10th Birthday Greeting Card Messages


10th Birthday Greeting Card Messages: A birthday is one of the most special occasions which we celebrate each year. For kids, it means the arrival of a new age. Letting the birthday boy/girl know how you feel about them on their big day can sometimes be a challenge! Thankfully, with these free 10th birthday greeting card messages you have a vast collection of examples to choose from. If a printed card just isn’t your thing, then why not try sending a 10th birthday eCard to brighten up that special little someone’s day.


10th Birthday Greeting Card Messages

  • A funny birthday is a most important occasion that should not be undermined because it is a clear sign of the warm and friendly relations in the family. This is all about fun, mirth, and laughter. It is more like a tradition than a trivial event.


  • 10…! You’re still 10 and fun, but you are also brave, respectful, and kind. I am so proud of you for striving to be the best that you can be. May today bring you a world of joy, may happiness come in all its fullness, and may nothing but goodness visits your doorstep. Have a great birthday!


  • I cannot believe that you are 10 years old today! It seems like yesterday that I met you in the maternity ward. And, now, we are friends! Believe it or not, you were the first of my three children–the other two boys were born when I was past 40 years old! What a blessing you were!


  • Hey, it’s your brother. I am so sorry that I couldn’t be with you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and happy holidays! Love you!!!


  • I hope you’ve got good news for me today because this is a special day for you! All your groans about being 10 weren’t worth it after all! I appreciate you for making the effort to get up and go to school. Thanks for putting up with others, who do not understand the importance of education and only chant mortar, pestle, and mugger slogans. May God bless you on your birthday.


  • Your life is a funny story. If a book of everything you have done in life was to be published, I am sure that it would go viral. People would be fascinated by your creativity and the way you execute everything you put your mind in. Funny enough!


  • I recall the fun times we had together when we were younger; at that time, our friendship was very strong. Those years are gone now, and I miss the old days. But those memories will never leave me; they will stay with me forever. I am glad that God brought us together again for this day to be happy and celebrate.


  • HBD! I know we have had our differences and a lot of misunderstandings. But it’s all water under the bridge. I hope u are having a blast with the party, you looked super happy in your Facebook profile picture. And I was just kidding about the wishing to be your age part. Hope u were able to make out what I meant. Enjoy this day with your friends.


  • Since you were young, I had to buy your shoes because you couldn’t reach over the counter. You got your driver’s license before me because at one point you were smaller than me and today, I’m still catching up to you. Wish you a very long life full of joy and laughter!


  • You have grown up so fast it scares me. Just a few years ago you gave me a hard time, and now I look at you as if you are a big girl already! I feel blessed that we can continue to enjoy this fun and flourishing relationship. Happy 10th birthday, my dear


  • Dear, friend. The time we spent together was among the best moments of my life. You are a great friend and I don’t know what I would do without you. Today is your special day, and although you may be too old to open your gifts, I hope you like the card! Happy birthday, bro!


  • You are on your way to becoming a great young man. I am happy and proud to say that you were a friend of mine and will miss you. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. Happy birthday!


  • WOW! 10years ago, you were nothing but a cute and adorable newborn baby. Today, you have grown into a beautiful tween girl with a little sister and a brother. I love to see you growing up, making super awesome friends and getting along with your siblings and parents with ease. Keep growing this way. You are an awesome girl and we are very proud of you!


  • Birthdays are the milestones of life, and each year you take with you a little more maturity and experience. Let’s hope your latest discoveries make you wiser! Happy birthday!


  • I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. I hope you like your gift, but if not, it is okay. Just hope we never have to fight that war. The world would be a boring place without you in it!


  • Hey buddy, we all have been through a lot of ups and downs. I hope you realize that it was only for your own good. I am already planning on giving you an even better surprise when you turn next year. Here is wishing you many more years of incredible surprises just like the ones you get from me.


  • I hope today feels as good as you look. I want to thank you for all that you bring to my life – joy, happiness, fun and laughter. You are like a sister to me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Enjoy your special day!


  • I hope you have a great time this weekend! You little kid, growing up so fast. Seems just like yesterday you were sipping on your first cup of milk. I will always remember that day, it was one of the best days in my life. Happy birthday little one!


  • You are a truly amazing person. You have taught me what it means to be compassionate, forgiving and respectful of others’ feelings. I wish you much success in life and all your endeavors. May the Universe have mercy on us all and shower you with the goodness of life!


10th Birthday Card Messages for Son

  • Dear son, I know that turning 10 is a big deal! To be able to experience all this, you have to be a special kid. You have a super-duper future in your hands, and I am sure our future is brighter because of you. Have fun at your birthday celebrations.


  • Dearest Son, you are just 10 and too young for me to send you away to fight for your nation. I know though that every mother’s dream is to see her kid go into the army. This is why I want to say: Happy Birthday, my son.


  • Hey, son! How are you holding up? It has been ten years! A decade has passed since you were born. The world has changed so much and we have grown so close. And today is the day to celebrate the bond of a father and a son. Happy Birthday, son!


  • Hugs and kisses, son! I am so proud of you on this special day. You have brought joy into my life and I would like to thank you for being a wonderful person. For all the changes that we have been through together, I just want to let you know that you mean the world to me. I am so happy to be your mum – even at this age! Happy birthday!


  • Wishing an awesome 10th birthday to my little angel. I hope you celebrate it fittingly and have a great time!


  • Son, you have been my greatest joy! I would always feel proud when you achieved some milestones in your life. You are the reason why I live, and the reason why there is a sparkle in my eyes. May this special day bring great moments with all the loyal friends who have made your life happier.


  • Our son has reached a significant milestone in his life! I will never forget the day we welcomed you into our lives. With you as a part of it, every day is a blessing! Happy birthday to the boy of my dreams, who makes me smile every day.


  • Happy 10th birthday! Now you are officially allowed to go to the club, and drink until you fall over. I am sure your mom and dad will be so proud. Wishing you a special day with lots of attention, gifts, and smiles. Have fun way past your bedtime.


  • Son, you are the best gift of my life. You are growing up so fast and I am wishing to walk with you till you achieve your dreams. Have a great day today and make new memories to share with others when they ask how old were you when you did this or that.


  • Happy birthday, little one! Happy birthday, dear! Many happy returns of the day and many happy returns of the days to come. I am so happy to have a child-like you. A child I can shower with my love and attention. The world is a better place because you are here.


  • I am so proud of you! Looking back at the day you were born to this day, I can’t believe that our boy has now become a young man. I am grateful for all your care and protection. As a parent, I couldn’t have wished for better things.


10th Birthday Card Messages for Girl

  • Happy 10th birthday, dearest niece! We all love you so much that we don’t know what to give you on your big day. This card probably isn’t exactly what you want, but I hope it will make you happy anyway. And know that you’ll always be the apple of our eyes! Happy 10th birthday!


  • Dear sweet girl, you are the joy and laughter of my life. And you are a treasure beyond the most beautiful gems. You have grown up to be a beautiful woman. May you always remain young at heart and in your beautiful soul. Happy birthday!


  • Sweetie, you are the only friend I have known for the past ten years. We started as sweet babies and now as mature ladies, we are celebrating our tenth birthday. Thank you for playing with me when I was a little girl, and let us play together on all the important days in our lives.


  • Today is your day. You are my sweet daughter. My little girl is growing fast and turning 10. I started thinking about how much you have grown over the last ten years. Now when I look at you, it seems like yesterday that you were born and we took you home from the hospital. I wondered if this day will ever come, but now it’s here, I am so proud of you, my amazing daughter! Happy birthday!


  • From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were a gift from heaven. On this merry morning, I wish you a very happy birthday! You are my little angel. Happy birthday!


  • I know, your life always revolved around me and my happiness. You have taken care of me and made me who I am today. Thank you are small words compared to all that you have done for me. Let the real celebration begin! Enjoy this day to the fullest! Happy Birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my best friend! Friends like you are few and far between. May this birthday be filled with happiness and enjoyments. We have been through a lot in the past year, but we shall overcome all obstacles together as long as we stand by each other’s side. Wishing you a beautiful day ahead, my best friend!


  • Here comes my 10-year-old daughter!!! She is now becoming more and more confident, making new friends, and doing well in school. I can’t believe she is going to be a teenager soon. How could the time fly away so fast? Time has passed by in a blink! She is growing up too fast.


  • Today is your special day and I am so sorry I could not be with you. You have been a great friend and confidante for the past ten years and I wish you a very happy birthday!


  • Hi sweet, you know, I have been one of your friends for quite some time now, you are really easy to get along with and I can’t think of the world without you! I just hope that the new decade brings you all the things you yearn for. You deserve it! You’re my bestie…


  • Your voice always encourages me to be the best me! You come with good advice and words of wisdom whenever I need you. It’s you that keep my spirits up when life gets tough. Because of you, I can almost handle anything thrown at me. Unconditional love is rare, and harder to find than a black cat on a dark night, but you have it in abundance.


10th Birthday Nephew Card Messages

  • Dear nephew, on your tenth birthday, I just want to say, it is a blessing to have you as my nephew. I may not always show it, but inside I care about you and I am proud of you. May you continue to accomplish all your dreams in life and make me proud of you as well. You are a wonderful person!


  • A nephew like you brings so much happiness to your family and is a living proof of an awesome bond that cannot be broken. I am glad to have you in my life! Happy Birthday!


  • Dear nephew! In this special day, I would like to wish you all the best. May your always be protected by God and may he bless you with everything that will make your live fulfilled. You are the most adorable nephew in the world and I would like to thank for loving me so much.


  • May all your wishes come true today. I am sure you mind have something special that you would like to happen ;). I know, you will always be there to make me smile whenever things get tough. You are a true superhero! I love you from the bottom of my heart and wish you ten more years of happy birthday :).


  • To my amazing nephew, life has always been a fun adventure for you. It is both a gift and a curse that you have an imagination like no other that I have ever encountered. Ideas come to you as easily as breathing, but making them materialize is a different story entirely.


  • Your birthday is a special occasion that I always look forward to. I know, you cannot wait to be a big boy, but this should not stop you from playing and enjoying your child hood.


  • I have known you during your first birthday party, and every year you seem to grow more wonderful. I wish you a very happy birthday and a fun time growing up by the minute, just as I watch it happening in real time!


  • My best wishes to a wonderful child! Today’s your big day – sweet sixteen! I want to wish you many happy returns. Your presence in my life has been a joy and inspiration. I hope you will always be by my side. You are the reason why I can face each day with optimism.


  • you’re not just a nephew, you’re a cousin, friend, and someone I can always depend on for good advice! You’ve always been a hero to me. I love the way you keep fighting for your dreams and never give up. You have always been the best student in your class and that’s one of the things that make you special to me.


  • Today is the day for which you were conceived. It is also the day in which we get to celebrate your sweet presence into this world. You are growing up to be such a special and amazing person. On this special date, I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart, and I am so proud of you.


  • I hope that the year ahead will be filled with all kinds of joy and happiness. May your dreams come true and the future look bright for you. May all your hopes and dreams, you have dreamt of come to pass. I wished nothing but the best to become a reality because now your dreams have already come true.


10th Birthday Card Messages Boy

  • My dear brother, you have grown from the chubby baby I used to carry in my arms, to the handsome boy. You remind me of myself when I was young. Now that you are 10, I want nothing more than for you to be successful and grow up with a rich and fulfilled life. Happy 10th birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my dear son! You are now 10 years old. Wow! As your mother, I am so amazed at how much you’ve grown into a man. You have taught me a lot in the last 10 years of your life. And as I look into your eyes today, I can see that you have a bright future ahead of you. I love you and am so proud to be your mother!


  • Happy 10th Birthday! You are the best brother anyone can ever ask for! And I hope that you’ll always be there for me. On this special day, I would like to wish all the happiness you acquire throughout your life. I love you more than words can say.


  • You have had a great milestone today and it is time to celebrate. How cool is it that you are now ten years old? So cool! You deserve to be celebrated for all your efforts, and hard work, and for being a wonderful human being. I am grateful for having such a great friend like you on my side! Happy birthday, dear!


  • Today is a day to celebrate! I may be saying this only because it is your birthday, but you are special to me. You are sweet, kind and helpful. You are also a little silly at times, but that’s what makes you so loveable. Happy 10th birthday!


  • 10 years together, 2 children and a lot of memories. I am lucky to have you as my best friend and husband. I wish you a lifetime of health, prosperity and joy. Happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday to my little man! You are growing so fast and have become very responsible. I am proud of you for realizing the importance of time and making the most out of it. You are a great boy, with a lot of potential, which I know you will someday turn into reality.


  • Dear! It is a privilege to be related to you. I am very proud of you. Since I got to know you, you have always made me proud by the way you comport yourself in life. Happy birthday sweetheart, and may your days be marked with an abundance of happiness and success!


  • I have known you for a very long time and I can’t remember one day you have missed my birthday! It has been great knowing you, growing through the years, and overcoming the trials together. Happy Birthday


  • A dear friend, who also happens to be an amazing father and husband, I have never met someone as awesome as you. Your deeds of kindness and generosity always take me by surprise, just when I think that you have done everything you could possibly do. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday!


  • Life is full of lessons and I am glad to have a best friend like you! I doubted the worth of being a friend but you proved me wrong. You have never failed to support me when I needed it the most. Instead of being happy over my success, you have always been concerned about me and wished me luck. Happy birthday my friend!


Nephew 10th Birthday Card Messages

  • Today is you sweet nephew’s 10th birthday. No matter what we go through, the only constant in our life is your presence. I love you bro’. You know me inside out and will always be my favorite companion. I wish you a very happy birthday!


  • Dear nephew, you are the light in my life! I am so glad that we are family and get to share so many beautiful moments together. I am so grateful that on your special day, you do not have to wish for toys or gifts. I know all you will ever want is for me to live a long and healthy life. Having you as my nephew is the greatest gift of all! Happy birthday!


  • Birthday means you have another year to enjoy life. From the moment I came into your life, it has always been a pleasure to have you around. You are not just my nephew but my best friend. I am very proud of what you have become and will always be there for you whenever you need advice. Happy birthday and may God bless you!


  • Dear nephew, you are a precious gift in my eyes. I love you so much, I count the moments until your 10th birthday! Let me celebrate with you.


  • This card is long overdue. Some nephew’s follow their older cousins around like dogs. No words suffice to explain the crazy things you have done for me. I love you, little guy. You are truly one of a kind. Here’s wishing you a fun-filled birthday!


  • My beloved nephew David! I know you have done so much to keep me in an emotional tangle of love and affection. You are only ten years old, yet such a strong and compassionate man. I am proud of you, of the way you have overcome your enemies.


  • Today is the day you were born, and every day is a blessing. I just want you to know that I love you very much, and I will always be there for you. Happy birthday!


  • When we started this journey, I did not know much about children, their needs, or their wishes. You were there from the very beginning to help me out. You had patience when I was overwhelmed and stressed. Together, you and I matured over the years. It is not easy being a parent but you have made it a little easier for me.


Funny 10th Birthday Card Messages

  • Dear friend,I can not tell you how happy I am to be among the people that are celebrating your birthday. Wishing you a very happy 10th birthday, may you be blessed with so much love, prosperity, and health. Wishing you the best in everything in life.


  • Best wishes to a kid who is as cute and carefree as they come. I am also glad that you are always there for me when I need some good time. Happy Birthday!


  • It’s your 10th birthday! You are able to stay up late and enjoy other adult-only delights. You are excited to order a drink at the bar and try smoking. And you can spend it in ways that the parent forbids. This is very exciting and I probably know more than you think, little brother or sister. Haha!


  • On your birthday, I want to send a birthday wish from my heart to yours. I wish you the best and happiest life ever. May God bless you with all his happiness and may he grant you every good thing in life.


  • Happy Birthday! After all these years, you still haven’t lost your touch. The book of life is full of wonderful stories and yours will definitely be one of them. I want to accompany you on this journey that is meant to last forever, so by God’s grace I hope to see more birthdays in the future.


  • You are the funniest person I ever met!  People seem to have a lot of fun around you, that is why you are always surrounded by a lot of friends. I think today should be celebrated as an international holiday because it’s been 10 years since your birth, but also because you are an amazing person and everyone loves you.


  • Dear classmate, we recently shared the same 10 years of our life in school. Now that this milestone has passed, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about how important you have been to me and my journey. Without you, I would not have been where I am today. You made my life much easier, thank you!


  • Here is to 10 more years of love, laughter and sharing….and don’t forget the shopping! You may be the spoiled rotten one of our family but that’s how much we love you. I know that you can do anything you want in life so long as you put your heart into it. Love you!

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