Text Happy Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend


Text Happy Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend: Every girl dreams to make her best friend feel special on her birthday. Guys have a different way of celebrating birthdays; they give surprises like gifts, parties, or a night out. To keep those surprise parties, we have the happy birthday paragraph for a best friend.

When you are looking to write the perfect birthday paragraph for your best friend, you will want to consider what he or she means to you. His sense of humor. Her ability to always make you laugh when the day seems to be going sour. And more importantly, what he or she means to you on a personal level.

You have shared so much together over the years and come through some tough times together, everything from moving away during college and starting new jobs. So it only makes sense that as you write your best friend a birthday paragraph, you might also use it as an opportunity to thank him or her for always being there to support you when you needed them the most.


Text Happy Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend 

  • The friend recognizes a moment of happiness and good news and bad times no matter when you need the greatness of friendship. I have never had a friend as great as you! Although we have spent countless hours together, it never feels like enough. Thank you for making your birthday special!


  • Dearest friend, I’m so happy that you were born! May you have a fantastic year and keep on rocking like you always do. You bring so much joy to everyone in your life. Happy birthday!


  • You are such a funny dude! I am grateful for all you gifted me with, including years of laughter, peace, and joy. I appreciate you for being my best friend and supporting me when I was down.


  • It is incredible how you can enhance my mood and make me feel so light after a bad day at work. I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY because you are deserving of all the love, gift, and attention that the world has to offer.


  • I don’t mean to brag, but you are the first person I think of when I feel lonely. Your shoulder has always been there for me to cry on, and your smile makes me smile no matter how bad my day is. Happy birthday sweetie pie!


  • You may have some flaws, but you have made the best of them. You have been a great friend and a fantastic parent even though you are years younger than me.


  • Hey John, since we both have the same birthday, I thought of taking this opportunity to tell you that it is my best. I know that you will be the most excellent doctor on this planet, and everything you touch will turn to gold.


  • The problem with planning a birthday party for you is that it is impossible to top last year’s one. Yet, here I am, planning another exciting birthday adventure for precisely the same person who has already outdone herself! Do you see what a good best friend you have here? I appreciate you forever! Happy Birthday!


  • People celebrate different kinds of birthdays. Some people celebrate their b-day with a smile, some with a song, but I want you to know that you’re my best friend and I will celebrate every day of your life.


  • Your finger I shall hold, Your heartbeat I shall feel, And your love for me will keep the world at bay. Happy birthday, dearest friend!


  • You made my life complete, and I can’t imagine a world without you in it. Here’s to a fantastic birthday!


  • I want you to know one thing. You came into my life just when I needed an open-minded friend like you. Thanks for letting me accompany you on a journey of discovery.


  • I hear you are finally reaching the milestone of ages, huh? Congratulations! It must be a good feeling to be as old as you. I hope this day will open new opportunities for you, and you will continue to keep working hard no matter what the challenges might be—wishing you a happy birthday and a lifetime of happiness!


  • Best friend, you are the best part of my life! You have shared all my happy and sad moments with me. You have been a shoulder I can cry on whenever life has had its way with me.


  • Happy birthday to my best friend! I hope that you are having a good time on this beautiful day! May all your dreams and aspirations come true.


  • Why do I suddenly have this feeling that you always have a backup plan ready, just in case destiny fails you? As your best friend and sister, I would like to say that you are one amazing lady! When I think I know everything about you, you surprise me with something new. I am grateful to call you mine, and on this particular day, I wish you a happy birthday!


  • We started as friends and ended up as friends for life. Your friendship has made me a better person and enriched the essence of my life. Each day is more special because of your presence in it.


  • Happy birthday to my friend! I hope you have a lot of fun celebrating your birthday with all your friends. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate in the future!


  • I don’t have many friends like you, who pick up the phone and call me whenever you feel like it. I don’t have many friends who can do whatever I ask them to do, regardless of how absurd it sounds. I don’t have many friends like you, who understand why I am lagging, who lend a helping hand when in need. All that I have is an army of words and wishes for your birthday! I wish you a pleased birthday, my friend!


  • I hate celebrating my birthday, but spending it with you makes it bearable. I hope we’ll have many more such days. Happy birthday!


  • I hope you have a good day today. Without any further ado, I want to wish you a pleased birthday!


Emotional Best Friend Birthday Paragraphs

  • Dude, I share the same birth date with you; in fact, we just had a party to celebrate this. Well, I am sending you this birthday card because there is no way I can come to the party! But I must say that my best buddy never did give me so much happiness – as you have done by being at my side today. Thank you for making my life worthwhile and making every day better. A wish that our friendship never dies away!


  • My friend, life is so much better when you are around! You have done many incredible things, and I have seen you through good and bad ones. You have always been there, for me in my time of need, for everything I do. My best friend says, “happy birthday!” to you with this message.


  • I have always thought about you as my best friend, the person whom I can always talk with about everything. A day doesn’t go by in your absence when I don’t think about you. What we have is unbreakable and all thanks to fate, which brought us together. In honor of your birthday today, I would like to say that we are bonded together forever, and nothing can ever change our relationship.


  • Hi, John! I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come on this particular day. God gave you to me as my best friend. I have learned a lot from you and had a couple of good laughs with you. You have brightened my life in ways that no one can understand. On this beautiful day, I want to thank you for being such a great friend.


  • I have nothing to say. You all have never reached the limit of what you can do to express your feeling towards someone else and all the things you said to be grateful to him. I’m also one of those people who has the same idea as you, so happy birthday.


  • Today is a day of happiness, but it’s also a day of remembrance, the remembrance of all the good times we had. You have been a friend for life, and I’m happy you’re my friend. Here’s hoping for more great times in the future. Happy birthday!


  • It’s your birthday, what will you do that makes me laugh? Get caught red-handed digging through my underwear drawer? Play footsie with your girlfriend under the dinner table? I love you, though I’m not feeling the party. You’re a good friend; I’m so grateful for the role you play in my life …


  • Your birthday is just another day to remind your best friend that you love them. If a person can remain a good friend through the lonely and painful times in life, then they are someone worth holding on to. When it comes to you and me, I know I would live a life of loneliness before saying goodbye to the friendship we share


  • Happy birthday, my friend! As long as we have followed each other, you improved the quality of my life. Your jokes warm my heart, and your presence cheers me up. You always have time for me and listen to my problems… You are such a fantastic friend! Happy birthday to you, kind soul.


  • Nobody can replace the support, affection, and love that I have received from my best friend. Your friendship has not only changed my life for the better, but it has also changed me as a person. I may sound like a broken record, but you are the most beautiful person I know. Thank you for everything! I wish you a pleased birthday and many more years to come!


  • Do you know all that you mean to me? Whenever I think of you, a smile automatically appears on my face. I need to tell you that there is no person like you for all the good things you have done for me! Have a blast on your birthday.


  • Happy birthday to one of your dearest friends! On this particular day, I want to thank you for all you have done for my family and me. You have always been there for us in good and bad times. I know no words can express our gratitude for you, but we will be there for you just the same. Thanks a lot and more.


  • On your special day and every day, my best friend is blessed with love and warmth. As you live your life to the fullest, always remember how much we love you.


  • John, I was curious. Do you believe in the concept of a best friend or friendship? Or do you think they are all the same? You see, I have debated this topic numerous times. You say that friends come and go, but there is always one constant friend who sticks with me through thick and thin. A real friend will always be there. One such person is you! Happy birthday, John!


  • Dear John, I think we have more things in common than you realize. You are my friend, and I cherish friends like you who stand by me through thick and thin. Thank you for touching my life and making it better. What would have happened to me if God hadn’t put you in my life? Happy birthday to a life that has changed mine forever!


  • I’m sure you know that you are a great person. If not, it’s about time you realize it. You are a person full of empathy and compassion. I feel blessed and thankful to have known you because you are unlike any other person in the world. Thank you for coming into my life, John! On a particular day like this, I would wish for nothing but your happiness.


  • I am missing you already! We have to celebrate birthdays together for the rest of our lives, you older man!


Long Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend

  • On this particular day, the best friend in the whole universe, I want to wish you a pleased birthday. You are my best friend and most of all I take you as my brother. You are there for me at all times, no matter how grave my problems might be. Here’s wishing you a wonderful year ahead!


  • Using so many words to thank you may seem a little overboard, yet they express how much I value all the support and love you have given me. Thanks for lending me the courage to fight even the most daunting challenges. Thanks for cheering me up when I was down. Thanks for playing along when I was bored. So on this particular day, happy birthday to a best friend like you!


  • It is a true blessing to have you in my life. And since we were kids, you were always the one to fall back on. I am blessed to have the best guy as my best friend, and I hope this fantastic friendship lasts forever. Happy birthday!


  • Is it your birthday? Today is the day you were born. Imagine the number of people who have shared that same birthday as you. The only difference is, they are not reading this message, perhaps because you are a special someone! I know that if you want to read this, this shows how much I care about you. Yeah! The fact is, there can’t be enough words to describe how much I love and appreciate you.


  • As a special friend and a confidante, you have helped me through my darkest moments. Life has been challenging for me for so long, but you have always been there. You are the best man I have in my life, and I appreciate everything you have done for me. You are an old soul and an angel from heaven. I wish you a happy birthday, my dear!


  • I hope you have a wonderful birthday day with the most amazement ever. I am wishing you a Happy Birthday, with lots of love and laughter, because these are the things I treasure the most.


  • I hope we can play chess again and like always, I will beat you! Wishing you another year of fun, laughter, good health and long life to live, good food to eat, excellent roads on which to travel, a warm place to sleep, and the delight of knowing that in this world of impermanence, you have someone who will remain devoted to you until his last breath: me! Happy birthday!


  • Here’s wishing you a fantastic day, packed with happy and good times had with all your loved ones. Enjoy every moment because life is too short not to. May today be the best day of your life.


  • I wish you a long and healthy life, if not for yourself, for me. You see, darling, I cannot live without your wit, no matter how much I try to.


  • I know you have heard that a thousand times, but true friendships are rare and precious. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for being there for me always and for all your support. Here’s to many more good times ahead! Be as happy as you deserve to be!


  • Every friendship gets tested sometimes, but I think our company is exceptional. If a large boulder happened to fall on my head, or the world had stopped spinning, or a meteorite were to hit me right in the center of the forehead and kill me instantly, would you remember to feed my pet goldfish? If your phone went missing and I could find it but you couldn’t, would you trust me to take care of it for you? You don’t have to answer those questions now.


  • Hey buddy, you are finally old enough to drink and see naked girls in a strip bar legally. I hope you enjoy your newfound freedom cause once you turn 21, there is no turning back. After that, all your years on this earth will be painful cries for mercy.


  • To my best friend, I wish you a fantastic birthday! Thanks for everything you have done for me. Somehow, your minor pranks never fail to crack me up. You are my guardian angel who has saved me from several dangers and hurdles. On this particular day, I want to thank you for being a part of my life and making it more excellent and beautiful!


  • Dear friend, you are undoubtedly the most pleasant and cheerful person I know. You always look at the bright side of things even when everything seems unbearable. As a friend, you are an endless source of inspiration for me to be better every day. Happy Birthday!


  • I guess you always knew when you were born. And I am confident that you know that today is the day known to all around the world as your birthday. You are an extraordinary person to me, and I want


  • Happy birthday, John. The funny thing about life is that you don’t always get to choose it all the time. You are not only my friend; no, you are the best that ever happened to me. All through these years, you have been a ray of hope and the greatest gift to me. I am glad that I have had your support at all times. Happy birthday and I love you, buddy!


  • You can have every birthday party on this planet, but I am sure you have always wanted to have a party in outer space. Well, fortunately, you are getting what you have always wanted to have. You will have your party in the room with me and all of the gang members we grew up with.


  • When I write long paragraphs, you know that only the first and last sentences must be read. I might do it to save you time, but deep down inside, I want to show off that I possess such excellent penmanship skills.


Funny Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend

  • For me, you are the best friend a man could have. Funny birthday paragraphs for best friend. I love your sense of humor and the way you make me feel loved in every way possible. Thanks for being my special friend and never letting me down. On this particular day, I wish you a pleased birthday! Laughter is always good for the heart!


  • I might not be the best friend in the world, but you indeed are! Your friendship has stood me through good and bad times, through all my ups and downs. I have learned a lot from you.


  • I love your ability to look at life from a different perspective. You are simply amazing! Not only that, you can make anyone happy with your warm and bubbly personality. I wish you all the very best for your birthday.


  • I am glad that we are friends. I mean, sure, there are hundreds of friends in the world, but none of them like you. Be assured of my best efforts at this time to wish you a happy birthday.


  • It doesn’t matter now whether we have known each other for three days, three weeks, or three months, and what matters is that we are friends. I wish you that this friendship lasts for many a year to come. Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my best friend! This is quite a big responsibility, and I wonder if I measure up to it. Let me tell you that you have raised me to be a giant killer. Altogether, it has been more than a great ride. I appreciate the time we got together and have memories of laughing like mad together. From my mother, the woman who brought me into this world, to my sister and friends, wishing you a pleased birthday!


  • I was trying to write something staid, solemn and brief, But then I guess that wouldn’t be the best because it’s your birthday and I’m feeling grateful to you. I want to say a few things that come from my heart and tell you how much you meant to me this year. Just know that you are special and unique – A rare gem in my life!


  • Nobody knows when, where or how our friendship started. From the very first moment, I knew you were different from other friends, and I wanted to be with you forever. Our company has lasted for so long and grown more robust with each passing day. I have never felt as happy as I think with friends like you!


  • Happiness will come, and love will stay if you wish your life to be just right! I can bet this is what your mother told you before she sent you off to school every morning. Though it is funny how a seven-year-old couldn’t understand what she meant at the time, now that I am replying to her message on your birthday, I finally get why she used to say it.


  • What best friend! Every time we are together, it feels like old times. We share a lot of memories, and it’s incredible how they seem to grow upon us when we look back at them. Here is wishing you on your birthday happiness, love, and peace. Here’s hoping that you have an unforgettable time and fun. Happy Birthday


  • I never thought I would spend a great morning with my mom turning up to be glad morning because you have decided to launch your firm right in front of my eyes. It is no doubt that your decision has made me feel like the best man in the world. I am ever willing to assist you and your family anytime from anywhere. Have a fantastic birthday, my love, every day of your life!


  • Life is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. When I am down, you are the only one who makes me smile. Nothing is more beautiful than the moments we spent together. I would love to celebrate your birthday with you in this lifetime and prepare new surprises for your dedication and hospitality. Be my friend forever, buddy!


  • Look at you celebrating another year of life! I hope it brings you nothing but joy, laughter, and great memories. With your kind heart and witty sense of humor, I’m sure the year ahead will be full of love, fun, and unlimited opportunities to grow. Happy Birthday!


  • Birthdays are for celebrating, so in celebration of one of the best birthdays of your life, I hope you have a most brilliant and incredible day!


  • Your personal computer to communicate with me daily? You are the most special person in this universe and here is why:


  • Have you ever wondered why it is called cutting the cake when you get older but eating the cake when you are a kid? I guess that’s the same with a lot of things in life. Like when you start dating someone, there is all this chat about marriage and forever after; then, before you know it, people ask about your divorce.


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