Hilarious 50th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Friends

What is a milestone birthday like the 50th birthday without a few good 50th birthday captions and quotes to send to your friend? You have to think about what sentiment you want to convey. For example, if you knew your friend all your life, you might go with something along the lines of “Congratulations on reaching fifty.”

Like any milestone birthday, the 50th birthday is a significant one that calls for an extra special celebration. Whether your friend’s 50th birthday party is large or small, make it even more memorable with some hilarious 50th birthday quotes and captions for friends. Gorgeous photos are sweet. But beautifully written birthday wishes are the best.


50th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Friends

It’s never too late to get in the mix. Happy 50th birthday, to one super cool lady, and a friend for life.

There are people who make the world special. You are my treasure. Happy 50th Birthday (name of friend).

Today, our village grows by one. Happy 50th to my dear friend, who shares her laughter with all of us and reminds me that life is meant to be lived.

Celebrating 50 years of friendship because you’ve been there for all of them with love, laughter, and a little mayhem😮

So much fun, 50, you look great. Here’s to 50 more. #50birthday

Happy 50th, Mom and Dad 🎂 Congrats on 50 years, Mr. & Mrs. L.!

Happy birthday to my favorite older sister. You’re the best. Can’t believe you are 50 already. Enjoy the year ahead (even though you will forget my age).

Cherish your birthday. You’re just as relevant as you were 5, 10, 50 years ago. And not a minute more. #HappyBirthday #50yearold

Today’s the day, I can’t believe it’s true. But you know what they say, life begins at 50

Remember, your 50-year birthday is just the first chapter of a story that goes on forever. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! It’s such a blessing that we’ve been able to explore and enjoy this amazing world together for 50 years. From one adventurer to another, thanks for always having my back. Much love, 50th!

We’ve been spending a lifetime getting to know each other _*50th Birthday*_

Celebrating a friend’s 50th is a milestone to be honored. Take some time with your friend to reminisce and smile about the memories and look toward the next 50 years ahead.”

Sending you much love for your half-century, and many happy returns. From all of us at PayPal. Happy 50th, friend!

It’s your turn to discover a whole new world. Time to take the big leap and look forward to many more years of adventure. Happy 50th birthday!

Happy birthday my special friend! Here’s to another fifty years of laughing together!!! #friendship

Happy birthday to my favorite 50-something-year-old. You’ve kept her all this time and I feel blessed to have you as a friend. From your daughter.

Wishing my favorite person in the universe a sweet, heartfelt, colorful, messy 50th birthday.

May you always find happiness and joy as you celebrate your 50th birthday 🎉

Happy #50th to the “President” of My Heart. I feel richer by your presence in my life!

Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole world.

My best friend since… Let’s keep it that way. Happy birthday my dear.

Looking forward to the next few decades of memories. Happy 50th birthday, Mom!

We’ve loved you and thousands of birthday cakes for 50 amazing years. 😍

So grateful you are part of my life and here to celebrate your golden birthday. Here’s to the next 50 years…  #birthdayboy #bff #50th

Wow! 50 years old? You don’t look a day over 40. Happy Birthday, you fabulous #50today.

Now the candles are all burning, You’re 50 today. So we celebrate you! #50

Here’s the thing about birthdays—they’re not good for you. (They’re great for you!) They’re superfluous. A luxury. And we should all have at least once a year, bigger and better than the last! Happy 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday and many more @50.


Happy 50th Birthday, @friendsforever. We can hardly believe you’re 50, and who would have thought we’d stay so close after all this time? We

Happy 50th birthday to the friend who’s got the loudest laugh, the best hair of all time, and keeps me on my toes. 🍰

Celebrating the 50th birthday of an inspirational friend, it’s a big milestone!

Here’s to another year of new adventures. 🎉🎂 Happy 50th Birthday, dear friend. ##

I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life… And now it’s finally here. ����Happy 50th birthday!

It’s never too late to celebrate what matters most: our friends. 💜 #50thBirthday #HappyBirthday #TurnUpTonight ##

Thanks for being the wind at my back all these years. I couldn’t have done it without you. #HappyBirthdayToMe #50thbirthday

50th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Friends
50th Birthday Captions and Quotes

Cute 50th Birthday Captions for Friends

Your arrival marked an amazing milestone and became a source of wonder and delight for so many. Happy 50th to my handsome, loving brother 🎂💯

🎉Happy 50th, Shelli! 🎂 We love you so much and couldn’t imagine a better friend. Love to you and your husband for many, many years of marriage. ❤️

On your 50th birthday, you just might find yourself enjoying the simple things like never before. Hope it’s a fabulous year!

48 years young and still looking fabulous. Happy birthday! 🎈🎆

Celebrating 50 years of working alongside farmers, co-workers, customers, and friends to grow the coffee adventure.

Here’s to the next 50 years. May you feel better, look better, and live better than ever. 💪🌺

There’s only one person in the world that can pull off a sweater, skirt, scarf, boots, and sunglasses combo. Caption for friend’s 50th birthday

Happy Birthday, Mom! You are my rock and you have always been by my side. I will treasure the memories we made together. I look forward to making more memories with you as your 50th birthday celebrations begin. – Son

To my 50th birthday crew… friends from here, there, near and far. What a day. 🎂❤️

I will love you forever and always my best friend #foralwaysandforever #wearenotold#50birthdaygirl #birthday #friendship

A toast to all of life’s milestones. Happy 50th birthday.

I’m 50 today. And to paraphrase Barry White? I love being 50. Happy birthday to one amazing friend that always has my back! keep looking good.

Now that you’re 50, thank you again and remember this: Embrace the joy in each moment of life.

Wishing you a day full of cake, candles, and laughter, filled with loved ones near and far. #Happy50thBirthday

If Wishes Were Smiles Then All My Smiles Would Be Birthday Wishes To You 🎂🎉 # 50thbirthday# birthdayinthewild # happybirthday

There are many times in life to set new goals, start fresh and do things differently — turning 50 is not one of them. You’ve lived a lifetime already… many more years I pray, happy 50 anniversary.

Fifty was just the beginning. Here’s to a lifetime of uninterrupted travel and adventure. And a cake 🎂 just for you.

Here’s to the next fifty years, Dad. We can’t wait to grow old with you. From your kids 😘

Today, we have a little birthday lunch in honor of you. Happy 50th! Many more to come. We love you and can’t wait for the year ahead. 🤗🎉 #50 #happybirthday #friend

Once a year, we get to celebrate you. It gives us a reason to miss you. Happy 50th birthday.

Happy 50th birthday to the coolest and bravest friend. We’ve shared so much over the years, your delightful laugh, your silly dance moves, and more importantly your friendship which I treasure. Thank you for being there to share all these

This day, this birthday, this year…let me say thank you. Thank you for the life, love, and laughter we share together. And the memories that make me smile just thinking about them. Here’s to 50 years of friendship, adventures, happy birthday!

It’s the birthday of a special friend and you turned 50 years old, but you will forever be young in her eyes 😃

Light, breezy, and sophisticated…with a sparkle of FRANGIPANI 😍 #Caridad50thBirthday 🎉🎂

It’s the twinkle in your eye and the step in your walk, may you always shine bright. Happy 50th Birthday!

Here’s to hoping you have fifty more birthdays. #happybirthday #50thbirthday

Happy 50th Birthday to a man who taught me to always keep my collar up and my hair matted, and how to run the yard with a bunch of young bucks. Keep shining through those candles, Pops 😎

Happy On Your Birthday To The Lovely Lady, Your Friend Forever Throughout The Years. Happy Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday!

Happy 50th, Mr. Steve! Here’s to the next 50 together!”

Just turned 50 and feeling #gratefulexactly50


Here’s to your 50th birthday – a time to reflect on what you are grateful for, and what makes you feel alive. #50yearstoday

Friends share our joys and comfort us in sorrow. Thanks, friends, for moving the earth just to embrace your friends. We love you madly. #HBD50

Here’s to your 50th, and the promise of your next 50. #HBD @amy

Your greatest legacy is all the love you’ve given. Keep spreading it so that it lasts forever. Happy 50th birthday!

Few things are more beautiful than the sight of a 50th birthday cake 🎂 Congratulations on hitting this milestone. Here’s to the next 50 years together.

I can’t believe you turned 50! There is a reason why I call you my “Younger Sister” – your zest for life and selfless commitment to helping others always bring out the best in me. Happy Birthday,

And it’s one, two, three…go! you are 50 years old! #50yearsofFriends

🎂50th Birthday wishes from everyone at— We love you so much, Miss —-! 🍾🎈

Happy 50th Birthday to our dear friend! We could think of no one more deserving of this milestone than you, and from now until forever, we’ll be there for you to celebrate every single day! 🎂

Happy 50th birthday to an inspiring man with an even more impressive hairline! 💪

Throw me a big party for my 50th, but make sure to invite enough people to lift the cake. 😀

Looking forward to blowing out the candles with you and spending my next fifty years making memories ♥️ HBD BUDDY.

Happy half century to my beautiful mother! You are my hero and I’m so proud of you. ❤️️

The reason we celebrate your birthday twice is that the 1st time wasn’t enough! Happy 50th to you, @friend name!!! 🎂


Here’s to 50 years of friendship, sister. You’re the best friend anyone could ever have.

I’m turning 50 this year. Man, I feel great! Better watch out—I’ll be after your job next. ⠀⠀

50 is the new 35. Time to celebrate your wisdom, experience, and vibrancy. May you age gracefully and with wonder at the beauty of the world around you!

Today YOU turn 50… Still running hard and showing up strong. Thank you for all the positivity and good vibes. You are a shining example of what it is to be a remarkable human being.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend. You have always been there to laugh with me, share my dreams, and support me in my adventures. I love you so much and wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad! Love you both so much!

So much to look forward to for the next 50 years!

Proud of you on your 50th birthday. It’s been a pleasure to watch you throughout these years and we can’t wait for the great things to come. Here’s hoping you continue for another 50 years.


Cheerful 50th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

My dear friend, we have shared a lot of memories together since we first met. I’m happy to say that I look forward to more in the years to come. Just as an old oak tree with its trunk firmly planted in the ground, you always inspire me to reach new heights. I wish you a splendid 50th birthday!

Congratulations on your 50th birthday, you will have a very special day today. I know, your life has not been an easy one but you seem to have solved every challenge with a smile on your face. I wish you happiness and contentment in your next 50 years.

50 is dead! Long live to life! Oh dear one, there are not enough words for me to express the love and affection I have for you. My wish is to see you as happy as a bug dancing on a blade of grass in an open field with bright sunshine. The joyous celebration begins now and will continue for a lifetime. Have a beautiful birthday and many more to come!

You make me proud to be your friend. You made me believe that magic exists in this world. You have been a wonderful friend for the last 50 years, and wish you a very happy send-off on this special day!

What a life you have lived! Each year has etched you with the wisdom of experience and made you all the more beautiful. I am proud to call you a friend and glad that we still share everything together. I love you always and thank God for the life he has given you. On this special day, wish you many more happy birthdays!


Hello Fanny! My dearest friend, you are someone special to me since we were kids. I have always had time for you and tried to comfort you when you cried. You have always been there for me, so it is my turn now. Please accept my warm wishes on your 50th birthday and enjoy the day to the fullest!

Hey! I hope you’re having a great time at your party. When I think of all the things you’ve achieved in fifty years, I feel proud to have known you for so many years. You are my dear friend and there is no doubt about that! Happy 50th birthday friend!

Today is your 50th Birthday. Wishing you a long life full of friendship, love, and happiness. We wish you a very happy birthday!
If there is anything I could ever gift to my friend, it would be your success. To help you achieve your dreams and stand by you the entire way. I love you my angel, happy 50th Birthday!

Our friendship has reached a milestone, and I just want to say that I am very happy that you are the wonderful dear friend that you are! May you live for many more years, may you enjoy all that life has to offer, and may God give you a long and healthy life! Thank you for being a part of my life thus far; happy 50th birthday!

Happy birthday to my dear friend! It is hard to believe that you are 50 years old. You still look as young and beautiful as when I first saw you in the city mall! Keep on smiling, keep on laughing, keep on keeping me younger than you. Happy birthday, dear friend!

Best of luck on your 50th birthday! You deserve it for everything that you have done for me, and all the promises that you have kept despite the fact that I always knew my expectations were very high. But thank you for being loyal to me and my family. I wish you an amazing life filled with fun and laughter.


Funny 50th Birthday Quotes for Friends

Celebrating the 50th birthday of my esteemed friend! #50amazing years
Here’s to the next 50 years—starting with a toast to your first 50. Happy birthday, friend!

It’s my( your ) 50th birthday and I feel like I’m (you) 20-something, not 50. Happy birthday!

I may be half a century old, but I feel like I’m just getting started. 50 is the new 30! Happy birthday to my bestie. ❤️

From where we stand, it’s easy to see how you’ve impacted the world. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all weekend long. #50thbirthday!

To celebrate the best 50 years of your life, you’ll need everyone you love to surround you 🎂 #wow50 #birthdaygirl #woooohooooo

Happy 50th birthday! I feel very blessed that you’re in my life, as I know you feel the same about me. Thank you for every year that you’ve been here, and for all of the adventures we will continue

Happy 50th birthday! It’s a milestone that only comes around once, so what better way to honor it than to share big laughs with the fun-loving people who’ve been a part of your life all along.

Hey now—it’s your 50th birthday. Go get wild. Eat tons of cake, and wear something sparkly.

Your 50th birthday is the time to think back to the really good stuff and then fill up your glass with even better stuff. Cheers!!


Happy BIRTHDAY to one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I’m so lucky to have someone like you in my life, thank you for being part of the best adventures. Wishing you all the best and many more years.

It’s your 50th birthday and you look marvelous ✨ . Happy Birthday, friend!

Celebrate the life of a wonderful man. Today is the day we honor the friendship and love you’ve shared with your friends and family, and toast to many more years of happiness 🎉 #50thbirthdaycaptions ##

Feel The Goodness of 50th Birthday!

Happy birthday, to the most incredible friend I have ever had. Here’s to 50 years of laughs, endless stories, and perfect memories—and to many more years of your friendship.

Here’s to your 50th! Oh my goodness, let me live a good life so when I’m 50, happy birthday to me.

The best thing about turning 50 is that it’s all downhill from here. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Here’s to your 50th birthday. You’re never too old for anything until you stop dreaming, so keep on dreamin’.

I can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate your 50th birthday than celebrating with someone who will make the coming years even more incredible…YOU! Wishing you all the best as you continue on this journey. Happy 50th Birthday

Here’s to 50 more from your (very stylish) oldest friend. #FriendsAlways

Delightfully happy birthday wishes for a friend who’s just as delightful. 🎂💕

Happy Birthday to my wise, witty, wonderful friend. You make me laugh every day and we’ve been through so much together ❤️ #Birthday #50years #Goingstrong

What moment together will you always remember? What moments do you treasure most? That’s what the next 50 years are for…let’s celebrate!

There’s nothing like turning 50 to make you appreciate the things that happened, the things that didn’t happen, and knowing what you still need to do. Happy #Birthday to you!


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