Long Happy Birthday Message for Best Friend


Long Happy Birthday Message for Best Friend
Birthday Message for Best Friend


If you have that awesome friend then you should be thinking of sending this long happy birthday message for best friend to him/her. A relationship is the most important element in life that makes life interesting. Friends have been our best companions and occupied the biggest part of our lives by creating an unforgettable experience and memories in our minds. It should be noted that not everyone or friend is qualified to be tagged “Best friend”.


A best friend is a friend that has been and willing to stand for you in any circumstances, no matter what it is going to cost. A best friend will say the truth, no matter how it hurts. A best friend will forever listen to your stories and gist, no matter how boring it might seem. In addition, you will generally agree that your best friend holds and knows about 90% of your life, and they can publish a book with your name as the title. People hold different perspectives on the topic of a best friend, and as such, prompted different forms of celebrating their best friend’s birthday.


You might be looking for cute messages to put a smile on your best friend’s face; you will never regret your visit to this page. We have a lot of romantic and cute messages for your best friend to wish him/her happy birthday.


Long Happy Birthday Message for Best Friend

• Having you as a friend has been a blessing and a source of inspiration to my life, you have been there for me when I got nothing to offer and as you turn a year older, I wish you grow in wisdom and strength. Happy Birthday.


• When I remember the love and memories we share, I smile sheepishly because we have come a long way in our relationship. Happy Birthday, Bestfriend.


• If every human on Earth was you, the world would have been a better place to live where love in heart, peace of mind, and fear of God flows in our midst. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• I feel like playing hide and seek games on you on this special day, to scare you or should I scare you with ghost recon? Anyway, it’s your birthday, I will rather, surprise you with a gift. Happy Birthday my best friend.


• Maybe you haven’t noticed, you are getting old, your skin graft, your voice becomes deep, your beard grows but your height still remains. Just kidding. I wish you a happy birthday.


• Long messages I cannot write, neither can I express what I wish in my heart for you or the memories we have shared but I wish you a happy birthday my dear friend


• It is my best friend’s birthday, the most adorable person in the world, the most important element the world needs, a heart of gold, and an irreplaceable person in my life. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, dear.


• You are a best friend in my life but much more like family at heart, you are more special to me than I’ll ever be able to put into words. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful friend like you, but I will be forever grateful that the universe brought you into my life.


• I have always been surprised by the kind of memories we have created, we chat, laugh, and smile together without worries in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• The light of a thousand candles is still not enough to outshine your greatness. Happy birthday and thank you for being my best friend in the world.


• Make preparation, let’s celebrate and dance because your birthday only happens once a year. I love you bestie!


• Being your best friend has been the greatest honor and accomplishment in my life. May this birthday mark greatness, wisdom, and divine excellence. I love you Bestie.


• Today marks a new beginning of a new chapter. I wish you grow in wisdom and guidance of God. Happy Birthday Best friend.


• I have been wondering what to write for your birthday but I don’t think I have anything more than this. Happy Birthday, Bestie. I love you!!


• On the day we met, I thought of becoming your enemy but we grow to be best of friends. Happy Birthday, Bestie!


• I wish you could see through my eyes and see how special you are in my heart. Happy birthday, dearest best friend.


• You don’t have to be told, how much I love you because, in my heart, you are my only best friend and the only one I love. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• You are not a new babe, but you are my baby and it is my baby’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• On your birthday, the angels proclaimed to the world, you are the only Bestfriend I have and I cherish you!! Happy Birthday, my dearest best friend


• To the only one person who showed me the true definition of a best friend. Accept my warm wishes with love. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• For all the years we have been friends, you have always been perfect at sharing and caring for others. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• Our friendship has kept me strong and resilient. You’re the best half that makes the incomplete me complete.


• I have seen your best side and your worst and I have been through it all with you and for that, I am proud to be your best friend.


• Best wishes on your birthday. Think of it as a butterfly, when it thinks that all is over that’s when God turns the lava into the butterfly.


Hilarious Long Happy Birthday Message for Best Friend

• I laughed at you today because you are getting older without leaving your childish behavior. Happy Birthday, kid bestie!!


• Jeez!! you are today a big girl/boy, I wish you big things, big boy/girl. Happy Birthday Best friend.


• You thought me how to enjoy dinner on my first date and I appreciate you for that. Happy Birthday Best friend.


• I love you because you have thought of me so much, like brushing my teeth and wearing my cloth properly, I love you for this!! Happy Birthday

• As you grow old, remember to pray for your beard to grow. Just kidding but I’m serious..!! Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• I just remembered you have a birthday today and I did not want to wish you. Read that again!! I can’t forget your day!! Happy Birthday my dearest friend.


• You thought I won’t say “Happy Birthday my big head Best friend!


• Check your phone, I just send you a credit alert of nothing. Happy Birthday, Bestie!!


• I don’t have a give for you this birthday, but I have ordered two bottles of beer for us!! Happy Birthday Best buddy!!

• What do you have to tell me!? why are you calling my phone!? Maybe you thought, I have forgotten your birthday!! Happy Birthday, Best gist mate!!


• I’m really sorry, I broke the cake I bought for you!! Your cake is ready!!


• You felt heartbroken today because your best friend did not wish you “Happy Birthday”. I Love you my best friend. Happy Birthday!


• Look at your face in the mirror, you are growing old with grey hairs!! just kidding but you are only today old!! Happy Birthday my best friend.


• Look outside the window, you have an Entourage to surprise you on your birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!


• Happy Birthday to you!! I didn’t say that from my heart because you don’t want to celebrate today!


• It is going to rain at your birthday party except you bribe me, as the rainmaker. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• The presence of God is so much on your birthday because the lame was healed and the blind, received their sight. Happy Birthday to you!!


• Your age is significant because it thundered in heaven the number of your age! Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• My glass of wine is empty at your birthday party, full it!! before I retrieve your age!!


• I can’t recall telling you that you are a dummy on your birthday!! you are a dummy!! Happy Birthday, Bestie!


Heartwarming Long Happy Birthday Message for Best

My dear best friend,
• It is said that the best comes from the best and iron sharpen iron” having you as a friend turn brother is no regret. Appreciating all efforts we pull together, is what I smile of every flash, the ups and funny moments we share makes me have a story to tell. Your greatness is incomparable and beyond expression. On this special day, I pray for answers to your secret prayers and open doors in all your endeavors. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


To my second version,
• My sincere apology, I just realize that today is my twin-soul day. I love you more than anything else in the world and I cherish you that I don’t want to lose you, no matter what we are passing through my best friend. I am still awake without sleep and my eye pondering on the moments of our relationship and the memories we’ve create that smiles occupy my thoughts. Happy Birthday, Bestie. You are forever valued.


To my dearest Bestie,
• God designed us for a purpose and my purpose in life was revealed through you, the memories we shared, the Business dreams we discussed, the future we hope for, and the life we lived is an avenue that strengthens our bond. You will never realize how much you mean to me, until you Pierce through my heart. Today is your birthday, it is the special day, we have been anticipating and I pray you to grow in wisdom and strength to overcome the evil of the world. Happy Birthday Best friend. I really adore you.


My memories mate,
• I thought about the last day we went to the beach together and how we mess ourselves up in the dirt, our white shirt turn brown and our caps like the mud; It was an amazing experience. we have shared so much of our secrets and we have created so many memories to publish a book or act a movie. Though today, you are growing older, you are still a kid because you still love to hide and seek games, especially burgers with ice cream in every dinner. I love you. Happy Birthday, Bestie!


Funny Happy Birthday Message for Best Friend

• Cheers to you for you’re older than me today!! Happy Birthday Bestie


• To my best friend, I wish you the happiest and most fulfilling birthday, today I wanted to write something awesome, but nothing is as awesome as you.


• As you grow older, may our love for each other grow, and may you increase in wisdom and every other aspect of your life. Happy Birthday, Bestie!


• You have finally turned over a new babe and I hope you will experience all you wished for this coming year. Happy birthday best friend.


• I wish you a happy new age with good health and life! Happy Birthday Best friend!


• On your birthday, I knelt beside my bed, to pray for our relationship to old with our age. Happy Birthday Best friend.

• What I wished for you is answers to your prayers! Happy Birthday.


• The only birthday that touched my heart is your birthday! Happy Birthday Best friend.


• I feel I’m getting old too because it is my best friend’s birthday.


• Be a blessing! favour be your portion!! This is my prayer for you!! Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• Your room is full of blessings brought by a legion of angels. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• See the glow in your forehead. you are blessed on this Birthday.


• I did not tell you, that I am getting older also. Happy Birthday to us!!


• my half soul is getting older!! Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• Look at the house, we are ready to party because it is your birthday!!


• Do not hesitate to meet me at our favorite spot, let’s celebrate our memories. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• Are you sure of this!? you keep telling me this. Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• Just like a new kid, you are enjoying your birthday!! Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• Nobody deserves a better life than you! Happy Birthday, Bestie.


• A friend like you is rare! I love you!! Happy Birthday.

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