90+ Funny Birthday Wishes Reply Quotes

Funny Birthday Wishes Reply Quotes: Birthdays come but once in a lifetime and that’s true for your birthday wishes as well. We all know that we should wish our special ones on their special days and this goes for family and friends too.

However, when it comes to making your birthday wishes for friends and family, sometimes we find it difficult to find the best quotes.


Funny Birthday Wishes Reply Quotes

Very important. People like to feel part of the birthday festivities even when they can’t make it to the party in person. Reply to all the people who sent you birthday wishes to keep that feeling flowing.


Birthdays are an opportunity to appreciate each other😁


Happy birthday to a person who always helps you keep things light, light-hearted, and full of laughter. 🍾🎂


I had a dream last night that you wished me a happy birthday. In the dream, I told you to keep your filthy hands off my cake.


Hope your birthday is everything you want it to be—no matter what that is. Happy Birthday, pal!


Happiest of birthdays to you, from everyone at the office. 🍰


Today is my birthday! You can make it better by sending me a free cake.


Thanks for the birthday wishes 😂😂😂


All these people wishing me a happy birthday, do they think I’m just sitting around wishing I was older??


To spend your birthday checking out your Instagram account would be to miss the point of it entirely. Go, birthday person!


Happy birthday to my hot mama 🔥🍾 From your adoring son @melmagazine


Drop it like it’s hot 🔥 to celebrate your birthday with friends 😎#thenewyear #🎉


Happy Birthday!! I have the best friends in the world


Wishing you the sweetest birthday ever. May your day be filled with lots of joy and happiness. 🎉🍹☀️


If you are on this side of the screen, it’s your birthday. I’m so excited for you!


I feel old today. The youngsters already invented something called “Facebook” and I haven’t even arrived yet. 😕


Feel free to laugh at my expense, because you’re all invited to my birthday party. Thanks 🤣


Wishing a fun-filled day to my favorite bestie, who also happens to be the best wife.


When I say I’m going to hang out with Beyoncé, I mean you, because I think it’s pretty much the same thing. Birthday Girl!☺️

Mom and dad said they’d pay me $10 for every A on my report card. So they’re going to owe me quite a lot of money now that I just got accepted into law school 👍


You’re never too old to celebrate a birthday. Enjoy the day and congrats on this year!


Forgetting a birthday is a great way to make sure you never get invited to one of mine.


I don’t normally celebrate my birthday, but when I do, it’s because of you. Happy Birthday.


Don’t worry, that one time you forgot my birthday should be not held against me. I’ve decided to forgive you … just don’t do it again. – Jim Halpert


You’re the butter to my bread, the bacon to my burger, and this birthday is so much better than toast. Happy Birthday!


When it comes to ways of living your life, you’ve gone all-in on this birthday thing.


Happy birthday to my best friend, my right hand, my soul mate, my everything. Wassup with the day, You’re getting old. 😂


Can’t believe we’re already celebrating another year of your magnificent existence 🎊 Hope you had a great day, and an even more spectacular year to come.


Wishing you a 30th that’s weirdly better than your 20th, because while some things get worse with age, true friendship only gets stronger. So happy thirtieth bday!


Birthdays are always a time to be thankful for friends. Thanks, guys. 🎂


I would’ve made a cake, but I don’t know how to make one yet, happy birthday.


The older I get, the more it’s like I’m just hoping to survive.


Today I count another year, but not the years count me.


You’re quite the funny guy! Happy birthday, buddy. 🙂


For the true meaning of friendship, look no further than your birthday. Thanks for all the sweet wishes today!😍


Wishes do come true on birthdays. Happy Birthday to the best (and cutest) sister ever!


Wish you a birthday so hot, it burns your candles. #ItsAHotBirthday


If you can go back in time to when I didn’t have a birthday, that would be the greatest gift of all 🎂


Happy birthday to the best man in your life—your dad! Here’s to another year of manly wisdom and guidance.


I’m still hung up on the fact that you ordered a single slice of pizza for your birthday.


Today is your day, and all of the gratitude is yours. Happy birthday from Howdy 👋!


If you need birthday wishes reply, here are some funny birthday wishes replies for your friends.


♡♡♡ Happy Birthday to me!❤ Say whaaat? It’s my birthday?! Yaaaay! I got another candle to blow out. Haha, enough teasing – thanks for the b-day wishes guys!


There’s never a bad time for cake. Thanks for the wishes, boo! #HappyBirthday


It’s your birthday. Let the celebration begin, and this is just the beginning. Happy Birthday.


Thank you for a birthday filled with sunshine and a hell of a lot of laughter 😃🌞


Wishing you a birthday that’s more jam-packed with yummy fun than the average day 🍐


It’s not a celebration without you—have a happy birthday! 🎉🎂✨


Life’s too short for boring cake – make your fun and exciting with a birthday celebration we can be proud of.


Happy birthday to my favorite ☀ buddy! You lead the way as I follow step for step. 😎


Hope your day has you thinking about all the times we’ve shared a meal since the day we went vegan together. It’s always been my favorite birthday tradition of yours! 🍴


Great friends are like diamonds 💎, they’re precious and rare, but they last forever, thank you guys for the birthday wishes.


So much self-love for this birthday cake. Cake goals, am I right? 😍🎂🎉


Wishing you a year filled with flowers, diamonds, and of course parties 💐 🎈😁


Happy birthday to my favorite goofball. I love you because you make me laugh every day.


There are many weird things you can do in life. But one thing that is not weird is celebrating your birthday. That’s just freaking weird. Have a happy birthday anyway.


So old I remember birthdays from when they weren’t located on Facebook ☺️😎🍳


Birthdays are always better when you spend them with someone you love.


I’m already planning your b-day party & it’s gonna be lit 🎉


Hope your birthday weekend is absolutely bananas. 🍌💨😜😤


What separates us from the animals is that we’re able to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of a birthday cake 🎂. Happy Birthday, Mean Joe!


You really made my day with 35 minutes of the best wishes I ever got 😁☺️


Your new age is so funny, you look great! Well done!


Happy Birthday to the best sister-in-law ever. You’re so fun to be around, and you can tell me anything. I love you.😁😁


Hope your birthday is filled with the kind of magic only you could dream up. Happy Birthday!


Instead of wishing you a happy birthday, I wish that we could all celebrate life 🍾👯‍♀️.


Oh my god, all I really wanted for my birthday was people to tell me, happy birthday.


Love your birthday list. I’ve already got my first item 😉


Happy birthday to the little lady, the biggest blessing of my life. 🍰🥂😀


I have three sisters. I can’t imagine having any more on my birthday.


HBD, MY favorite number is a year away from being my most current year 😜


Thank you for your birthday wishes. Always good to know that some people are actually paying attention. 😂🎂


I never knew that it is possible to gift the gift of laughter. Today, I got one- Rob Delaney. Thank you for making me happy on my birthday and always!


Thanks for the birthday wishes! We’re celebrating with some people here, are you ready to party?


It’s the birthday of the only person who probably likes his own birthday more than you! Happy Birthday, Dad. 🎂🎁


They say birthday candles give you a year of luck, but yours has given me a lifetime of happiness. Happy birthday to my soulmate! 😃


If you had to spend your birthday alone, I hope you spend it with someone like me. 🎂


Happy Birthday, dude! I hope it’s the best day of your life! I’ll always be here to remind you.


May all your days be filled with laughter and smiles. Happy B’day to the top man! 🎉🍻


A year isn’t a big deal. It’s just a number. But I can say that having you as my brother is a blessing each and every day of my life. Happy birthday, bro! 😘


Staying in bed all day just isn’t an option when you have all these sweet birthday wishes to reply to!


Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’ve been using them more effectively ever since you gave them to me. 😅


Happy Birthday to my funny friend. I will always remember the time you let me be your chef for a day & you ended up with pancakes that looked like Mary Poppins herself 😀


When’s your birthday? Cuz I want to have a party and invite all of your friends…just for fun of course. 🎈🥂


I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to wish you a happy birthday. I guess I never expected you’d live this long, but now that it’s happened, I wish you all the best!


This face is the only birthday gift I’ve ever needed 😽😍❤️


Wishing you a Happy Birthday—and many more to come.


😎 Thanks for all the ❤️ and HBD wishes. Love to my family & friends.


Funny Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Quotes

Thanks for the birthday wishes! The next time you have a birthday, let me know. I’ll kidnap you for your big day.


Thanks for the birthday wishes—you’re making me feel old


It takes a village to wish the best friend of the family a happy birthday.


Thanks for celebrating my birthday by telling me there is life after 30 and that I look like a young Jackie Chan. 😜😝🍾 #30


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Know what’s even better? Earning those votes for this year’s Prom Queen! 🎈😘


What was your favorite part of my birthday? The cake or the ice cream? #birthday #cake #icecream


Cheers to the next year! I’ll meet you at the party with an even bigger smile.


Thanks for always being there, even though you’re never on time. HBD! 🎂


I just realized that if you really want to know what’s going on in someone’s life, just look at their social media feed, happy birthday.


When everyone else forgot your birthday, this Instagram caption for a birthday reply helped you feel special because it mentioned your name.


Thanks for the birthday wishes messages. That means the world to me.


Definitely not drunk after all those birthday drinks. Just so happy to have people in my life who love me ❤️ thanks for the wishes!


It’s not an age thing. It’s a birthday thing. Happy birthday, you old bat! 🎂


I’ll be doing a lot of this today 🎉🍰 It’s my birthday, so you should do the same.


So many new birthdays to celebrate this week, yours will be first


New hair color is always a good way to ring in the birthday and the year 🎉🎈


I can’t think of a better way to say thanks for all the birthday wishes than to tell you that I don’t even understand Facebook.


Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday. I can’t wait to get old so I can stop acting my age.


Surprised my friend by giving him 2 pies for his birthday.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I’ll spend it behind the drum set.


Wishing you a day as special as your smile. Hooray!! 💓🎉♥️


Friends are the family you choose, and there’s nothing in this world that can replace them, happy birthday dear friend.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, can’t wait to spend it with you.


My birthday from this year is long gone but I still have a great time celebrating it every day. Thank you for all the wishes on my special day and always keep smiling throughout the year.


Thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes. I’m having the best day ever!! 😊😏


Thank you for all your birthday wishes, without people like you my ‘day’ would never be so bright.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, hope the year is super cool!


Thank you for the birthday wishes. I really enjoyed that day because I could catch up on sleep.


Thanks for the birthday wishes! So many, you made me feel like a celebrity 😉


If I had a dollar for every time someone wished me a happy birthday, well, I’d have a lot of money.


You really don’t know how to stop surprising me, do you? #myheartthrob #birthdaygirl 😘😍🎂


Happy birthday to my best friend and partner in crime! You’re the only one who always thinks it’s funny when I fall down. 😀


I’m going to pick up these candles I’ve been hearing so much about, happy birthday.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, but I actually turned 23 last week.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! Here’s to 125 years full of more laughs 😂🎉


Hello, old friend. Thanks for the birthday wishes—now let’s go get a drink.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Hanging out with friends here in Hong Kong. I love this city!


Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. I promise to be less surprised each year. 🤪 #HappyBirthdayWishes


Thanks for all the b-day wishes! Can’t wait to blow out this candle–until then, I’ll be counting my years. 😜


Wishing you a birthday as filled with joy and merriment as a fairy tale.


Thank you, friends 🤗 Happy birthday to my best friend and BFF 😘


Happy birthday to you, hope it’s the best one yet! And thanks for all the love.


Thank you for your well wishes, I’m celebrating the biological event that occurred nine months before my birth!


Happy birthday to my favorite person of all, my better half!


Thanks for the birthday wishes…the only thing I wanted was a long happy life and all I got were these lousy candles 🕯🎂😬


Thank you for the birthday wishes. 11 years old, I feel like a Korean Trainee who is going to debut any day! Hahahaha


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Except for those follow-up emails asking if I’m dead yet.”


Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys. Here’s to the next one 👣


Thanx for all the bday wishes. It’s actually my birthday today, so I’ll be shakin’ to shakin’ in my jelly shoes.


Happy birthday to a person who is a master at taking care of the small details that will always make a day special.


Do you know what’s a good way to celebrate a birthday? Getting older! 😏


Your birthday wish is my command.


Yes, it’s my birthday, but the real surprise is that I’m three years older than you. Happy birthday, joker 😁👯


If you can legally rent a car, I’m going to expect a ride to the mall on your 16th birthday. Happy birthday, boo. #birthdaywishes


Expensive gifts are nice, but the best way to get someone you love something they want is to know what it is they want.🎁


If you’re celebrating a birthday this weekend, have a delicious three-day weekend. 🍰👯


Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day. Also, I want to thank whoever invited me to your party. I’ll try not to steal the show.


Thanks for the birthday wishes…here’s to many more hilarious moments like this one. 🥰


For all your birthday wishes, thank you. I’ve done nothing to deserve this kind of support since high school.


Thank you for all the birthday wishes, it feels like I’m winning everything right now 🎂


Yes, I know just how to get down😂🐿😍. Thanks for the great birthday wishes!


Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I’m old enough to know better and young enough not to do it. 😜👍


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! So excited to celebrate with my nearest and dearest 🎁


My birthday wish for you is that you have many, many more! 😀 Happy bday to my baby.


Celebrating the day of birth by breaking some boundaries and opening some new doors. Happy Birthday!


That awkward moment when the only gift your crush has is a Crushing on Your candle 💦🍯😂


So sweet of you to take a break from your busy day and send a sweet message. 💕


Thanks to all who wished me a happy day. That’s what I always say 😃 🎈


So many people wished me a happy birthday this year, I hired an agent to make sure I go to every party.


Wishing you a birthday that’s as funny as you are. Hahaha!


It was the best birthday ever! thanks for all the birthday wishes, it means so much to me 😊 🎂


Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! Make it a great one, and I’ll see you on the other side. 🎉💃


When I saw you had taken the time to write on my birthday cake, it made me want to go back in time and kill Hitler so I wouldn’t have to see the haters again on my birthday. 😎❤ #ThanksForThe


Sometimes we get lucky and we all end up with the same birthday😍❤️😍❤️


Thank you to all the birthday wishes that came through- this is why I’m the luckiest gal in the world 🎉🎂


Thank you for the birthday wishes. I’m as old as candles and as young as they come.


Happy Birthday, dearest ❤️ together with an image of an ice cream cone that turns into a candle on the cake “Gee, thanks for the birthday wishes.


👭 Thanks for your birthday wishes—you guys make me feel extra loved.


Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday because I couldn’t do it without you.😊


I’m sorry I’ve been taking up all the oxygen in the room, but it’s my birthday 😎.

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