Congratulations on Citizenship Messages


Congratulations on Citizenship Messages are those messages that you need to send to your friends or relatives who have become citizens of another country. These messages could be for their naturalization and could also be for applications of citizenship as well. At times, it can be difficult to find the right words to congratulate someone on attaining a citizenship.

However, congratulations messages are generally well received. These messages are sent as a symbolic gesture of appreciation and support to others who have gained a new citizenship in their countries. It is a great moment when you get a citizenship letter.

No doubt, it is not one of those days that you forget easily. Rather, these days are very special in your life. You might have waited for them for long. So the moment comes when you finally get the citizenship letter it would be fair enough to express your excitement and happiness in your own way.


Congratulations on Citizenship Messages

  • I am so excited about your citizenship! It’s also a happy coincidence as it is our fourth year anniversary as well. You are a very important person in my life and have become my best friend. I would not replace you with anything or anyone. I love you more every day.


  • Congrats on becoming a citizen! I am so proud of you and your kids. The sacrifices you have made in your life are truly an inspiration. I know you are going to make this country proud. Love you!!!


  • It’s a great privilege to become a US Citizen. The US is the most beautiful country in the world. I am so happy that you are able to call this country your home now too. I love you and I am so proud of you!


  • I can’t believe you are becoming a citizen today! I am so happy for you and I know that we will live happily together forever.


  • Dad, you were always my role model and I’ve always looked up to you. Being your daughter and citizenship daughter means everything to me. I am so proud of all you have accomplished and everything you have done for me and for this country. This is the most natural thing in the world for me to say to you…you are such an inspiration, my hero and the best father a girl could ask for. I love you!


  • Congratulations on becoming an American citizen! I’m so happy for you and can’t think of a greater accomplishment! Your citizenship makes me feel like I am truly part of the USA because my family members have gone through the same process. As a proud American, I look forward to voting with you in the election next year! You are truly an inspiration to me!


  • Congratulations on becoming a United States Citizen! I’m so proud of you. You are an amazing person and I know that as a citizen you will contribute even more to our wonderful country.


  • I am so happy to hear that you’ve become a citizen! I am so proud of you for sticking with it and becoming an official American.


  • Congratulations! We are all very proud of you for becoming a citizen and I hope that your future brings all the joys you wish for. Congratulations! We are all very proud of you for becoming a citizen and I hope that your future brings all the joys you wish for.


  • Your mother, father, and I are happy to be a part of the country that you call home, now. You are going to enjoy life here, very much.


  • We’re so very proud of you! We always knew you had something special inside of you. You have all the potential in the world and can go anywhere in this world and make us so proud. I’m so glad we’re family, you’re a wonderful son.


  • Congratulations on your citizenship! Enjoy the newfound freedom and your newly gained rights. Good luck at work, in school, and in love.


  • Congratulations on becoming a citizen. I am so thankful to have you in my life and I can’t wait to see how our future unfolds together. I know that we will be happy every day of our lives.


  • I love you! Congratulations on becoming a US Citizen!!! Such an inspiring story, I’m so proud of you. We will always be family. Love you.


  • we are proud of everything you have accomplished! we will never forget how much you have given up to become a citizen of our great nation. we hope that you will pass on the generosity and kindness of your home country to us, your new homeland.


  • Congratulations! Now that you’re an official American Citizen, I wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. I have never met someone as kind and generous as you. You have been such a great friend to me and have given me so much. I hope your special day is full of wonderful surprises! All my love!


  • Congrats on becoming a US Citizen! This is such a huge step in your life and we’re so happy to have you in America, Mike! We will always welcome you with open arms here!


  • Congratulations on becoming an American Citizen! You will always be a part of our country and we hope that this new way of life suits you well. We are excited for you, as we know you are going to make the U.S.A your home for years to come!


  • Congratulations on achieving one of the most important goals you have set for yourself! It may have been a long journey for you, but it has all been worth it. You should be very proud of yourself for being able to achieve this. I hope you will continue to enjoy this new sense of freedom and adventure that life has to offer to you.


  • I’m very happy for you, Congratulations! It’s a great honor. I hope that you will always be proud of this accomplishment. I love you!


  • Congratulations on your Canadian citizenship. I hope you find it delightful to be a citizen of so great and gorgeous land. Welcome to your new homeland; I wish all the best for you in the future and hope many successes will come to you.


  • I’m so happy for you and I know you will do great things with your citizenship, love you bunches.


  • I’m so happy to be here celebrating your citizenship. It makes me so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people. You are a great friend and I was so glad to be able to share this day with you.


  • Congratulations on your Canadian Citizenship! It’s a special day for you and for the country that you chose to call home. I look forward to seeing the difference you will make in Canada, and to sharing this special day with you.


  • Congratulations on becoming a citizen! For this big moment in your life, we send our best wishes for the future.


  • Congratulations to my friend on becoming a citizen of the United States! We are so proud of you. You bring joy to us every day and we’re overjoyed that you became an American citizen. We love you.


  • I am so proud of you. No matter where life takes us or what happens, I will always be your number one fan. Congrats!


  • Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I have been so blessed to have you in my life and look forward to many more years of being together. I hope someday we will be able to celebrate this joyous occasion together with all your friends and family, as everyone surely deserves to share in your joy.


Congratulations Messages on Getting American Citizenship

  • Congratulations on getting American citizenship! I couldn’t be more proud of you. I’ll admit, we had our ups and downs but I know you’ve earned this and so much more!


  • Congratulations on getting American Citizenship. We are so happy that you are a part of our great country now. We will do everything we can to make you feel welcome here!


  • I’m so happy for you! I cannot wait to celebrate you’re getting your citizenship. You are such an amazing example of what it means to be an American, and I couldn’t think of anyone who deserves that more than you. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you soon.


  • Congratulations on becoming an American citizen! I am so proud of you and the strength you have had to achieve this great accomplishment. You are a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who encounter you. Your courage and passion are what make America great! Congratulations again!


  • You’re an amazing friend and a naturally kind person. I think the world of you! Congrats on getting your citizenship!


  • I am so proud of you and I couldn’t be happier that you got your citizenship today! Your dream is one step closer to being complete. I love you so much and I can’t wait for us to be together forever. You are my night sky sparkling with a thousand stars!


  • Congratulations on becoming an American Citizen. Your new citizenship is a wonderful achievement, and I hope it opens all sorts of doors for you. You have already made invaluable contributions to the great life we’re building here in America, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


  • I am so excited for you. I put my foot down to get my citizenship and now I’m finally making it. I wanted to thank you for being the support that kept me going. You were always there cheering from the side and giving me your unending encouragement. Thank you for being always there for me, and congratulations on your citizenship!


  • congratulations on being granted American citizenship! We are so proud of you and know you will bring your hard work, drive, and determination to all that you do. May you continue to be blessed with love, happiness, and good health. We can’t wait to celebrate this monumental day with you in person!


  • We are so proud of you for becoming an official American citizen! We never thought you’d get accepted but we’re so glad you did! It is such an honor to call you ours. Like everyone says, the American Dream has come true for you and we couldn’t be more excited. We love you forever and always.


  • We are so happy to hear you will become an American citizen. You are not only a great daughter but a fantastic friend as well. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you in America! Love Mom and Dad


  • You are very welcome and thank you so much for being in our lives. Congratulations on becoming an American citizen! We are proud of you and love you so much.


  • Congrats on becoming American, that’s a big deal! I’m proud of you. You’ve worked hard to get here, and you deserve it.


  • You’ve worked so hard and you deserve it! To finally be a citizen of America after all these years is a BIG deal! I am so proud of your achievement. I have loved you since we were kids.


  • You are officially an American citizen… and so am I! We both deserve a round of applause and some high fives. How does it feel to be a member of the greatest nation on earth? That’s right, we’re the best. Now that you’re officially a citizen you can legally marry me!


  • The American dream is actually a reality for me, and it wouldn’t be if it weren’t for you. You helped me see a better future for my family and I can’t thank you enough for that. I am thankful for all of your help, in making me the man that I am today.


  • From the first moment I ever laid eyes on you, I knew we were meant to be. You are a blessing and a gift from above. I promise to always love and cherish you for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to start our new life together as husband and wife!


Canadian Citizenship Congratulations Messages

  • Congratulations on getting Canadian citizenship! We are so proud of you and the new challenges ahead. We can’t wait to celebrate with you soon, with lots of hugs, kisses, and pizza!


  • Congratulations on your citizenship! This is just a note to say how proud I am of you. You’ve worked really hard and it shows. I’m sure that the future holds many exciting things for you. You are such a beautiful person on the inside and the out and it makes me happy to know that you are my best friend.


  • Congratulations on becoming a Canadian citizen! I’m proud and excited that you have joined our country’s citizens and I hope you will find this important day to be one of the most memorable moments in your life. You have shown outstanding commitment to Canada and its residents for which we are eternally grateful. We look forward to working with you in the wonderful days to come.


  • Congratulation on becoming a Canadian citizen! I am so proud of you and I can’t wait to see you at your swearing-in ceremony. You were such an important part of our lives and family that we couldn’t imagine a future without you in it.


  • I am so proud of you and your hard work! I know you are going to be a great Canadian! Congratulations my love! I love you so much!


  • Congratulations! You are now a Canadian citizen. You are now an official member of the Canadian family, with all the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


  • It may not seem like much, but getting Canadian citizenship is a huge deal! It means you’re one step closer to being a Socially and Politically integrated member of our great nation. Best wishes as you continue your journey here in Canada.


  • Congratulations on obtaining Canadian citizenship! This is a great accomplishment, and I’m happy to support you on your journey towards accomplishing this important milestone in your personal history.


  • Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new country. The warmest regards.


  • I’m so very proud of you! When we first met, I knew there was something special about you. Something that told me you were destined for greatness. I couldn’t have been happier when I found I was right.


  • From the time I met you, I knew that we were meant to be. I love all the time we spend together and everything you have done for me. Happy Canadian citizenship day!


  • We congratulate you on being granted Canadian citizenship! This is the beginning of a new stage in your life, a stage full of opportunities and new beginnings. It’s exciting to live in this beautiful country where diversity, freedom, and compassion flourish and where there’s always something happening.


  • We are so happy to become full citizens of Canada today. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be but here with you. I am grateful to have a husband and father-in-law like you.


  • I am so proud of you, congratulations. I can’t wait to see you become a Canadian citizen. You are always eager to learn and you make a great contribution to our society. I hope you will continue to do so as a Canadian citizen!


  • Thank you for everything. For loving me, and the kids, and giving us the chance to start a new life here in Canada. This is a dream come true, and I can’t wait to explore all of the opportunities this new country will bring. Love you always!


  • Congratulations to you on becoming a Canadian citizen. We are so proud of you. I am sure you will enjoy your new life full of endless opportunities and experiences.


  • Wishing you success in your Canadian citizenship application!


  • It’s a great honor to be a fellow Canadian, even greater to have you as a friend. Your contributions and hard work will inspire many people in our country. I hope all of your dreams come true and I can’t wait to see what you do next!


Funny Congratulations on Citizenship Messages

  • Best wishes and congratulations on becoming a citizen. The road has been the long one, but in the end, it has been worth all the sacrifices. I am proud to call you my brother.


  • CONGRATULATIONS on achieving what many people cannot! I am so very proud of you and hope you will feel the same pride as you proudly display your new citizenship certificate.


  • I know that taking the United States citizenship test is not easy. You have already proved your commitment to this country by choosing to live here, and I am very excited that you will be a citizen on the Fourth of July!


  • Happy citizenship day to a special friend. You’re such an important part of my life and I look forward to spending many more years with you by my side. I am so happy that your dreams are finally coming true and that you have found your place in the world. Our friendship is one that I will cherish forever and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you will accomplish.


  • You came to the country with nothing but plans and hopes. Now you can call yourself an American. The big day has finally come and I am so happy for you. Now, let’s have a party!


  • Warmest Congratulations on becoming a new American Citizen! I congratulate you on this accomplishment. This card is a small token of my appreciation and respect, not only for your hard work but also for your dedication to our community and this great country.


  • No matter where you are, you are always my little angel. I am so thankful we found each other. The love I have for you could never be explained in words. I cherish every moment we spend together!


  • My best friend and fellow citizen, I am so proud of your accomplishment! I know that you are going to do great things for this country. Even though we are the best of friends, don’t cross me!


  • The day we bumped into each other on the street, I could have never predicted what you would become to me, my love. You have become a part of me, and the time that we share is the most precious time of my life.


  • Dear friend, I’m so happy you have been granted citizenship. Not only do you make our country a better place, but I’m thrilled that you are now part of the family. I love having you around and I know life with you will only bring happiness and success. Congratulations!


  • We never take for granted the love and friendship that you have given to our family. We cherish each moment we are with you and look forward to many more experiences together. Congratulations on becoming an American Citizen, we are proud of you!


  • Congratulations on becoming a naturalized citizen, you deserve it very much. This is an important day for you and your family, who are no doubt proud of you. You’re part of a unique club now, at the same time feeling part of an even bigger nation.


  • Hey man, congratulations on becoming a citizen! I’m really proud of you! I know this is one of the many steps in your life to becoming an official American and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. I know this has been a long journey for you, but it is so wonderful to see you so happy and busy. Love you buddy!


  • You are one of my favorite people to be around. I love having someone who I can fall back on and someone to talk to. I hope you have a wonderful celebration of your citizenship! A lot of my friends are jealous that I get to wear my costume in the ceremony but know you will make a fun one. Take some pictures!


  • Congrats on becoming a citizen! It’s such a great honor, you must be really proud. We can celebrate by meeting at the same place where you got your citizenship in the US. I’ll just arrive an hour late, I don’t want to disturb the ceremony because it must be very important.


  • Congratulations on becoming a U.S. citizen. I am so proud of you. You will always be an immigrant for me, but the journey was worth it, to become an American. Welcome to the greatest country in the world!


  • Congratulation on becoming a Citizen of our country. I am proud to see you work hard, live by the law, and become an original American. You and your family are welcome to come over for dinner anytime


  • We did it! You now have a new beautiful life ahead of you. The Canadian winter should be a piece of cake to someone like you, who has survived living in Miami. Enjoy your new life and don’t forget to stay in touch.

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