100+ Hearty Happy 21st Birthday

Happy 21st Birthday: The 21st birthday is a great time to celebrate no matter what your age is. The fact that it only happens once in your life makes this special day worth being cherished.

The milestone is supposed to be a marker of adulthood where we see our friends get into university or start their careers. While this should be a time for celebration and reflection, the reality for many is that the 21st birthday can feel like the beginning of a long and arduous journey.

Happy 21st Birthday

  • Happy 21st birthday to you and wishing you all the best in life! You have always been kind and generous. You’ve lived through a lot but nothing has broken your spirit. Keep on smiling, being positive and generous like you are, I am sure you’ll go far in life.


  • Happy 21st birthday, it’s hard to believe that you have crossed over into the mile of adulthood. I am certain you will make a great life for yourself, and I hope that we will be close as you pursue your goals. I have loved being your friend and wish only the best for you.


  • happy 21st birthday. I’m so glad we are here coming up to your 21st birthday. I think of you as much as my little brother or even my son or daughter. You make me laugh, smile, and feel good every day.


  • Happy 21st birthday to the person I know who can take on anything. I’ve always admired your capability to face challenges without complaining. You are my best friend, and I hope that you will always remain the same.


  • today even though I am miles away, my wishes go with you as you celebrate your 21st birthday. Remember to always forgive, always trust, and never regret! Happy Birthday!


  • To my college friend and roommate, there is no way I can ever thank you enough for all the moral support you have given me during our three years in the same hostel! Cheers to many more years of laughter and friendship! Here�s wishing you a happy 21st birthday!


  • We all love you and wish you a very happy birthday. Your laughter and cheer can never be replaced. Hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest.


  • Despite all the disagreements that we have had, I want you to know that you are my best friend. I wish you a happy birthday!


  • Hope life treats you well. Wishing you a lifetime of joys, successes, and happiness, and may this your special day be the beginning of something wonderful!


  • Wish you a happy birthday. You are my best friend, I know the 21st birthday is a big step in your life, especially now when you think about marriage and family…do not forget that you can always count on me!


  • Today is the perfect day to celebrate a birthday of your own! I pray that you are surrounded by family and friends and make today a special one. Enjoy yourself on this day everyone deserves it. Happy 21st Birthday!


  • You’ve lived up to your name as a beacon of hope and encouragement, guiding us through the uncertainty of this world. So, I would like to send my sincere Birthday wishes worldwide to you. Happy Belated 21st Birthday!


  • Business is booming, I am almost becoming a big shot! But then you were there to remind me that I have someone else to come back to. On this special day, your bestie wishes you a very happy birthday.


  • Wishing you a very happy birthday! It’s hard to believe that you’re finally out there in the real world. Your years at college have surely been an enlightening experience. I wish you all the good luck and success in the world, dear!


  • May your day be filled with joy. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and don’t let anything stop you from living your dreams. I am sure, you’ll stay strong and never give up in the face of adversity.


Happy 21st Birthday My Daughter

  • You don’t know how proud I am of you my daughter. You have accomplished more at this young age than many people could ever dream to achieve. a devoted sister and a caring daughter. On your 21st birthday, let me wish you a long life full of prosperity and joy!


  • I am very excited about your new phase of life! I hope that you celebrate it with everyone who loves you and all that you love. I wish you an amazing time. Happy birthday my baby!


  • You are turning 21 today, a very special and memorable age. I hope that you will learn to open your eyes and heart to the world around you, to be more at peace with people, to have more tolerance and understanding. I hope that you become a better person.


  • Happy birthday to my dearest daughter! I thank God for having you in my life – I am proud to be your dad, and I love you. Today, you are a young woman with a wonderful future ahead of you.


  • Happiest of birthdays to the most lovable daughter in town. May God bless you with all the joys and pleasures. Enjoy your day to the fullest and remember that everything is possible if your heart is in it!


  • You are now all grown up, and soon to be a mother as well. I am very proud of you and I wish you every happiness.


  • Hi there! I hope you had a pleasant day at work. As it’s your birthday today, I wish nothing but happiness and joy in your life. Have a great time celebrating with my friends tonight. Know that I am happy as long as you are happy!


  • Honey, today is the day you stepped into the world. Just like a newborn baby, your life began at this very minute. I have always been happy to be with you and watch you grow up. I wish you a very promising future ahead!


  • It’s my birthday today and I’m grateful for you being in my life. You are my best friend, my role model, and the person who will always look out for me. Without you, there would be much less love, joy, and happiness in my world. I love you very much, happy birthday!


Happy 21st Birthday Girl

  • Happy 21st birthday girl! My first wish on your special day is that you never have to witness the death of your dreams. Let your positive attitude and enthusiasm guide you to greatness.


  • You already did that before at home! But I think it is still a big milestone for everybody who turns 21. I will buy you a nice bottle of vodka as a very special gift for your 21st birthday.


  • Wow, you are already 21! You have matured into such a beautiful woman, who has so much to offer. Mom has been so proud of your achievements and I know that she will continue to be. So happy birthday and have an awesome time on your special day!


  • On your 21st birthday, I wish you all the best that life can ever offer you. May this day be a new start and a reminder of the birthday that brought you into this world. I love you.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you like this message and all the pictures attached. I hope this message brings you closer to your very own prince charming. I am glad to have a friend like you. You are simply awesome!


  • We’re having a little house party to celebrate your birthday. We hope you’ll join us and make this the best night of your life! I am sure you will enjoy an awesome night with your family and friends.


  • Today is a special day for you. You know what it feels like to live without parents who love you, but I can tell you all will change soon. Remember that I am on your side, and that is what matters the most to me in life.


Happy 21st Birthday Granddaughter

  • My beautiful granddaughter, you are now 21! I am so proud of you and the woman you have become. In front of you is a whole new life. However, I will welcome that with open arms! Good luck in all your future endeavors.


  • You are no longer a little girl now. You have grown into a wonderful young lady. Time has passed by like the wind. The good news is that we have made it so far, and now it is time for celebration. Happy Birthday!


  • I am so proud of you for having a keen sense of responsibility and discipline in your life. You are a blessing and around your family, you make us smile. On your birthday, I wish you all the happiness and success that this world has to offer!


  • You are now becoming a man or a woman but no matter how old you become I know that you will always be my baby. Happy 21st birthday everybody!


  • I am so happy to have a granddaughter whom I can spoil. I get to buy you gifts and take you to fun places and you don’t do much to pay me back. The day you first came into this world, my life changed for the better forever!


  • I am so proud of you. You have grown into a lovely woman with a strong character, morals, and set of principles. I have always been very supportive in your endeavors and will always be a phone call away. I love you with all my heart, happy 21st birthday!


  • It is hard to believe that my sweet little girl is now a woman of 21. I have watched you grow from a baby into a beautiful young woman who can now think for herself. Happy birthday to you my dear daughter, and may we hope to share many more birthdays.


  • You have always lightened up my life and made me feel young with all your childhood spirit. You keep moving forward, determined and focused, with a big heart and a bright smile you will go places in life. I just want to wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!


  • I don’t know where I would be without your presence in my life. You are one of the best people I have ever met. And, I am glad God blessed me with you as my granddaughter! Happy birthday!


  • I know you are going to do great things. You have been an inspiration and a motivation for us all. Just don’t forget to take a break once in a while as well!


Happy 21st Birthday Son

  • HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY SON! It fills my heart with joy to see how mature you have become. Is your birthday wish that mom’s dream of you settling down fast comes true? (ASAP)


  • Happy 21st birthday to the greatest son in the world! You have made me so proud over the years, and I know you will continue to do bigger and better things. I wish you a lovely special day just for you, and all your dreams to come true.


  • Happy birthday, son! It seems just yesterday that you were born, a tiny pink wrinkly baby with a head full of dark hair. Your smiles and giggles used to light up my life and your daily cuteness used to melt our hearts. The fact that you are 21 years now is another sign of how fast time can fly. I hope that you grow as happy and successful as you have been in the last few years.


  • Happy birthday to my beloved son. I wish you a very happy and memorable 21st birthday. May your life be filled with happiness, success, and great achievements! I love you so much, my dear son! With lots of love and hugs; Mom.


  • The only thing that kept me going was the thought of seeing my son complete his education, grow into a man and make something out of his life. I hope this day will be cherished forever. Happy 21st Birthday, my dear son!


  • Hey Son! I know you are super old now and all, but still, my baby boy. Happy birthday to the man that I see in front of me. I hope this day will be a memorable one that you have always wanted it to be.


  • It is my prayer that God grant you all your heart’s desires and give you enough strength to make each day new. I love you, sweetie, Happy Birthday!


  • I am so proud of you. I know in my heart that you will realize all your dreams. I wish you the very best in life and always remain humble, happy, and loving. It is your 21st birthday today!


  • Son, I am proud of the man I know you’ve become. You’re always my superstar, and deserving of all the good things that have come your way. May we continue to celebrate your special day every year. Love, Dad.


  • May God bless you with all that you desire as you make full use of your youth! May every risk you take to be worth taking! May every path you tread end in a place deserving of your presence.


  • Life is a journey, and nothing but new experiences can truly teach us how to live it to the fullest. As I send this poem along with my birthday blessings, I want to wish you a very happy 21st birthday.


  • Today is your day and you need to have fun. Don’t worry about me, I am old and set in my ways so go out there, celebrate and enjoy yourself to the fullest. To find a nice girl and be happy!


Happy 21st Birthday Boy

  • Happy 21st birthday, my dear boy! As you get to experience the feeling of being a grownup, I hope that you are ready to take on all responsibilities and face the people with respect. The world is yours now. Make the best out of it.


  • You have grown up so fast. When I saw you last time, I didn’t even recognize you! What are we going to do soon? Well, take this wish on your special day and make the most of it! We will celebrate your 21st birthday later on with a huge party.


  • Hey bro, it’s your 21st birthday, and we want to celebrate it with you. Do you remember when we were kids? We did crazy things all the time. Here’s to another year of all your dreams coming true!


  • Hello darling! I know it may not be easy, but you are now officially an adult. So, do try to set good examples and lead a responsible life. We are all here for your guidance and support. Stay happy today and have lots of fun. Happy Birthday!


  • You are my best and greatest friend. I will always be happy to drink a cup of coffee with you and appreciate your company. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my handsome boy!


  • Happy birthday! We are not so tightly knit now but I still send you my best wishes on your special day. Your friendship means a lot to me and I wish you cherish every moment of life. Have fun.


Happy 21st Birthday Grandson

  • Happy 21st birthday, my dear grandson! I hope this special day is going to be nothing short of a dream come true for you. May all your wishes and hopes come to pass. You deserve only the best, so I hope there are no regrets at the end of the day. All the best


  • Happy 21st birthday to my special grandson! I am proud of you, and I know that you will go places. You have all it takes to be a winner in life. You have made my life proud yesterday, today, and always. Wishing you the best of luck in life. God bless you always.


  • Happy birthday to my loving grandson. Your life is about to take off! As I have always been there for you, I pray that your life will move smoothly and that you will make wise decisions. I hope that you will be happy. Congratulations on turning 21.


  • To a young man with endless potential! I am happy I can call you my grandchild. I know today is your 21st birthday and I do hope this day will be a memorable one. You are already more than halfway to being an old man like me.


  • Wishing you the happiest of 21st birthdays! I hope your day is as special as you are. You are always a credit to our family, showing us great strength and character with every decision you make. Loved you then, love you now, will love you forever!


  • Birthdays come but once a year. No matter how old we get, we always have a child-like sense that it is the most special day of the year. On this special day, I wish you all the very best in life and hope that you will continue to grow as a person. Happy 21st birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my grandson! I hope to see you here tomorrow. I am so proud of you. Thank you for being on this planet and making my life so much better. It means a lot.


  • Dear grandson, in the twelve hours since you began your new journey in this big world, I’ve reminisced a lot about how you came to be. From bringing your father into this world to teaching you how to walk and talk, I’ve had my fair share of child-rearing.


  • I am so glad to see you turning another year older. This age is a special one as it’s when guys start to take interest in the opposite sex and especially, their grandmothers(LOL!)! I guess it is also the era you can buy alcohol legally; I hope you won’t be driving after drinking though. Happy birthday!


  • Another year has passed and I hope that each year will bring you more joy and happiness! You held up very well, and the next few years will hopefully be full of success for you. Wishing you a great life ahead.


Happy 21st Birthday Male

  • You are such a great guy and I know that you are going to hit 21 very soon. I am looking forward to seeing you and celebrating your birthday as well as your achievements. Happy bday my friend!


  • Happy 21st birthday my love! I am excited to celebrate this special day with you. Even though you are turning 25 years old, I said to myself; it’s my 21st birthday for me because a part of my life is becoming an adult.


  • You know how much I care about you. So today, as you celebrate your 21st birthday, I send my heart full of wishes. Have a wonderful year ahead full of fun and exciting times.


  • Happy 21st birthday my friend! I hope you are ready to enjoy your first legal drink. You have finally grown up, so I can tell you anything and everything now. From buying drinks to partying hard, we must have a great time!


  • Happy 21st birthday, dude! I remember having a lot of fun during my days of being 21 and I hope you do too! Feel lucky to be in good health and have your parents on your side.


  • To my dear son, 21 years flew by. I thank God for loving me so much He decided to bless me with you. You brought happiness to my life, you made my home a happy home and you made your mother the happiest! I am looking forward to many more years of being together. Happy Birthday!


  • My best friend, son, brother, or whatever role you play in my life that matters most to me today and always; I would like to wish you a very happy birthday! May you have a year filled with nothing but happiness and joy.


  • You have had a great life so far. I hope you find what you seek in life; and that at the end of your search, you then come back and pass down to use everything you have learned. We love you!


Happy 21st Birthday Sister

  • Happy 21st Birthday to my sister, May your next year is filled with love and happiness. I am extremely proud of you for reaching this special age!


  • Happy birthday to a wonderful sister! I hope you enjoy everything 21 years of age has to offer, and can’t wait for our future adventures together.


  • Happy Birthday to my only sister! You are a great person and I love you dearly. I love you for who you are. I believe that age is just a number, and the true measurement of your life is the amount of happiness, caring, and love you spread.


  • May you always be happy and may today be the first day of many wonderful years in your life. And here’s wishing your future be filled with success, health, and prosperity


  • I know that you are the coolest sister I have ever had! I will live this day a hundred times better if you were by my side. Thank you for existing and being my queen sister, Happy birthday.


  • I just want to say many happy returns of the day to my sister. No matter how much we fight or argue with each other, You are my childhood friend and a loyal companion. I appreciate you for who you are and all that you have done for me. Love you, happy birthday.


  • Dear sister, life as we knew it has changed in so many ways since you became a legal adult. You have grown up quickly, and I am pleased to see all your accomplishments and talents.


  • It’s your 21st birthday so we decided to surprise you with a gift. We are going on holiday for a month, we wish you a happy birthday, as well as a, have a wonderful time with us.


  • I am so happy to have you as my sister. You are a ray of hope in my life, and I can’t imagine what I will do without you. May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.


  • I remember how it was fun to be 21 and how we used to go out partying, get drunk and sneak into our mother’s room for chocolate. I hope you have an amazing birthday party. I can’t wait to celebrate this day with you. It’s time to party:)


Happy 21st Birthday Cousin

  • Happy 21st birthday cousin! Hope you will be the happiest person on earth. I can see the smiling face on my uncle’s face when he saw your name on the invitation, just for a moment, I could see tears of joy in his eyes.


  • Wishing my cousin a very big happy 21st birthday! Let me tell you, how thrilled I was when I was told about this party. This is going to be your biggest celebration yet and we are all looking forward to having fun with you.


  • All your family members will be in attendance and this is a special occasion indeed. Remember, happy 21st birthday!


  • My best wishes go to my aunt on her 21st birthday. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed life ahead. I pray that you continue to be happy, healthy, and successful in all your endeavors. Wishing you all the best for your future.


  • Your 21st birthday is your biggest milestone so far. To celebrate this wonderful day, we have gathered here to wish you all the best. We hope that you will enjoy the gift we prepared for you.


  • I just wanted to let you know, I love you, and happy 21st birthday! You are so talented and I am sure you will be successful in whatever field you choose. All the best!


  • I wish you a very happy birthday! There’s so much to celebrate today because you’re now 21! We can party on the beach, go for adventure holidays and even drive to places that we wanted to visit for such a long time.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are a good, nice, and caring cousin. I hope that this day is filled with joy, happiness, and fun. I love you so much!


  • Happy birthday, cousin! Hope you have a blast dancing the night away, surrounded by all your loved ones. Love you tonnes.


  • I mean, who doesn’t love an awesome party! I’ll let you in on a birthday surprise soon! Love and miss you tons. Wish you the happiest of birthdays and all that comes with it.


  • On this special day, I wish you a very happy 18th birthday! I know, since we were young you have been the best companion and friend anyone could ask for. I am proud to have you in my family and hope we will be like this forever.


  • Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday! I know it must be difficult to be a mother of two at this young age. You are an inspiration and a great friend always ready to lend support. May the gift of god guide your way…


Happy 21st Birthday Niece

  • Aunt is so proud of you. Happy 21st birthday niece! It’s going to be a great year for you.


  • It is your birthday today and we are all ready to make this day a special one for you. I pray you to have a wonderful 24th year on earth! I wish God’s blessing and prosperity always shine upon you! Happy 21st birthday my dear niece!


  • As you celebrate your 21st birthday, I want to wish you joy and many happy moments. This day has a special meaning for me as well as it’s my baby niece’s 21st birthday.


  • I am so proud to have you in my family, and my niece. I wish you a very happy 21st birthday. Get some rest because we are going out tonight and you are going to get crazy.


  • So happy! Your 21st birthday is here, and I am going to celebrate it with you today. How exciting this is! You are growing up quickly and no more babysitters for you from now on. We will have fun together today and party hard like you always do!


  • Niece! I want to wish you a happy birthday and let you know how special you are to me. You are a good girl, with excellent character and a whole lot of potential and determination.


  • Happy birthday! This is your special day. You have grown so much. I have made a wish for you, and I hope it comes true!


  • I realize that you were born when I was 6. You were a tiny being and full of life. Your childish pranks keep me on my toes and I love every minute of it. Happy birthday to you!


  • I hope your birthday is great and you get to do whatever you want! Maybe I can babysit for you. Just kidding.


Happy 21st Birthday Nephew

  • Happy 21st birthday my nephew! I just wanted to send you a postcard because I do not have the time to give you a call. I know that you are working hard and it will be great if we keep in touch. I miss you, take care of yourself and stay sharp.


  • Happy 21st birthday nephew. You see, every year I take time out to reflect on everything you have been through so far in your young life. You were born on this day and we are now celebrating everything you will go through in the upcoming year.


  • My dearest nephew, I hope you have a wonderful day today as it is your 21st birthday. It is hard to believe that you are 21 years old now. I remember when you were born, I was one of the first people to hold you in my arms.


  • I am very happy to be a part of your special day. Although you are 21 now, you will always remain a part of my life. A nephew is the greatest gift that a grandparent can have. Wishing you happiness and prosperity for a successful future! Have a great birthday party!


  • Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew! You are so special, kind, and always helping me out. Thanks for the gifts and card you sent me for my birthday. I loved them very much, thanks again.


  • 21 years old and still a baby! You have done so much for the family and me. I pray the stars to shine forever on you, showering you with all happiness and joy. Have a successful 21st birthday celebration and a wonderful year ahead.


  • When we first met, you were just a one-year-old who knew how to control any situation at the age of two. At three, your voice was powerful and demanding. Now that you are 21, I congratulate you on this special day.


  • You are now officially a man. I know you have struggled with the raging hormones that come with being 21 years old, but I am happy you have managed to overcome them.


  • It’s your big day, so make all your dreams come true, son! Take this opportunity to do all that you could not manage in the past. Be happy and find love!


Happy 21st Birthday Boyfriend

  • Happy 21st birthday to you, my boyfriend. You have always made me feel special and put a smile on my face. I hope that this is just the beginning, as we venture into new territory.


  • He is an amazing boyfriend, has a great sense of humor, and is just an all-around nice guy. On his 21st birthday, I just want to say that I appreciate you. I am so lucky to have you in my life and can’t wait to spend many more years with you.


  • Happy 21st Birthday to the love of my life. You and I have been together for two amazing years and I can’t wait to love you more. I’m always here for you, and I hope this is only the beginning of our journey together.


  • Hoping this birthday finds you well and in good spirits. I have not forgotten your special day and hope to keep you happy for as long as we live! I pray that you lead a long and truthful life, filled with happiness and success.


  • You have brought happiness to my life since I met you! I am looking forward to many more happy years together. Let’s take the time and celebrate your twenty-first birthday today! The world seems like a great place, knowing that you are in a very big chunk of it.


  • Dear Love, today is the day that you were born. It is also the day that I get to spend my life with you. Twenty-one years ago today, I was blessed to have met you and happy that you were brought into this world.


  • To think about it now, I miss my teenage years with you by my side and your arm around me. If only time could stop at this moment….Happy 21st birthday sweetheart!


  • Happy birthday to my boyfriend! I am thrilled that we are spending these special moments together. I love your company and appreciate the way you love me. Many happy returns of the day, filled with joy and laughter.


  • You’re a great guy and I am lucky to have you in my life! I hope this birthday would bring many happy days for you. My love for you is all yours, forever! 😀


  • All your 21 years of life, you were a good friend, a great brother, and an awesome lover. My best wishes to you as you turn another year older!


  • Dear boyfriend, the night is so bright and it’s all because of you. I see you like a shooting star lighting up the sky after a stormy day! Here’s to many happy decades of sunshine and sweet dreams!


  • I knew you would make it this far. I never doubted you, even when everything was contrary to your favor. You worked hard to be in this position, and I am happy for you. A bright future is waiting for you. I am glad to say


Happy 21st Birthday Girlfriend

  • I am celebrating your 21 st birthday! I am proud to have you as my girlfriend and I want you to know that I have complete faith in us. You are a special person in my life. Happy 21st Birthday!


  • It was your 21st birthday, and I couldn’t come to celebrate it with you. Now that time has passed by, doesn’t mean I have forgotten the special day. Thank you for being the best girlfriend one guy could ever wish for!


  • I just want to wish you a very happy 21st birthday! I love you for who you are and live to see you happy. I will always be there for you. I love you!


  • Why do we need birthdays anyway if it does not mean a celebration? We should be able to celebrate your birthday every moment of the day because I think of you all the time and because I love you. I wish you a very happy 21st birthday!


  • You are only 21 once! Enjoy it, soak in the sun, party all night, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. You deserve all the fun and cheer in the world on your 21st birthday. Wishing you a very happy birthday.


  • I am so excited for this day, the day my best friend turns 21. I can’t believe that one of these days you will be an adult and out of college. I hope your birthday is filled with nothing but joy and happiness. Have a great birthday, my lovely


  • Your birthday is a time to celebrate everything you have accomplished since the day you were born. All you have achieved in life brings me immense joy. I love you for who you are and I will love you for eternity. Happy birthday, baby!


  • May all your birthday dreams come true. May you have many surprises thrown in your way. May this day bring nothing but joy, laughter, and excitement! I am looking forward to celebrating your day to the best of my abilities!


  • My angel, May this special day bring you all the happiness, the love, and the joy you have ever dreamed of. I wish you a life of peace and fulfillment, of love and security. You have made my life complete.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am blessed to be chosen by you as someone who can steal a kiss as often as I do. I promise to love you more with each passing day and make sure that I never miss a chance to tell you how much you mean to me.


Funny Happy 21st Birthday

  • Happy 21st Birthday! You know how to live your life like a movie star! You are definitely on your way to becoming rich and famous. When you become the superstar of your own life, make sure you let me know. Happy 21st birthday!


  • Oh boy, I can’t believe that you are 21! When you turned 16, I couldn’t believe my eyes! At 25, I was left to wonder whether time was moving backward because you looked the same as how you were when we went to college.


  • I just can’t imagine how much I have changed over the years, and my friendship with you has grown so strong. You have always stood by me, and have decided silly things funny. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!


  • Hoping your birthday is special, fun, and filled to the brim with happy surprises! To prove that I make mistakes too, happy belated Birthday!


  • Happy birthday, brother! July 29, 20__ will forever be marked on my calendar as this is your day. I am grateful to have a brother like you. I love you so much and wish you the best of luck in life!


  • Happy birthday to a friend who is always there for me. I don’t even have to put a message on a card because all we share is impossible to put into words.


  • As you go from being a teenager to a young adult, please know that I will always be there to support you. Hold your head up high and be confident in anything you do.

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