Happy 2nd Birthday Card Message


Happy 2nd Birthday Card Message: Your child is 2 years old! You can’t believe it! And you want to let them know how much they mean to you through a beautiful birthday message. Now, you know that any generic 2nd birthday card saying like “You’re two!” or “Have fun being 2” just won’t do. So I have gathered some of my favorite and heartfelt 2nd birthday messages so you can use one for your special little person.


Happy 2nd Birthday Card Message

  • Wishing you a very happy 2nd birthday! I hope many more are to come. I hope your special day is filled with lots of goodies and fun-filled activities happening today. Hope all your wishes come true on this special day!


  • Happy second birthday to my son. Wishing you a long and prosperous life. May the joyous memories be with you forever!


  • Wow! It’s hard to believe you are TWO already. You look so grown up, but then again, you can still fit in the crook of my knees. I know two is a tough age and you may not “get” this card right now, but one day you will understand how special your birth was. Daddy and I love you so much.


  • This is my second thank you note to you, after the one I handed to you at that party. Thank you so much for your birthday card – it made me smile. I am not sure if you are up to this, but you have a little project that must be done on such and such date… Will send the details via e-mail.


  • Wanting you to know that you are more than an ordinary friend. You are someone who is always there when you are needed. I used to think it was just a coincidence, but with time I realized that you send me a lot of inspiration through your thoughts and words. I hope this little token of appreciation can let you know how much I appreciate you. Best wishes on your second birthday!


  • Now my little one is two years old! This is indeed a very special occasion for me, the entire family and all your friends. It could not have been possible without your support and love.


  • I had to write this birthday blog post to tell you “thank you” for being there for me when I needed someone to listen. You’re my soul sister; we have been through a lot of good and bad days together. I am grateful to have met such a lovely person like you in my life. Have a great day and celebrate your second year of life along with your loved ones.


  • I hope that your birthday is one to remember. I know how much you have sacrificed for me, and for that I am thankful. You were the biggest influence in my life and made me see things from different perspectives. It does mean so much to me! On your special day, many happy returns of the day!!


  • This card is not only to wish you a happy, but it is also to thank you for all that you have done. Thank you for the love and care that you have always given me. Thanks and blessing to you!


  • Happy birthday to someone I respect! You have been a good friend to me, and I am happy to share my day with you as it is your special day too. Here’s hoping that we will always remain friends beyond this special day. Wishing you a long and healthy life filled with success and prosperity.


  • I am so grateful to you for being my best friend. Thanks for always standing by me, through thick and thin. It feels good knowing that someone you can count on. I know women find you handsome and smart and I tell them all about your awesomeness! Happy birthday to the world’s best cousin!


  • On your 2nd birthday I wish you joy, success and blessings! You may be young, but you are a great soul. You have taught me how to be strong, stand up for myself and achieve goals. I appreciate all the good advice you have given me over the years. Happy Birthday!


  • Happy second birthday to the most adorable baby in the whole world – my little angel! The greatest gift of all is I have you, and I know that life would not be what it is without you. Here’s wishing you a wonderful life ahead and a very happy birthday.


  • Hey, happy 2nd birthday! You have been such a joy to watch grow and develop into the little boy you are now. Thanks for being such a great sport about wearing diapers and for giving us so much love. We look forward to watching you grow up into a marvelous young man who will make this world a better place.


  • I am glad that God has given me a brother like you. Today is just another special day when I can convey to you all of my appreciations and love. It is all because of you that we have been able to live happily under the same roof. On this special day, let me wish you the most heartfelt birthday wishes there can be!


  • You are too good for me and my prayers are that you get everything possible for yourself in life. On your birthday, I wish you all the success and happiness you ever desired. Have a beautiful party and make this day as special as it can get!


  • I didn’t know what to get you for your 2nd birthday so I got you two of my fingers. I hope they will do! Ha ha ha!


  • I hope that your birthday is the best day of your life! To me you are shine like the sun, always giving out endless amounts of warmth and love. I appreciate everything you have done for me. No matter how much time comes and goes, my gratitude for you remains the same.


  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful mom in the world. Thank you for being such a great mother figure. I absolutely adore you and all the memories we have together.


  • Congratulations on the second anniversary of your marriage! You two were perfect together, and I wish you both countless happy returns of the day! I know it has not been easy, but you make each other happy, so why complain? Happy wedding anniversary my dear friends!


2nd Birthday Card Messages for Son

  • It is amazing having a son like you! I think it’s God who created you with tremendous love and care. You always know how to make me slack happily. I am thankful you have brought such joy in my life and have made me appreciate things I have in abundance.


  • Happy birthday to my son! When we first found out that you were going to be our baby, we were so excited about the thought of having a child in our life. Then after a few weeks, seeing you for the first time, I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You’ve grown up to be a wonderful, smart and caring person.


  • I am looking forward to see you arrive here for your birthday. Although, I can’t say this is a celebration of reaching the age of two because it makes me feel awful for realizing how old I have become – so old that I have a two year old son! Well, you are indeed a joy and blessing in my life. You have made my dream come true. Always make mom proud of you. Happy birthday!


  • Hey son, how is life treating you? You have grown into an innocent man. It requires a lot of guts to live in this society these days. I admire your courage to move ahead against all odds. Dear little boy, happy birthday! You will always be my son and nothing can change that fact.


  • To my son, you know that I never tell you this enough but on this special day, I want to tell you how much I love you. You have grown from a mischievous toddler to be a complete young man. And though things might get rough sometimes and we fight a lot over silly things, deep down I know that you are my best friend and someone whom I can sincerely count on.


  • I’m so glad I have a son like you in my life. You are fun and energetic that’s what I look for when it comes to children. You know well that you are always going to be my little boy, but you have your steps as a grown up man too. I hope you know that I’m always be a friend to you. A man is nothing without a solid friendship and I’m glad you’ve been mine. Happy birthday!


  • You are my best friend and I can’t imagine life without you. Happy birthday to the best son ever!


  • Son, your mom and I are so proud of you. You have always defied our expectations. With you in our lives, it has never been boring. You have grown up to be such a fine young man. I just wish your father was here to see you today. I am sure he would be very proud of your progress too! Happy birthday!


  • I bet you are now a little older than when I gave birth to you. You can definitely reach things on your own now and that makes me very proud. You have taken over my life and made it more beautiful, so thank you for everything. Happy birthday.


  • To the happiest person in this world; We have been friends for a long time, and you have seen me through thick and thin. For all the good times we have shared, this is my way of saying thank you. Today is your special day, and I just want to wish you happiness all the days of your life!


  • Today is a day to celebrate, because you are exactly that – a special boy. You have brought joy, laughter and many moments when I am so proud of you. These things wouldn’t have happened in your life if I hadn’t been your mom. I couldn’t be happier or luckier!


2nd Birthday Card Messages for Girl

  • You are my daughter and my friend. You make me happy always, with your smile and kind words. Today, I wish to share the joy of the day with you. Wish you a very happy birthday!


  • Today is the day to celebrate a mom who showed pure love and care, who has always been there through the good times and bad ones. This card is a tribute to you on this birthday of yours! Your life revolves around us, and that makes us feel so special. Thanks for making me feel special. I am grateful for you mom.


  • Your birthday reminds me how small I was when you first came into my life. You have fallen in love with me and made sure that I feel secure, loved and cared for. As days go by, I realize that you are a very important person in my life. Happy Birthday to you mom!


  • Dear sweet girl, a wish and a prayer both are twined into a single thread when they arise from the depths of my heart. The prayer that everything I present be accepted and the wish that all of these would bring you happiness and laughter, on this special day you see. Blessed by your presence and overwhelmed with joy, today my life is completely complete. Happy Birthday.


  • Today is the day to celebrate the birth of a princess! Your loving, caring and beautiful self made me start believing in the concept of love again. You showed me how pure and innocent a human being can be. I am glad that you are mine and am sure that you will make me feel alive forever. Happy birthday!


  • Dear, happy birthday to you! I hope that you enjoyed your birthday as much as we all did. Here is my wish to you: may the next two decades of your life be filled with joy and prosperity. Do not lose heart or faith; wherever you are in life, make sure that you surround yourself with a loved one. Happy birthday once again!


  • My dear friend, happy birthday! It is nice to reminisce old times and also see how far you have come. I have always admired your spirit as a person. You have taught me many things in life, and I am very grateful to have you by my side. May God continue to bless your emerging career in the exciting world of fashion design!


  • Darling, I want to thank you for being in my life. I appreciate your support and all the sacrifices you made just to see me happy. I want to thank you for the laughter and the moments that we shared together. Thank you for being yourself. Special wishes on this very special day!


  • Happy birthday to someone who has shared with me the most important part of her life, her children. It is hard for me to express how my life has changed since you are in it, from heaven above I am sending you all the blessings and love in the world. I couldn’t have came this far without your support so thank you!


  • I know how much you like ice cream, and I can’t think of a better day to celebrate your birthday. But who likes ice cream more than you? If there’s anyone who should receive the best birthday gift, it’s you. I wish you a fantastic birthday!


  • I know you feel like the light of this world is getting dimmer. The world do not have to be that way. Make your own world brighter by surrounding yourself with friends and family who build you up, and not constantly tear you down.


2nd Birthday Nephew Card Messages

  • Happy 2nd birthday nephew! You are becoming more and more handsome every day. No matter how naughty you are, I still cannot stop telling you how cute you are. On your bday, I wish for you a life that is healthy, happy and filled with joy. Love you!


  • Hey little guy, how are you doing? I just wanted to send you this card for your 2nd birthday. I want you to know that I am with you all the way. You can come to me whenever you are in trouble.


  • Hey there, I hope this mail finds you in good spirits. My name is Nicole and it’s my birthday today. I’d have shared this wonderful day with you but you know what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I am 3 today, honey. Three is a magic number for it’s the first time we see in three dimensions!


  • Dear nephew, nothing can satisfy me more than knowing that I was able to be with you through thick and thin. You are my favorite nephew and a person who I know will make his or her mark on the world. I am praying for your success and am sending my love your way! Happy birthday!


  • Dear nephew, I think of you as a blessing from God. You have brought joy to our lives, and we pray that your future will be filled with nothing but happiness and prosperity. Happy birthday!


  • I would like to wish you a happy birthday, dear nephew! I hope you’re going to have a lovely day. Happy birthday!


  • Auntie never forgets to celebrate your birthday, dear nephew! I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you will live a fulfilling life.


  • Oh my little nephew, today is your day and I can’t wait to have the chance to spend time with you! Enjoy the best moments of your life and be sure that you will be surrounded by all my family.


  • All your friends, including me, want to wish you all the best today. You are a wonderful guy who has changed our lives positively. We hope to see you smile more often and be happier in your life. Happy Birthday!


  • I wish your day is filled with happiness and surprises. I hope you take the time to appreciate all of your family and friends who are so important in your life.


  • You are the kindest and bravest person that I know! You have not only taught me what life is all about, but also how to live it to the fullest. May all our special moments come back to you today, and may you receive many more years of my prayers’ blessings and love!


  • Dear nephew, Wishing you a healthy and joyful birthday! I appreciate all the times we have spent together and look forward to a lot more as you grow. Grow up and be the man you are destined to be. Happy 2nd birthday


  • I hope you enjoy this birthday party as much as possible! I hope your wishes come true and you get lots of wonderful presents. Happy birthday nephew!


  • Dear nephew, I took the time to watch you grow and know you better after being your godfather. You are a great kid and always had a smile on your face. I hereby take this opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to my best nephew! I hope this is the year of your dreams. You have my continued support.


  • My dear nephew, you are only three years old and still so small. Yet, you are the most beautiful and smartest person I know. I wish you hope that all your wishes come true!


  • How can I wish you well? It’s so hard to know what to say. You’ve been so good to me! You are truly a treasure in my life. I am so grateful for your presence and care. Today is the perfect day for you to have the cake and the ice cream to end a good birthday party. Enjoy the day, my dear nephew!


  • I pray that your life never changes much! May you always enjoy having company around, and may you never be lonely. Happy birthday, dear nephew!


  • Your parents must be so proud of you. You were the apple of their eyes, and I am sure you still are. Happy birthday, nephew!


  • My nephew, you have always been a part of life! You entered this world when I was just baby toddler, and my heart melted over seeing you. Now you are out there spending time with friends in school, while your uncle spends time with his friends who aren’t even real.


  • Dear nephew, today is yet another day and hopefully you are walking on clouds. Make sure you do not lose your way in this gigantic world. You just bloomed like a flower, it would be great if at this age you were as good as the full-grown flowers.


  • Hey there, little buddy! I just wanted to send you this little note because today is your special day. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I hope that this small gift will help make your birthday more special. Enjoy your day!

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