Best New Born Baby Welcome Status

New Born Baby Welcome Status
New Born Baby Welcome Status

The joy of having babies is enormous for the new parent, be happy, be proud of the special blessing from heaven by updating your status with one of this lovely New Born Baby Welcome Status.

New Born Baby Welcome Status for Baby Boy

1. Come and rejoice with me on this abundant blessing of twin baby boys! I cannot keep calm!

2. Many months of waiting has led to today being the happiest day of my life! I birthed a boy!

3. It is two boys and it is a miracle! Thank you, dear God.

4. Love at first sight truly does exist! It was there when I got to hold my baby boy close to me for the very first time!

5. He has got the charm of a prince and the grip of a soldier. Everyone! My little man is here!

6. We are over the moon as we ask our dearest family and friends to come and felicitate with us on the birth of our baby boy.

7. He is cute, pink, soft, and warm, with toothless smiles and bright eyes! Plus he has got lots of hair! You all need to see him! I am over thrilled!

8. Welcome to the world buddy! Mommy and daddy love you so much for you have made us very proud!

9. Finally! Someone to talk about sports and videogames with! It’s a boy! This joy cannot be contained.

10. I am glad to announce to everyone that I am a proud father of a healthy baby boy!

11. We have been gifted with a baby boy! We give God all the glory

12. It is a boy! We are so excited! I will give anything to relive this moment!

13. Welcome to the world! My handsome little soldier. Mommy loves you dearly.

14. My precious little baby has been placed in my arms! I cannot explain this feeling! I am so grateful!

15. I am thrilled to announce that our family has grown by two tiny hands and feet!

16. Today, I got to say hi, and hold my baby boy for the first time. The feeling cannot be compared.

17. He is so tiny and charming! Plus he will be in blue… it’s a boy!

18. Please join us to welcome the newest member of our family! Isn’t he just charming!?

19. Tears of joy as the doctor placed him into my arms and he gave a sweet grin. Welcome my son.

20. My ever so cherished dream of motherhood has been fulfilled today! Say hi to my little prince charming!

21. All I feel right now is nothing short of happiness as I welcome my bouncing baby boy into the world today!

22. Our long-expected visitor has arrived! And he is here to stay! I feel so blessed!

23. It is a wonderful addition to my team of ‘men’! I cannot wait to show him around the world!

24. With much happiness, and after 9 months and a few days, our wait is over! He is here!

25. To all family friends and well-wishers, I am pleased to announce the coming of our newborn son!

26. Daddy gets a little man, and daughter gets a little brother! Welcome to the world my dear son.

27. He has made me the proudest woman alive! My baby boy has arrived!

28. We are beyond thrilled to announce the coming of our little prince! Thank you for your prayers.

29. The blue little fluffy blankets officially now have a rightful owner! Join me in welcoming my newborn baby boy. God bless you as you do so!

30. The girls are so thrilled to have a new sibling, and they will be more than thrilled to carry their new baby brother.

New Born Baby Welcome Status for Baby Girl
Baby girl status

31. My dear siblings, you all are now officially uncles and aunties! Come meet your nephew.

32. The air in our home has been filled with gentle cries and soft scents! It’s a boy!

33. Dear friends and families, you are looking at the latest and most proud mommy! Celebrate the arrival of our new baby boy!

34. Guess what? I just welcomed my healthy and charming baby boy!

35. He is living proof that God works wonders! I am now a proud mom.

36. It is a boy! He has got a good grip, and his smile is heart melting, join me to felicitate!

37. He is a God-sent, cute, little partner to dad, to all the sports game shows and comic book shopping!

38. We give no one but God all the glory as we welcome our bouncing baby boy!

39. All sleepless nights and discomforts are forgotten like it was never there! We have the arrival of our little prince to thank for that!

40. With grateful hearts and smile on our faces, we invite you to come to celebrate with us as we welcome our baby boy!

41. Welcome to the world our dearest little angel. He arrived at 2am.please join e to felicitate his arrival.

42. All things blue and wonderful! For it is a bouncing baby boy!

43. My little fighter has been born! Join me in celebrating his arrival.

44. Yesterday was expectant, today is welcoming! It is a boy!

45. Today, God has made me an overly proud parent of a healthy and bubbly baby boy!

46. Gripping my little finger right now is an ever-so-tiny hand of my newborn baby boy! We give God all the glory.

47. Our hearts have been filled with so much love. God has blessed us with a little angel. His name is Owen.

48. I am holding a tiny bit of heaven in my arms, and this is just pure joy. It is a boy!

49. Meet my strong, brave, gentle, and charming baby boy! He is so amazing.

50. He has made an uncle, an aunt, a grant parent, and most importantly, a mom! My family and I are ecstatic!

51. He is a sweet little miracle, and he makes heart melting sounds! We cannot wait for you all to finally meet him!

52. As our lives together begin, you already bring me so much joy and thrills! It is a bubbly baby boy!

Baby Welcome Status
Baby Welcome Status

New Born Baby Welcome Status for Baby Girl

1. I am overwhelmed with joy as I announce to my family and friends that we have been blessed with a bouncing baby girl!

2. On 5th May at about 3:37 am, I held my double dose of blessing in my arms! Yes! Twin girls!

3. She is here!! And I already cannot wait to hold her hand and walk her through life!

4. Our treasure of inestimable value has just reached our arms! We cannot contain our joy.

5. Share in our joy that she has brought forth. It is a bouncing baby girl!

6. Our spirits are lifted with the joyful cry of our little princess! She is really here?

7. It is pink bows and purple ribbons… yes! It’s a baby girl! I am so grateful to welcome my little princess into the world!

8. Our beautiful princess is a sight to behold! We are incredibly ecstatic to announce her coming!

9. Thank you, God! It is a beautiful baby girl! Our house is filled with pink balloons and pink garlands!

10. The latest addition to our family is a girl! We feel so blessed to have her.

11. The pink shoes have officially had an owner! Rejoice with us for our baby girl is finally here!

12. Our happiness is complete! Welcome to the world, our lively baby girl.

13. And today I have become a proud father of a beautiful baby girl. She will take after her mother!

14. She is really a dream come true! Her eyes are full of potential and she will be a kind and loving person. Welcome to the world!

15. We have a new daughter, little sister and little niece! Please come felicitate with us.

16. She is just a perfect little being! I am so proud to be your mom, dear angel.

17. This evening we welcomed our newest daughter to our family. We are so grateful to have you, little one.

18. I could choose to hold her in my arms all day, all week! She is such a sight to behold! Welcome to the world my treasure.

19. I give gratitude to God for making my family complete! I just had a bubbly baby girl.

20. Her cheeks are so soft and chubby that I could kiss them all week! We thank God for this bounty in our lives.

21. It brings me so much joy to hold your tiny hands and announce to the world how blessed I am to have you as my little baby! Welcome my princess.

22. Our wishes have been granted! It’s a set of twin girls! A double dose of blessings couldn’t have come in a better package!

23. It is going to be dolls, doll houses, tiny cups, tiny dresses, and pink hats! Please celebrate the coming of my baby girl with me!

24. It is a baby girl! My heart is melting as I type this! Please join me to celebrate this incomparable moment!

25. She is finally here to say hello! Meet our baby girl. The tiny and awesome version of me! Isn’t she adorable!?

26. It is a dawn of a new world, full of hopes, experience, and possibilities. My journey of motherhood begins today as I welcome my little princess!

27. She is a living proof of that wishes do come true! Welcome to the world young one.

28. Oh, how overwhelmed I am to say that my life has become complete! Join me as I celebrate the coming of my little Amazonian queen!

29. The most beautiful flower has just been added to my garden of life. Everyone, meet my little queen.


30. Our hearts are smiling as we get to announce that we have a new child to give our unconditional love, she is an adorably sweet little princess.

31. Straight from heaven and into our home, she is wonderfully made and is a blessing to us. Welcome child.

32. The boys have always been anxious for a little sister, and I am glad to announce to them and to everyone else that… it’s a girl!!

33. Welcome to this beautiful world my baby girl. You are the apple of my eyes and the moon of my heart.

34. She is here! Time for some cuddling and snuggling! The family and I are more than pleased.

35. Our perfect little human has arrived in our home and she came along with endless joy and warmth. I love you, baby.

36. She is a queen warrior, our little angel is here, and she is just perfect in all ways.

37. Soft kinky hair, kissable cheeks, and tiny fingers and toes. What else could anyone ask for!? Felicitate with us on her glorious arrival today.

38. Thank you all for your prayers, gifts, and best wishes a few months ago. I am more than glad to make known the coming of our sweet and lovely little princess. She is such a blessing.

39. Holding her close to my heart made me realize there were places in my heart that were empty. I am grateful for God’s plentiful blessing of a baby girl.

40. Please help us welcome our new bundle of joy. She is so beautiful and I cannot wait for you all to meet her!

41. Hey everyone! Say hello to Sophie! Our amazing gift from God.

42. After nine months and a week, we announce to you the birth of our princess. Welcome to the world baby.

43. Other days, I dream of angels, but today, I hold one in my arms. So pure, so precious.

44. Our little lady has arrived! Please join us to welcome her to this beautiful world.

45. We are delighted to share the news of the birth of our girls! God has been very merciful to us.

46. We are now happy parents of a bouncing baby girl. Please join us to welcome our bundle of happiness, delight, hope, and joy.

47. She is here, our little conqueror. Please join the rest of our family to bless her!

48. My breath-taking angel has arrived; she is so cute and adorable.

49. She is my heavenly gift; she is so precious and beautiful you will need to see her.

50. My joy is here, tender, lovely and fresh, she is saying hello to everybody.

51. I have been waiting for your arrival; welcome my angel from heaven.

52. It so good to see you my lovely baby; how heavenly you look so beautiful.

53. My charm is here, she tickles me every second that passes, welcome dear baby you make my world complete.

54. My bundle of joy and a special gift from heaven is here, she is bouncy and cheerful.

55. She is a tiny sweet soft precious baby girl; won’t you like to meet her?

56. She giggles me to live every time I look into her dark white beautiful eyes; she is my lovely baby.

57. My baby girl is here, she so delightful and charming.

58. The most beautiful flower in my garden has come; she gave me a lovely winsome smile.

59. My most adorable princess has arrived, she looks so tender and beautiful, and she is my joy.

60. The winning of my heart is here; meet her, she is so adorable.

61. Won’t you rejoice with me, the queen of my heart has finally arrived; she is so appealing and lovable.

62. A sweet little angel has arrived for heaven; she invites you over for her welcome party.

63. God has blessed us with a beautiful angel, so adorable and cute, she is saying hi.

64. Join us to welcome our little angelic baby girl to the world; she is going to be a star child.

65. She makes me smile every time I looked into her lovely eye, she is my newly angel, my baby girl is here.

66. She makes my heart tickles with joy; join in the joy of a new bundle of a beautiful baby girl.

67. Thank you Lord for the beautiful gift that you send to our home, she is so cute and lovable.

68. She arrived into the world of endless joy and possibilities, meet our lovely Ayesha.

69. A little sweet miracle has arrived our family, she put smiles on our faces, meet my adorable, Sarafina.

70. Say hello to our little angel, she arrived with lots of beauties and goodness.

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