Romantic Good Morning Love Letters to Her

Good morning love letters–a world of sweet love letters written by you to your spouse. Open any of them and read how the most romantic words are created with the artist’s brush of love.

Light up her spirit this lovely morning, show her how much you love her by sending her one of these beautiful collections of Good Morning Love Letters to My Wife.

Good Morning Love Letters to Her
Good Morning Love Letters

Good Morning Love Letters to My Wife

1. Good morning sweetheart, when I said you are my dreams come true, I wasn’t exaggerating at all, you make me speechless each time I wake up and look into your eyes, you are pleasing to my heart, wishing you a wonderful day, I love you.


2. Today will be a great day for you, I have always prayed for you every night before the morning comes, so don’t be afraid, you will have a sweet wonderful day, good morning my joy.


3. Dreaming sweet of you has always been my hubby each night, and when the morning comes, I’m delighted to see your beautiful face again, you make my world a comfortable place, thank you for being my sweet love, good morning my angel.


4. If I have a handful of gold and diamond, I will cast them for you, my target is to make you the most lovely woman in the world, good morning, hope you had a great night.


5. You are just too ok for me, I have no need of another woman, you are my dreams come true, may the Lord keep protecting you for me, good morning.


6. May the day that breaks today bring you happiness and joy, wishing you a brighter and fruitful day today, good morning.


7. Thank God that we can open our eyes and lift our limbs this beautiful morning, may the blessing of today never miss you, good morning my darling wife.


8. Good morning my sweet love, thank you for being a lovely wife and a wonderful mother to the kids, I will always love you till the last day I will leave this world, have a joyful day.


9. Whenever I’m far from home, I feel like returning every night so that I would have to wake up beside you and be first to see your beautiful face every morning, I miss you, good morning.


10. Dreaming with you has changed my life for the better, holding you make me feel like a king, and when I kiss you, you are just so sweet, I have everything when I have you, good morning my lovely wife.


11. A lovely wife and mother like you is a costless asset, every soul that meets a wonderful person like you will be grateful, thank God I’m that lucky soul, good morning my angel, I love you so much.


12. You soften my heart when I’m upset, you make me feel joyful just at the sound of your voice, every moment I spent with you is like I’m living in paradise, I miss you, my love, good morning.


13. If there are one million oceans between us, I will cross each one of them to reach you, I can’t live without you, you make my world complete, good morning my garden of bliss.


14. The more I see you the happier I become, I have never felt this way with anyone else except you, you are so special to me, thank God I have you as my wife, good morning my bundle of joy.


15. Your love pears into my heart like an arrow thrown by a powerful warrior, you mean so much to me, and I cherish every moment I have you in my arms, good morning my sweet paradise.


16. I always feel the same way as the first time I met you, it was a sweet feeling that has been difficult to express perfectly with any right words. You make everything wonderful in my life ever since I met you, every sweet moment I spent with you makes me believe you are an angel sent from above, good morning my sweet wife.


17. I have two prayers for every day, that the nights will be blissful for you and that your day will be memorable every passing day, good morning.


18. I can feel a little dew in the air this morning, don’t worry the sun will soon emerge from the east to warm your day, good morning my angel.


19. I wish I would be home to kiss you this morning, I miss you, my love, hope your night was splendid, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


20. Life is beautiful to share the same space with you, you make my world a lovely place ever since the time I found you, thank God I never miss you that fateful day I saw you, I will always tell you these words, ‘thank God I found you’, good morning my beautiful angel.


21. The greatest time of my life is when you became my wife, I have never met a lovely woman like you, thanks for the love and care you have for me, good morning sweetheart.


22. Thank God I have a lovely and caring wife like you, you just understand me so perfectly, as if you have magic that read my heart so accurately, I will always be by your side forever, good morning my love.


23. You are my perfect world, you fit perfectly into my life, you are a round peg in a round hole, I love you with all my heart, good morning my angel.


24. Life is sweeter to have you in my hands, hope you enjoy every bit of your time staying with me too, happy beautiful morning dearest love, may your dreams come true today.


25. We are 1&2, I can’t believe life could be so sweet until I found you, you make me feel the pleasure of life that can be described, I pray that God keeps us together forever, good morning my love.


26. I thought that I would never find another love again, but you prove me wrong because you are the best of everything that I have ever come across, you have all my heart for you, because you deserve it, good morning my sweet wife.


27. I may be miles away from home, but my heart is always with you, good morning my angel.


28. Good morning, my precious angel, I hope your night was full of beautiful dreams, wishing you a wonderful morning.


29. May the freshness of this morning find a way to your heart so that your day would be filled with freshness, good morning sweetheart.


30. Smile and be happy, today would be full of beautiful promises for you, good morning.


Good Morning Love Letters to Make Her Smile

31. You are always elegant, you are always lovely, good morning my sweetheart.


32. Breath the fresh air, feel the warmness of this morning, there lies ahead of you a beautiful day, good morning my love.


33. Forget about the sorrow of yesterday, it is the beginning of another beautiful day, it would be full of love and peace for your heart, good morning.


34. Good morning my love, you are beautiful.


35. Good morning my good news here is a beautiful day wrapped with a blessing and precious gift for you.


36. Good morning sweetheart, enter today with a beautiful mind, smile and be grateful today is another promised day for you.


37. You will be astonished today, say ‘thank God I’m alive’, good morning sweet angel.


38. Dearest love, I have you and I have all the treasures of this world, good morning.


39. You are my special envoy to navigate today with me, you will always have me my love anything, good morning my beautiful wife.


40. You are like the heart that pumps blood around my body, I feel the joy to have you around me, hope you dreamt of me last night? Good morning, have a joyful day.


41. Just as your night was full of sweet dreams and pleasure, your day will be marvelous too, good morning my sweet


42. Conceive goodness of today as you wake up this morning my dear wife, and you will never regret all the things that you would do today, good morning my love, have a wonderful day.


43. You may be worried about what today will bring, don’t worry be grateful that you are alive, then be positive, and today will bring you better things, good morning my sweet love.


44. Think well of yourself today, do not belittle your knowledge, you will aspire greatly, see you at the top good morning my sweet angel.


45. Dreams come true, and my dream for you today, is greatness, good morning have a lovely day.


46. You are so precious to me, your life will shine brightly like the sun today, be joyful, good morning.


47. Every morning that you witness brings you closer to your dreams, may all your dreams and wishes come true today, good morning my love.


48. Aspire high today, and you will place higher, wake up love, go for your goal, today is going to be a beautiful day for you.


49. You will be at the height of the ladder today; I see beautiful hope and blessing ahead of you, good morning my angel.


50. Behold a beautiful woman like you by my side, thank God for the gift of another beautiful day still together, good morning my wife.


51. You are my everything that is sweet and good, goodness will continue to follow you all through your life, good morning sweetheart.


52. The joy of having you make feel so good, when I see you, I’m so ecstatic, wishing you another beautiful day full of God’s blessing, good morning my beautiful sunshine.


53. At the beginning of each day, there is a promise of God for you, you will be marvelous today, good morning my angel.


54. You are a pointer to every beautiful in my life, good morning my sweetheart.


55. Your smile reminds me of every beautiful thing that lies ahead every day, you make my life rich and wonderful, good morning.


56. Good morning my sunshine, wishing you a lovely day.


57. Your day will be full of success and blessing, good morning my love.


58. I’m more blessed in each morning that I begin with you, you are the joy of my life, good morning my sunshine.


59. A very great day to remember as my beloved wife as she prepares to face her challenges today. As you step out from your door, may the blessings of the almighty be with you throughout. You are my inspiration and that is why I will always protect you with all my might. Good morning to the loveliest wife in the universe.

Good Morning Love Letters to My Sunshine

60. I want to use this moment to make you smile as you have consistently been a source of my happiness for as long as I can remember. I love you and want to be with you till the end of time. You are the angel of my heart and the inspiration of my children. What more could I ask from the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Good morning my love and have a splendid day.


61. Good morning to the only jewel of my life, you put a smile on my face and continue to make me feel lucky. I love you and will always be with you through both the good and bad times. As you go out today to chase your aspirations, may all the good luck in the world be with you. Make sure to have an amazing day.


62. Love is a beautiful thing, but finding it with you is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I just want to thank you for always been there to make me special with your unending kisses and hugs. Good morning to you love.


63. Looking out of my window is the first thing I did today just to admire the sun rising from the depth of the horizons. It reminds me of how you light up my world and it is more evidence that you are the first thing I think of every day. A very sweet good morning to the prettiest thing I have ever seen.


64. I love you and will always be with you. That’s the way you make my life have a meaning. As you go out today, may you continue to shine brighter than the sun. I just want to say Good morning to you and remind you of how special you are to me. I love you to a thousand worlds and beyond.


65. They say love don’t cost a thing. You have made my life much better since the day I fell in love with you. You motivate and inspire me. You give me strength and happiness. You advise me and light up my world. You are priceless indeed. Good morning and have a wonderful day my queen and the angel of my heart.


66. I love the way you make me smile and the way you make me frown. I love the way you make me angry and the way you make me happy. The brightness and energy of this morning simply remind me of how lovely your face is. You are the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t help but always feel special when I see you. Good morning and have a great day love.


67. Oh, beloved! Without you, life is completely empty and life with you is completely awesome and exceptionally unique in it best my love, that’s why I feel blessed of having an angel for a companion. Good morning my sunshine!


68. Cherishing the elegant of your beauty mesmerize my feelings towards you that’s why I can’t sleep without fantasizing about you because you are not just my wife but my better half. Good morning darling!


69. I put to defy myself from a thought of you than exaggerating before going to bed, but each time I tried to, I’m caught up in the midst of nothing but growing stronger in sweet dreams of you. Good morning!


70. I cherish you more than I ever was, I hold you out of millions of flower roses in the garden and chooses you as the mother of children. I am nothing without you darling. Good morning


71. My dear! “Fantasizing and Dreaming” of you every night set me in a great mood for the morning, that is why I made a choice of you as my wife to achieve the greatest of success together. Good morning darling!


72. To become great is one of the top choices of every individual on earth, but my greatest choice is to wake up every morning to glances around and sees such an amazing lovely queen like you lay down beside me as my wife darling. Good morning!


73. Just as the earth blooms and glooms, I wish that I connect with you to tie me over until I open my eyes to sight your beautiful face with gloomy unique smiles always. Good morning darling


74. You soothe my heart when I looked at you, good morning my angel.


75. Oh beloved, Have you looked in the mirror yet? I hope not because I want you to look into my eyes from the break of the dawn and see yourself through my eyes and sees how wonderful and special you mean to me, my love. Good morning darling!


76. Having you as part of my life is the most amazing gift I have my love, I praise God for the benevolence of destined you into my life because you are part of the reasons behind every of my smiles darling. Good morning


77. Oh, beloved! I thought of you this morning and a smile splashed over my face, I presume as a spider web at first, and tried to brush it off, but found out it was your love that got me those smiles over and over again my love. Good morning darling!


78. My lovely wife is such a gorgeous darling queen, no right-thinking husband would not be delighted to see your beautiful face in the morning, I’m full of happiness because of the joy I attained every morning from the sight of a lovely wife like you and that is enough to begin a marvelous day. Good morning darling!


79. Perfection is rare, but no matter how far away you are from me, know that my heart will always find you wherever you are. Have a lovely day ahead of my dear.


80. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful and incredible angel and soul mate like you, good morning.


81. I feel very lucky of been blessed with such a unique woman among other worthy men on earth. I cherish you so much dear and wish you a very bright day ahead. Enjoy your day at work darling.


82. Sweetheart! Last night was an unforgettable night, as I slept alone and got engulfed in a dream, which I actually wish that I had spent that night with you in reality instead of in a dream. Have a wonderful day dear.


83. Let my unblemished love crown your face with blossoms smile this morning and always. Good morning darling


84. My gorgeous! I feel bad every working day because I have to leave your company and warmth to the office but your love keeps me warm and happy because you blossom and soothes my heart with your love even while am not with you. Good morning!


85. I shall forever love you because the excitement of love grips over my heart and not for a moment can I ever forget you, my darling wife. Good morning dear!


86. Oh my beloved wife, getting married to you I feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness glided my face every morning I woke and sight you laying beside me because I feel fulfilled and overflown in the pool of delightful joy for spending my night with such an amazing gorgeous wife my heart has longed for. Good morning cherish!


87. Oh, beloved! At first sight of you those days we met, you set my blood on fire by giggling my heart with your gorgeous look. Good morning!


88. Those eyes get me longed to hook up and be with you for a while but here we are pinned together in one heart breathing together as one. I can’t say anything but a happy and lucky man for having you as my better half, my life, my darling, and my soul mate forever. smile, good morning to you dear!


89. I always nursed the affection of spending a beautiful time with you, I wish I found you in my life early my dear. Good morning!


90. Just as incredible as you are and also a good companion as a wife, having sunshine like you in my life set my world in the highest bliss. Good morning my love, have a wonderful day darling!


91. I had longed to get myself an exemplary life partner as a wife and here I am blessed with a gorgeous queen whom I love so much, be cool and lovely today, good morning darling.


92. The night was awesome, a splash of undying love from a pretty night dreams that grips over my heart for you, every morning brings new hope for us. I love you honey and good morning.


93. Because there are no ends to love until death do us apart, true love gives shining lights in every family that is blessed with such an amazing woman like you my darling wife. Good morning


94. My love each time I woke up in the morning, I longed to hear your voice and to see you smile, my heart always finds peace when you smile, good morning dearest.


95. I live and breath for you, hope you had a marvelous night, I pray your day would be full of beautiful achievement, good morning.


96. True love is the only magic that keeps heart forever young, you are such an amazing queen, ‘o thou beautiful one I will surely die without you’ Good morning darling!


97. Good morning my beautiful angel, you are the moon amongst the stars and your light blooms with sweet fragrance and freshness, what would my life be without you.


98. Waking up to see a beautiful face as you keep me awesome throughout the day, I’m the luckiest man in the world to have an angel like you, good morning!


99. My heart was lost until I found you my better half, now I’m complete Good morning


100. Your beauty light up my life, you left me speechless each time I set my eyes on you, I can never live apart without you, good morning my love.

Good Morning Love Letters to my Beauty

101. Dearest love, when I found you, all of my heart desire was fulfilled, because I have found such an amazing companion as my lovely wife. Good morning darling!


102. Allot of people dream and long about being in heaven but, I must say am the only luckiest man in the whole wide world to wake up to heaven every morning, I’m reminded of heavenly sight, as I wake up to see a beautiful as yours. Good morning


103. It miracles destiny that brought an angel like you into my life, I will cherish and live peacefully and lovingly with you forever, good morning.


104. I feel very excited every morning because it gladdens my heart to wake up and realized that you are still there for me, good morning sweet angel, I Love you.


105. Sweetheart! Thank you for filling my world with sweet memories; I will ever remain yours forever, good morning.


106. I woke up every morning to realize that my life is not ordinary because I’m fortunate to have a wife who is extraordinary as you. Good morning!


107. I dreamt about you last night and woke up with such amazing and great feelings because you are not just my dream come true but the reality that makes life pleasurable for me. Good morning sweetheart.


108. Good morning to my heartbeat and the life of my soul, lots of kisses my beloved and only one forever. I love you darling


109. My night was illuminated with your love, and amazing affections because a lovely morning without the fantasies of you is unbelievable, thank you for been there, and being that special person that fills my life with unconditional love. Good morning sweetheart


110. Being in love with a pretty angel like you makes every moment of the morning worth longing for and every second with you make me feel as if I’m in paradise. Good morning darling.


111. My morning always turns out to be the perfect one, because I have such a wonderful companion like you by my side, good morning.


112. You will always have my heart forever; I love you from the world to the moon, good morning!


113. Good morning love, I will always be your amazing everything, you make all my dreams come true.


114. My heart will always long to have you with me forever; you make my morning and night heaven on earth, thank you for your unconditional love for me, good morning.


115. Dearest love, I pinned you to my heart as my life companion. I love you, sweetheart, good morning.


116. Sweetheart! When I wake up in the morning and look into your face, I just love that morning happiness and grace when I glance on your face, good morning.


117. You look lovely every morning, you filled my heart with joy, good morning darling!


118. When people use the phrase ‘Rise n Shine’, my heart always pop up like the rays of a rising sun and I think of no one but ‘You’, you are the sunshine of my life, good morning.


119. Because you will always remain my sunrise, I wake up every morning feeling great besides you, good morning to you!


120. You always have the assurance of my love for you, no one makes me feel better the way you do, wishing you a lovely day today, good morning my bundle of happiness.


121. Sweetheart! What a loving beauty you are! I feel I’m on top of the world to have you as my wife. I promise to love you always and forever, good morning, my love wishing you a beautiful day.


122. May the sun that rises today bring you good luck; let the blessing of God be with you today and forever, good morning.


123. Thank God, for the gift of today, there are two beautiful presents for me today, the gift of having you and the gift of life, Good morning!


124. Every morning is a beautiful moment that I longed to see your beautiful face, it reminds me of a day full of hope and beauty, good morning my lovely wife.


125. Dearest love, I thank for the gift of life, I can’t think less but to love and cherish you forever, good morning, have a wonderful day!


126. Good morning, I love you, sweetie! Have a wonderful day!


127. Good morning my angel, thank you for being there for me always, may your day bright for you.


128. May your heart be filled with endless joy today, wishing your day be as fresh as this beautiful morning, good morning my sweet dream.


129. Good morning my angel, each time I remembered that I have such a priceless goddess like you, my heart is full of endless joy, wishing you a marvelous day.


130. Wake up love, it is a beautiful beginning for us today, I’m humbled and overjoy to have you as my forever love, smile Good morning!


131. Sweetheart you are the only reason I smile even when I cry am happy because I’m only shedding the tears of joy for my love. Good morning!


132. To wake up every morning and finding out that I still have you, gives me hope of a brighter day, you always light up my life in a beautiful way, good morning dear!


133. Life would have cruel to me if I don’t have you, you make every I spent a memorable one, God bless you, good morning my love.


134. Good morning my love, I want you to know that there is nothing better than waking up with you in my mind, even after having spent the night thinking about you.


135. Good morning my angel, I want to assure you of my love for you, my heart chooses to cherish and love you forever, and I’m wishing you a day full of pleasure and love.


136. I can’t but thank god always for blessing me with you as a lovely wife, surely you shall remain the lovely rose I found from the garden of heaven in my dreams, good morning dear.


137. Good morning my beloved, you are the one who shared in my joy and sorrows, you are my one and only wife, wishing you a glorious day.


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