Romantic Happy I found You Quotes


Happy I found You Quotes
Happy I found You Quotes

At one point in our life, we found that person that our hearts love and cherish so much. If you are lucky to find that special person then this beautiful happy I found you quotes is for you.

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved- loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. We are here to help you find that beautiful love words to make her/him smile, or to show that you appreciate everything that he/she means to you.

Happy I Found You Quotes for Her

• I don’t know why I can’t deny that you are the best I have ever met in life. I am so glad to have you in this cruel world.


• Maybe you are not aware that I am glad you are in my life. Thank God I found a special angel like you.


• I have no hesitation to give you my love forever. If you need my heart and soul, I will give you too. I am happy I found you.


• I wish there is a way you can see through my heart so that you will understand how much you mean to me.


• Whenever I recall every moment we spent together, my heart is filled with joy. I am happy I found you.


• It is amazing that I have not even loved anyone like this in my life. I am lucky to have found an angel, so cute.


• Until I found you, I thought life is unfair to me but now you have wiped away the sorrows I carry in my heart.


I Am Glad I found You

• I will still be glad to have you in any condition whether good or bad. I will not regret ever having you in my life.


• Having the hope that I will see you, a smile never leaves my cheeks. I can’t wait to see your precious eyes once again.


• I just want you to understand that every moment in life has to be spent with a special person and you are the only distinctive person I have.


• You are the sweetest event that has ever happened to me, just as you are everything I ever needed in my life.


• Seeing you glad makes my heart blow into the fragrance of passion. I am glad that you belong to me.


• There is something in you that can never be found somewhere else, and that’s the sweet attitude to walks with you.


• Whenever I see you smiling, I become gladder than ever. I am happy to have you as my dear love and angel.


• I thought love is inconsistent until I found you. I swear you are the best woman that ever came to my world.


• Having you in my life is the sweetest thing that has ever occurred to me. Life has been so beautiful with you.


• Who else will be luckier than I am when I found a beautiful woman like you? I swear you are the best.


• There is no way I would ever wish to lose you to someone else and the reason is that I love you with all my heart.


Happy I found You Quotes for Wife

• My life has become sunshine since the day we met. I am always in shock at how you completely YOU became mine.


• You are so perfect for me and my heart accepts you beyond every other person in life. I am glad I found you.


• Since the day I found you, I have become the happiest person on earth. I am grateful for the kind of love you show to me.


• I have always pictured us together as husband and wife. When we wedded, my heart was relieved because you finally became mine.


• I can deny that words are not enough to tell you what I wanted to tell you. My love for you is clean and crystal.


• All I can say is that I am glad to found you. I can’t stop thinking about you because my feelings for you are so deep that I don’t understand too.


• I have never felt so happy this way before until I found a comforter who later became my wife. I love you so much.


• A lot has changed since the day I met. I have always looked into the future to find someone as special as you are.


• I feel better whenever we share a moment together. It is like you are the only special love I have in my life.


• Your presence blows my heart with the breeze of passion. I am so glad because you belong to me. I wish you all the best.

I am Glad I found You Quotes for Husband


• I can’t love you less because you are the reason why my heart beats faster than ever. I wish I have found you many years ago.


• I haven’t found someone like you before because you supported me when I was totally in need of someone to stay with me.


• Trust me; you are the best thing that has ever happened in my world. I am glad to have you as my dear husband.


• It baffles me that you are always there to support me whenever I need you most. You are a caring husband.


• You are the kind of husband every woman hopes to have. This is why I am so happy to have found you.


• You are my glad tiding and that’s why you are special to me. There is no man that can replace you in my life.


• I love my hubby, and I have found the second half of mine. You complete me and I am happy for having you in this world.


• You have never run away no matter the condition. This is a sign that we are divinely meant for each other. I love you.


• I have searched and searched but couldn’t find the one meant for me until I met you. I am glad I found you.


• You took my sadness away and gave me happiness with your special love for me. I am happy to have you.


• The moment I met you, when I looked into your eyes when I heard your voice, I knew I have found the right man.


• I stopped searching since the day I met you. I understood that you were the last man standing. My heart beats for you alone.


• You are the better half in my life. I am glad I found you and I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you.


• I have seen a lot in life. I have searched the world to see if I can find the perfect man for me. I couldn’t find a perfect man until I met you.


I Am Happy I found You Quotes for Lovers

• I finally found my missing rib. I have gone to the farthest north and searched the nook and cranny of the world but couldn’t find a special woman like you.


• I didn’t let go of her hand. Her voice was sweet and it swept away my heart. I am glad she belongs to me.


• Whenever I find myself sharing a moment with her, my heart melts for the aura of the power of her love.


• She always makes my day memorable and she is the best I have in this world. I miss her so much.


• I will never let you slip my hand again. Her beauty, her voice, all her part of the power that controls my heart.


• She makes my day sweet because she is lovely and caring. She makes me happy because she is calm and beautiful.


• I am very grateful; I have found the man I love. I am glad; I have found the man of my life. I am happy, I found my happiness.


• The journey of finally meeting you was harder than climbing the Mountain Everest. I was almost giving up.


• I was almost losing my hope to find the perfect woman in my life until I met you and everything become possible.


• I will tell you the truth that you brought me back to my senses—I was giving up on true love. I am happy I found a special angel like you.


• I have chosen you above every other man. You are the one that my pleased with and this is the reason why I am happy to have you.


• Now that we are one, our love will not have to wash away. We are meant to be for each other forever.


• Our life will not remain the same once we come together as one. Our heart will always be filled with love and passion.


• She has always been faithful to me and that’s why I decided to spend the rest of my life with her. I love you so much.


• You will never know what it means to miss the one you love until they are gone and by then, it is too late. I want us to spend time together.


• There is one thing you don’t understand. The kind of feeling I have for you is so intense that I cannot possibly forget you.


• I now know how it feels to miss the one you cherish so much. I didn’t understand what love is until I met you.


• Let us make every moment everlasting in our memories. Life is like a zigzag line, let us learn how to live together in any condition.


• Now I understand how it feels to love someone so deeply. I have taken people’s feelings for granted until I found you.


• If not because we met, how do I know the sweetness of the taste of love? This is the reason why I am glad I found you.

Sweet Happy I found You Messages

• We are always there for each other, this means you are my paradise and I am your atmosphere. Together we can make the world of love a better place.


• When we met, we found love. Love is, without doubt, a strong bond between two lovers that shouldn’t be shared with a third party.


• We have been through a lot together; we have done so much together and have been so patient with each other since these days.


• We are for each other I don’t mind climbing to the sky to spend the rest of my life on the moon with you alone.


• How sweet we found love in each other. I swear you are the most beloved person in my world. I love you to the core.


• Love is so strong that it can pierce the flesh of your chest and then cause it to breathe faster for the one it found.


• Like a sharp stainless steel blade, your love cuts my heart without mercy. I am happy to have found you in this life.


• I looked inwardly into my life and realized that there is nowhere you haven’t touched just to make me the happiest person on earth.


• I realized that my life will be miserable without your love so I finally met you and then my life is now complete.


• You love completely changed me. I became a gentleman all because of you. I gave up my questionable attitude all because of you.


• In you I found something sweeter than honey and it is the kind of love that never ends. I am grateful to have you in life.


• When I had a broken heart, you were the one that picked up every broken piece of my heart with your true love.


• You showed me love and promised never to allow tears to roll down my cheeks anymore and I trusted you because you are trustworthy.


• Because of you I decided to give love a trial again. Because of you, I decided to let the past go. I am happy because you have swept away my sorrows.


• I have found love that cleans my past pain away. I have found you as the blessing sent down to wash my sorrow away.


• The thought of you, the special love I have for you, and every passion that flows in my eyes because of you are always the reasons I am happy I found you.


• When I am lively, it means you are there for me. I am happy to have a special angel like you as my partner.


• I didn’t realize that this day will come because I have searched and searched but couldn’t find the best.


• You are my hope and now that I have found you, I will never let you go again. I am happy to have met you as supposed.


• Believe me; I will always be there for you. I am grateful for the kind of love you show to me since the day we found each other.


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