Motivational Letter to a Jailed Boyfriend


Letter to a Jailed Boyfriend
Letter to a Jailed Boyfriend


Letter to a Jailed Boyfriend: You want to send that lovely letter to a jailed boyfriend to motivate him? Having someone who makes us happy is one of the best things we do desire as humans beings, however, something can happen to our loved ones that could temporarily separate them from us. Going to jail for any known or unknown reason could be one of these things that could cause much pain to our relationship.


Howbeit, it is such a moment that we have to show great love, care, and support to our partner who’s in jail. Has your boyfriend been jailed and you wish to share with him in his bad moments? Are you looking for ways to console your boyfriend who’s in jail in order to give him hope and also uplift his spirit? If yes, then you’re on the right page.


The best and most effective way to accomplish this is by sending him a sweet and motivational letter. This will go a long way in reminding him that someone still cares and believes in him. We have compiled below, the best and most inspiring letters you should send to your boyfriend in jail to make him feel special and knows that someone still cares about him, here you go;


Sweet Motivational Letters To Your Boyfriend In Jail

My Dearest,
I can’t imagine how my life would be without sleeping and waking up in your arms again, you came into my life and made me believed that true love exists, however, those who think they have all the powers came and took you away from me. Ever since I heard the news of you going to jail, my heart skipped and I lost all my strength. I have been crying all day and night, praying and hoping that God will look into this case and deliver you immediately from this menace. Take care of yourself baby till we see again, I love you.


You’ve been part of my life and staying a day without seeing you is like spending my life in hell. Howbeit, do not be discouraged and never give up because I solely believe that justice shall be done and you shall be freed very soon. Everything you left behind has been taken good care of by your mother and siblings. We are earnestly praying for your freedom, be strong and be of good courage, I love you baby!
From your beloved girlfriend,


The news of your imprisonment came to me as a total shock. I don’t understand how wicked and hardhearted some people could be, to the extent of putting someone who wasn’t convicted of any crime in jail. Well, baby like you always told me when we spend time together that destiny can only be delayed but cannot be denied, I solely hope and pray that justice be administered as urgently as possible and so that you will be freed. You will not lose me because I’ve made up my mind to wait for you till you come back from jail, I love you so much.


My Love,
I spoke to the Chief Judge the other day on my knees telling him about your case, his name is God and He assured me that you will be freed. My dearest, I love you so much and I can’t stop thinking about you all day. As you are in this difficult moment, remember that you’re not alone, I am by your side. I will do everything possible to make sure that you are out of that place. I love you.
Your Gf- Esther.


Sweet Letter to a Jailed Boyfriend to Motivate Him

I can’t forget in a hurry, all the sweet memories we used to share. Your enemies have decided to snatch you away from me and lock you up in jail. Howbeit, I want to let you know that my thoughts are with you all the time. I will not leave you no matter what may happen. One thing I am very optimistic about is that one day you shall be freed and we will have a chance to hug and kiss each other again. Right now, I am praying and believing God to intervene on your behalf and let the case be revisited so that adequate measures are taken and you will be released. Do not be discouraged; neither should you think that this is the end of your life. This is part of what makes our life a journey of a thousand miles, this too shall pass and we shall celebrate our victory. I can’t stop loving you sweetheart, kisses!


My Happiness,
The day you were captured, I realized that my life without you is incomplete. Since then, I have done everything possible to make sure that you are released from jail. However, my love, I want you to take courage in the fact that what they accused you of, was something you never did. Many people may start seeing or thinking that you are a bad person, but I do not listen to all that they are saying, because the few years I’ve stayed with you had helped me understand the type of person you are. You’re my most valuable treasure and I will always wait for you. I love you.


My Sweetheart,
Being in jail is not the end of life because they can only imprison you, but they can’t imprison the truth about the matter. In times like this, I urge you as your beloved girlfriend to be of good courage and think positively because very soon you will be free from that place. Your mom and I had met the Chief Judge in charge, and we were told that your case will be revisited. Baby, I sincerely love you and I don’t want to lose. I have made up my mind to stay for you till the day you will be freed. I love you so much.


My One and Only,
Today makes it exactly 10 days since you were jailed by those who think that they have all the powers at their disposal. One thing is certain, they only succeeded in jailing you but they can never jail my love for you. They may put you in prison, but they can’t imprison my love for you. Your indelible greatness, love, and care are what I missed as I’m writing this letter to you. Howbeit, I don’t have to worry any longer because I am very convinced that you will be freed very soon. I am doing everything possible to make sure we win this battle together. While I’m striving in my own part as your beloved girlfriend, I want you to be strong and courageous over there and remember the wise saying that “tough times do not last, but tough men do last”. I sent you love and care from here as I pray that God should see you through.


Inspiring Letter for A Boyfriend In Jail To Boost His Confidence

I will never abandon you in these hard times because I know that everything will be fine someday and you will be freed from that disgusting jail. Many people may start seeing you as a bad person, but I will not join them because I understand what is going on and how hard you are trying to defend yourself. All you have done for me is enough reason to appreciate and also stand by you in these trying times. Don’t be weak, but know that I’m always there for you, take care love.


My King,
Although they imprisoned you today, you shall be free tomorrow. I and your mother are tirelessly praying for you. I don’t know how you’re coping in such a terrible place of torture. One day you shall come out. As for the business you left behind, I ensured that everything is still working perfectly, I installed the machines you purchased and also cleared the debt you owed the manufacturers. You don’t have to worry much about me because everything is in God’s control. You’ve been an amazing friend to and I will wait for as long as possible to meet you again. Love you.


My Love,
I can’t imagine how incomplete I feel each day since that day you were put in jail. You have been a great friend that I can also rely on. Your daily advice and romantic talks can’t be forgotten in a hurry. Till now, I can’t explain what really happened to you because I’m still in shock. One thing I know is that those people who falsely accused you of the act will never find peace until they set you free. My love, don’t give up because of this incident, I know you are strong; I want you to know that I’m all yours even though you’re in jail. I won’t have someone else; it’s a promise to you. I love you and I’m praying for your freedom. If there’s a man to pray, there’s a God to answer, and our case will be a miracle. Take care of yourself over there my love.


Honey, everything happens for a reason and only God knows the reason this is happening to you at this particular period of time. However, we should not panic over this incident but we should rather take it to God in prayers. They can only jail your physical body but they can’t jail your potentials. I love you so much and will do everything possible to see you out there. Best regards!


Nice Prayerful Letters to a Boyfriend in Jail to Motivate Him

My Darling,
I understand that it is not easy to cope with such a horrible place. I pray that God should intervene on your behalf to order for a revisit of your case. Although they have tampered with my happiness now, I am optimistic that my happiness will be restored in a short period of time. Please always remember the good times we spent together, put on a smile on your face as you read this letter because someone out there cares so much about you. I love you, baby!


My Sunshine,
We made so many promises about our relationship this year, now you are not here with me. I want to let you know that all those promises we made will surely come to pass; I’m saying this because I reported your case to our great lawyer, the mighty man who can heal and deliver. He assured me that he’s in control of your case. May his name be praised! So, honey, you don’t have to worry or think too much about this matter. Next year will not meet you there again, take care of yourself till the day we will finally see each other again, I love you.


Dear Paul,
You’re my best man, my happiness, my dreams come true, my desire, and my most valuable gift from God. As you’re there in the jail, I pray to God to keep and protect your every day till the day you will finally regain your freedom. I am praying for you every night and day and I do believe that one day God will answer my prayers and take you out of that place. Baby, this is not the best time to point fingers or find fault in anything, as far as I am alive, I will also stand by your side especially in the most difficult moments of your life. Together we shall win this case. Do not be intimidated or discouraged, rather be strong and remember that Justice can only be delayed and never be denied. My best regards, I love you.


I will never stop praying for God’s mercy about your case. I am optimistic that you will find great peace and happiness in anything you do. I can’t stop thinking about you and all you have been doing for me. Your advice keeps ringing in my heart every day. Please, my love, I want you to be strong and never give up because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry about me because I am fine, Hoping to see you soon. I love you


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