Happy 28th Birthday Prayers Quotes


Happy 28th Birthday Prayers Quotes: Today is someone’s birthday. You may not know them yet but they are some of the most important people in your life. To show our love and well wishes we have a unique collection of Happy 28th Birthday Prayers quotes images and other gifs, to help you celebrate the day!


Happy 28th Birthday Prayers Quotes

  • I pray the night will bring you a sweet and wonderful sleep. May good dreams wake you up with a smile. Being part of your life is truly a blessing, I will always cherish all that you’ve done for me and how you always make me feel safe and protected. Thanks for being there! Happy birthday.


  • Dear sweet daughter, Hello! I am praying that this birthday will be the best birthday ever and can’t wait to see what God is going to do with your life. You are such a special child, and your faith means so much to me. I love you so much.


  • I hope you’re year is filled with much happiness and love. You deserve the best in life and I want you to have everything you need or want in your life. Know that no matter what happens I will be there for you and that I love you more than anything.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, baby! I just hope one day to look as good as you. Cheers to our many more years together. I love you dearly and hope every year to be better than the last.


  • You are my hero. The most amazing person I have ever met, and the love of my life. I am so lucky to have you in my life, you bring me more happiness than I will ever be able to explain. I want to thank you for your kindess, your guidance and for loving me as much as you do. Without you I would be lost.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that this year is your best yet. I’m so happy and honored to be your best friend, partner in crime, and lover. I love you more than words can say. And when we’re old and gray and the fun stops, I’ll just hold you tight and thank god everyday that we had one of the most amazing lives anyone could ever ask for. Here’s to an amazing life!


  • You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for and I’m so lucky to know you. I hope that your birthday is filled with love and laughter, that you continue to find joy in life, and some birthday cake wouldn’t hurt either! I love you so much my friend.


  • You’re the best friend I could ever ask for. I am glad that we can do everything together. You are my soul mate and I love you from the bottom of my heart. You make my life complete!


  • May this day be the first of many happy birthdays! I hope your year is filled with joy and success. I’m blessed to have you in my life and all that you do inspires me. You are truly amazing. Let’s make this a year to remember!!!!


  • You are an amazing friend and person. You are the type of person that doesn’t deserve this world but you make it a better place anyway. I am so happy to know you and to call myself your friend. I hope that you reach your goals and dreams, they are all well within your reach.


  • Dear, We’ve now entered our 28th year of friendship together. I just wanted to let you know that I’m so happy that we met and that we are still friends all these years. Here’s to many more!


  • Good friends especially you are hard to come by, thank god I’ve found you. Now on your birthday I send my blessings and love to you! Happy birthday!


  • Your special day has finally arrived! I am so glad to know you, and am blessed to have you in my life! You are the best friend anyone could ask for. I hope your birthday is filled with all the things you dream of and wish for. I love you very much!


  • May the Almighty God shower you with His choicest blessings ―and may everything you touch turns to gold. Happy birthday!


  • I am so excited for your birthday. You are such a special person in my life, and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you so much!


  • We’ve only been together six months, but it feels like you have always been there. We have so much fun just spending time together. Every day I fall more in love with you and can’t wait to spend many more years with you! I am wishing lots of fun, laughter and joy for you on your birthday!


  • I pray that the Lord will give you strength and bless you with health. The same love I have for you, He has for you too. Let us stay in His love always and share it with others! I love you so much and want to see an overflowing cup of blessings from our Lord on your life and mine.


  • Nothing changes my life more than you. Since we first met I can’t stop thinking about you and how lucky I am to have you in my life. Good morning, my dear, thank you for being there for me when I need it the most. Have a wonderful day with lots and lots of love from the best boyfriend ever.


  • Happy birthday to the man I have looked up to for as long as I can remember, I’m proud to be able to call you my best friend. You are always there for me, encouraging me when times are tough and helping me with decisions that shake me to the core. I love you guy, thanks for all the help over these past few years.


  • Are you feeling down? Then look up and watch the clouds go by. If it’s clear enough, you might be able to see a shooting star. In each one there is a wish waiting to come true. When you’re asleep, I’ll make my wishes come true for you. Make a wish on a shooting star for me.


Birthday Prayer Messages for 28 Years Old Son

  • Dear, I cannot tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of you. You are a wonderful person and the best son anyone could ever have. I look forward to seeing you grow into a man we all can be proud of. Happy Birthday!


  • We thank you for the gift of a beautiful life. We are pleased to celebrate his birthday, and pray for his good health, love, wisdom and prosperity. A prayer for a long, healthy life


  • May God bless you with good health and success, long life, happiness and love. You are wonderful. Enjoy your birthday to the maximum.


  • Dearest son, I always have been and always will be, your biggest fan. Always do the right thing. The perfect thing. Forgive me for not being there. It wasn’t because I didn’t care. I love you!


  • I hope you have the best time at your party today. I hope you drink too much, dance way too hard and make your mom’s heart burst with pride. Happy birthday my son, may you always make me proud!


  • No doubt you’re one of the most important people in my life. I hope your birthday turns out to be memorable and special for you. Have a magical day!


  • To my long-suffering son…Happy birthday. You’re getting older now, but I love you just the same. It wasn’t easy being your parent, but it was worth it.


  • I pray for your happiness, and I pray that you find love. I pray that you forgive yourself for the heartbreak you have gone through, and I ask God to surround you with people that truly love you.


  • Today is your birthday, and I hope it’s a great one! I wish that you can live a long and happy life, surrounded by your friends and family. I’m so proud of who you’ve become and all the wonderful work you’ve done. Now go out and make this birthday one for the books!


  • Please help my son with wisdom and understanding to use the intelligence you blessed him with. Help him with grace and mercy as he searches for his place in the world. Please guide him and protect him as he makes decisions. May all accidents be far from him and may he always be reminded of your promise to him of a life filled with love, good health and prosperity.


  • Today is your birthday, my son. I want you to know how much I love you and how special you are to me. May God always bless you and keep you safe and healthy. Love, mother


  • There is something in you, distinguishable from everything else. I can see it and feel it too. Maybe you have everything, but still, there is a sense of incompleteness in your life. May God shower his blessings upon you! Happy Birthday.


  • To my son, on your birthday and always. I love you to the moon and back!  I hope that you know how proud I am of the man you have become, and how important you’ve become to us. You’re beautiful inside and out, smart, kind and compassionate.


  • God, thank you for this day. Thank you for all the people who came before me to help me get here. Thank you for my family, friends and my son. I pray that this finds him surrounded by people who love him and that your wisdom comes back to him. Please bless his love and prepare him for every situation.


  • One of the most important things I have to say to you is that at this moment when your world feels like it’s crumbling, I am here for you. I will always be here for you.  When times get rough I want you to hold on because no matter what happens I will always love you, always forgive you and I will never forget that you are my son.


  • Each and every day I wake up to a new day because of you. I am so blessed for you love and support. You are my everything, my reason for being. I can’t thank you enough for coming into my life and making me the happiest person alive!


  • It may be cliche, but I just want to say again how much I love you. You’re my best friend, my biggest caretaker, and the toughest person I know. I admire your strength and perseverance through it all. Because of you, I know that I can do anything I try, even if it means changing the world.


  • So much has happened in the past year.  I pray that God continues to protect and guide you on your journey. That the people He puts into your life will build you up and not break you down. That you will always remember that He is on your side. You have been a blessing to so many people and I pray that you continue to bless others and that they are blessed by your kindness and love.


Birthday Prayer Messages for 28 Years Old Daughter

  • Dear Lord, please continue to watch over our daughter (name), as she turns 28 years old. Keep her happy and healthy, and help her throughout the coming year. Please give her happiness, health and love. In your name we pray… Amen


  • Happy Birthday sweetheart! I pray that you have a wonderful day surrounded with those you love most. May the birthday celebration bring you joy and happiness. I hope today is the beginning of twenty-eight more memories in your life the same way our love is full of memories for me.


  • Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the world! I don’t know where I would be without you. You always have a smile, always making everyone else happy. I hope your day is extra special and full of fun surprises! I love you so much!


  • Happy Birthday, Daughter! I love you so much! You are my first princess, and I can’t wait to be your homecoming court lady when you graduate college. Your smile brightens my day, and your touch warms my heart. Since the day you were born, you have brought me more joy than words


  • Happy birthday, dear daughter. May you have a birthday filled with love, good health and great fun. Have a wonderful year ahead.


  • Dear daughter, may you have many wishes granted on your special day. May the Lord bless you with a clean and healthy body. Thank God for all his blessings to his servants. I have prayed that the Lord will grant you a long, healthy and happy life, Amen.


  • I pray that you will continue to grow in love with what you do, that you may find true happiness, love and peace in all that you do. Have a wonderful birthday!


  • 28 year filled with lots of blessings and happiness. Very special today. All the best.- Mom


  • I never ask for much, just like for you to be happy and do what you love. I’d love to have you close by again, not as a daughter but as someone I can go to the movies with or go shopping. It would be great to hang out at the park and have coffee here and there. Let’s make this upcoming year one of the best years!


Birthday Prayer Messages for 28-Year-Old Sister

  • To my sister, you turned 28 today. You are younger than me by a year and wiser in so many ways. I think of you as a role model and have always looked up to you. I pray that your dreams come true because you deserve it all. I love you more than words could ever express, Happy Birthday!


  • Dear God, I pray that you put joy and happiness in my sister’s heart today, as she turns 28 years old. Please help her to be strong and courageous, as she begins another year of adventure and discovery. Let the brightness of your love guide her footsteps as she walks the road of life.


  • So, as your birthday approaches more and more, I can’t help but think of all the moments we’ve shared together throughout the years. There have been laughs, there have been tears. I really can’t be happier knowing that you are my big sister. You have always made me feel alive and positive about myself. Happy 28th birthday to my loving sister!


Birthday Prayer Messages for 28-Year-Old Brother

  • 28 years ago today I was blessed with a perfect sister. I feel so lucky to have been born in the same family as you. Happy 28th birthday my dear sister! I love you to the moon and back!


  • Beloved sister, on this birthday, I wish you all the love and happiness this world has to offer. May God bless your sister with all good things and keep her ever safe from all evils. Blessed birthday and may you be showered with love and affection for today and always.


  • Dear Sister, Let God lead your way. There is nothing I want more than to see you happy and healthy. Surround yourself with positive people and everything will fall into place. Have faith, prayer will get you through the tough times. Never forget how much you are loved and never take that love for granted. More birthdays to come!


  • I’m praying that this day will be filled with peace and joy for you, that your birthday becomes a day to look forward to every year, that God will work through you this day and make you an instrument in spreading His love.


  • My sister said a prayer requesting the help of God to guide her life. Here are some quotes that she might like to share with her friends:


  • Dear, thank you so much for your little card. And thankyou for the beautiful message too. We love you and know that god has some wonderful plan for your life. You are also very dear to our hearts and we look forward to many more years of fun with you. We hope to see you soon.


  • There’s no one that I love more or adore more than you. When I look into your eyes, it makes me melt. Your smile drives me crazy and the way you laugh brings a joy in my heart. There is nothing that can hold us back from being together we have to be together because you mean so much to me.


  • I just wanted to take the time to thank you today, but mostly everyday! I know you don’t understand why I like to pray for you, but I do. It’s not because I want you to get anything in return. No, it’s because I want you to experience God in your life; for Him to be so real that He is all you can think about and rely on.


  • 28 is a big year for your brother. May it be the best year ever! I can’t thank you enough for being my brother and I hope you have a great birthday. Love, Grace


  • I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. May you have joy and happiness, plus many blessings. I hope your year will be filled with good health, family and friends, and lots of love to last for years to come. You are a wonderful brother and I just want you to know how much all the things you do mean to me, especially on my big day!


  • Some say love is just a gamble, you know I disagree. Our friendship is a precious gift which we must take care. You mean so much to me that it hurts, my brother from another mother. The finest brother I could ever ask for, from my heart I will share with you my thoughts on the best big bro! Happy birthday!


  • Dearest brother, I pray that this day be filled with love, happiness and good health. May God watch over you and give you strength. I love you.


  • Here’s to 28 years of happiness! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be your brother and I pray that God blesses you with a wonderful year.


  • So here’s to being 28! I hope life continues to bless you with amazing experiences, opportunities, & people. In all of life’s experiences in which you find yourself, please know that I am always your biggest fan and supporter. Here’s to a fantastic year for the best big brother ever!


  • I pray that your day is filled with joy and laughter, that you feel the love of family and friends surround you. May this gift guide your life, strengthen your heart, and lead you to a deeper understanding of the love of God! I am so proud of who you have become; you truly are “the best brother in the world.” I love you more than words can say!


  • Every day I wake up, open my eyes and see your smiling face across from me is the greatest feeling in the world. You, my friend, are the love of my life. I can’t describe in words how truly happy you have made me. I pray that you have the best birthday ever and that you realize how loved you are.


  • Happy 28th birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true. I hope you have a great day and time!


  • I remember the day we met. It was back in our dorm room, I was sitting on my bed, you came in and told me a funny joke. We’ve been friends ever since. I want to wish you a great day and many more years of laughter together!

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