Top Romantic Good Night Love Letters For Him/Her

Romantic Good night love letters For Him/Her are beautiful collections of lovely good night love messages that you can send to him or her.

Be the last thing on her/his mind before he or she sleeps tonight, browse through our beautiful collections of good night messages and send one to that special person that always makes you smile.


Good Night Love Letters For Him/Her

1. Dearest love, thank God for a fruitful day for you, and a lovely night is here for us, no matter what has crossed your path during the day, put them behind you and have a peaceful night rest, your night would be splendid and your tomorrow would be marvelous, sweet dreams, good night.


2. Sweetheart, thank you for making my life so beautiful, as you lay your head to rest this lovely night, your heart shall be filled with beauty and peace, you shall close your eyes now and open them tomorrow morning, good night.


3. You always have a way of making me happy and smile, you are the queen of my heart, I raised my hands to the Lord above to send His angels to your to guard you this lovely night, the night shall be blissful for you, good night my angel.


4. Having you in my life brings me lots of happiness and joy; I can’t stay a minute without thinking about you. I may not be home right now to share the same bed with you this night, but your thought in my heart would keep me warm throughout the night, hope you would feel the same way too, good night my sweet love.


5. I pray the night to be long and sweet for you, I pray you will wake up with a beautiful smile tomorrow morning, see you in dreamland tonight, have a beautiful night my love.


6. You have all my love for you, every minute that passes, I pray the Lord to make you happy and bring joy to your heart, don’t fear, the night would be peaceful and lovely for you, good night and sweet dream.


7. Sweetheart may this night bring you memorable dreams that would be become reality tomorrow, sleep peacefully like a baby and enjoy the favor of God in your life, good night.


8. You will have good dreams tonight and all your dreams shall come true, may the angels inspire good thought to your soul, I love you with all my heart, good night my king.


9. Happiness glides through my heart each time that I think about you, you have always made my life a wonderful place. I’m sending this letter to you to thank you for all the beautiful things you have done for me and wishing you a lovely night, may the Lord be by your side throughout the night and always, good night.


10. May your heart find true rest this night, you sleep peacefully and rise beautifully tomorrow morning, your love will continue to have a permanent seat in my heart, I love you so much, good night my queen.


11. There can no other woman that can take your place in my heart, you have won all my love for you, thank you for always being by my side, I’m wishing you a marvelous night, good night.


12. Each night that comes and goes, I pray that you are here with me, I really miss you so badly, there can be no other woman better than you are, I love you, and wishing you a lovely night.


13. The home is empty without you, the bed is too wide for only me to sleep in it, loneliness creeps into my heart every night when I lay on our lovely bed to sleep, I miss you so dearly, I wish you will come back soon, wishing you sweet dreams, good night my love.


14. Even I wished that you were here now to cuddle me throughout the night, your thought will still warm me in dreamland, I miss you my love, good night.


15. Sweetheart, lay your head peacefully and catch the night’s sleep, I pray for a lovely night for you and a wonderful morning to come, smile! Good night.


16. When you close your eyes to sleep tonight, it will never be your last sleep; you will sleep and rise peacefully tomorrow, good night.


17. If the night is long, then it would be sweet and if it is short, it would be sweeter for you, my heart finds a beautiful rest this night good night my angel.


18. Good night my sweet love, may you be refreshed for another beautiful day, you will wake up tomorrow feeling great and happy, good night.


19. Good night my angel, wishing you a peaceful night full of God’s blessing, I love you.


20. The best moment of your life shall be tonight, your soul shall be elevated to the high heavens, good night, and wishing you a beautiful morning to come.

Sweet Good Night Love Letters to My Love

21. Each hour that approaches this night shall bring you much better, no nightmare, and no demon shall come near you by the grace of God, have a lovely and peaceful sleep.


22. Dearest love, sleep without fear, the Lord is your guard, see your beautiful face tomorrow, good night.


23. May the Lord sprinkle the good scent of paradise in your room this night so that you would have a smooth and peaceful sleep, you may be far from home this night, but you are so close to my heart every minute, good night.


24. My love, look out of your window before you sleep tonight, look up in the sky can you see the stars, aren’t they beautiful? Your night would be full of beauty and honor, good night my majesty has a glorious night.


25. Your hands shall be full of God’s blessing when you wake up tomorrow morning and your heart shall be peaceful to see another beautiful day, good night.


26. May the night bring you closer to your dreams tomorrow, enjoy the sweetness of this night, my love.


27. God has kept us together to see another wonderful night, not everyone that started the journey this morning is alive to see this beautiful night, wishing you more of God’s blessing, good night my love.


28. Life would bring you happiness and joy wherever you are, you will continue to be the love of my life as long as you live, good night, and have a beautiful night.


29. What a beautiful day to end with an unforgettable night, a night full of love and happiness. Have a blessed and peaceful night.


30. Just like you have always wanted, and wish, the joy of being alive and being love Is all you feel. May this feeling never end, sweet dreams.


31. Your joy and peace will not be taken away, tonight will be a memorable night, a night to be remembered. Goodnight.


32. You have always been in my mind and will always hold you in my heart all through the night. See you in my dream.


33. The way we meet and how it happens always makes me appreciate you and love you the more, good night my angel.


34. It is loving and sweet to be around you, tonight is going to be a memorable night for you, how I wish am by your side, sweet dreams.


35. Just thinking of you, hope you feel what I feel over here, my jewel, sweetest part of my life have a wonderful night.


36. I have been thinking about you all throughout the day, hope will be in my dreams tonight, I miss you good night my love.


37. I have shared so many beautiful moments with you when you are around, I wish I could be with you right now, missing you my love, good night.


38. Let the splendor of the stars and moon that shine brightly in the sky above make your life glitters this beautiful night, keep cool, sleep tight, and have a beautiful night.


39. Goodnight my love, see your handsome face again tomorrow.


40. Your love would forever remain in my heart, I can never love less except more, you make my day beautiful, have a beautiful night too.


Cute Good Night Love Letters for Couples

41. Sleep well, and have a lovely night, I will miss you for the few hours of the night, I pray to see your beautiful face tomorrow, I love you.


42. Good night to the only man that knows how to giggles me to live with his sweet voice, I miss you.


43. The world looks like an empty place without you, good night, and bless you.


44. You are the only woman that has all my love and deep affection, my life is incomplete without you, good night my sweet angel.


45. Thank you for making me feel so good, you will always have my love and my trust, I sent you a lovely kiss to sweetened your heart this beautiful night, sleep tight, good night.


46. May the angels that roam in the night stop over in your place to keep you company until the hour of the dawn, sleep peacefully good night my angel.


47. May the Lord give you strength for a beautiful tomorrow, wishing you a beautiful and peaceful night, good night my love.


48. I have vowed to love you until the end of time, in your present and your absence, you will always remain glued to my heart, good night.


49. Let your heart shines like the star in the night, let the moon guide your way to the dreamland this night, good night, and have a sweet dream.


50. You are my dreams come true, I prayed and longed for someone like you and the Lord answered my prayers, I’m wishing you a one night stand night, full of pleasures and sweet dreams, good night my love.


51. The most beautiful heart I have ever found in your heart, you are peaceful to be with, thank God for giving me a beautiful gift like you, good night, and see your beautiful face tomorrow.


52. May the beauty of this night form a sweet dream in your heart, may your soul be restored in peace tomorrow morning, wishing you the sweetest of sleep, good night my king.


53. Enjoy a peaceful sleep tonight, the Lord will be your guard the hour of a beautiful morning, you will always remain the joy of my heart, good night.


54. Have a sweet cheerful night my angel, tomorrow will be another promised day for us, see your charming face tomorrow, good night.


55. You are among the special people that God has blessed today, this night would bring you joy and happiness good night my love.


56. You make my life marvel in beauty and harmony, every moment that passes brings happiness to my heart because I know you are still there for me, I love you too, good night.


57. This night will beautiful for your heart, rest peacefully and be refreshed for another beautiful tomorrow, good night.


58. Put your trust in God, I pray for your safety day and night, good night my special angel.


59. Dearest love, sleep under the care of my Lord, you are safe, good night.


60. You make me perfect, so shall my Lord make life perfect, have a lovely night too.


61. Good night, to you the beauty that spices my abode with the light of her love. Do have a splendid night my gorgeous.


62. Every desire for my heart has been found ever since I set my eyes on my prince charming, my joy has known no bounds for having such a thoughtful loving man like you for a husband, good night to you sweetheart!


63. The pride of my life is what I find from an angel in human form, breathing in soul and blood with smiles. It’s no one but the most pretty queen of the universe my wife [Names]. Have a wonderful night darling.


64. I cherish having a kind woman like you as my beloved wife, I couldn’t resist the excitement that sparkles on my face each time I see you, do have splendid night dear.


65. As I look unto stars as it splashes all over the earth, I reminisce the beautiful love we both share and feel very special to be loved by such a gorgeous woman for a companion. I love you so much darling, do have a wonderful night. Thousands of Kisses!


66. Sweetheart! I wish, we lived beyond the darkest of the night, as it gladdens my heart always for having you not just as my wife but also as the best companions on the planet earth. I love you, dear.


67. I feel very fortunate to have such an angel like you because you’re the shining star that sparkles over my heart in the night. I love you, sweet dreams darling.


68. Good night, wishes can never escape my heart for you; you’re always my sweet dream. Have a splendid night’s rest darling.


69. I looked into the world, I realize that I have one special person that I always cherish, my night is incomplete without hearing your sweet voice, do have a sweet night dear.


Good Night Love letters to My Sweet Heart

70. My night shines just as the sunshine’s over the earth because I have you in my life, you are rare to find in the midst of these shining stars. No words can quantify or elaborate on how special you are to me. I love you and sweet dream.


71. All my lonely memories fade away every moment I set eyes on you, you have touched the depth of my heart with your sweet love, good night my love, have a sweet dream tonight.


72. The moonlight is nothing without a sparkling star beside it, and I’m the moon and you are the star. Do have a splendid night my gorgeous.


73. Life is mixed with the combination of a good and horrible situation, but I forgot all these horrible ones the moment I set my eyes on your beautiful radiance face. What a wonderful gift I have for a companion. Have a sweet dream darling.


74. You are the last on my mind every night and the first on my mind every morning, good night my love.


75. Dream sweet dreams tonight and let it be reality tomorrow, wishing you the entire splendor of this night and beyond, good night and have a peaceful rest.


76. Good night love, may we be awake to see a new beginning tomorrow.


77. May your heart is at peace throughout the night so that you would wake up tomorrow feeling lovely and great, good night sweet dream.


78. May your spirit is wrapped in the loving hands of the angel tonight, they will take you to heaven and bring you back to the world tomorrow morning, feel the sweetness of heaven, good night.


79. I wish I was laying by your side now, I will hold you tight all through the night, I miss you my love, good night.


80. Goodnight my love, good luck for a brighter tomorrow.


81. May the angel be your guard this lovely night, good night.


82. May the gentle breeze drift you swiftly to dreamland, sleep well, and be refreshed body and soul for another greater tomorrow, good night.


83. This night a glorious night for you, sleep without fear, the Lord will be by your side, good night.


84. You give me endless joy when I think about you, thank you for making me feel this special way, I love you, good night.


85. I miss you, my love, hope you will be home soon, wishing you a wonderful night.


86. The joy of finding a special person like you gives me sweet dreams every night when I sleep in the night, you are the sweetest part of my life, good night.


87. Goodnight my love, may you rise beautifully tomorrow morning to see another wonderful day.


88. You are the brightest among the stars in the night, you are the nicest among the men in the world, and thank God, I found you, good night my love.


89. may this life be favorable to you, you will find peace and harmony where ever you are, you may be far from home now, but you are always a living joy in my heart, good night my angel.


90. Let the moon and the star be a shining light to your heart, feel the peace and harmony of this calm night, have a wonderful sleep.


91. Sleep well without hitches, wishing a night free from nightmare and insomnia, good night.


92. Sleep peacefully tonight and be in Great Spirit for a beautiful tomorrow, God will crown all your effort into a huge success, good night.


93. I yearn to hold you close to my heart every day of my life because I realize you’re a beautiful soul that keeps me inspired every moment of my life. I love you so dearly, good night.


94. I know the only one thing that if you are with me I can never feel dejected about, which is craving for your hugs and lusting for your kisses. Have a sound sleep dear.


95. My better half I miss you so much because you are worth it for being a wonderful companion, I cherish and adore you. Have a splendid night darling.


96. My night is always brighter if I have you by my side, you are the reason that I smile and joyful every day. Do have a lovely night’s rest.


97. My life is bright and radiant with glamour ever since you came and filled the light of love and care into it. Because of you, I have reasons to smile again. Wish you a splendid night. Plenty of Kisses to you!


98. I am happy always because you’re the beauty my heart couldn’t resist, setting my eyes on you just bring unexplained happiness to my soul, do have a sweet dream, good night.


99. My heart was as ‘wow!’ because it sighted a beautiful angel lying beside it every night, I miss you darling, and you glow in my heart every moment that passes, sweet dreams, good night.


100. Hello, sunshine! Only in loving you there is no prerequisite needed because for loving you I attained my success and happiness unconditionally. Have a wonderful night darling.


101. Sweet night dream wishes to the most beautiful angel of my heart, that angel who blossoms more under the moonlight and sunshine. I love you so much darling, good night my dear husband.


102. No matter what life brings forth I will still love you because only in loving you, my heart has found happiness and it’s a reason to smiles every day. Do have a lovely night!


103. I find reasons to smile again because you gave me that reason to love and dine to the pinnacle with your love. I feel like flying over the moon every night for the sole reason that I found my heartthrob, I love you.


104. I never knew I would find true love until I found you. What a beautiful destiny that brought upon me, I love you, good night my gorgeous one!


105. I am crown as the best loving husband on earth because I found the gorgeous queen of my heart, your love would always shine in my heart like the light of the moon and the sun; I love you, good night.


106. Looking ahead, I feel very grateful I’m spending my future together with such an amazing damsel like you. Have a great night.


107. I feel very great and enthusiastic ever since I settled with you as the mother of my unborn children, because, I realize life doesn’t need to be perfect so long as I’m with you, in other words, life is perfect with you. I can’t love you less gorgeous! Sweet dreams, good night.


108. Wow! You look so gorgeous that is what my heart always exclaimed each night you sleep peacefully beside me, I love you more than you ever know, good night my love. I miss you.

Good Night Love Letters 

109. Every moment that I spent in your arms reminds me of every beautiful thing about life, life is beautiful spending it with you, for you, I will be forever, good night my angel.


110. My days are incomplete without you, just to be with you all day and night and I am sure I will feel so complete and happy, goodnight my second half.


111. Have been thinking of how I can possibly be at your bed tonight, will you be that dream come true in my life, let my love spread all in your world, goodnight love.


112. You are irreplaceable and only words cannot explain how I feel about you, you are just the one I want and hope to be with for the rest of my life, goodnight my special one.


113. The best person ever, the only one that understands my rhythm and dance to my tone you are love and will forever be loved by me. Have a memorable a sweet night.


114. Thinking about your love tonight and always, be rest assured you are always in my heart. My love is for is endless good night sweetie.


115. My love for you is irresistible and I cannot stay a day without your thought. Have a wonderful night.


116. If love is a crime I want to be the most wanted criminal on earth, and if your love is sweet I don’t mind being diabetic for the rest of my life, you mean so much to me, goodnight love.


117. Am so speechless and carried away by your beauty, I hope you are mine forever, I can’t imagine life without you. Goodnight.


118. It is a pleasure to have you around, how I wish the evening never ended so you can be in my arm all day. Hope you are in my dreams goodnight. Sweet dreams.


119. You are just too fun to be with, you make me feel like babies, which never want to grow up so I can still be in your arms and having so much cuddle. Sweet night love.


120. The best thing that has ever happen to me is knowing you and having you as my special lover, good night sweet love.


121. Just as the morning is connected with dews, pollen connected with flowers, and fish connected with water, I want to be with you, I can’t do without you darling, see you in my dreams. Goodnight.


122. You are so loved and I will always be in my heart, I can’t stop thinking of you, you the reason for my happiness, and I will do anything for you. Have a peaceful night.


123. The best way to show you how I feel about you is to fly with you to space, was it’s just going to be me and you alone forever, your love is the food to my soul, sweet night.


124. It a short day but your presence makes it a long and enjoyable one, be my only sweet love now and forever, good night.


125. Since I meet you my life has never been the same again, am filled with love and happiness, I don’t want to see the end of you and I, let’s be together forever, good night.


126. Having you and knowing that with you I can achieve all I wanted in life is a great feeling, keep the light burning don’t stop. Love you my love and good night.


127. The only thing I see and think about Is you, you make me feel the way I want and want to feel this way all my life. Sweet dreams.


128. I have always prayed and hope that you become my love and the one to spend the rest of my life with you, be my heartthrob forever, good night my love.


129. You are such a nice, caring, and loving person, I love you and wish you good health long life, and happiness. Have a wonderful night.


130. The one reason I love you is the special and loving way you relate with people that tell me that you will be a good companion, good night my future life partner.


131. The best place to be is in your arms, and the first person I wish to see every morning is you, hope you have a peaceful and wonderful night, goodnight sweetheart.


132. Have a good night and sleep like a baby, be rest assured that you remain in my heart forever. Goodnight.


133. The night is here again; warm and lovely, wish I’m by your side, the night will be so loving and unforgettable, sweet night.


134. Goodnight my love don’t say goodbye, wish we see tomorrow morning in good health. Love you.


135. You are my world and cannot do anything without you, you love my body and soul, I will also love you until the sun refuses to shine again, good night my love.


136. Loving you is life, kissing you is something I cannot explain, you make me feel so good, goodnight.


137. Let tonight be that special moment of our lives, let swim in the pool of love and have fun until sunrise, see me in your dreams. Goodnight.


138. I want you to have the most special and loving night ever, good night my sugar pie.


139. Am happy you are mine and proud to call you my love, you will be in my heart until the end of time, good night.


140. You are the only one that has the key to my heart; my source of inspiration and my support, thank you for your love and care, goodnight to you my special one.


141. When the night comes it reminds me of the silent time we share together, I miss you so much, good night.


142. I have dedicated all time for loving you, you mean everything to me, thank God I found you, tonight I’m wishing you the sweet sleep ever had, good night.


143. When the sunshine’s in the morning it reminds of your beautiful smile, may the Lord keep us alive to see another beautiful sunshine tomorrow, good night.


144. Dearest love, I’m lonely and down here, the world seems so empty without you, tonight I’m going board the next flight to reach where ever you are, I miss you so much, please come home quick, good night.


145. May the silent moments of this night bring you sweet dreams and nice sleep, sleep tight, good night.


146. He is a sublime God, and He would do everything for you, good night.


147. Good night love may the rooster wake you up tomorrow morning, sleep well, good night.


148. I wish you a lovely night’s rest, sleep smoothly under the loving care of my Lord, good night.


149. Hey love! Thank God for a great day together, I’m wishing you a beautiful night.

Good Night Love Letters to my Angel

150. Hey, beautiful one! You are beyond compares in beauty with any woman and look so glamorous like an angel, which no man will ever resist to be his moonbeam for the rest of his life. Have a peaceful night sweetie!


151. Sweetheart you are the one my heart lost to find, I was lost, then I found you, thank God you came along ‘smiles’, I love, have a splendid night.


152. I have never found something that would make me unhappy ever since I found you, I love baby, have sweet dreams, good night.


153. Sleep eludes me because I couldn’t catch one without getting a kiss from you, good night, have a wonderful night my angel. I love you.


154. I feel incomplete without glancing at your beautiful face before catching up with sleep every night. Meeting you was by a miracle, I love you so dearly! Sweet dreams!


155. No single minute ticked without my heart having thought about you, I will cherish and adore you for the rest of my life. Sweet dreams darling, good night.


156. With you as my best companion, I feel all night can only be good and awesome when a romantic moment is a spike with a long kiss and a cute smile erupting from you. Good night honey!


157. My morning is filled with joy, happiness when you are the last on my mind before I go to bed every night. Sweet dreams, good night!


158. The night twinkling with stars but not without the sparkling of your smiles, good night my gorgeous damsel and sweetheart, do Have a splendid night!


159. O, beloved, my intuition tells me you’re the angel God sent to me unconditionally. I wish to have you as my wife even in paradise. Sweet dreams, good night!


160. When I think about my beautiful life, I’m glad I have you as my better half, Good night and sweet dreams.


161. A sweet dream is a wish for the heart; I wish I had dreamt of you earlier before now, thank you for making my dreams a reality, Good night dear!


162. You are too pleasing for my eyes, too beautiful for my soul, and too marvelous to be my wife, God bless the day that I found you, good night my love, have a wonderful sleep.


163. Sweetheart! I do know that with you as my wife, I always looked at the thorn but what I see is rose and looking at the night, I see the sparkling light of a beautiful you, for I finds an angel like you as my wife. I love you so dearly. Sweet dreams!


164. I always have a sweet memory of you each time I think about you, I love you darling, and do have a splendid night’s rest.


165. Amidst every night, lies the silence of the path of the word, but of these, my night can proclaim silence only with the glows of dropping smile from the face of a gorgeous princess like you. Have a splendid night.


166. In the night your eyes shine brightly like the moon and sparkle like the stars, I have a wonderful man as my husband, I miss you, have a sweet dream.


167. Your beauty is the only rose I see everywhere I cast my glance. I adore everything about you, good night, have a wonderful night’s rest.


168. True love is the only charming magic that keeps two loving hearts young, I will love you from the innermost part of my heart because, so that I can younger forever, have a splendid night’s rest gorgeous.


169. My night is mostly as special as an owl enjoying it sitting on a stem of a tree at night because being showered with so many pleasantries and affections after long day stress at work. What a wonderful angel you are my darling. Sweet dream.


170. Every night is crown very special to me because I’m cuddled with hugs in the moist arms of a beauty queen like you. My breath only when I’m with you, honey. Have a splendid night’s rest.


171. I adore your beauty and your love still soothes my heart with much superb excitement always. Do have a lovely night’s rest dear.


172. Busy schedules during the working hours may be tedious all day but for you, not every second of time tick without happily thinking about I will hold you in my arms this bed hours. Have a splendid night’s rest sweetie!


173. I may not be with you at the moment to whisper some good “Sweet Dream Wishes” to your ear, but my wishes come along with my souls for those wishes. Have a sweet dream my darling.


174. From the innermost part of my heart, I really wish to have you back as soon as possible because my heart couldn’t beat with feeling your presents with me. Until then do have a sweet night’s rest.


175. I sent those roses to you from the depth of my heart to express how much I adore and cherish you so long I will remain cuddled in your arms for the rest of my life. I love you so dearly. Sweet dream.


176. Sweetheart most often times I forget to smell some nice fragrance because of my allergy but no single night will I ever forget to have some good night kisses from you. You are not just my life but also my better half. Have a splendid night’s rest.


177. You are so dear to my life just as flowers are in Eden to gardener because my night is incomplete with those sweet climes of kisses that smell like musk from you. Sweet dreams honey!


178. No matter how odd the night seems, I will be sending you my love to whiff away those horrible nightmares away from your sleep darling. Do have a splendid night. Cheers!


179. When I’m asleep in reality but psychologically all am doing is thinking about you, you will forever remain in my heart. Do have a wonderful night.


180. I am sending my lovely night wishes to expelled nightmares away from you and cast in splendid sweet dreams into your heart tonight. Do have sweet dreams, honey!


181. I beseech for a favor and end up been gifted with a treasure of my life. I don’t know how my life would have been without you, honey. I love you so much darling and do have a splendid night’s rest. Cheers!


182. O, beloved! You spontaneous feelings of joy, harmony, peace of mind each moment I held you in my thought. Cool night dear.


183. I promise to love you forever and stick with you until the end of my life. Do have a cool night full of sweet dreams.


184. My night is so amazing with you on this side of the bed with me because in my dreams I see you and I feel you, that is how I know my life will go on forever in tranquility as well as yours. Sweet dreams, good night.


185. In life, we pass through all manner of ups and downs, for some others, it also brings the bad and good times but I realize ours fades and vanishes the moment our way crosses. I love you, baby, good night.


186. There are no better ways to end my day than to lay under your arms and beside you my darling husband, I love you so dearly and do have a splendid cool night.


187. Every day seems very wonderful to me but not as precious as the night because my night, I’m wrapped under your lovely arms, I miss you, good night.


188. You are my sunshine, you radiant beautifully in my heart every time that I think about, may your night be filled with pleasure and sweet dreams, good night.


189. I feel proud to be a wife to the best husband in the world because I feel my world is the only existing universe filled with enormous love from the best companion like you my husband. Sweet dreams darling.


190. I live with no single trace of symptoms of blood pressure because I entrusted my heart, body, and soul to whom my heart yearns to be with, no other but you, my sunshine “hubby/name”. Good night darling.


191. The sky is blooming with the light of the moon and stars, but glorious is my world surrounded with the love from the best man. Sleep tight honey, good night.


192. No day passes without me extending my gratitude to God for how lucky I am to be bestrode with a wonderful man like you as my husband, I love you so much, my hero. Sweet dreams.


193. If there is anything, I want to say to you tonight is to say thank you for being a responsible, loving, and caring man husband to me. Do have a peaceful quiet night darling.


194. Indeed I am the luckiest wife on earth and without an iota of doubt, I have the best and wonderful family because of a caring man like you, wishing you a splendid night, good night.


195. I will avoid everything at some odd times but certainly not the moment I will ever express how lovely and precious you mean to my life. I love you so much and wish you a lovely night.


196. I do not want to miss a single night in my home because I realize my home is no other place but precious pent arms of my husband’s shoulder. I love you so dearly, Wish you splendid night honey.


197. I feel very special in your arms always because I’m freightage to paradise the moment your lips glow mine with good night kisses. What a lovely darling husband you are to me indeed. Do have a Sweet dream.


198. I miss you, my love, wishing you lovely sweet dreams tonight my darling.

Inspirational Good Night Love Letters 

199. Rest your head to sleep this night, tomorrow would be a great day for you, good night.


200. You achieve what you cannot achieve today tomorrow, take a cool bath and have a wonderful night.


201. Thank God for a lovely day for you, there be some hitches here and there, but the gift of life is more precious than all the troubles of the day, thank God we are alive, tomorrow is another great day to come, good night my love.


202. Don’t give up because you fail today, this night would prepare you for a better tomorrow, good night, and see you shining tomorrow.


203. Your life would be filled with happiness and joy, forget about the sorrows of today, and this night shall bring you success for your tomorrow, sleep well and good night.


204. Remove all the pain in your heart tonight, you would shine greatly tomorrow, good night.


205. Never think of yourself as a failure, you have great opportunities ahead of you, be positive, tomorrow would bring you a good time, and have a great night.


206. Think of the stars, think of the moon, think of the beautiful sunshine tomorrow, aren’t they all beautiful! That’s how beautiful you are too, good night, have a nice sleep.


207. Dearest love, always do your best and leave the rest to God, you can’t do it all, what will be would always be, be great for tonight so that you can have a joyful sleep, smile for me good night.


208. You are a superhero, you shine in my heart like the sunbeams it light on the earth, good night love, have a sweet dream.


209. There is nothing that cannot be achieved, believe you can and you would, and this holds a beautiful promise for your tomorrow, good night.


210. You can touch the sky, you reach out to the moon, you can achieve anything, just continue doing your best, better days ahead of you, good night.


211. Do not ever belittle yourself, you are great in those little things you are doing, no one can take your place, you are a special, good night.


212. Lift up your eyes to the sky in the night, see the moon and the star as they adorn the beautiful sky, so would your life be beautiful and shines, good night.


213. Light up your night with beautiful thoughts; go to bed being satisfied with yourself, and tomorrow holds great promises for you, good night.


214. The dream of being your wife has come true, I can’t live without you, you make me a complete woman, miss you good night.


215. Your happiness is very important, be happy before you close your eyes this night, you will wake up tomorrow morning with a happy mind, smile my love everything would be ok, good night.


216. I can feel the radiant beauty of your soul, I see you the light that shines brightly in your future, feel the freshness of the night, it is beautiful and quiet, enjoy your sleep, good night.


217. May this silent and quiet night bring calmness upon your heart, may your spirit be rejuvenated for another beautiful tomorrow, good night sweet angel.


218. I have a beautiful dream for you, you will be great in your life, sleep and rest for a better tomorrow awaits you, good night.


219. Every time has its own benefits; for the benefit of the night is a lovely rest, this sweet rest would not elude you this night, good night.


220. Sun shines in your heart for me; I will be the moon that would cool your heart tonight, sleep deeply and peacefully, good night my angel.


221. You make my day beautiful, I would be your sweet dream tonight, good night my sweet love.


222. I would be your sweet melody tonight, be ready, good night, sweet dreams.


223. You lift the veil in my eyes, you make me beautiful, you are always on my mind, wishing you a beautiful free from nightmare and sleeplessness, good night.


224. Good night, my angels, sweet dreams, see your beautiful face tomorrow.


225. I minute with you is like living in paradise for ages, how come I didn’t meet an angel like you all these years, I would dream sweet about you tonight, hope you would do the same too, good night, God bless you.


226. I would be the light in your heart, I would light up your world with beautiful kisses, and tonight I would hold your arms travel with you to paradise, wishing you the sweetest dream, good night.


227. Don’t be sad, always be happy, there is light at the end of the tunnel, good night.


228. Good may not be too great for you, but don’t ruin your night, because tomorrow would be better for you, sleep peacefully and wake up greatly good night.


229. Don’t be afraid of the darkest night, there is an angel in each corner of your room guarding you, have a beautiful night.


230. Life is beautiful, live it with a joyful heart, good night.

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