Cute Goodnight Love Paragraphs for Her


Goodnight Love Paragraphs for Her
Goodnight Love Paragraphs for Her


You have that amazing wife/girlfriend who has been your beautiful world, it is night and you are thinking of sending that good night paragraph to her. Don’t worry about that, we have composed the most heartwarming cute goodnight love paragraph for her in this article, find the one that would excite her heart and send it to her.


Romantic Goodnight Love Paragraphs for Her

Good night my beautiful queen, may the Lord bless your heart and refresh your body and soul, can’t wait to be with you tomorrow, I love you.


• You made my day beautiful, you are the best wife in the world, goodnight my angel, may the Lord protect and guide your soul, I love you.


• Goodnight my beautiful wife, thank God I found you, you have always been a fantasy to my heart, see you tomorrow morning.


• As you lay your head to sleep tonight, fill your heart with every beautiful thing on earth, forget about the pain of the past, and tomorrow holds another beautiful day for you, goodnight my gorgeous.


• As the night creeps in I pray that my Lord bestows peace upon your heart, sleep well and sweet dreams, goodnight my angel.


• Dearest, I can’t think of a beautiful place to be right now but in your heart, I really miss you, I will be back soon, dream sweet of me tonight, good night baby.


• Goodnight my love, keeping your sweet thought in my heart always, may you rise and shine again tomorrow morning, I love you so much.


• I love the night by your side, do you really know how much I love you? My night is incomplete without you, smile before you sleep tonight, goodnight my sweet dream.


• I couldn’t find another beautiful word to describe you but the angel of my heart, I would forever cherish you with all my life, goodnight sweet Candy.


• Your love shines brighter than the light of this full moon in my heart, may the Lord protect you from the evil of this night, goodnight sweetie.


• Good night my love, I wish I’m lying by your side by now to cuddle you as you fall asleep peacefully. No matter how hectic my day was, just a thought of you refreshes my heart with happiness, you are the most adorable wife in the world, goodnight my beautiful heart.


• I will forever be grateful to God that I found you, I promise you that I will always be there for you, goodnight sweet baby, I love you.


• I know it is hard to sleep without hearing your sweet voice, if you can read this text now please call me, I need you more than anything else, I love you.


• I just need an assurance from you that you are looking great and beautiful; I have always cherished you all my life, goodnight my angel heart.


• I’m so lucky to have a caring and loving wife like you, thank you for making my life a beautiful place to live in, good night my beautiful eyes.


• Staying with you has always given me joy; you are nothing short of an angel to me, keeping you in my heart as you fall asleep tonight, goodnight my love.


• You have always been the joy of my life and you would always be, you are not here with me now, but your sweet thought lives in my heart, goodnight my dear wife, always and forever yours.


• I have sent the night breeze to whisper my love to your heart, no matter how far away you are from me this night, I will always cherish you with all my heart, goodnight my chocolate, I love you.
Heart Warming Goodnight Love Paragraph for Her


• Laying on my bed and thinking of you, I wish you are here with me right now, I really need you all the time in my life, wishing you a beautiful night, I love you.


• Dearest, of all the women in the world, you are the most beautiful, you are a precious gift to me from heaven, your sweet thought filled my heart as I lay to sleep now, can’t even imagine a world without you, goodnight my angel.


• As splendid as the moonlight, your love shines in my heart, I know tonight, I will dream sweet of you, so when you close your eyes remember to dream of me too, goodnight my cutie, I love you so much.


• If I could ever imagine how beautiful you are, my heart loves you endlessly, you are my paradise on Earth, goodnight my cheerful heart, I love you.


• Every single night before I sleep, I thank the Lord for giving me a beautiful wife like you, don’t know how to thank you for everything that you have been to me, I cherish you with all my life. Goodnight my beautiful lady.


• Words cannot capture how much I love you, I wish I can kiss you good night now; I miss everything about you.


• I hope I will see your bright eyes again tomorrow morning, God bless your night, goodnight my angel.


• May the Lord fill your heart with peace and joy as you close your eyes to sleep tonight, and may your soul be restored tomorrow morning to see a new day again, keeping all my love for you, goodnight my beauty.


• Your thought is my strength, your love is my trust and you are my beautiful wife, just saying goodnight to you, I love you!


• The last voice I wish to hear tonight before I sleep is your voice; I already know that this night will be full of your sweet dreams because you are always on my mind, goodnight my sunshine.


• When I looked into your eyes I see my star shining there, my life is worth living with you, I will be there for you when you need me most, God bless you, good night.


• Saying goodnight to you now and may I also say good morning tomorrow morning, I love you.


• You are the best for me, thank God I found you, have a beautiful night.


• As the day is for work, so the night is for rest, dear love, go to bed now, you have done your best today, tomorrow is another beautiful day to come. I pray we are there together, goodnight my love.


• My angel, thank you for everything that you have been to me, relax your head and take a good rest, thank God for the gift of this night, good night baby, I love you.


• You are the moon of night and the sun of my day, your love would always be in my heart no matter what, goodnight my angel heart.


Good Night Paragraph for that Beautiful Woman

• You have been so beautiful in my heart all through the day, I know I would dream sweet of you this night, wishing you a cheerful night as you lay your head to sleep now, good night my angel.


• It is the time to sleep now, goodnight my sweetheart, may the night refresh your body and soul to see another new day tomorrow, I love you.


• I love my baby, I hope your day went well, as you close your eyes to sleep tonight, I wish you a wonderful night filled with sweet dreams, I love you with all my heart.


• Can’t wait to see your beautiful face again tomorrow morning, I would cherish you, goodnight my beautiful heart, I would dream of you, make sure you dream of me too.


• My night is incomplete without saying goodnight to my heart, no matter how hectic my day was, your love always keeps me warm, goodnight sweetie, I would always love you.


• Every single night that comes, I thank Almighty God for keeping us safe together, can’t imagine a world without you, goodnight my angel.


• The day that I found you, I knew I have found everlasting joy, in every single day that passes, your love blossom in my heart, and when we are awake tomorrow morning, I would cherish you more, goodnight my beauty.


• Just as I’m about to sleep now, your sweet thought filled my heart so much that I can’t breathe, we may be thousands of miles apart, but your love would always be fresh in my heart, good night, and have a beautiful rest.


• Before you sleep tonight, I want you to remove every worry from your heart, the Lord would take care of your tomorrow, goodnight my dear wife, I love you.


• Meeting you was a divine blessing to me, and being my wife was the greatest gift to me, darling, ever since I found you, you mean heaven to my heart, just want to say goodnight, sleep tight.


• When I imagined how your love has changed my life, I can’t but to God for giving me an angel like you, words cannot describe how beautiful you are to me, would be waiting for you in Dreamland, goodnight my sweetheart.


• You make every day a memorable day for me, I can’t take you out of my heart, when I’m down, I just think of you and your thought brightens my heart at once. Can’t imagine how my life would have been without you, good night my cheerful heart; see your lovely eyes tomorrow morning.


• As the night draws it cotton against the day, may you have a pleasant sleep, keeping you warm in my heart, may tomorrow be another beautiful day for us, goodnight sweet baby.


• Goodnight my sweetheart, nothing makes me happier than lying beside you every night, I want to spend all my life with only you. I love you with all my heart and would always love you no matter what.


• Hey baby, I want to tell you that I miss you so much before you sleep, my heart is filled with your sweet thought, and I don’t know if could sleep tonight without you here by my side. I love you with every beat of my heart, goodnight my angel.


• No matter how far I’m from you, your love would always shine in my heart, I have never been so blessed in my life until you came along, everything about you is beautiful, goodnight sweet Candy.


• You are the only woman that makes me feel so special, thank you for your love and care, goodnight my angel heart.


• Your love is driving me crazy, just feeling like flying home just to kiss you goodnight, I miss you, but always know that you would be in my beautiful heart, goodnight angel.


• I would always long to be with you. No one can take your special place in my heart, just to let you that you mean the world to me, goodnight my dearest wife.


• You are the most beautiful wife in the world no doubt, I can’t explain how you make me feel, just a thought of you bring so much sweetness to my heart, goodnight night my heaven.


• I just want to tell you that you are the most caring and adorable woman in the world before you sleep, keep being amazing, and wishing you a night a wonderful as you, goodnight love.


• I may not be saying this every day, but do you know that you are truly my paradise on earth, I would never stop loving you until my last breath, good night, see your cheerful smile again tomorrow morning.


• Wish I could hold your hand and kiss your lips under this radiant moonlight, I couldn’t imagine how beautiful this night would have been with you, I really miss you, good night my dear.


• Wish I could turn back the hand of the clock, I would repeat the pleasant memories of every night that we are locked in each other’s arms, and how can I beat the raging night cold without you? I would be your sweet dreams though, goodnight my beautiful wife.


• I don’t care what tomorrow brings, all I care about is to have you with me tomorrow, and I know that with you by my side everything would be ok, good night my paradise, always thinking of you.


• You are my moonlight now, and may you be my sunshine tomorrow morning, I just love just the way you are, good night sweet dreams.


• May this night be a beautiful night for you, may your body be rejuvenated, and may your soul restored back tomorrow morning, goodnight


• If there is one thing I love is to kiss you good night every night, but today I’m far away from home, sending you my good night kisses and flowers to keep your heart warm. I love you.


• When I found that first day, I know it would hard to live without you, dearest, I don’t how to say thank you for all the things that you have been to me, distance cannot take your love away from my heart, I love you, goodnight my angel.



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