100+ Happy 3rd Birthday Son Quotes


Happy 3rd Birthday Son Quotes: We hope that your son’s third birthday will become the most memorable one. In this post, we have collected some of the best Happy 3rd Birthday Son Quotes.


Happy 3rd Birthday Son Quotes

  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my sweet boy! I love you more than anything.


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my precious angel.


  1. Happy third birthday son quotes, I love to see your face.


  1. Happy 3rd birthday, son! You will always be my sweet baby boy. Stay sweet and stay little. #birthday #3


  1. Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy! So far, our sweet little tale has been a mix of tantrums and tears, late nights and early mornings, diapers, and those first little baby teeth. We laughed and we cried (and I’m still


  1. Doing big things since the day I was born. Happy 3rd birthday, baby boy.


  1. Today we say happy birthday to my son! Happy birthday to you, #myboy!


  1. Another year has flown by, and it seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms and wondering what you would grow up to be! Happy Birthday, Son.


  1. The sound of the coffee maker starts my day, but your smile finishes it. You have completed 3 years. Keep Smiling. I Love You. Happy Birthday Son.


  1. Son, I’m sure your mom tells you all the time how much I love you. But it’s because I do. You are an amazing kid, with a kind heart, great


  1. This past year with you has been the greatest adventure of my life. I love you so much! #mygreatadventure


  1. Some have cake, some have ice cream. We have you.


  1. These are special days. These are the days that connect us with our past, the days that fill up our present, and the days that tie us to our future. Happy 3rd Birthday Son to my son quotes!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Son, you are the light of my life, the sun that warms my soul, the energy that fuels me every day. Happy 3rd birthday son.


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Son! It was just yesterday that I brought you home from the hospital, and yet it feels like you’ve always been here…as if I carried you inside of me for 9 months…like you weren’t


  1. Keep calm and celebrate your 3rd birthday like a boss.


  1. My baby boy turned 3 yesterday, what a wonderful age. He’s the kindest, caring, smart little boy, I know.


  1. Here’s to you, kid. How does it feel to be 3?


  1. Have a blast on your birthday, son! You were born to shine brightly and you definitely do that. We love you with all our hearts”


  1. Today I celebrate the happiness my son has brought into my life! I want to celebrate his birthday with a number of writing moments, so here are the first three.


  1. We just want to say THANK YOU for your love, patience, trust, and support in this sometimes-so-hard journey.


  1. Today is the day To celebrate how great You’ve been And how great you’ll become. Happy birthday sweet son.


  1. Another year added to the time we have together. As your father, I hope you will grow up to be a person of great wisdom and grace.


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my brilliant, mischievous, sweet little guy. He’s growing up so fast. I feel like he was just born yesterday…


  1. My son is pretty much the sweetest, funniest, and best baby ever (that’s what all parents say?) But seriously… here’s to my little guy. May he always be this happy! Happy 3rd Birthday Son ❤


  1. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my son. My son has become 3 my life is complete. So many great adventures, Wonderful surprises abounding, Change our lives forever. I love you – my son


  1. This 3rd birthday is for you, @garcon_jones. You’re our special little man and we’re so proud of all that you do. We love you so much!


  1. It’s your 3rd birthday. Congrats on becoming a BIG boy! I love you.


  1. It seems just like yesterday that you were smiling from ear to ear as a new baby boy. With so many fun years ahead, we hope this brings a smile to your face again. 3!


  1. “My son, you brought joy to my life that I never knew existed.”


  1. “You are my favorite person of all time. You are perfect, you are kind, you are smart, you are funny, you are handsome.”


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my son, the best thing that ever happened in our lives! #SonQuotes


  1. My baby boy is getting so big. Soon he’s going to be a big brother Happy 3rd birthday son!!!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday my son! You are wonderful, kind, caring and most of all fun to be around. I am so happy you are my son. Keep growing up to be a fine man. #birthday #cake #family.


  1. Celebrating my baby boy’s third birthday today. This year feels like a virtual lifetime in terms of growth and milestones. As he continues to grow his little personality is coming out through his use of language, facial expressions, and a range of emotions


  1. Happy birthday to my amazing Son ❤️! You’ve added so much joy to my life and I love you so much!


  1. Celebrations are in order for another year of this little cutie. 3, 2, 1… Happy Birthday!


  1. Today I’m thinking about how far we’ve come in these past 3 years. I think about how long the road has been – and how full of beautiful moments it has been. The amount of love and joy you children have brought


  1. 3 years ago today, I became a father. It’s been the most rewarding, humbling, and most real journey of my life. I can’t wait for what this next year has in store as we continue to watch you grow up as a


  1. I hope that you always remember how much I love and adore you and that I am so proud of how far you have come.


  1. You’re my son, my best friend, and the reason I breathe.


  1. My pleasure is to pass on their mother’s genes… My happiness is to see them growing up well. Happy third birthday son quotes


  1. Be happy, live simple, love much. Happy 3rd Birthday Son


  1. To celebrate Andres’ third birthday, I’ve rounded up some of our favorite pictures, quotes, and bits of wisdom to date. Happy 3rd Birthday Son! We love you.


  1. I’m happy to be the one you come to with your problems. The one who always makes you laugh. The one who loves you no matter what. I’m proud to say that today is my son’s third birthday


  1. Commemorate your little prince’s third birthday with a cake and by pampering him to the max. Happy 3rd birthday, baby boy!


  1. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to my awesome little man. I love you so much.


  1. Wishing our 3rd baby the happiest of birthdays. We love you so much little one.


  1. Happy birthday to this little man… who I am so grateful to have in my life. Thank you for being SO sweet, thoughtful, smart, funny and pure.


  1. Wishing all the sweetest wishes to our little man. Here’s to 3 years of laughter, maybe 5 maybe more…we hope!


  1. These are the sweet moments in life 💓


  1. I hope today is the best day of your life so far, and that every following day is even better.


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, my son quotes ~ Baby boy happy third birthday wishes #mybabyson3rdyear.


  1. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, SON! We love you so much. Thank you for the laughter, joy & all the surprises.


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet, spirited, and handsome little man. We love you so much.


  1. 3 years in and I’ve learned SO much. I’m looking forward to more amazing moments in this journey with you. LOVE YOU. Happy 3rd birthday son – happy 3rd birthday to my son


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my son. May this year be your best year yet! Here’s to you, Champ!


  1. Sometimes I still can’t believe he’s three already. #birthdayboy #mybaby #iloveyou #myheart.


  1. My son, thank you for being my little buddy, travel companion, hiking buddy, and friend. I love you so so so so much.


  1. It’s your birthday for the next 365 days! Congratulations and happy day to you.


  1. We love you—not only because you’re adorable; but more so because you have taught our family how to love, hope, and give others the benefit of the doubt. We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. Happy


  1. Celebrating the day my son was born 3 years today.


  1. Dear son, I want you to know that you make me a better person. Every day, you teach me how to be a better man.”


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to our favourite little man! You have given us so much joy over the last three years, and you are growing up so quickly! I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for you next year.


  1. Here’s to all the adventures we’ve had, and to all the ones still to come. Happy 3rd birthday to my son quotes


  1. ️Happy third birthday to my precious baby boy, who I can’t wait to see grow up into the big three-year-old he is becoming. You are so much fun! Mommy loves you with all her heart


  1. Happy birthday to my son, The lights of my life, the time of my life, My heart. You’ve brought me more joy than I ever thought possible. I bet you don’t even know the words to that song! (Are they


  1. Happy Birthday to my baby boy, you mean the world to me! I want to make sure you know. You’ve been such a blessing! I’m proud of how you’ve grown and what you’ve become! You inspire me every day with your


  1. There are many people in this world who are forgotten on their birthdays, but maybe they are the luckiest ones for they have never known the pain of being unwanted. Today is not your day, but there will be plenty more. Today marks year


  1. Sending you precious memories shared today celebrating your birthday. Wishing you all the best wishes in this year ahead.


  1. Your birthday is all about you today. Enjoy your special day with your friends and family.


  1. So basically, you can celebrate your birthday as much as you want. We already celebrated it ONE year ago. Now on to the next one! So how about some cake?


  1. My child gets excited when he sees the birthday cake because he knows that it’s time for his favorite part!


  1. ”In our age, which believes that small is beautiful, everything about greatness is under suspicion.” – Reinhold Niebuhr


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my son quotes happy 3rd birthday to my son, happy 3rd birthday son to my baby boy. We are so grateful to you. I wouldn’t change anything about you. Happy 3rd Birthday Son!


  1. Thank you for being my son, the best son in the world. I love you #happy3rdbirthdaysonquotes


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Son! I can’t believe you’re three, the time has flown by. I fell in love with you at first sight and I know my feelings will never change for this sweet miracle from God above. You


  1. As time goes by … Happy 3rd birthday, Son! I love you to the moon and back again. You just keep growing and growing into such a great little man! Happy 3rd birthday!


  1. This is the happiest 3rd birthday in the world! I’m so proud of you my son, child, little boy. You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me❤


  1. So much greatness packed into such a small person. So proud of everything you’re doing and everything you’re becoming.


  1. Happy birthday to my son, the best thing to ever happen to me. Thank you for being my friend, thank you for being my rock. I love you with all my heart.


  1. Hi, big guy! We’re so proud to celebrate your third birthday—you’ve come so far since your first smile, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings. You steal our hearts every day,


  1. My son is 3!! My firstborn child. The one I gave birth to, he’s three years old already.


  1. Wishing you the best birthday ever, my beautiful boy.


  1. Thank you my love for being by my side all this time. You have grown so much, becoming the most loving little boy I’ve ever seen.


  1. It’s your birthday! I hope you have a great day and reflect on how lucky you are to have us in your life.


Happy 3rd Birthday to My Son Quotes

  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my favorite little boy in the world. Here’s to 3 more years of birthdays, fun, and friends!


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my precious son!! I love you more than the moon 💙


  1. Today is my son’s 3rd birthday. I have no idea how this has happened.


  1. We raise a toast to your third birthday & the endless potential it represents.


  1. The third year of my son’s life was so sweet and happy. His third year of birthday…


  1. Thank you for making my life so much better than it ever was before. I wish that everybody had a son like you.


  1. I hope you always know how much I love you. I hope that you will grow up to be smart and funny, that people will like you because of the way you treat others. I hope that all your wishes come true. It doesn’t


  1. Thank you all for the love and support you’ve given me, I’m truly grateful. I can’t wait to see what else this year will bring.


  1. How can I explain my love for you? I’m not alive. I am now one of the undead.


  1. I will fight for you with every beat of my heart.


Baby Boy Happy 3rd Birthday Son Quotes

  1. baby boy, happy 3rd birthday what a fun year it’s been watching you grow! you are so much fun to be around always smiling & laughing! not to mention you are just about the cutest baby boy ever


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday to my precious baby boy. You have filled our lives with so much joy and laughter! Love you, Buddy.


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet son, Gunnar! He’s growing up so fast and we love watching him discover all of his imaginative and creative abilities! Gunnar can be quite the jokester and has a big personality. He likes


  1. You’ve brought so much love, laughter, and joy into our lives. We love you to the moon. #HappyBdaySon


  1. The 3-year mark is no joke! Every year with you only gets more fun. Happy birthday, Baby! We love you & can’t wait for all of the things that this next year will bring.


  1. It’s your 3rd birthday and I can’t believe it! you are growing so fast. I hope you ignore the tears I just shed 🙂


  1. 3 years old today ! ! ! 3 ! ! !


  1. So beautiful inside and out. I am so lucky to be his mommy.


  1. Remember when you were tiny, just a tiny baby boy? You didn’t have any hair, but your brothers did. And they were so protective of you. Oh how I loved your space helmet…#3YearsStrong


  1. What a year it’s been…so much has changed for all of us, and it’s been the greatest thing to watch a growing little man navigate it all. You have stuck with your passions and focused so well on taking


  1. May your heart always feel warm, your home always feels like home, and your family always feel like family.


  1. We’re so proud of you, but we have to be honest: we were a little worried for a few days. You’ve been so stubborn and strong-willed these past 3 years, it reminded us of someone else who


  1. I love you to the moon and back,


  1. The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings!


Happy Birthday for My Son 3rd

  1. Wishing my son a day full of love and laughs on his sweet 3rd birthday. Wishing him a year full of more laughs, love, and happiness. Happy Birthday, son!’


  1. Say it again… “Happy Birthday to my Son David,” Say it once more… “Happy Birthday to my son, David.”


  1. Happy birthday to my sweet, thoughtful son. Wow, you’re three years old already. Time sure flies! Have a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday, my little man! 3 is pretty great. Can’t wait to see you turn 4. #dd3


  1. Your creativity, sense of humor, and adventurous spirit make me smile every day. As you turn 4 I’m wishing you all the fun times ahead! Happy Birthday, Son!


  1. Happy birthday to our son and firstborn. You’ve taught us more than we could ever teach you—what a sweet and magical thing to be able to say! Love, Mom + Dad #FamilyTogetherForever


  1. It’s his 3rd birthday! Here are some wishes I have for you, Buddy Bear Love—


  1. Nothing to see here, just my son celebrating his birthday with his chocolate-covered strawberries 😯


  1. We are proud of you! We love you! Happy birthday, dear mommy’s little man! ! !


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, my darling! I love you so much.


  1. Happiest to you my dear! Hope your day will be filled with lots of smiles, sweets, you name it–just enjoy being 6 yrs old.


  1. Thank you for making my life better, for being a part of my family – here’s to 3 years!


  1. Celebrating just how rad it is to be 3 years old.


  1. When I look at my son, I see the universe. I know that sounds highfalutin, but when you hold someone in your arms and see the universe in them, you want to make it right.


  1. Happy birthday to my son I’m so grateful for you. Your positive energy & bright, happy spirit has filled our hearts with more joy than I ever imagined possible. You are the embodiment of what love looks like—pure.


  1. Happy Birthday to my #3 boy! Only the best for you on your special day. ##iloveyou


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to my sweet boy! I love you more than anything.


  1. On my son’s 3rd birthday, we had a little family gathering with cake and presents. He was very excited about the new truck that he got; it was his favorite present that day.


  1. I can’t believe my little boy is three years old. He’s my best friend, I cherish every moment with him. His laugh makes me laugh, his smile melts me. I love you to the moon and back! Happy


  1. I am the father of the most incredible boy. I remember this shirt you picked out for me on our last Fathers Day together. Daddy loves you more than words can say! #mylittleboy #happybirthdaydaddy


  1. Y’all. This kid is getting so big, but he still thinks he can make it through the night without a nap.


  1. So much! I love you 3000 🙂


  1. When my son said, “I’m not going back to soccer, I’m just going to be a football player!” We were all ecstatic for him. Put that goal in the bucket and watch how quickly it manifests…

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