazing right from childhood, and now in adulthood you haven’t changed a bit, still astonishing and amazing. I miss you lovely sister.

224. If paradise is real, I hope to be your brother once more when we get there. I miss you sister.

225. You loved so much despite the trouble I gave you when I was growing, you like second mother to me, and yet you are my sister, I miss you.

             I miss my Girlfriends quotes

She is the girl you love, she makes you smile a lot, you are not where she is right now and you miss her so much. Send her one of these cute I miss you quotes for her to know that she is always on your mind.

226. I can’t live a single minute without thinking about you, you are my living angel, I miss you a lot.

227. I can never find another girl like you, I miss you so much.

228. Every night when I close my eyes to sleep, you are the last on my mind, every morning when I wake, you are the first on my mind, I keep you in my mind wherever I go. I miss you.

229. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met, the memories of the time we spend together is still evergreen in my mind. I miss you,

230. I find it difficult to concentrate because you are not here, you are the engine that propelled me to high level, I miss you.

231. Every time I have opportunity to see you my heart becomes overwhelmed with joy, and you go I’m so hurt that I can’t do nothing, I’m so much in love with you. I miss you.

232. You are the best thing that has happened to my life, you are a special gift from above, I love you with all my heart. I miss you.

233. In even in your absent your love still blossom in my heart, I love you and I miss you so much.

234. I don’t want to imagine a life with you, this feeling I’m feeling now is just too hard for me to bear. I miss you my lovely angel.

235. I think about you throughout the night, I can’t sleep, I counted the hands of the clock as the seconds move, I miss you my angel.

236. A minute is like an hour, an hour is like a day and a day is like a year without you, you are the happiness in my heart. I miss you my sweet angel.

237. If I ever think I will miss you this way, I would never have let you. Hope you will be back soon, I’m waiting with an open hands, I miss you.

238. Days have grown into a month, and months have grown into a year, still without any trace of you, I’m dying silently every day, if you can hear me, please come back to me, I miss you.

239. I’m starved of the joy I feel whenever I see, don’t you know that when you go, you take my joy away. I love you with every pulse of my heart, I miss you so badly.

240. No matter how far it takes me to see you, I can also miss you, I cannot stop loving you. I miss you.

241. The joy I feel when I see you replace the pain I go through when you are away, you take my breath away every time. You are so beautiful, I miss you.

242. The first time I saw you, I said gush! I never believed that a beautiful girl like you still exist in any part of this world.
243. Girl! I miss you with every throb of my heart, do you really know this?

244. When I don’t see you, I’m like a fish out H02, life is so unbearable, I miss you.

245. I will never be far from you again, I will always be close to you wherever you are, I miss you.

246. My heart cannot take the burden of missing you any longer, I have spent 360 days without you, and you promise you will never leave me, but I’m all alone in the lurch and no trace of you here, I miss you.

247. If it takes me the whole eternity to wait for you I will do, it wasn’t because I’m not missing at all, it is because waiting for you and getting you at the end is worth it, I love you so much.

248. The joy you give is enormous, I can’t live without you, and will you marry me? I miss you.

249. Searching for a special girl like you takes me more than a decade, now that you in my arms, I can’t afford to miss you a minute. I love you.

                  Missing you message for boyfriend

He is special, he is your boyfriend, don’t you think you have to send him any of these cute I miss you quotes for him when he is not there with you and you really miss him so much?

250. You are the hero of my world, the joy of heart and the man I have ever love with all my life. I miss you so much.

251. I pray for the day when I never have to say I miss you again.

252. You make my world a wonderful place, I can never let you go, because I going to miss you badly.

253. I will break the hardest door to reach you, I will scale through the highest wall to see you, I will never sit here and be saying I miss you, i will come for you.

254. You have to realize that you mean everything to me, why would you leave me in this pain of missing you?

255. You came into my life like an angel, you stole my heart away. I have nothing left, and all I ever want is you. I miss you so much.

256. I have seen many faces, and no face is as beautiful as yours. I have been with many friends and no friend is as nice as you, and I solely chose to fall in love with you, when are you coming for my heart? I miss you.

257. Sweetness is you, happiness is you, joy is you, I miss you.

258. You are sweetheart, you asked me if I would marry, I said yes, my hear await your return, I miss you.

259. I feel pained whenever you went away, I miss you my joy.

260. You are my bundle of joy, you are the best of all the men in the world, I miss you.

261. I wish I could wrap my hands around you waste and never let you, I miss you so much.

262. I tried to fight it so hard, but the pain of missing you would not just succumbed, I miss you.

263. The only thing I ever want in life is, that you should stay with me, and never leave me. I miss you.

264. Speechless, homeless, painful are all I feel when you go. I miss you.

265. I wake up every morning feeling as if the world is empty, though the world has been empty without you, you how much I love you. I miss you.

266. I wish you were with me right now, I can’t sleep. I miss you.

267. In the middle of the night I called your name, I never knew it was a dream, I thought you were lying beside me. Darling for how long would I have to wait until you return my love for you, I’m dying silently, I’m waiting for you, I miss you.

268. Whenever I see you, I will hold you tight like my life depend on you, and truly my life depends on you. I miss you so much.

269. The more I miss the more I fall in love with you, tell me want kind love bills you have given me.

270. Next time I see you, I wouldn’t let you go without taking me along, I miss you so much.

271. I miss you my super hero, when are you returning from your journey?

272. Life is cruel when you are not here with me, ever since the hour you came into my life, I don’t want to live another minute alone without you. I love you.

273. I feel better when I spend my time with you, I miss you so much.

                    Miss you message for best friend

Good friends are like sticker, they stuck to your heart where ever you go. The good time you spend together can just be erase from you memory. Send him/her any of these cute I miss you quotes to him/her know how special he/she is to you.

274. You are not just a friend you are more than a brother to me, I miss you.

275. People thought we were brothers, they often ask me using the phrase, ‘where is your brother’? And that’s how you are to me, a bosom friend in form of brother. I miss you.

276. With a friend like you, life is so good for me, I miss you.

277. The day you traveled, my heart went with you. You are one in a million, I miss you.

278. Good things are scarce to come by, so also good friend is hard to find, when I find you, I know I have found life; you are my true friend, the hero of life.

279. When you left, I know part of me will go with you; you are a true friend, a comrade. I miss you.

280. Farewell my friend, I will never find another friend like you, you are too good, I’m going to miss you.

281. I never dream of a friend like you, how come I didn’t see you in my dreams, like an angel you walk into my life and every changed positively. I miss you so much.

282. I couldn’t sleep last night when I thought of how to face life without you, you a good friend and I’m going to miss you.

283. Being your friend is by destiny, I have never seen a warmth and wonderful person like you. I miss you.

284. You pick me up when I was down, you stood beside me when everything was crashing down on my head. You never depart me when everyone did; you are always the last man standing by me. I miss you.

285. My best friend, my trusted friend, you will always be in my mind always. missing you dear.

286. The best person I can rely on and always respect, your good advice, you are always remembered.

287. I am your sincere friend and I will always want to be that very special person in your life, miss you friend.

288. The best moments are those special moment shares with you and those funny jokes and interesting stories from you. Missing you friend come back soon.

289. Good to have you as a friend and happy you are my kind. Miss you friend.

290. Thank you for standing by me at all time, you are more than just a friend; I love you and miss you.

291. The very first time I met you I knew we are going to move along well but I never knew we could have gone these far, thanks for being patient with me in the relationship. Missing you dear.

292. I am so glad you are my friend, you are just like a sister, miss you so much friend.

293. Please don’t forget that someone here misses you and want you back home soon, you that special friend.

294. I remember how we started from childhood to adult, and yet we understand our individual differences and respect that, we share so many wonderful times together, now we apart I miss you so dearly friend.

295. “Friends are meant to be together, indeed you are a friend to my spirit, I miss you a lot.

296. Most times being a true friend is better than a superhero, because I can always count on you, I miss you very much.

297. Each moment I have without you, it just seems as a waste for me, I miss you and it is always had for me not to talk everyday with you.

298. You are among those who can give me so much happiness in my life; I really miss you a lot.

299. You are that person that made me belief in true friendship and you’ve flushed happiness and joy in my heart, I miss you terribly.

300. It is not just the same without you here, I feel wired when you are not with me, I really miss you bestie.

301. I miss you because you make the good times beautiful and the bad times so joyful, I miss you my dearest friend.

302. It’s quite boring here but I still miss you, hope you are having a good time over.

303. “Friends are meant to life time companions.” I feel that I have a great companion when you are always with me, I miss you.

304. “A friend is a gift to human heart” I hope you me because I miss you whenever, wherever you are now.

305. Every moment is boring for me while my dearest friend away, I really miss you.

306. I really miss you but may be not the way you pretty incredibly miss me right now.

307. You are one of those who keep making my life joyful and wonderful, I am missing you already.

308. Every time I miss you a little often, a little more and I miss our conversations, you are the best.

309. Now I understand our friendship value, from the bottom of my heart I miss you.

310. I can always count on you because I am proud to call you my friend, you are truly a friend and I miss you so much.

311. It doesn’t matter what happen in life you will always remain my friend, I miss you a lot.

312. I miss each moment we had and the old days we were friends.

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