Congratulations on the Birth of Your Twins Card

You want to send that heartwarming congratulation on the birth of a twins baby to a friend or family member? Here is what beautiful WORDS congratulations on the birth of your twins cards should contain.


Congratulations on the Birth of Your Twins Card

• Congratulations on the birth of your twin boys. The boys are adorable, and I’m so glad to be part of this most joyous time in your life as you become an instant family of five. You’re even more impressive than I had initially thought with all you do each day. Congrats!

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins. Delightful isn’t it? The moment you first saw those two little individuals, you were overcome with a feeling that is hard to describe, knowing that life will be never the same again.

• I am so happy you are both parents now! You’re going to be the best parents in the world. The twins are lucky to have two loving and caring parents. Your love for each other shows by the love you show your children. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! I know everything will be just fine with you two because of your love for one another and the lifetime commitment from God. Congratulations!”

• I cannot even begin to describe how thrilled I am for you. You deserve all that is good in life, and you and your family are the very best. I know how much pain you have been through, but it seems like the universe rewarded you with the perfect gifts to make up for this. You will be the best father to these two little angels.

• I hope you know how many friends and loved ones are celebrating this incredible blessing with you. I am so excited for you two! I feel so blessed to have you both as part of my life, and I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer. Life is better with you two in it, and I will treasure the friendship that God has blessed me with. Congratulations, new parents! You are going to be amazing!

• Congratulations on the birth of your twin’s baby. Our love also increases by two. I am happy that you and your husband are doing well now, but I wish you trust me more, so I will also be a daddy to them. I am sending you this message in my best interest, as we have been for so long. I decided earlier that when God finally wants us to become fathers, I would present myself as a candidate.

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins. I cannot imagine the deep joy that you and your husband feel at this moment. I can only wish to have such a beautiful experience. May you be blessed for your strong hearts and gentle spirits.

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins! I just had to send a few messages to their birth announcement! I am so excited for you. I know you will be great parents, and you will always have an open door from me. No matter what the kids need, mama and papa, I’ll always help. I can’t wait to meet them <3

• Congratulations! Baby twin boys are such a precious gift. I can’t believe they’re already here! I’m happy to hear they came early, so you’ll be able to spend a little time getting them used to your scent and voice.

• You’re having twins! This is awesome for you, and I’m excited for you both. I can’t wait until you bring the little rascals home. I know that all of your family will be there to help and support you in any way possible, and I’ll be right here with you too. Congratulations!

• Congratulations, you are now a father of two healthy babies…may they grow up happy and inspire you in every decision you make..born on the 22nd of August 2010 at 2:57 pm and 3:01 pm. Have a wonderful time enjoying them with your beautiful wife!

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins. I wish you much health and happiness in raising them. May they bring to your life all the joy that they have to me. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always.

• Congratulations on the birth of your Twins. I know that you will have a lot of fun and be very busy with these two little bundles of joy. Enjoy those precious child-free moments!

• As I look upon your new twins, time seems to have stopped. A stillness of peace and joy reigns, allowing me a moment of reflection upon my past, present, and future! “For everything, there is a season – A time to be born and a time to die.” With that thought firmly implanted in my brain, I take a final look back at the years we spent together in a mutual loving friendship.

• Congratulations and thousands of happy returns of the day on the birth of your babies. I am so glad to hear that you have twins that are a dream come true but congratulations to you and your beautiful wife. I wish you marriage happiness n lots of love with lots of kids and grandkids who bring sunshine to your life forever!

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins. I just wanted to wish you and your beautiful wife. Please accept my gift of love in the form of a gift card for two, so you can come and visit us for a nice dinner out. You deserve it!

• “May the love you have for each other continue to blossom and grow to its full potential. It’s wonderful. Together, you are the sweetest couple and wedding photographers I’ve ever met. Finally, congratulations on becoming the parents of two beautiful twin boys. Congratulations!”

• My dearest friend, congratulations on the birth of your twins. I am so excited for you. You are such an incredible parent already; I can’t even imagine you juggling two more little ones at once! I know with your help, these babies will grow up to be unique human beings. Having two kids is no easy task, and they will be blessed to have parents like you. I wish you lots of love, luck, and laughter along the way!

• I can’t tell you how much I love you. You are all that matters in this world to me. I want nothing less than to spend every day by your side. You are unique, and I just wanted to repeat congratulations. May their lives never be lacking happiness or love. I am so excited to meet my new baby cousins!

• We are so thrilled for you guys. Two babies at once, oh my goodness! You must be exhausted but so excited for all that is to come!! We love you guys!!!

• The babies are here! We cannot believe they are finally here. We are so glad you allowed us to be in your lives and honored that we were able to watch you grow from a twinkle in the eye to your beautiful children. We will miss our weekly visits but look forward to many more over the years. We love you more than words could ever express.

• It was a silent night; the world was asleep, baby twins were born with no sound, I felt lucky for all the blessings from above. You were given two perfect bundles of joy… May they both be healthy and grow.

• For the first time, my heart takes flight; it is a miracle, you’ve done me right. I have never been so happy in my life. We created perfect twins that will grow to be amazing people. We are lucky to have each other, and now we have one more reason for it all to last. I love you so much; we did it!

• I am proud of you for carrying two beautiful babies and giving birth to two little angels. Congratulations! You must be a great mother.

• I am so happy for you and how your home is now so filled with happiness and love. I can’t believe you’re a mom of twins! They are just so darn cute!

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins. I just wanted to say how proud I am of you for going through this difficult time and giving birth to two beautiful babies. I wish all my love and happiness to you and your family in all your future endeavors!

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins. One little one who will always be with you, one little one who will never be alone. Two hearts that beat as one, two fingers now holding hands.

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins! We are so happy for you, and we wish you every happiness. We know that those two bundles of joy will be the light of your lives, and you will never forget the moment they burst into this world with their cries. Take care and enjoy these precious months before they start to toddle around.

• Life has taken many twists and turns since we first met. I know it hasn’t always been easy, but you have helped me see the light through the darkness every day. I can’t imagine what life would be like without you around. You are my rock, my best friend, my soul mate. I am so glad you are in my life, and with your love, nothing will stand in our way. Congratulations again on the twins!

• We are so very proud of you and the birth of your baby twins. No one deserves it more than you; they are beautiful! We are so happy for you!

• First and foremost, your children are so adorable. You must be one proud mother and father. I do not doubt in my mind that you will bring so much happiness to their lives. I am glad for you! Congratulations again on the twins.

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins. May all the joy, happiness, and love of this world fill your home with the presence of your twins. Congratulations, and wishing you a very joyous life ahead.

• This is a beautiful day for the birth of your twins. I wish you the very best future and good luck with this fantastic experience; as a gift, please accept my warm greetings and congratulations!

• I am so excited for you and your family! I hope these twins bring you twice as much love and happiness. I am glad to be a part of your life, from the early days to this beautiful day. You are such a fantastic person, and your babies are lucky to have such a great Mommy!

• I couldn’t be more proud of you. I remember when I used to hear you talk about your infertility issues and how hard it was for you. You were genuinely happy yesterday, and you glow with a radiance I’ve never seen before. You didn’t have to tell me what your twins are, but I guess it’s because you know that I love ALL children all the same.

Congratulations on the Birth of Your Twins Card
congratulations on the Birth of Your Twins Card

Congratulations on the Birth of Your Twins

• I am sure that all your friends are telling you they love you and sending their best wishes. So I am not going to repeat what others have said. Instead, I will just congratulate you for your new addition to the family and thank you for adding a new addition to my life and my heart.


• Congratulations on the birth of your twins! As a new mom, you’re up for a big challenge in your life. You need to plan for the arrival and raise the twins as you take care of them. Please remember you have lots of choices. Family, school-mates, and friends will accept your children.

• Love you so much! Congratulations on your two little bundles of joy! I can’t wait to meet them and to see how beautiful they are.

• I don’t know what to write in a note… I guess I always found it hard to do so. I can only say that you have given the world two beautiful gifts. You are the best mother, friend, and person on earth!

• As you read this, I am thinking about you and your growing family. You are getting bigger and bigger every day. And so are your babies. Congratulations on giving birth to such beautiful little people. I know motherhood is very different from what you imagined, but I promise you that it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do! I can’t wait to meet the new additions to your family!

• Celebrating the birth of your twins would be an enormous step in your life. Like most parents, you are probably excited and have a lot to do over the next weeks and months to get ready for this new beautiful chapter in your lives. I am so happy that your little ones have arrived. They will be treasured members of your family. Congratulations!

• I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for nine months! The last year has been a whirlwind of waiting and wishing for this day. You are a fantastic mother—gentle, nurturing, patient, and loving. This is what you were meant to do. Enjoy every minute because these newborn days go by fast. Congratulations on raising two beautiful little human beings!

• It took nine months to make them, but they were worth every second. I love you more than I ever thought possible and can’t wait to get home and hold them! Congratulations on your new bundles of joy!”

• I’ve never seen so much love in one room; the joy you are feeling now is as intense as your love for each other. I am glad for you both and wish you only the best for the future. Congratulations!

• Congratulations to you on the birth of your twins. I had nothing but a good day on the day you gave birth. I am so happy for you both. The new minor additions to the family are precious and beautiful. They will bring great joy to your lives, and I hope all your dreams come true in every way. May they always be healthy, bright and may they be able to achieve anything they set their minds to.

• You are like a sister to me; I always knew how lucky I was to have you in my life. I love you so much, and as your children approach, you will see how much they need you. The baby angels sent two beautiful babies, too special for words.

• You are such a fantastic person and friend to me! I hope you enjoy every moment of motherhood because you deserve it. I’m so excited to be a part of your family & watch the twins grow up. Love you lots always!

• I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to help. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as you make this big transition in your life. Good luck with those big kids of yours! They’re going to keep you on your toes from here on out. I love you guys!

• Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful twins. You have worked hard and are so deserving of this fantastic gift. Always remember that you can accomplish anything with a bit of love, support, and strength. You will be able to handle anything; I support you 100%!

• I am so happy for you and your family for the twins’ arrival; my prayers are with you all, especially God’s blessings. Remember that a good mother makes the twins lead successful lives in the future.

• Thank you for making my day. I’m so happy that your twins arrived safely and hope they fall in love with each other just like their mother did. Everyone who knows you is delighted for you! It will be amazing to see what kind of beautiful love story this relationship will write!

• On the day you gave birth to your twin daughters, you officially became the best mother in the world. Congratulations!

• Congratulations on your twins. We hope your growing family will have many moments of pleasure in the years ahead.

• When I think about how blessed I am to have you and your little ones in my life, I just can’t put it into words. Your twins are adorable. I laughed when I got their picture back, and they were in some sort of attack pose while kissing! What amazing, funny, perfect boys. I wish with all my heart that you and your boys will have the most fantastic life together. Love you to the moon and back, sweet friend.

• Congrats on the birth of your two boys! It’s been an exciting time as you start the life of a quad. Not only do you have two new songs, but you have two new flowers in your garden. I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! I love how strong our friendship is and will always be there with all my support.

• Congratulation on the birth of your twins, baby twins! I am happy for you. I can’t imagine what it was like to learn that you would be having babies at your age, but I do not doubt that both of you were up to the challenge!!

• “I don’t know who will love you more, him or me, but I promise I will love you just as much! You bring so much joy to our family, and I can’t wait to watch you grow up. Welcome to the world, baby twins

• Congratulations on the birth of your twins! What an excellent addition to your family! At times like this, you must be immensely thankful for your family and friends.

• That’s two for two! And you got all the luck. When you and Diane were born, your Mom had twins. Now I get to see the joy of twins again, but this time they are yours! Congratulations! Oh, and hugs from me for having twins again. It’s awesome! Love you, my friend

• I was so happy when the doctor said your babies were going to be born today. I wanted to call you and celebrate, but you were in labor, but I am so happy for you. You are a wonderful mother and now have two beautiful children.

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