Cute 31st Birthday Quotes For Myself

31st Birthday Quotes For Myself: The 31st birthday is a beautiful milestone that should be celebrated. If today is your 31st birthday, we wish you a happy birthday, and feel free to browse through our 31st birthday quotes for you.

Cute 31st Birthday Quotes For Myself

As I embark on the next phase of my life, I know that I have everything. I am thankful for all the stress-free moments you have given me by being a companion and a friend. You are my source of motivation and inspiration; you are perfection in itself. I look forward to another year of bonding with you on my 31st birthday wishing myself a happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to me! I am calling it a wrap today. My thirties have been amazing and I can’t wait to see where my forties take me. I am so grateful for the life God has given me and the people that made my life that much more worth living. I acknowledge them in this humble way open letter or birthday card.


On this birthday, I am 31 years in the making and today is the day to make lasting memories! I am beautiful, confident, and more than ready for more experiences that await me.


Today I’m letting you know: that I am no longer a teenager, but rather a mature lady with wisdom. I thank you for all the love and support that made me who I am today. Happy birthday to me.


Here’s wishing you a blissful and joyful 31st birthday! I’m so glad to have crossed this ripe age because I have learned to view things differently. I have changed, flourished, and become a better person than ever before. Nothing is impossible anymore as I hope all my dreams will come true by the end of the year.


Today I am 31. I have fought to live and learn, I have fought to believe and discover. Today I am a lady who has lived her life the best way possible. Thank God for me, for keeping me healthy, happy, and strong.


My birthday is coming up! I cannot believe that I am turning 30 this year. When I think about the future, I cannot help but wonder what it might hold for me. Regardless of my age or where I will be, my friends and family are always in my mind.


If a woman told her age, she would never be old. I am 31 today, there are still many years ahead of me. Won’t you wish me a happy birthday?


I wanted to make this statement special. I wanted to tell the world how special I am, that I am 31 and experienced more cruelty in life than you could ever imagine. However, as pathetic and lame as it may sound, every time I had a negative experience, there were numerous positive ones that helped me grow into the person I am today.


I am writing this to myself because I have forgotten to do it. You see, I think it is very important to take time out from your life and celebrate the fact that you have made a difference in someone’s life in a very positive way. Maybe you have never given me that much importance, but for me, you are a blessing in my life. I am grateful for the love you shower on me and I think my birthday is a day that should be celebrated at least once a year.


Happy birthday to me! I have arrived at a new decade with a lot of energy and excitement. I am so grateful for everything that the last few years have taught me. Today I am excited to start the next ten years of my life knowing what I know now.


A year has gone by and I am happy that I have entered another year with more wisdom and experience. As I grow older, I feel more human. I learn to do the things that are right, the way they should be done. I hope this coming year will lead me to my ultimate happiness.


Life is not about collecting things but experiences. All these successes and failures will make for a powerful future. When you decide the direction of your own life, whether it’s big or small, you have to get out there and go for it! Happy 31st birthday to me.


Friends are together in sunshine and light; Good friends are together in rain or shine. Friends share everything – happiness and sadness, success and failure, problems and successes. Thank you for being there for me always, turning 31 today, happy birthday to me. Nothing can compare to the joy of having a good friend! Today I turn thirty-one, but the only gift I need is to feel close to the one who has been like a mother to me all my life. To be with you on my birthday is more than anything else I can wish for, happy birthday to me.


Today, I celebrate my 31st birthday and I have you to thank for it. Many years ago, you handed me life and now I have used it in the best possible ways! Happy birthday to me.


I’m grateful for all that you’ve done to make my life easier. I wish myself the best birthday ever!


Happy birthday 31st to me! I wish I could turn back the hands of time.


I am not just any run-of-the-mill fool, because there is no such thing as a run-of-the-mill fool. I am my own special brand of a fool. Happy Birthday to me!


Life is too short the moment you stop dreaming. I want to live my life unfettered and without fear of tomorrow. I hope it brings me joy, laughter, love, and success. Happy 31st birthday to me.


I have three decades of memories to cherish and reminisce. Let it flow through my mind as I make new ones today. Happy 31st birthday to me, I’m thankful for my beautiful life.


One final time I take a look back, And realize that every year has been wonderful. The future is bright and happy. Happy 31st birthday to me.


Though I may be turning 31, I want to let you know that my love for you will stay the same age. If there is anything I can give you, it will be time. And with time on your side, I hope to be the first person you call when you need someone to give hugs and kisses.


I am enjoying my 31st birthday, and this is a good time for me to reflect on what I’ve achieved so far. I started from nowhere, yet today I can say: I did it! Happy birthday to me.


Turning thirty is a milestone one should celebrate. It is an opportunity to reassess your progress in life thus far and take things from good to a notch higher. It may be so that little more wisdom has fallen on you since the last year, but nevertheless, it is time to declare yourself as an adult. Take charge of your destiny and make each day of your life count! Happy birthday to me!


Being 31 is like being on the 31st layer of an onion. It’s just so deep inside your soul that you don’t realize where you’re going, or how to get back if you even want to anymore.


I will never forget the day I was born because it changed the lives of a lot of people. From this day till eternity I will remember but I will also celebrate my life and say thank you to the best friends in the world.


I am a unique woman who can still achieve and achieve, yet she has lost some of the time as she gets older. I don’t have to do that. I have just been lucky so far, but it will happen. My health remains good and I can still move on! If you are feeling down and need support, we are the place to come. Happy 31st birthday to me.


Thanks, mom, I appreciate the effort you put into making this day special. Happy 31st birthday to me, I’m cute.


The moment has come. I am 31 years old, a full grown man now! This birthday is especially important as it is my last birthday in the twenties. Come to think about it, I am probably the only who is happy about this development. Ha ha ha.. Luckily, time waits for no one! In any case, I hope you have fun on this day and those following it!


I am turning 31 today, and I feel this is a milestone in life that I should be more conscious about. I should make sure I do everything to the best of my ability and put my soul in everything I do so it can nurture me in the future.


I hope that you have the best day ever! As we grow older, it’s easy for life to get in the way. My only worry is that we lose sight of what’s important: us. Today, I resolve to keep your love alive and watch my smile as it grows every day. Happy birthday!


If you’re not smiling at least a little on your birthday, something is terribly wrong. I’m so glad that birthdays are just another excuse to enjoy life again. They don’t change your age — they only make you older. This year is a new beginning, so let’s make sure that it’s filled with new adventures and exciting things we’ve never tried before. Happy birthday to me.


I like this photo because it was on my 31st birthday that I began changing things in my life. One day, I woke up and decided to change my eating habits and reading habits.


I have been counting my age, every time I am alone; I have seen many houses,  five babies and four cars, I have learnt that everything has its value in money. So don’t care anymore, the times roll in favour of me and I will be carrying those moments to my last breath.may it be anything, birthday!


Down to earth, I love my friends and family, I always try to lend a hand, My morals and values are solid, I’m always reaching out to help you. I love my life, happy birthday to me.


Today marks my 31st birthday, the most special in the life of any man or woman. I am getting older and therefore I’m more aware of my responsibilities, life and people around me. I value their presence and effect in my life immensely. May God be with us all and make us deserving of his blessings. Happy birthday to me!


I am now 31 years old. I have grown a lot, learned from my mistakes and have become a better person! Thanks to your support and that of a few other people, my life has been much easier. Today, I am happy to share my birthday with you guys. Thank you for being around when life gets tough.


My biggest wish for you is that you always stay true to yourself. I hope you inspire others to be as amazing as you are. Happy birthday!


To be honest, I find it difficult to think of a message of my own. I have never been good with words, but that has never mattered since you are the best listener I know! Thanks for understanding and being one of those few constants in my life. Happy birthday!


I love myself! I bet if you were to ask me, I’d probably say that I am my favorite person in the world. That’s why I would like to remind myself, ‘There is no one like you.’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!


As I celebrate this milestone in life, I am so happy to have achieved so much! The journey has been exciting, and it has helped me realize that I do deserve a good life. I was able to achieve my goals because of the support and love from family, friends, and colleagues. My parents are my best supporters, they have always prayed for me to be successful in whatever I was getting into. Thank you mom and dad, I wish ME a happy birthday!


If life were just about being happy and free, then I would have never reached this level of maturity. Life has taught me a lot of lessons and the most important one is that time will never wait for you. It’s impossible to get back what you have spent in the past. I am grateful that I woke up on this day and realized that I was standing still, while everything around me was moving forward.


So many tomorrows are waiting for you. It is an awesome feeling, isn’t it? When you sit back and think about the number of flutter-free possibilities that have opened up before you. And yet, at the same time, there is a fluttering in your stomach because you are getting older each passing day.

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