Happy 40th Birthday Quotes Funny


Happy 40th Birthday Quotes Funny: Mm, it sounds a bit too happy already huh? Happy Birthday quotes generally make someone’s birthday a happy day. But funny birthday quotes especially for 40 years old man are very rare and can be found with difficulty. Yet funny happy fourties Quotes are there to help you.


Happy 40th Birthday Quotes Funny

  • Happy Birthday, dear friend. I hope today is as special for you as you are for me! You are wonderful friend and an amazing person. Always upbeat, you always make others happy too. Thanks for being my friend.


  • On your 40th birthday, everybody wishes you a happy day. Happy 40th !! May the year to come be kind and prosperous for you, my dear friend !


  • Actually, I am more than happy to celebrate your birthday. I’m not saying you are old, but the number 40 is that of the age when you really start looking distinguished, polished and wise. Wish you have a beautiful day full of the fruits of life.


  • I am proud of the huge achievement you’ve made in life, and I am happy to be a part of it. You are a good role model for me, and today should be celebrated worldwide! On this special day, I wish you health, love and prosperity!


  • Many more happy returns of the day. I am very happy to be invited today on your special day. I wish you good health, happiness and all the best for a lovely future ahead.


  • Today marks a splendid milestone in your life! Have a great time and enjoy the day with family and friends. I bet, there is plenty of food, drink, and dancing to keep you occupied for the whole day.


  • Dear friend, no one knows me better than you do. I am happy that God gave me a friend like you, a treasure like you, a wish come true. Happy 40th birthday!


  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful and very best friend! As we celebrate your 40th birthday, I pray that you see your way into every blessing God has prepared for you. May today be the day of fulfillment your heart desires and may it come with a lot of laughs and cheers.


  • On your special day, I wish you happiness and joy! May every day of your life bring something new and fascinating. Happy birthday!


  • The world is a better place because in it are people like you. Life is a journey and so is mine, with you by my side I feel more capable of achieving all my goals. Thanks for always being by my side, and wishing you a happy birthday filled with a lot of love, laughter and grace.


  • May you have many more healthy and happy birthdays to come! I just want to remind you, I will support you always. Have a great birthday celebration!


  • To the most comical guy I know in the world, from the day we met I knew our friendship was going to be strong. Sadly, we’ve drifted apart and were not as close as we used to be. I pray you will remain healthy and have a long lasting life so that we will meet again hopefully. Happy birthday!


  • Wishing my friend a very happy birthday! I am glad that you were born in this world. You have always lived with an open heart and an open mind. I am proud that I can call a person like you my friend.


  • Thank you so much for being such an amazing friend, someone I could open up to, talk to and trust. You have had my back through it all, no matter how hard or difficult the task. I will always remember that our friendship is timeless! Come celebrate with me at work today!


  • You look so pretty and cute in this picture. Here is a very warm birthday card for the birthday girl. Wish you a very happy 40th birthday! I hope that you have had an amazing week and have enjoyed every minute of it.


  • Happy 40th birthday wishes to someone who makes this world a better place simply by being in it. I hope you enjoy the special day today, surrounded by all those that love you and care for you. May your birthday bring you great happiness always present and new surprises!


  • 40 can be scary but you still look good. Hope all this birthday cake will not add any extra kilos to your body. Have a great 40th birthday, here’s a toast to you!


  • Thank you for the sacrifices and sacrifices you have done for me, I am grateful to have such a loving mom. Thanks to your loving and caring spirit, I am where I am today. Today is the birthday of my best friend who has always been looking forward to being 40 years old.


  • I wish you the best on your 40th anniversary. You have been an important part of my life and I thank God everyday for blessing me with a friend like you.


Funny 40th Birthday Quotes Female

  • I just have to wish you the best on your 40th birthday! You are one of the most special people in my life. You always bring a smile to my face, and at times you made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. May God bless you always!


  • You have taught me to achieve my dreams, no matter what. Sure, at times there were bumps and obstacles on the journey, but you showed me that nothing can fade my dreams. I am happy to have a mother like you who is always there for me, and will continue to help me fulfill my goals. Happy birthday!


  • You are one of the smartest and most talented people I know! I am grateful you understand me and always have my back. You are generous to a fault, kind to a fault and every time I pray for god to, send me an angel, he sends you! I wish that whatever you wish for on your birthday comes true.


  • You are a great example of what it means to be an amazing woman. You are loving, hardworking and a very supportive wife. I know that you have sacrificed much to make my life better, but you always did your best to raise me right. I love you mum!


  • Well done, lady. You are a person who has taken her own destiny in her hands, and dared to make the most of all opportunities. You have been brave, independent and beautiful. I am so happy that I have a friend like you!


  • I am glad you have taken the time to accept me as your friend. Being around you is just really reassuring and invigorating, you are one of the loveliest persons I know. Good luck on your 40th birthday!


  • It is your birthday again! Happy Birthday! You are now 40 years old today, and I am feeling grateful to see you in good health. This is one of the happiest day of my life as well. In this world where people are busy with their own lives , you are there to support us in times of difficulty.


  • You are a real star and I am incredibly happy to know you. Actually, you have been one of my best friends for years and without you, I couldn’t have made it through tough times. Thanks for believing in me. Happy birthday!


Funny 40th Birthday Quotes for Him

  • My dear husband, your 40th birthday is here. I want to remind you how very much I admire you! You are a special man, the partner of my dreams. You are my best friend and an amazing husband and father. You made me feel safe and secure when we were young and you still do even after all these years. Happy 40th birthday you wonderful man!


  • Today is your 40th birthday, but it’s a mere moment in the time you have been in this planet. I have seen you grow from a fragile baby to the strong confident man you are today. You have inspired me to do more and be more. You are everything I aspire to be one day! Happy birthday!


  • Today is the day for a celebration. My brother, who has finally reached the milestone of 40! It’s a celebration worth celebrating, because I don’t know anyone else as generous, understanding and compassionate as you. Have a great 40th birthday!


  • Hi brother, you have been the captain of my life for 40 years now, steering me through thick and thin. I know, growing up without a dad was difficult for both of us since he left us when we were kids. I today wish you an unending life ahead! Happy birthday!


  • You may be turning 40, yet you still look like a young guy. More than your physical appearance, it is your young enthusiasm and ambitious mindset that I admire the most. I wish you all the best, and may you succeed in all that you do!


  • Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear husband! I know you will continue to make me the happiest woman in this world. Thanks for being there through the good times and bad times.


  • I know the feeling of being 40, that’s a decade of adulting. Here my friend is a piece of free advice, you’re still too young to be that old. Happy birthday!


  • Happy Birthday to you! I can’t wish you a good time as you have many days left to pull off some great things. You have been a role model to my friends in everything, it’s only fair that I point this out.


  • On this very special day, I just want to say “Happy Birthday!” You deserve all that you desire! There is no one like you in this world; your love and care have really changed my life. Thanks for being there through my ups and downs. Have a great time celebrating your fortieth birthday with the ones you love.


  • Today is your 40th birthday and I can’t be there to celebrate with you because I am in Texas. But I want to wish you a very happy day, spent with the people you love. Time passes fast and next year I will be here to celebrate it with you.


  • I have known you for long time and I can say with all the honesty that I have seen you mature and develop into the fine, accomplished individual that you are today. I’m proud to know you, to love you and to wish you a very happy birthday!


  • This year you have been incredibly special, and I feel like I have grown so much under your sincere guidance. From the beginning, you have been unlike any other boyfriend I had. You took me to a whole new level, and after thinking about everything we’ve been through, I realized I am truly blessed to get to love such an amazing soul. Happy birthday darling!


  • Happy birthday to the coolest guy in town. Thanks for always standing by my side and being there for me. I am proud to call you my friend. Hope your birthday is filled with laughter, fun, and joy!


  • I would not be the person I am today if it were not for you. You gave me laughter, love and care when I lacked them. You were there during my dark moments to give me hope and confidence. I wish you a very happy birthday and more years to come!


40th Birthday Quotes Funny for Moms

  • The joy of celebrating your 40th birthday is more than we can express! Your presence in our lives has made you a pillar and to us a priceless trophy. I hope this treasure that we have each day will continue to overflow as you celebrate another year of friendship, love and everything wonderful life has to offer. Happy birthday, Mom!


  • Happy Birthday Mom! I am your youngest daughter and today marks 40 years of your life. Now you can kick back and relax, because you have made it through the hardest part. All I want to tell you is that I love you; from now till forever.


  • I know how hard it is to be a mom. I am 42 and I don’t ever remember being your friend as well as your daughter. I thank you for all the help you have given me during my adult life. You are an inspiration. I wish you a happy birthday.


  • Thank you for being a great mom, and letting me see this beautiful world and so many great things. The happiest birthday to my beloved mom! Happy Birthday!


  • I once spent a great deal of time with you. You invested a lot of effort into helping me grow up and find courage to face the challenges that I was facing. Thanks for taking care of me when I needed you the most. You have helped me stay positive and always had faith that the best is yet to come. Happy birthday mom!


  • We all know that mom makes the best cakes, right? It is so nice of you to make one for me on this special day. Thanks for taking the time out and proving to me just how much I mean to you. Wishing you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart and please take good care of yourself!


  • Dear Mom, as you are turning a year older today, I pray that you may find your true happiness in Jesus’s embraces. May he be with you always, looking after you and your loved ones continuously. Do not forget to thank him for the beautiful childhood we had; there will be more to come soon! Happy Birthday once again!


  • For a person who can decide her own destiny and walk her way without caring about what others think of her is not an easy feat. You decided your path, put in the effort to prove that you were right and won. Because of all you have done, I’m proud to call you my mom! Happy birthday!


  • Mom, you have changed my life forever. You are a great mother not only because you feed me with love and make me smile but because in life, you were always by my side and fought with me. I can’t imagine how my life would be without you in it. So again, thank you for everything!


  • I know it’s hard to believe but I was once a cute little girl. That cuteness obviously didn’t last, but had it done so, I would like to think that you, my amazing Mom, were to thank.


  • It is my parents’ life that I can do anything I want in life. They have passed me the legacy of a hardworking person. I will always be grateful for the sacrifices you made for me. Thank you for all the hard work and sacrifices you made to raise me. Wishing you an awesome birthday!


  • I started the morning with a wish, but the day has been so good. I wanted to say thank you for all that you do for me. I wish that your birthday is filled with joyful memories, gratitude and love!


Funny 40th Birthday Quotes for Sister

  • Happy 40th birthday to a sister who is more than a friend. My best wishes and warmest thoughts are with you on this special day.


  • You will always be my lovely sister and I will continue to be your loving brother. We have been through a lot together, and you are beautiful in every single way. Today would not have been possible with you by my side. I love you! Wishing you a happy birthday!


  • It has not been easy to be your sister, but you have been a good one. You were really mean and cruel in the earlier part of our lives, but it was all for my own good. It is because of this that I have grown into such a wonderful sister. Today, I want to wish you a happy birthday filled with wonderful things!


  • You make everyone feel special with your charm and personality. This occasion is a special one for me because it gives me the chance to make you know my feelings for you, which could not be put into action. Have a very happy birthday, dear!


  • Dear sister, if you weren’t born, I was going to have to invent you! Thank God I didn’t have to go through that extra effort. Happy birthday and many more such celebrations to come!


  • You are a sister nobody can replace. You have always been my shining light in the darkness of the night. It is because of you, I am able to see hope in the face of adversity. It is because of you, I got it in me to keep going even when I wanted to give up. You are with me through thick and thin.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I am so very happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of your life and to see you turn into the lovely lady you are today. You are filthy rich with love, kindness and favor. I wish you all the best in life!


  • Big sis, today changes nothing. You have always been an inspiration to me and now I admire you even more. Whatever the future holds for you, it would be great to hear from you all how amazing your life has become. You are a great sister and I am forever grateful for your love and selfless sacrifice towards me.


  • Birthdays remind us of how fast time is flying. Before we know it, we’re old and gray waiting for kids to visit us. I hate the thought of you growing old. Hopefully, I don’t have to see you on a wheelchair but instead on your feet doing the things you love the most.


  • Dear sis, It is not always a good thing having you as a sister. No, I am kidding. I love having you as a sister. Today, I am more than willing to share my wealth with you because I know that you make me who I am today. Thank you for always being there and being the best sister anyone can ever have. Thank you for everything!


Funny Quotes on Being 40th Birthday

  • You make it fun to be forty! All these years you have been kind and generous. You’ve given me the best gifts- your love and everyday presence. I hope you enjoy the day in a joyful way and know that my love for you is always there!


  • Are you excited to be 40? I couldn’t even begin to guess the number of times you’ve been asked this question now. Well, I want to ask you something else: do you know how much I am looking forward to be 50?


  • I sense you are feeling much older than I am, as I had terrible trouble keeping up with you! You are one of the funniest human beings on the planet, and definitely the most vivacious. May this day bring upon you a breath of freshness and a special glow!


  • I have known you for 40 years and so much has changed, yet so little has changed. It might not make sense to you but it does to me. What I mean is that your ability to be yourself no matter the situation hasn’t changed one bit, even though everything else has. I hope life treats you well on this special day!


  • Dear friend, you have been so good to me that I just want to say thank you for every beautiful moment we shared together. I am continually grateful for your friendship in my life. Thanks for the memories!


  • Dear, thank you for teaching me things I never knew about myself. You have been the mentor I need in life. Thanks for your good advice and support. I am grateful to be your friend!

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