The new discovery of the many health benefit of coconut oil, has awakening people consciousness to the use of this wonderful oil all over the world.

Coconut oil has been considered taboo in the past, mostly due to the alarming fact that it contains nearly 88 percent saturated fat. However, it has recently been redeemed in a health conscious world because, unlike hydrogenated oils, it is not processed or chemically treated and therefore retains all of its healthy plant-based nutrients. Used in moderation, coconut oil could be more actively beneficial than olive oil.

Coconut oil contains various kinds of fatty acids called the “Medium Chain Fatty Acids” MCFAs. Unlike the Long chain fatty Acids, The medium chain fatty acids penetrate straight to the liver. They can be used as quick sources of energy or turned into Ketones which are substances produced when the liver breaks down large amounts of fat.

Unlike commonly fatty acids, ketones can cross from the blood to the brian. This provides an alternative energy source for the brain, which normally uses glucose for fuel.

The most important fatty acid of the MCFAs is the Lauric acid, it contains about 56% saturated fats in coconut oil. In fact many of the benefits of coconut oil that have been well-established in research revolved around the lauric acid.

Lauric acid is naturally found in breast milk and is converted to a substance called Monolaurin, this substance aids in increasing the body’s immunity


and help to fight viruses and diseases. That is why the breast milk is so important for the survival of the infant child at the first six to eight month of after birth.

The high percentage of lauric acids concentration in coconut oil helps the body to fight and destroy large amount of harmful microorganism. The lauric acids in coconut oil formed a substance called monolaurin when digested, it helps destroy many dangerous bacteria, fungi  that attack the body system.


Recent research in the Obesity Research Journal, published in Boston University medical school indicates that the Medium chain-fatty acids (MCFAs) contains fat burning substance.

This MCFAs helps to burn fat and decrease appetite. Also a research published by the Journal of Toxicology and Environment Health  in 1985 shows that a single injection of capric acid resulted in initially rapid, then  gradual reduction  in food consumption and hence a resultant reduction in body weight of male rat.

Those willing to reduce abdominal fat and general weight now understand that consumption of a virgin coconut oil not refined one could have significant positive outcome. Coconut oil increase energy expenditure and hence helps increase the body metabolism.

Coconut oil Helps Improve Brain Broblems among Alzheimer’s Patients.

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are absolved easily by the liver and metabolized quickly. They are also converted to keytones. Study have indicated that this MCFAs in coconut oil increase blood level of keytones which supply energy to the brain of Alzheimer’s patients.

Alzheimer’s is the most common form dementia, a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 65 to 85 percent of dementia cases.

Coconut oil as Immune Booster.

One amazing fact about coconut oil is it anti-bacteria, anti-fungi and anti-viral agents. The lauric acids is further converted to a substance called monolaurin helps to minimize candida, eliminate bacteria and fungi disease in the system. Hence once this harmful micro-organism are curtailed by this active agent in coconut oil, the immune system  is generally boosted.

Coconut Oil as Skin Moisturizer.

An examination on individuals with dry skin shows that coconut oil can increase the moisture and fat content of the skin.

Coconut oil has a hydrating abilities. A research conducted on patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, a condition of extremely dry skin which is highly prone to Staphylococcus aureus. Result shows that out of the 20 atopic dermatitis patients with staphylococcus aureus treated using coconut oil, only one person remain positive.

Hence coconut oil is good moisturizer for curbing against dryness of the skin.

Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment.

Coconut oil is protective agent against hair damage. A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science examining the effects of various oils on protecting hair damage shows that coconut oil has greater out come in reducing protein loss in hair.

Hence coconut oil high protein content makes hair penetration easy and highly active in hair protection.

In addition the moisturizing ingredient in coconut oil makes it possible for the elimination of dandruff. Therefore coconut is also said to be used as anti-dandruff agents.

Coconut oil Relief Stress.

Researchers have come out with a finding that daily intakes of medium-chain fatty acids MCFAs, assist in preventing the setting-in of stressed-induced depression. Chronic stress if not manage could be a result of several health problems. Hence the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil is an active reliever of stress.

Coconut oil maintenance hormonal balance

The high content of fatty acids, like the lauric acids in coconut oil helps to play a major role in hormonal balance among women during menopause and also conserving the estrogen level.

Coconut oil has being shown to increase the level lipoproteins in women which protects the estrogen level during menopause, therefore leading to healthier body system. For active hormonal balance it is advised to reduce sugar and other grain consumption and maintain a good level of coconut oil fats.

Coconut Oil as an Anti-Aging

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil helps improve the antioxidant levels in the in the body. Coconut oil works by balancing the saturated to unsaturated fatty acids level in the skin.

It also reduces stress on the liver and hence a reduction in oxidative stress. Coconut oil enable the skin to heal and repair itself better to curtails wrinkles and sun damage caused by sun burn.

Prevent Tooth Decay and Healthy Gum

The MCFAs in coconut oil is active agent against tooth decay, by the processes of “oil pulling” which is processes of swishing the coconut oil in the mouth, the oil reduce plaque formation in the mouth. It also prevents the activeness of the bacteria that causes tooth decay by sticking to it. Coconut oil when use frequently makes the teeth healthy, bright and gives you a fresh breath.

Coconut oil protect  the liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Damages done to this organ could lead to general break down of the whole body system. Amazingly coconut oil has been found to protect the liver from damages caused by toxic substance.

Gursche asserts that antimicrobial properties in coconut oil help cleanse your liver of harmful microorganisms and that high-quality coconut oil protects your liver from free radical damage.

There is evidence that coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, according to D.O .Ogbolu, lead author of a study published in the Journal of Medical Food, in his study of coconut oil effects against candida.

Prevents Against Kidney Damage

Coconut oil, according to various research studies is rich in medium chain fatty acids,next to mother’s milk. These MCFAs include antimicrobial lipids such as lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. Lauric acid gets converted to monolaurin which fights viruses and bacteria, thus boosting the immune system of kidney disease patients.

Thus, coconut oil helps in relieving the burden on the damaged kidneys by reducing the toxin deposition to a large extent preventing infection and inflammation in such patients.

When the kidney function is impaired, the body’s metabolism also gets affected along with it. Coconut oil boosts up the metabolism improving the immune system. Coconut oil also helps in curing kidney disease related to diabetes as it decreases insulin resistance and improves insulin sensitivity.

Coconut oil Improves Digestion

Studies have shown that the MCFAs in the coconut oil improves digestion as it aids the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like calcium. It destroys harmful bacteria and Candida. When the immune system is compromised Candida can invade and cause diseases. It can decrease stomach acid which causes poor digestion.

Coconut oil Improves Energy                                           

What makes the MCFAs so beneficial for our health and for energy production is the way they are digested, metabolized and utilized by the bodies. Coconut oil is easy to digest and produced a longer sustained energy.

It has been established that many manufacturers of sport drinks and energy add the MCFAs to their products this is sometimes labeled as (capric, caprylic lauric). Body builders and athletes have used MCFAs for energy and fat.

                                        APPLICATION OF COCONUT OIL

The application of coconut oil to get it maximum benefit is very important. There are two types of coconut oil, the refined and the unrefined coconut oil.

The unrefined coconut oil sometimes referred to as virgin coconut oil is the recommended coconut oil to be use. It is coconut oil in it is purest formed it means it has not been processed or bleached.You can use coconut oil for all your cooking and baking. You can substitutes many of your cooking oil with more coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be added to smoothies, basically, 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil is recommended for adult per day.

Coconut oil can also be applied directly to the skin as a moisturizer or hair conditioner. In this case the unrefined coconut oil can be use for such external purpose.

Finally, do not abuse coconut oil by loading too much of it in your system, coconut oil used in moderation and according to specified quantity could be more beneficial than all other essential oil known.



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