My Heart Misses You Quotes


My Heart Misses You
My Heart Misses You


My heart misses you quotes: There are many times in our life when we are apart from the one we love. Travelling, work, school, or just because we want to give each other some space to breathe. Yes, being apart from the one we love is hard, but absence also brings its own rewards. It makes our hearts grow fonder, and we come to love the person even more. The love quotes in the following article will make you realize how much your loved one is missed, and many of the quotes are easy to use in your relationship.


A person with true love suffers this condition most but still, he or she can manage it by texting messages to the one they miss so that they too can text back to reduce the feeling of loneliness.
We have gathered some powerful text messages for you to send to your lovers, husbands, or wives.

My Heart Misses You Quotes for Her

• I may not find a word sweet enough to describe how much I love you but I will prefer to spend the rest of my life searching for the right word.


• I am in my eyes but you are in my heart. This is how deep my love for you has reached. I can’t stop loving you, I swear.


• I am not going anywhere. Whenever you get scared, just look into my eyes and everything will be fine.


• When you are afraid of something and I am around you, just jump on my back and hold me a little tighter. My heart really misses you.


• Sometimes, I will just sit down thinking of nothing other than the moments we have shared together in life. I love you.


• I want to sleep with you. I don’t mean sex. I mean I want to be your husband someday while we sleep under one blanket.


• Looking forward to a day we will both sleep in the same bed, my hand will be around your waist and yours on my chest.


• The day I will meet you again. I will never let you go again, I will not risk the price of loneliness anymore.


• Anytime you come back home, may be my heart will find its rest again. It beats beyond normal since the day you left.


• My heart saw you walking away and then it says, come back my love, I am missing you already.


• Time may not be able to change the way I miss you whenever you are not around. I love you so much.


• Thanks for reminding me that even broken hearts can be loved. I just can’t wait to meet you once again.


• My heart will never finish missing you. It is learning how to cope with you and will always do forever. I miss you so much.


• You are the girl all my heart talks about. I haven’t seen you a day my heart doesn’t miss you. I love you so much.


• When two hearts are meant for each other, nothing can break them apart.

My Heart Misses You Quotes for Him

• My heart bleeds loneliness whenever you are not by my side. I can’t wait to see you at any time because you are my happiness.


• Only if you know how much those few moments with you matters to my heart. You are always cherished by my heart.


• For so long, my heart didn’t beat fast until I found you. Wherever you are, please remember that there is someone, somewhere missing you.


• The Lord sent you to me knowing that I will love you beyond your imagination. Now my hearts can’t forget you again.


• What is destined just has to happen, if not, I will never allow you to go again because you are my happiness.


• The day I discovered you cherish me too, I became so happy that my heart continues to miss you more.


• I found my favorite thought to be thinking about you all the time. I am happy to have met you in life. I love you.


• The most precious place I love to dwell is inside your heart. I hope to find another chance to spend a little moment with you.


• Love stories have one thing in common—two true hearts always miss each other. You are my lover bird.


• Love tends to push you to give someone the power to destroy you but in the end, you find yourself trusting them because they feel the same way for you.


• Don’t waste your time with a love life that’s not clear. As for my own kind of love, it is mad. I can’t stop loving you at all.


• I am suddenly nice to everyone around me just because I fell in love with you.


• Thinking of you every minute, now I am happy just because I found you. Your love burns in my heart.


• Love should be extraordinarily true. This is the kind of love I found in you. My hearts, soul, and spirit couldn’t do without you.


• Meeting you in this world is one special thing that has ever happened to me. I am so happy for you because you are the best.


• When there was no one to say I love you. It was only you that showed up and told me how special I am.


• Are you the type that will not get angry even when I text you ten times a day, repeating the same love line? I have fallen in love with you.


My Heart Misses You Quotes for Wife

• I can write your name alone from the beginning of the chapter of my poem book to the end of the chapter.


• Everyone has an addiction mine is you. I don’t know why I keep missing you every single day of my life.


• If you need my heart, you don’t need to make a request because it belongs to you already.


• Until you are back again, my heart will feel better once again. I am grateful to have found you.


• A lovely heart will continue to miss its lover until the end of time. This is the reason why I can’t stop calling you.


• When you have a good wife, you have found the best woman for the rest of your life. Missing you right now.


• The meaning of my life for the person that matters to my heart. No wonder my heart misses you a lot.


• How I wish you are here and I am close to your waist, I will just kiss your neck and make you feel more special.


• Despite I don’t like to see you far away from me, I am always happy to think of you because the past memories we shared are always sweet.


• There is an emptiness inside of me and that’s the cause of missing you. My heart misses you truly.


• Only your presence can heal me again. I swear I am completely immersed in you because your heart beats in me.


• When shall you come back to my arms where you belong? The urge to find you again always ring in my heart.


• My heart is burning like fire. I swear you are the best for me. You don’t know how much I have fallen in love with you.


• There is no moment my heat doesn’t think of you. Day and night, I see you more like the most blessed wife in the world.


• The day is approaching gradually. Thank God for keeping my faith strong until we finally achieve our dreams together.


• Staying away from you puts the veil of loneliness in my eyes. How I wish you are close to me right now.


My Heart Misses You Quotes for Husband

• I am still thinking if there is any sweet husband as you are. As far as I am concerned, you are the best ever seen.


• Whenever I set my eyes on you, a light of passion takes over my heart and this makes me happy but the saddest thing that has ever occurred to me is when I miss you.


• The only time I feel a deep pain in me is whenever you are away from me. I miss you so much, dear love.


• Whenever I miss you, my days feel like a thick dark cloud. How I wish there will be a possibility to spend every moment together until death separates us.


• Even after my death, I will ensure that my heart misses you because the feeling of having you around me makes me happy.


• I haven’t been able to miss anyone as much as I miss you. I am so glad you came into my world. I love you with sincerity.


• It became more impossible to stop loving you since the day we departed. I always long to meet you soon.


• Since the day you left, I felt like half of my heart is gone. How I wish you are to make me smile this night.


• As far as you are far away, I can’t be lively. Your presence always fuels my heartbeat. I love you so much.


• I am looking for a day your eyes will be seen again. My heart longs for your presence and I cannot deny it.


• The pain of missing you always leaves my heart swollen with loneliness. How I wish you are here, I would have hugged you.


• When next I see you, will never allow you to go again. I want to be there for you for the rest of my life. I love you so much.


• Whenever my special man has left for work, I feel this pain in me. He is the best man in my life. I miss you.


• When your husband is not around and you feel lonely, it is a sign that you are incredibly in love with him.


• My heart violently jumps up to my chest whenever I meet you after a very long time—this is the reason why I don’t like to miss you.


• Sometimes, it feels like I am losing my mind if I see you walking away. I just want to be there for you all the time.


• Even if I try to miss you less, my heart will not allow me. It is used to you as soap is to leaf. I love you.


My Heart Misses You Quotes for Him or Her

• No matter how I try to cope with other things in life, my heart will never let me rest. It is always missing you.


• I would have loved to take a break from missing you but it is almost impossible because my mind can’t stop thinking about you.


• I’m bored and inactive without you, my heart is always excited whenever I am with you. I miss you so much.


• You are my joy and your presence makes me happy all the time. I love you beyond the peak of love.


• You are all my heart thinks. I still can’t wait to see you in my world. I am grateful for the love you always show to me.


• I desire you much more than you desire me. I cherish you more and need you more because you are all I ever care about.


• Anytime you are not here, I feel deeply sad. How I wish I can reach you any moment from now. I love you, dear.


• My heart vibes into your heartbeat. I can hear the sound of your true love for me and that’s why I am missing you.


• It baffles me to realize that you are the answer to every question running through my heart. I love you.


• I am not fine right now because you have to be constantly available with me. I love you so much, dear angel.


• My soul is always up until you are around. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous eyes once again.


• My heart and soul miss you truly. I feel much love for you whenever you are around me and then miss you greatly.


• I love you so much and miss you endlessly. I am always there thinking about you, so don’t feel unimportant.


• When next will I see your precious face? Don’t you think we are supposed to be together right away? I love you.


• I have zeroed my mind and as such, you are the best for me. You belong to me forever and ever. You are simply the best.


• Whenever I am with you happiness crosses my heart entirely leaving me in great excitement. You are the best for me.


• To my treasure, you are just the cutest thing that has ever happened to me and I cherish your impact on my heart.


• There is no moment I feel more sadness in my heart than that moment you walk away. I miss you.


• Missing you seriously and hoping that my heart will settle once I set my eyes on you once again. I love you.

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