Inspirational Be Your Own Best Friend Quotes


Be Your Own Best Friend Quotes: People are fond of saying “Be your own best friend.” But what does that really mean? What does it really mean to be your own best friend? In reality, it means realizing you need these things in your life to make you truly happy: You have to forgive yourself. We all make mistakes, and none of us are perfect. And that’s a good thing. Accepting yourself for who you are and forgiving yourself for the mistakes you’ve made is the first step towards being your own best friend.


Be Your Own Best Friend Quotes

The best is yet to come #beyourbestfriend


There’s no time quite like the present to be your own best friend.


You’re the best kind of friend—the one that means the most…to you.


We all need a little extra love in our lives: give it to yourself.


Let’s be best friends.


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Wear your heart on your sleeve (and talk to it) — it’ll listen.


Take care of yourself. You’re all you’ve got.


We’ll always be here for you, listening to your stories and offering advice.


You deserve a relaxing and enjoyable day, every day. So go on and treat yourself.


Since fall is officially here, you should wear your favorite seasonal pieces to work this week. What’s your favorite trend?


Lost my phone? By the time you read this, I’ll be sitting on a beach somewhere with a good book and lots of sunscreens.


Enjoy waking up to a healthy breakfast this fall with all the goodies you love.


Keep calm and carry on.


Be your own bestie [sic] and make tonight’s happy hour…tonight.


Hi, friend! We wanted to remind you that we’re different from everyone else. #BeYourOwnBestFriend


If you’re feeling low and defeated, try these uplifting reads to pick yourself back up and refocus.


Don’t fake the funk. Own your story, be true to yourself and own it.


We all know how important it is to be nice to yourself, but with friends like you, who needs enemies?


Just take a break girl and chill.


I’m here to make all your dreams come true.


Hey, busy bee. You’re doing great work.


It’s always nice to spend some quality time with yourself.


Don’t worry, be happy.


You do you.


Be your own best friend, not your enemy.


Take a moment out of your day to be your own best friend.


No one’s going to be around forever. Cherish yourself today, choose loving thoughts and feelings, and use positive words in your own mind to help you stay positive, healthy, and happy.


Don’t let the world define who you are—instead, choose what makes you happy, and go after it.


When it comes to caring for your hair, self-love should be the top priority.


Looking to find your tribe? be one #teamselfie


When someone tells you that you can’t do something, turn in the opposite direction. I call it–


You’re welcome to be your own best friend.


I will be your best friend whether we spend our days together or not. #AlwaysBeMyself


How do you treat your best friend? Be kind and love yourself!


You’re living for today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. You already fell in love today. Or, you didn’t fall in love yet, don’t worry either. It will come to you as soon as the right person comes along.


I hope this fall finds you in the very best state of mind.


We’re a shower of rainbows and butterflies, but not the kind you’re thinking.


Friends are hard to come by, so make sure to treat them right.


Every time you reach out to touch your skin, remember that you are the one who loves you best.


Goals: brilliant, relentless, faithful friendship.


What we do with our bodies matters. And radical self-care is so important.


“There are two kinds of pain—the sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The sort of pain that teaches you, or the sort that breaks you.” ― J.K. Rowling #HugYourHobbit


It’s important to unplug and reconnect with your best friend: yourself.


The best friends are the ones who give you a reason to love yourself more.


We’re the only one whose company we don’t mind being around 24/7. Tag! You’re it!


In a world full of hustle, be kind to yourself . . . and others.


Reinvent your style for fall starts now.


Because it’s important to treat yourself! #LiveHealthy


No one knows you better than you do—honor your mind, body, and soul.


We are endless sources of comfort for ourselves.


Make your own damn coffee.


The best relationships are when you help each other grow. Happy Birthday, Be Your Own Best Friend!


Be your own friend. And if you can’t be your own best friend, find a real one.


Stop waiting around for things to happen. Go make things happen. Be your own best friend.


When you don’t feel like being your own best friend, give yourself a loving reminder that things work out.


Isn’t it nice to have someone in your corner? #BestFriendDay


You’ve got a best friend in me, that’s true 💗


You gotta be able to laugh at yourself sometimes. Here’s to a happy and fabulous life, no matter what it brings.


Listening to your inner voice is never a waste of time. In fact, you may find that your inner voice is often telling you what you need to hear.


It’s not always easy to stick to a healthy routine—but it is when you spread the love, “Self-Love comes first.”


Treat yourself like gold, because you are.


Let’s turn our negative thoughts into positive thoughts and enjoy the rest of this day!


Wishing you a happy day!


Be your own best friend, life gets hard sometimes, but always invite yourself to the party. #beyourbestfriend


We all want to be our own best friends. A best friend to ourselves and an inspiration to others.


Everyone needs a friend who encourages them to be their best self, who likes them just the way they are. – Bambi


You’re worth the effort it takes to make yourself beautiful. Always treat yourself like your best friend.


Every great story starts with a first step, own your story. Be kind to yourself and have patience.


We’re thankful for loyal friends like you who always make us smile.


Sometimes you gotta give yourself some lovin’.


Welcome to my happy place.


Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back—the way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.


Many people are worth knowing, but no one is worth knowing well.


Don’t run from your flaws—embrace them. And, more importantly, don’t run from yourself. Be Your Own Best Friend.


Don’t feed your mind trash. Feed it great thoughts—meditate. Think of others. Be nice to people. Think you can and you’re halfway there #BeYourBestFriend


To all the best friends who have supported me from the start—THANK YOU. Let’s keep being our own besties this fall . . . and beyond.


Nothing feels better than looking at your best friend and forgetting you guys were ever a thing. #LoveYourself


I’ve got your back, so you can keep on doing what you do best: being you.


You’re not just the best friend you have, you’re the only one you need.


Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend is to be there for them by yourself.


Ready for a little me-time? Relish in that feeling by treating yourself to something nice (or new) like these!


Dump the drama, forget the haters, and trust your gut. Let’s take a deep breath and get back to you.


Don’t wait for someone else to say, “I love you.” Say it to yourself every morning. And then, say it again out loud to someone who needs to hear it.


Listen to your own voice for once and start working on your goals. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone this fall.


You are worthy to be yourself, and it should be easy for you.


On those days when you’re not feeling like your best self, take a deep breath and have a chat with your best bud.


Wherever you go, and whatever you do, be your own best friend. You’ll never be sorry ❤︎


I’m over being someone else’s idea of who I should be. Let’s be our own BFF, yes? Us against the world.


Don’t be your own worst boss. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend, not an enemy.


“Be your own hero, every day. Everyone wants one.”


Let’s face it, you’re a pretty awesome human being.


Treat yourself better than anyone ever has.


You’re worth it.


Don’t be afraid to dress up empty walls—it’s never too late to live richly, so don’t wait. Start today.


When you catch yourself saying “thank goodness it’s Friday,” take a moment to be grateful for all the good days in your life and cheer yourself on.


Feels good to be back.


Making more than just a cup of coffee. We’re crafting moments and memories too.


Start spreading the good news about yourself. Self-confidence is your best look. Be kind to you.


Live your life, be happy with yourself, be kind to the people you see every day and those you encounter on a daily basis.


Let’s be real, we could all use a friend who tells us when to take a break, kick back and have some “me time”.


You’re strong—mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thanks for being you!


You’ve got this, Bestie.


Given the choice between being right… and being kind, choose kind.


You’re never too old to be your biggest fan.


If you like yourself, then I like you.


Be your own best friend. Who better?


Be your own best friend. You never need an excuse to be kind to yourself.


Do not rely on someone else to make you feel strong. Be strong for yourself first. Treat yourself well. Be your own best friend.


Don’t be afraid to find your own voice. And most importantly, be yourself. Here’s to being your best friend for life.


You’re the only one who knows exactly what you want. Let’s make it happen!


Remember to give yourself a little love every now and then. ​


Smile. It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to.


Take care of yourself so you can be your best self, so you can focus on others 💕


Always believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will!


Be there for yourself as much as you would be there for your best friend.


Hey You. Meet Your Best Self.


Be kind to yourself, darling. You deserve it!


There’s no need for an alarm clock when you have a friend like you. Happy weekend, bestie.


You’re the only one who can hold yourself back from being successful.


Treat your body like the royalty it is who deserves a little pampering.


Hey, at least you’re not a pair of boots.


Dress in confidence. There is no time like the present to be your own #bestie!


While you may have a lot in common with your best friends, chances are you’re not them. So be the best friend to yourself that you’d want one of your best buds to be!


A best friend who understands + roots for you through all your wins, fails, and moments in between.


Remember, when you’re having a tough day, it’s not about what people do. It’s about how you react to it.


You’re doing just fine! 💪🏻


Oh hi, there cutie pie.


Be sweet to yourself.


I’m so glad I got to be my own best friend today.


This is all pretty standard stuff. You get up, you go to work, you come home, you see her or him. Rinse, repeat. It’s all fine, but it’s not interesting. Don’t wait for an extraordinary moment to be your best friend; never forget that anyone can be extraordinary.


You’re 16. You’re a genius. Enjoy it 💝✌🏽


Teacher on the playground: “Don’t be afraid to fall, no one’s going to laugh at you.” (Like really? I’d love to see that…)


Let’s celebrate the ones we love by starting with loving ourselves. Easy to do thanks to you.


You’ll make it through because you’re an inspiration to everyone around you.


I used to be the girl who gave up when the going got tough. More coffee?


Be your own best friend. Show yourself some love today. It’ll make a world of difference.


Be your own best friend, love yourself today and always.


Being your own best friend means always looking out for yourself and making choices that benefit you.


Your strongest relationships are with yourself. Be kind. Rewrite your story.


Tell yourself that you are your “best friend” and look out for yourself, just like how you would to a friend.


Stand-out individuals are like gold — the rarer, the more valuable.


Be the hero of your own life.


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