Beautiful Message on the Card for 25TH Birthday


Beautiful Message on the Card for 25TH Birthday: Birthday is a day to celebrate the sweet moments of life. We heart the celebration of growing old together with few long-lasting friends, family and special loved ones. You will surely receive 20 or 30 birthday wishes from your beloved ones. Everyone wants to wish you on your 25th birthday, but not everyone knows how to.

Since your birthday is on the way and you are about to turn 25th, we thought about giving you an amazing gift for a great celebration called ‘the 25th birthday’. So, this card is really meant to send to you as a surprise to knock your socks off and make a nice gesture.


Beautiful Message on the Card for 25TH Birthday

  • I am so happy to see you as a grown-up woman. I have been reading all about your growing up, and now you are a lady with brains, beauty, and heart. Best wishes for your future. You deserve to attain all the things that you wish for. I wish you a great 25th birthday!


  • I may be a little late to wish you a happy birthday, but I still wanted to be part of the celebrations. A twenty-fifth birthday is special, no matter what and mine has just passed as well. I pray to God that you surpass all of your expectations and plan to achieve them only because you are!


  • Happy Birthday!! It’s the perfect time to reflect on how happy you have made me by being in my life. I would be lost without you! So, thank you for all the great times over the years. I wish we can celebrate many more birthdays together!


  • You are someone special and you are always there for me in times of hardships. You offer your helpful hand to support my dreams and aspirations. I am grateful that I have you in my life and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very very happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday! I know we had a few bumps in the road but I want you to know that I love you like a brother. I will always be here for you through thick and thin. We have our ups and down. Love is about moving forward, even if sometimes you have to take one step back. All I hope for is a long life filled with sweetness for both of us.


  • I am so glad to be alive in this beautiful world where there are awesome people like you. I appreciate all that you have done and continue doing! Thanks for being a concerned friend and always standing by me at good times and bad. Wish you a very happy birthday!


  • Hey, you are the best! I am really thankful to have you as a friend. Sometimes we don’t say what’s in our heart; but one thing is clear that we both care deeply for each other. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy-filled days, every time.


  • You are lovely and wonderful. I am glad that I have a friend like you around here. Many happy returns of the day to you. I feel so lucky for having reconnected with you again. Life will be so much happier and colorful with you around me.


  • Today is your birthday, and it’s the perfect opportunity to thank you for being such a positive and unforgettable force in my life. I am sure that today, of all days, is going to be the most memorable of your life to date. I think my feelings should be displayed in an organic fashion like this beautiful message on the card for 25th birthday I have chosen just for you.


  • Today, you celebrate your 25th birthday. Great! I wish the very best for you this year. May this be the most beautiful year of your life and may it be filled with joys and successes. Wishing you a great day ahead!


  • You are turning 25 today? Whoa! How did the time fly so fast? You were just a little child; you played with your toys and I was proud to be your mom. There was a time when you were on my lap and now you walk in my ways. Happy birthday, I love you dearly!


  • I wish you a very happy birthday. It is a special day that makes me think of the good memories we have shared together. I hope you receive all the best wishes on your special day, and may life bring you nothing but happiness, love and affection!


  • You are perfect, you are amazing. It breaks my heart to know that one day, I’ll have to say goodbye to you. But until that day comes, I will get to spend everyday with the greatest man on earth. You are my first love – and always will be. Happy birthday!


  • Dear, you were always one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of knowing. Your love and affection mean a lot to me and your smiles are a bonanza for my soul. May all your dreams come true and may you never stop spreading joy. Happy birthday to you!


  • On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! You have been a great source of inspiration to me and have always been there whenever I needed someone to talk. Thanks for being my friend, brother, mentor and role model. Best wishes on your 25th anniversary!


  • The rule is, the more people you get to bring a gift, the better. I am not bringing you any, but sending a blessing of love and warmth. Happy birthday!


  • You’re one of my dearest friends! I’m lucky to have a friend like you! You’re always there for me. I appreciate all you do for me. Wish you happy birthday!!


  • Here’s wishing you, my dear friend, many happy returns of the day! You are the reason why this world is far better than it was a couple of decades ago. You have brought joy to millions of people, and I am grateful to be counted among them. I wish we continue like this forever.


  • Happy B-Day! I don’t know what I did to deserve a friend like you, or a boyfriend like him. But if that’s what fate has in store for me, then so be it. Nothing will stop me from loving you and supporting you both, especially in front of the rest of the world. I hope that your 25th year will be filled with personal accomplishments, career successes and full of love!


  • I know for sure that this day would not have been possible without the influence of your love and care. Your love of God has made you live a committed life, conscientiously serving people who are in need. Thank you for making all your dreams come true, and making me realize that it is never too late to start afresh.


  • I am sending birthday wishes and congratulations on such a special day, my dear friend. Your hard work is paying off. I am proud of you! You deserve everything good in life!


  • I cherish you so much, today is your special day! I hope your year will be as nice as you are! You deserve the best!”


  • Happy birthday to my friend Jefferson! Getting older is only a number and to me you will always be that baby in the crib; the cute little toothless smile that never got out of shape. I am happy you are part of my life. May you have an awesome day.


  • Here’s wishing you a special day full of joy and happiness. Hope your wishes come true – mostly your heartfelt desire to spend more time with me! Cheers to another great year with you and your family!


  • Wishing my mother a very happy birthday! You have managed to raise me into the man I am today. I know things weren’t easy, but you stuck to what you believed in and made the best of our situation. From this day, forward, I vow to make your life easier. I would do anything for you, now and forever.


  • My love for you is more than a mother could feel. The door of my heart is opened for all people wholeheartedly!


25TH Birthday Card Messages for Granddaughter

  • Dear granddaughter, you are growing up so fast. I am feeling old watching you grow into a charming lady. I am so proud of you and hope you will never change. Today, I wish you a wonderful birthday and many more years to come. I love you so much!


  • Happy birthday! You are turning 25 years old today and I just want to say sorry for every blow that I have ever dealt you as your grandmother. I know, you would have loved things to be different between us. But now, we need to forget about the past and enjoy this beautiful moment together. Let’s go shopping for your gifts!


  • You were young when you were born; I was too inexperienced to raise a baby! But I always loved you and nurtured you no matter what. Today is your 25th birthday and I can’t believe that my little girl has grown up so quickly. There is no one on this planet who deserves a better birthday gift than you do!


  • I want to wish my granddaughter a very happy birthday! I hope that you never forget how important you are to me. I am looking forward to spending a great time together, so that we can catch up and remember some amazing moments we shared in the last few years. Love you!


  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful, intelligent and kind-hearted granddaughter in the world – Happy birthday to you! My dear, you deserve every happiness that life can give you. Today I wish you as many wishes as there are leaves on a tree, flowers in the world and stars in the sky.


  • Today is as hot as you are, sweetie! On this special day, I want to wish you all the happiness in life. You are a light in our lives and we know that there is no other efficient replacement for you. You have brought so much joy to Grandma’s life. She had always dreamt of having a beautiful granddaughter, finally her dreams were realized when she met you. Happy Birthday my precious one!


  • Dearest granddaughter, you have been a great blessing from the day you were born. The best part of my life was raising and watching you grow up. You made me proud by becoming the successful individual you are today. Love you and may today be a success to you too!


  • I am sending you lots of kisses, hugs and wishes for a happy birthday. I am so proud of you and the lovely young lady you have become. The best is yet to come! Enjoy your special day with your family and friends!


  • Dear granddaughter, I am so lucky to have such a beautiful and intelligent woman in my family. You have turned out to be a responsible young lady and have never let me down


25TH Birthday Card Messages for Son

  • To my son, you became a man today. The fact that you have successfully turned another year older is tremendous in itself – and certainly not something to ignore! I am wishing you a very great life. May it be as bright and wonderful as you are as a person. Happy birthday!


  • Dear son, you are the best gift a father could ever ask for. You have brought so much joy and happiness into my life, and I don’t know how I will face a day without you around to make me smile. I love you very much, son! Happy birthday!


  • My dear son, today is a great day to celebrate because your mother has given us the opportunity to live with you for 25 more years. I have seen you grown from a little boy into a great man in this period of time. I love you very much, and I’m really happy that you are part of my life. Have a great birthday!


  • Although I have worried about you and been stressed by your thoughtlessness, I must say I am relieved that you have become more mature. You have really proven yourself and proved to be the best son a mother can ask for. I love you, happy birthday!


  • Hello son, it’s your dad here. I just wanted to say that you are my son and I will be very proud of you every time. You have made me so happy with your birth, and I want to wish you birthday celebrations all through the year. Time is flying too fast, but I know you will grow to become a great man someday.


  • You were born in such a busy time, that was the day I had to deliver you. It has been twenty-five years of laughter, joy and tears. As I look back at this journey, there is no denying that you made my life worthwhile. One of the reasons why I am happy today is because, I see myself reflected in you. Happy birthday!


  • Today you are a year older and in your eyes I see the glow of youth, life and lots of prospects. Have a great day, my son!


  • Happy birthday! You are my angel and the reason why life has hope, joy and love. You are truly blessed and I am lucky to have a son like you!


  • Today is the day I have raised a gentleman and a role model to others. All these years, when I felt that it was time to give up, you inspired me with your relentless optimism and dedication. Thank you for making me realize that great things are possible when good things are practiced regularly. Happy birthday to you!


  • There are times when I look at you and feel as if I was in a dream. It is hard to believe that my baby boy is now 25 years old. I raised you single-handedly, and put all my efforts into taking care of your needs. As much as I loved doing that, I also wanted you to realize the importance of education in spite of sacrificing many social events with my friends.


  • Today you are twenty five. To me that is more than a simple number. It marks the growing years in your life. I’ve always admired you for every little thing you done for us. With your birthday come a lot of favorites memories- both good and bad.


  • I know you are grown up and can handle anything life throws at you. However, I still get nervous that one day the monsters will come to take you from me! I do not want to lose you like I lost your father and your grandmother. You are the best son any mother could ever ask for!


25TH Birthday Card Messages for Daughter

  • Happy 25th birthday to my daughter. You have come a long way when you were born. And today, we are proud parents of a young woman who will no doubt be successful in life and inspire others by her accomplishments. Wishing you all the best!


  • Dear daughter, you have grown from a child to a responsible human being. I know that you went through many things in life when you first started working and living on your own. I am really happy with the person you have become despite all challenges and obstacles that came your way.


  • You are the most wonderful daughter a father could ever pray for; you have given me so much joy throughout your life, and now I am blessed to call you “daughter” on your 25th birthday!


  • Dear, I have always wondered what it felt like to have a daughter. Today you proved to be the best daughter ever! You are selfless, caring and amazing in every sense of the word! I am beyond proud of you, sweetie. Enjoy your 25th birthday!


  • Dear daughter, I didn’t think that it would be possible to celebrate your birthday without you. However, in the hope of doing so I thought it fitting to dedicate this message to you. You are beautiful, smart and talented. And thinking about all those qualities, I can only wish you the best for the next 25 years.


  • Darling daughter, you have ups and downs in life like everybody else, but be aware that in every peak of your esteem, there is a deep valley that you should not overlook. You are my very own daughter and I will always love you for who you are. Happy birthday!


  • Today, when the world is all around you, it means you have achieved a lot of success. I pray that God will keep on increasing your success and your youth. No matter what happened in the past, we have those agreeable times that no one can take away from us. I love you and happy birthday to my daughter!


  • Dear daughter, welcome to the world of adulthood! I hope you continue to grow in wisdom and grace. I feel blessed that you are here with me, and yearn for your presence more abundantly everyday. I love you, mom!


  • Today is a wonderful day and I am so happy to be here. This day has happened because of your love and affection. You are a special person in my life, whom I care for so much.


  • Dear daughter, I was so surprised when I got the invitation for your 25th birthday. You are just a little girl in my eyes. I know you have grown up into a woman and I love you the same way. I am so happy to be able to realize this great moment with you.


  • On the special day of your 25th birthday, let me thank you for being such a loving daughter. You have grown up into a beautiful woman, and I am very proud of you. May you have abundance of success, happiness and peace as you turn 25!


  • Happy 25th birthday. I hope this day brings happiness, joy, and good health to you. Wishing you success in every venture on this special day. I love you my dear daughter!


  • Hey looking good girl! Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. Your gorgeous smile makes life worth living. I feel very blessed to have a daughter like you! May this birthday be blessed with all your desires, and may you live long to see great days ahead.  I love you loads!


  • I want to embrace the lovely and beautiful inside me! My world would be incomplete without you by my side. I am happy and proud to call you as my daughter, and I know that many more wonderful things are yet to come. Happy birthday dear!!! Thank you for making me a great mother!


  • You are one of my angels and I want to tell you how much you are loved. Your life is a testimony that there is no limit to what God can do with life if he wills it. This birthday is a milestone in your growth and development, May you be filled with the peace of God, a heart full of love, and the joy of living. Happy birthday!


  • It doesn’t matter if we are far from each other physically. The distance will never keep us apart, nor prevent me from helping you solve all your problems. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday!


  • Today is your birthday, I hope that you and your friends have a blast! I cannot imagine you as a college girl! You’ve grown up into such a beautiful lady. You have excelled in life, and I know you will continue to do so. I wish for you more good things than loss.


  • The first thing that strikes me about your company is just how comfortable I feel talking to you.   It’s like we have known each other for years.   You are a great listener and supportive in every way.   Great daughter and someone I can always count on. Let’s hope you make it even more special by getting that job you applied for this week! Happy birthday!

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