Beautiful Good Night and God Bless You Quotes


Good Night and God Bless You Quotes


Sending a good night message and prayers to your loved ones is a sign that you care for them, we are here to help you find that beautiful words to send to him/her in that heartwarming good night God bless you quotes.

Good Night and God Bless You Quotes to Husband

• Goodnight my heaven, God bless you, I would always be yours forever.


• May the Lord remove every sadness of your heart, may you wake up tomorrow morning feeling beautiful and refreshed, goodnight night sweetheart, I love you.


• Dear love, thank you for all that you have been to me, I would always love you with all my heart, good night and God bless your heart, waiting to hear your sweet voice again tomorrow morning.


• The night may be chill, remember to keep your blanket by your side, but ultimately dream sweet of me, you know I would always dream of you too, good night my special heart, wishing you God’s infinite mercy.


• A night without you lying by my side is like a night without the splendor of the stars and the moonlight. I beseech God to bless your night, good night my angel, I love you.


• Tonight, be my sweet dreams and tomorrow morning be my sunshine, you are the best husband that treats his wife best, thank God I married you, goodnight my superhero I live you.


• If there is something that filled my heart and I never want to forget are the sweet memories of being in your arms every night before I sleep. I miss you so much darling, goodnight, God bless your night.


• Hello dear, just about to sleep now and I can’t still stop thinking of you; your sweet thought has been on my side all through the day. I just want to let you know before you sleep that you are so precious to me, leaving you in the care of God, goodnight my spider man.


• Ever since I found you, you made me believe in true love, can’t still believe that you are mine, goodnight my angel, may the Lord guard you by his Mercy, I love you, cheer.


• As I’m writing this goodnight text to you now, I’m smiling graciously because I know you love me, aren’t you missing me? I wish that I can find that magic that would take me to where you are now, just wishing you a wonderful night full of God’s glory, I love you, goodnight.


• I never knew that one day I would be living with an angel, you are nothing short of an angel, thank you for bringing joy to my heart every day, goodnight my sweetheart, I would forever cherish you.


• There may be thousands of miles that separate you from me this night, but that doesn’t mean your love is far from my heart. I love you as this night loves the moonlight, hope you love me too, I just want to say good night to you and God bless you.


• When tomorrow comes I pray that I would be in your arms again, but first enjoy the freshness and peace of this night, wishing you God’s mercies and blessings, good night my hero.


• As the nightfall, I pray that you will sleep peacefully and be refreshed to see a new day tomorrow, good night my heaven, always love you forever.


• Everything about you filled my heart with joy, have the most amazing night ever, goodnight my sunshine.


• Lucky me to have you, you are the best that has ever happened in my life, goodnight my sweet kiss, I care for you.


• It is only your voice that keeps ringing a bell to my heart even in my deep sleep, you are my angel sent from heaven, goodnight my cheerful heart.


• Once you close your eyes to sleep tonight, just start dreaming of me, that’s exactly the way I would do for you, always and forever yours, good night cheering heart.


• I know the night would be still and beautiful as it has always been, I want you to know that I truly love you, and you would always be the last thought on my mind before I sleep, goodnight sweet Candy.


• Dear husband, do you know how much I appreciate you? I cherish you as much as the full moon shines, but remember that it brightens every part of the world, enjoy the cool breeze of the night, good night.


Good Night and God Bless You Quotes to Wife

• When I found you 15 years ago, I knew that I would never love another woman but you, I adore every single moment that we shared together. I may be far away from home this night, but your sweet thought filled my heart like water in the Pacific ocean, be blessed, God protect you, goodnight.


• When you look up in the sky and you see the stars twinkle, know that I’m waving you goodnight, you would be my sweet dreams, goodnight love, feel blessed.


• No matter how my day went I would never forget that I have an amazing wife like you, I would always love you, wish I can see your beautiful eyes now before I sleep, I miss you, goodnight sweet baby, I love you.


• You are everything that makes my heart filled with joy, loving you has been the greatest gift of my life, a day would never go by without praying for you, have a blessed sleep, goodnight my dear wife.


• You teach me everything that made the best husband, I want you to know that I would always be there for you no matter the situation in life, free your heart and enjoy deep sleep, goodnight.


• I just want to tell you before you sleep that you are beautiful, goodnight my angel.


• I don’t care what tomorrow brings as long as I would find you there, I know everything would be beautiful, good night my queen.


• I want to spend my whole life with you because no one can be like you; I cherish you like the air that I breathe, good night my beauty.


• On the outside you beautiful queen in the world and I the inside you are more beautiful than outside, keep being an amazing wife, good night, dream sweet of me.


• My heart is full of your love, and I want you to feel the joy of seeing another night, for I thank God for two gifts this night, the gift of having you as my wife and the gift of this beautiful night, best goodnight to you, smiles, sleep tight.


• There is something that shines brighter than this night moonlight in my heart, and that is your love, may the Lord keep you safe from every evil of the night, sleep tight and wake looking fresh and beautiful as ever tomorrow morning, I love you.


• Good night my angel, may this night bring you refreshment and rejuvenate your heart, just to let you know that I’m thinking of you now, and wish you a wonderful night, I love you.


• Sweetheart, hope you had a great day, wish I’m laying by your side now, goodnight my love, wishing you a beautiful night.


• Dearest, I have been looking for that perfect word to describe how much you mean to me, I don’t know if I can sleep this night without you by my side, you would be in my sweet dreams, dream of me too, good night.


• Just as beautiful and amazing as you are, l wish you an amazing night as well, wishing you God’s love and protection, goodnight my beautiful queen.


• We don’t have the power of our own except what God has blessed us with, thank God for the beautiful gift of this night, the stars that glitter and the moon that shines, may the blessings of the night manifest in our life tomorrow, sleep tight my angel, have a beautiful night.


• Just as my day was filled with your beautiful thoughts, I know already that my night would be full of your beautiful dreams, feel the warmness of my love in your heart, goodnight sweetheart, I miss you.


• I’m going to sleep now, and I hope you are too, I pray that the Lord bless us with a beautiful night, and fill our heart with joy when we rise to see the sunrise of tomorrow morning, you are the best for me, good night my love.


• If I ever desire something so much in my life, it is to spend every night by your side, I love the smell of your skin and the beautiful smiles that set my heart in a beautiful mood to catch a sweet sleep, goodnight my blessed wife, I will always love you with all my heart.


• Standing by my window, looking out on the shining moonlight, I can feel every inch of your love close to my heart, I would always cherish you, and I know that one day I would never have to spend the night alone, wishing you God’s blessings, enjoy the cool breeze of the night, and make sure you dream sweet of me, I love you.


• Just when I thought that I have lost everything in my life, God brought you to me, words cannot capture how much I love you, and as you close your beautiful eyes to sleep tonight, I pray that all your beautiful dreams come true tomorrow, goodnight my cherished gift, I love you.


• Keeping you in the hand of the almighty God as we journey through the night, praying that the Lord restores our soul to see another beautiful day together again tomorrow, good night my heart.


• Hello honey, just before you sleep, I want you to peep through the window to the beautiful sky, can you see the moonlight shining brightly, that’s how your love shines in my heart, goodnight baby, have a blessed sleep, I love you.


Good Night and God Bless You Quotes to Friends

• Goodnight to you my dear friend, may the Lord bless you with a wonderful night and keep a beautiful day for you tomorrow morning.


• You must have had a busy day, time to take a break and get a good rest, beautiful day awaits you tomorrow, but first enjoy your night, good night friend.


• So lucky to have a wonderful friend like you, I just want to say good night to you, and never give up on your beautiful dreams, a good day is waiting to embrace your heart tomorrow morning, have a blessed night.


• You are here this night because the Lord has blessed your heart, keep being amazing just as you are, I pray that this night would bring you joy and inspirations, see you again tomorrow morning, goodnight.


• There are friends that we can’t forget in our life, they are good news and blessing to our life, you are one of such a dear friend, goodnight friend, may the Lord make it a lovely night for you.


• What makes our life great are the beautiful memories that we create with our friends, thank you for being part of every journey of my life, God be with you, good night.


• Most friends are like families that we never had, they are just like our blood brothers and sisters, and you are more than just a friend to me, goodnight.


• Just as my day is incomplete without you, my night is incomplete too without saying goodnight to a dear friend like you, goodnight.


• Many people think that there are no more good friends around in the world; I say no they are wrong; I have got one wonderful friend that makes every moment of my life cherished, that’s you, thanks for everything, goodnight.


• Why others go to the bar to find happiness, me I to my friend, I would always love you as long as live, goodnight my angel.


• A good friend is worth more than all the gold and diamond of this world, they are like a bright light that shines in our heart, thank you for all your care and love, goodnight.


• You are love and kindness, you are light and peace, you’re the best friend that my heart cherishes, thank God I found you, goodnight.


• A blessed night has come, looking back at how the day had been, I can’t afford to forget to thank you for all the support and care you have given me, may the Lord continue to shine his light in your life, goodnight dear friend.


• Sleep is medicine to the body and soul, don’t to worry about tomorrow, just sleep now and get all the refreshment that your heart desire, God would secure your tomorrow for you, goodnight my friend.


• What a beautiful time to depart for tomorrow, wishing you a beautiful night, may you be awaken tomorrow morning full of life and energy.


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