Farewell Messages/Goodbye Message to Boss


Farewell Messages/Goodbye Message to Boss
Farewell Messages to Boss


Good Farewell Messages to Boss-Goodbye Message to Boss are beautiful farewell or good-bye messages that you can send to your boss who is retiring, transferred or promoted to another department.


Your work environment is like your second home where you spend half of your day. If you have a wonderful boss, you would always want to appreciate him/her even if he/she is longer with you, find one such message that is ideal to send to your boss in every occasion

Farewell Messages to Boss Who is Retiring

1. Dear boss, you have spent so much time in the four walls of an office, you have earned the much-needed rest. Happy retirement.


2. You are retiring today but you should never be tired to rest well sir, congratulations on a more deserved rest, wishing you well all the time of your life, farewell sir.


3. Here’s to a full relaxation time with no day-offs! Enjoy your retirement boss.


4. I have always looked up to you as my mentor, and I have wished for your abilities and capabilities. Happy retirement sir.


5. I am sure your family, especially your wife would be glad to have you back home, and actually, stay home! Have a wonderful retirement.


6. You have been the leader and not a ruler of the pack. You took everyone along and built team power. Thank you, sir, for all that. Happy retirement.


7. May all the free time you get with this retirement be rewarding and yielding. Because I know you cannot stand dormancy, sir. Happy retirement.


8. It has been 40 years of total obligation and submission to work; office hours or not! I feel lucky to have learned from you. Congratulations on your retirement.


9. As you take a bow from work, may your contributions and efforts in the building of this reputation never be in vain. Congratulations.


10. Retirement is a type of retreat, only that you won’t get to see the faces of your colleagues; rather, you will always get to see the faces of your loved ones. Congratulations sir.


11. Sir, this has always been your second home; and now it is time to return fully to your first and real home! Happy retirement.


12. For services to your country well served and well spent, May you reap all good you have sown in this organization. Cheers.


13. Over time, you turned subordinates and trainees into colleagues, colleagues into friends, and friends into family. It has been an honour working with you sir. Happy retirement.


14. Dear Sir, you have always been the best man for the job, and I must admit that the firm would find it hard to get a replacement for you! Congrats on your retirement.


15. You have always been guilty of swooping all the awards from under our noses! Now you are out of the way! Enjoy a happy retirement sir!


16. Good luck on your life of retirement sir! I hope you get people to boss around at home! Cheers!


17. Retirement is like a vacation sir, only that you do not have to come back to our annoying faces! Congratulations.


18. Congratulations on successfully getting us out of your hair! It’s time to regain your freedom back! And we are happy for you sir!


19. It is time to finally change out of the suits, ties, and tuxedos, to t-shirts and Polos’! Have a wonderful life of retirement.


20. After your wife, we, your staff are the most excited for your retirement! She wants her husband home, and we want you out of our necks! Congratulations sir.


21. Retirement means going from a rule-maker to a rule follower. Specifically, rules laid down by your wife! Good luck boss! And congratulations.


22. We wish the past years made you stronger and younger. Sir, we just want to say that you would be greatly missed here. Happy retirement.


23. Being a boss never seemed so humbling. You are a model to us your staff, and any other boss there is! I wish you a fulfilling retirement. Congratulations.


24. I am sure that by now, the company is thinking of writing to the government to extend the retirement age, just so they would have you around for a few more years. You are a rare gem, sir. Happy retirement.


25. Your whole life has been the firm sir, and now you about to begin a new life. I wish you the entire best sir and a very big congratulation on your retirement.


26. You have always been one to face any form of challenges. So I am sure you are ready to face any challenges the retirement life brings forth to you.


27. I thought to make a list of thrilling things you can do after you retire, but then I thought again that you are an exceptional man and you have got it covered! Happy retirement boss.


28. Amongst others, you will be remembered for how brilliantly you related with your staff and colleagues, a trait that makes you one of a kind, sir. We will surely miss you around here. Enjoy your retirement.


29. You have been our arsenal of ideas sir, it is our biggest souvenir from you. Happy retirement.

Farewell Messages to Boss After Resignation

1. You have always taught us that there is no such thing as a limit, and we cannot thank you enough for that. Now, it is our turn to tell you that resignation is not a limit. See you at the top sir.


2. To a wonderful boss, it was wonderful working with you. We wish you well.


3. You have done a great service to this organization; we look forward to a beautiful future with you as you resign to take another beautiful opportunity, goodbye sir.


4. It is hard to say farewell to a boss who has been an inspiration to us all. There is going to be a void in our hearts when you leave. Goodbye, sir.


5. I have never had it so hard to say goodbye to someone in my life the way I felt when I bid you goodbye, sir. You have always been a great mentor to all of us here, and my sincere appreciation to you for bringing out the best in me, I wish that I would have one more chance to work under you in the nearest future, farewell boss.


6. We termed it overbearing when you used to push us to greater heights. We thank you for wanting to make us the best in our fields. Farewell, boss.


7. The time that we spent working under you in this great company are most memorable, I wish that I could go with you as you leave today, farewell sir, wishing you a beautiful life.


8. The basics of our field are a solid foundation on which we can grow. Neither did I learn that from the internet nor the library, but from you, boss. Good luck sir.


9. It is a rare thing to find a boss who also is your friend. I hate to do this, but appropriately, farewell sir.


10. As you set off to your next big challenge I want to send you a farewell shout out!! You have never been one to quit, so go ahead and take on the world.


11. It might be a delightful opportunity for you, but I still cannot help but feel sad that you are leaving us. Farewell, boss.


12. I am looking forward to hearing about your entire new adventure sir! I hope this resignation brings you more fulfilment than you could have ever imagined.


13. Dear Sir, leaving us wasn’t part of the plan! But I am sure you will keep in touch with us in every venture you take. Farewell, sir.


14. You have taught us well sir, and be rest assured that we will make you very proud as long as we remain here. Have a good time sir. Goodbye.


15. Dear boss, it will be a relief to have you out of our way sir. Just kidding! You will be missed to a great extent.


16. It is a disappointment to see one of our overall most excellent go away. Best wishes sir.


17. To the finest boss any subordinate can have, our whole unit will miss you, sir. Farewell.


18. You have been a very good captain, sailing our ship through the tides and the storm. I am afraid no one would ever be able to take your place. Goodbye, sir.


19. Every single staff in the building is already singing your praises! We will all miss your infectious happiness around here. Best of luck sir.


20. Thank you, sir, for all the lessons, motivations, and discipline. Every company needs a knight like you in their army! You shall be terribly missed!


21. I have really been glued to your design schedules and appointments, and anytime I think of a new boss, I feel a wave of unhappiness! Farewell, sir. Have an amazing life ahead.


22. It has just been a couple of hours and there is a large cloud of gloom hovering above the offices! Sir, we hope to restore the bright vibe you took with you when you left. You are already missed.


23. You will always remain my favourite boss! You put the “extra” to our “ordinary”. Training under you has been awesomely rewarding. Thank you, sir! And farewell!


24. The only reason I am happy about the fact that you are leaving is that I can now get to be free during our time outs! Farewell to my much-loved boss.


25. To a boss like no other, we wish you all the best the future holds. May your goodwill accompany you anywhere you go in life.


26. The resignation has never seemed so glorious. You have imprinted a good impression that you will forever be in our hearts. Farewell, sir.


27. Farewell to the boss who shaped pretty much everything in our lives; from our outlook of life to our social skills, and to our careers at large. Thank you for your efforts, sir.


28. You brought a whole new meaning to the word “leaders”. Have a good future, sir!


29. Safe to say that you will miss us your trainees just as much as we will miss you! I am sure you would not find any other trainees to give you so many headaches as we have given to you! Goodbye, sir!

Farewell Messages to Boss Who was Promoted

1. You are respected by every single individual in the building, and that is because you have always dished out respect instead of authority. You have got a good legacy sir, and it will thrive in your new office. Congratulations.


2. You are a beautiful role model that every worker would like to have as a boss, congratulations on your much-deserved promotions, we are happy for you sir.


3. Congratulations boss! It a much-awaited promotion and it’s finally here, we wish well in your newest role.


4. I have always admired your great style of leadership, this promotion never came as surprise, we have anticipated for this for long, congratulations sir, wishing you the best in your new responsibility.


5. There are two miracles for you, a promotion and a transfer to one the best locations of the company, enjoy your newest role sir, congratulations and farewell.


6. While we bid you goodbye, we feel sympathy for your new colleagues and subordinates. They have no idea of what is coming to them. Farewell, boss.


7. You have never failed to epitomize brilliance. Good luck with your new role boss.


8. As you leave us today, I feel nothing but jealousy towards your new colleagues, for they have just gained an inspirational leader and a respectable friend.


9. As you prepare to assume your new role, we wish you well in your future life, congratulation bidding you farewell.


10. Good-bye, to best of bosses, I am indebted to your great mentorship; this promotion will bring you happiness and joy.


11. To the boss of me for a few years, and an inspiration to me for the rest of my life; congratulations and farewell on your new job role


12. You have been a great asset to our team. Your new team is more than blessed to have you piloting their affairs. Goodbye, sir.


13. Even though your new office is just one floor above us, you will be greatly missed here. Congratulations on your promotion.


14. Dear boss, as you to go another higher level, we just want you t know that we may not be completely out of your sight, because we cannot get enough of your leadership.


15. It is a win-win situation for us down here because we still get to feel your presence around us, but you do not get to boss us around! Farewell sir, but see you around.


16. You leave us like our boss, but meet us as your friend. I wish you a very nice time in your new place of appointment.


17. Our glory days have been abruptly cut short upon hearing the news of your promotion. Our team terribly misses you. Farewell, boss.


18. Your hard work paying off cannot be overemphasized here! Congratulations boss, on your promotion. Your new team has just acquired a rare gem!


19. Farewell, sir! And congratulations! It is another step up the cooperate ladder! May your new colleagues cherish you just as much as we do back here.


20. It is one thing to be called a leader, and it is another thing to be a leader. Farewell to your new appointment. We hope to get a new boss that is going to be half as good as you.


21. Your daily input will be missed here, but your lasting legacy will see us through, in your absence. Thank you for your contributions, sir. Goodbye.


22. The board wouldn’t have chosen a better man for the new appointment, and in the same vein, they will not be able to find a good leader like you to fill in your spot.


23. You have been the backbone of our team, but I am sure your Midas touch is much more needed in the headquarters. Goodbye, sir.


24. It is a sad feeling that we get to lose our favourite boss, but we are compensated by the fact that we still get to see you around the block! Congrats sir.


25. It was wonderful working with you. Have a good time in your new office sir.


26. As you are faced with another opportunity of experience, we look forward to learning a few more tips from your new level. Goodbye and good luck sir.


27. It is a new challenge you are embarking on, and we can see your usual optimism. Best wishes as you will significantly be missed here.


28. Being a boss never looked so effortless. As you move up to the next level in your career. We want to thank you massively for showing us the ropes! Goodbye, sir.


29. Dear Sir, please allow me to congratulate you on behalf of myself and the rest of my colleagues. Congratulations on your promotion.


30. Warmest congratulations to you sir, on your appointment. Thank you for your volunteered resources, efforts, and time. Farewell.


31. The members of the board have made a brilliant choice to put you on this new assignment. I wish you a successful stay up there. Goodbye, sir.


32. They are going to have a taste of your excellence and expertise, and they are going to regret not promoting you any sooner enough. Farewell on your new field boss.


33. Leadership for you comes naturally, so we were not surprised when you won the election by a landslide victory! My most sincere congratulations boss. Goodbye, and God bless.


34. May you find every moment interesting in your new office, congratulation on your promotion to the executive position, wishing a wonderful time up there.


35. I have always known you as a great leader, so when the promotion came we know you deserve it long ago, congratulations sir, wishing you the best.


36. May you never stumble in your new role, wishing you success as you take on a new mantle today, congratulations sir.


37. You are a star that shines wherever you go, you are the moon that illuminates the darkness around you, you are the sun that warms every heart that comes across you, congratulation to a great boss on your promotion, farewell sir.


38. Those that know you appreciate you and those that don’t know you admire you from the stories that others tell them, congratulations on your new role, you have always been a great leader, farewell sir.


39. It is a new role new beginning for you sir, wishing you well as assume your fresh duty today, farewell sir.


40. I have always wished that one day you would be at the helms of this company, that dream has come true with the news of your promotion as MD of the company, you deserve this great role sir, congratulations and farewell sir.

Farewell Messages to Boss Who is Transferred

1. Here’s to wishing you all the best as you represent our team at the bigger tables! Enjoy every bit of your new level.


2. Farewell to a great boss, may your new place bring you happiness and success.


3. Congratulation on your promotion and transfer to a new level, you will never stumble as take this new role, we will miss you, sir.


4. You have been an exceptional leader, no one can fill the vacuum that you will leave behind here, farewell Sir, we wish great in life.


5. I pray that your new place and new role would bring you a beautiful memory, wishing you the best now and always, goodbye sir.


6. I wish that I were on this transfer list with you to the same destination, I have learned a lot working under you, thank you for being an inspiration to my career, farewell sir.


7. Dear sir, you have left your footprint on the sand of time here, your skill and leadership style has taken us to a greater height in this company, we will miss you greatly, wishing you well as leave today, goodbye sir.


8. Transferring you to a new zone would improve our work relationship. I could not be less happy! Goodbye ma.


9. Locations, time zones, and weather conditions may change, but one thing that is sure to be constant is your wonderful legacy.


10. Sir, we know you will make us all proud over there. Please, remember we are all solidly behind you. Goodbye.


11. You are generous in this workplace, the people in your new destination are going to be receiving a great asset, but here will miss you so much sir, farewell.


12. It is so hard for me to believe that you have been transferred to another location, we never bargain for this so soon, may the Lord be with you wherever you go sir, wishing you the best in life, farewell.


13. We thought it important for you to know that we will be rooting for you from over here. Farewell, sir.


14. Dear Sir, I think I should alert the new branch receiving you that they should be on stand by for a fully dedicated employee with no break time! If they can handle it. Farewell, boss.


15. It is an entirely a new world over there. But I believe you are better off where brand new challenges are. Farewell, sir.


16. May your new place be accompanied by warmth, positive hope, and fulfilment. Have a wonderful experience, sir.


17. May your brilliant ideas resonate with that of your new colleagues and subordinates. I wish you a jolly ride on this new route. Farewell Ma.


18. Dear ma, I have to let you know that you are the best boss that I have ever come across, I know you would be great where ever you go, farewell ma.


19. Your awesome leadership and innovative skills have provided you with this once in a lifetime transfer opportunity. I am very sure you would prove yourself to them, ideal for the position. Good luck sir.


20. I have always been a believer in your work ideology. May you remain just as inspirational as ever in your new place of work. Goodbye, sir,


21. I never thought I would ever come across a boss like you in the cooperate world. You take the happiness of your subordinates as a top priority in order to have an impressively productive team. You will be deeply missed back here. Farewell, ma’am.


22. The only person I consider lucky after receiving the news of your transfer is the company that employed you! I am sure you will turn out to be all they have ever needed. Best wishes sir.


23. It is a new feather added to your crown sir! May you find your new place of work much more rewarding and thrilling. Goodbye, sir,


24. Dear sir, good luck on your new appointment, we hope you find yourself amidst fun-filled and weird co-workers like us!


25. I am certain they will instantly become a fan of you the minute you land there. Farewell sir, and enjoy your new job.


26. You have a change of working environment, colleagues, and probably the taste of your morning tea; but never change who you are sir! You are an exceptional leader. Goodbye.


27. I hope the new branch is ready for what is going to hit them!! Go on sir, it is another chance for you to make your mark. Goodbye, and God bless.


28. Hard work and perseverance, amongst a host of other qualities, has brought you this far. May these qualities remain unique to you over there ma’am. Congratulations and farewell.


29. “success comes to those who work hard” this saying has become evident in you and has inspired me. May your new place of work become a stepping stone for you as you walk up the stairs of success. Goodbye, sir.


30. Thank you, sir, for your teachings and motivation over the years, now is a chance to spread that vast knowledge to a new set of colleagues and trainees.


31. The new branch demands more tasks, requirements, responsibilities, and demands that is why they picked the very best man for the job. Have a good experience in your new office and do not forget to write back to us! Cheers, sir!


32. They chose you to pilot a new team, and that says so much about our team. Thank you for bringing so much glory to our team. Farewell, sir. May your dreams be fulfilled.


33. Your teachings have been such a rewarding experience. You have dedicated the better part of your days to the development of this company, and we are very appreciative. Congratulations on your transfer, and farewell ma’am.


34. You are deserving of every single accolade given. Your transfer is a huge loss to this branch and a massive gain to the new division. Your impact here will greatly be felt.


35. Keep up the good work. I pray this transfer brings you more delight, know-how, and skills. We will surely miss you around here ma’am. Best wishes from the rest of your team.


36. It so hard to let you go ma, I wish I can come with you to your new destination, you have been a great leader and mentor ever since I worked under you, farewell ma, wishing you the best.


37. You are a rare asset to any organization, the people over there are lucky to have a great leader like you, farewell sir; we will miss you over here.


38. There are only two bosses in the world, you and others, farewell boss, wishing you all the best.


39. Words can not express my deepest appreciation to you, you have influenced me in many positive ways while I learned under your leadership, farewell sir, wishing you a beautiful time in your destination.


40. May your new location be better than where you are leaving, you deserve the best in life, sir, because you are an exceptional leader, farewell sir, we will really miss you here.

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