Beautiful Message on the Card for 31-Year Birthday


Beautiful Message on the Card for 31-Year Birthday: You’re probably here because your friend/bestie/sister is about to turn 31. We can’t slow downtime, but we can make sure their birthday is super memorable. But how? The answer is with the help of a beautiful message on the card. This will be the perfect addition to celebrate her turning 31, and she’ll surely love it. Scroll down now if you want to know how you can write something really special for her on your lovely card!


Beautiful Message on the Card for 31-Year Birthday

  • It is your 31st birthday, and you are still as funny and charming as ever. There is one thing I admire about you most of all. That is your ability to be content with what you have. You work hard, but always find ways of enjoying the journey! Happy Birthday!


  • Congratulations on the day of your birthday! This is an amazing day! My best wishes to you in the new year are full of success and goodness! You’re just going to love it!


  • I wish nothing but happiness, peace and prosperity to my friend, colleague and brother in the next year. May you live long and grow old in good health and grace. I cherish every moment of our friendship and look forward to more as we share a wonderful future together! Congratulations with your birthday!


  • I hope you have a lovely day, my dear friend! You are an awesome person and deserves to be rewarded for all the kindness and love you have show through out your life. I can always count on you when I need your support or a helping hand. Have a great birthday!


  • I hope this letter finds you well and that you are doing great. It has been a long time since we last met face-to-face. I miss all the unforgettable days that we spent together! I will be thinking of those times when time seemed to have stopped. I have something truly important to tell you…I wish you a very happy birthday and may God bless you abundantly in all your endeavor.


  • I know there is no need to introduce myself. We’ve been friends ever since high school! This card is indeed special, seeing how you’ve always believed in me when everyone doubted my capabilities. We share very similar ideas, and dream good dreams together. Thanks for all the good advice, and cheers to your special day!


  • As you turn another year older, I want to wish you good luck on all that you do. I know that this year is going to be great, and whatever challenges you may encounter, they will be solved. I love you.


  • Dear everyone, greetings! Today is John’s birthday. I am so glad to have you all here for this special day. This year has not been easy for him, but he is the one who encouraged me and inspired me throughout. I do hope you will share this happy moment with me. Let’s celebrate!


  • I am proud to have you as my best friend. I have never ever seen a person like you, who is willing to give up so much time to make sure that others are happy. Your lively spirit has changed my life and made me believe that anything is possible! I long to see you soon. Stay in touch and share your moments with me.


  • Wow, today I turn 31! I can’t believe that this is going to be the first time in my life! People say that one becomes wiser year after year, but I think it was you who was always on top of my achievements. You helped me in everything I did and became the most wonderful person in my life.


  • My dear friend, my regard for you increases with each passing year. You are like a shining star we look up to, who illuminates our soul with the warmth of goodness and love. If there is a cupid for us, he surely shoots an arrow at you, you make life so wonderful! I wish that every day in your life would bring joy and happiness.


  • I am very happy to say that I am giving my heart to a very special woman. You see, you have been there for me since day one and I am willing to give you my heart. I do not want luck or trust to be an issue between us. You are beautiful, kind, and loving and this is what makes me love you. Happy birthday!


  • As they say, a happy wife is a happy life and I am one of the most fortunate people on earth to have had you as my wife! I appreciate your love and support in all the decisions I made. I never thought there would be someone like you at this stage of my life and today here you are, making me feel special on my birthday. I love you, dear.


  • The time of your life.. isn’t it? You are no longer 30! I heard today is the day when you get wiser and cooler at the same time. A time to reflect and live life to its fullest potential. Good luck with your future endeavors, my friend. You deserve them all.


  • I see you in a very different way today, as we have grown up. This friendship has been the most defining relationship of my life. I admire your character and personality, and I thank God for giving me such an amazing friend like you. The best is yet to come. Happy birthday!


  • Colleague, you are like a brother to me. You have always been there for me; for many times, I thought of you as another member of my family. Today, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Happy birthday and may God bless you abundantly!


Happy 31-Year Birthday Card Message to Husband

  • When I found the man of my dreams, I thought it was just a dream. But when we got married a month later, all I could do was smile and hold on to him for dear life. Today, I have the perfect life that I always wanted and you deserve to be thanked for making it a reality. So, enjoy reading this happy 31-year birthday card message!


  • Husband, I have been with you in all phases of our life and I will remain with you till the very end. You are not just my husband, my best friend and my lover — you are my life partner. No matter where you go, I will remain by your side. I love you and I wish you a happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday, honey! I hope your day is as special as you are to me. There’s no one else on earth I would rather spend my life with. I just want you to know how much joy you bring into my life. You’ve touched my heart so much and have become an irreplaceable part of my life.


  • You are a man among men! A person who can’t be bought or sold. You have made my life a comfortable one and have stood by me through thick and thin. Today is indeed a day to celebrate you, buddy! Have an exciting, fun-filled and yet meaningful birthday full of happiness and success. May it be the first of many more to come; may your dreams never


  • Husband, I am beyond grateful that you married me and achieved my dream. The truth is I would have never managed to accomplish this feat on my own. You have been there for me through thick and thin and have held my hand every step of the way. Happy birthday!


  • Today is a special day for you because you have reached the age of maturity and wisdom. I hope your twenty-first birthday wish comes true. You have always been there for me; you have never failed me and I know you never will. I cherish every moment that we have spent together. Happy birthday my husband!


  • Honey, since I came into the world you have been my best friend. The times we spent together were fantastic; the happiness you brought to me was immense. I am grateful for everything. You taught me how to live in this world, what goals to set and never let anyone command my thoughts or rule me.


  • You have been a great husband to me. In fact, there is no one else I would rather share my life with. Your love has helped me build lots of wonderful memories. It has also been my guiding light for when things get tough.


  • Thinking of you today and every day. Happy birthday in heaven. You will never be forgotten.


  • As you grow older and more wiser, I hope this is an indication that your current commitments and responsibilities won’t habitually prevent you from making me feel as special. For your hard work and effort in managing a household that has dozens to hundreds of commodities, it’s time to reward you with something that matters most: a birthday surprise.


Happy 31-Year Birthday Card Message to Wife

  • To my beautiful wife, you were 31 today. I wish you all the best to you. You are in my heart and always there to guide. You are not just my wife, but a friend in need. I love you and happy birthday to you always!


  • I hope there are many more exciting years to come. We are not saying goodbye to 29, we’re saying hello to 31! Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday!


  • You are a wonderful woman and I feel blessed to have you by my side. ​ For our years of marriage, you have always been there for me through thick and thin, the ups and downs. Today, I just want to say thank you for being with me every step of the way. Birthday wishes from your husband!


  • Dear, I have been in love with you since the day we first met. 31 years later and it has not changed one bit. If anything, it has grown stronger. I hope to be able to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. I love you so much! Happy birthday, darling!


  • Dearest Wife, you make such a beautiful wife and mother. So, today on your special day, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you’ve always given me.I am deeply in love with you. I wish you a day filled with wonderful surprises and a lifetime filled with more years of joy and bliss.


  • When I met you, I had no idea that I would become so glad. You were not just a good wife, the best mom for our children nor the best friend. You have been a priceless gift to me, the most precious treasure and a golden jewel! I will never be able to express with words my infinite gratitude for all you have done. Happy Birthday!


  • I am thankful for having a wonderful wife as you. You have not just been a good and loving companion but also an inspiration to me in every way of life. No wonder, I love you and believe that love grows stronger with time. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, my sweetheart!


  • Today is the day of your special. I want to wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Thank you for your love, kindness and loyalty. A beautiful wife and mother deserves to be rewarded for all hard work. To all this, I hope that on this day God gives you many blessings such as health, wealth and prosperity. You deserve them all!


  • You are the very best thing that has ever happened to me. I’d be lucky to have someone as beautiful, caring and loving as you. I appreciate you for always being my number one fan and friend. For your love and care, I wish you a very happy birthday!


  • I’m not much of a poet but what I would like to tell you is that today is your special day, and on this day I have some very sweet words for you.


  • It’s been a while since we last saw each other. To be honest with you I have missed you so much. It has been a little weird not seeing you at the café in the mornings when I get my coffee. I hope you are doing well wherever you are, as for me, I am doing well too.


Happy 31-Year Birthday Card Message to Friends

  • It should be a holiday where we are allowed to get together, drink party and exult his birthday. I am glad that I managed to invite you personally. You have done a lot for me and that is why I want to celebrate your birthday with you. Wishing you a super happy 31-year birthday!


  • I cannot believe that you are almost reaching age 31. You have created a small space in my heart and I have hoped that the story of friendship always remain the same. I can say with confidence that you will always be in my heart on every moment of my life and I have a great desire to treasure you like a diamond. You are one hell of a friend! Happy!


  • How you turned 31? Seems like yesterday. But the fact is, you are here celebrating your 31st birthday surrounded by friends and family. In case you forgot how dear you are to us all, we are here to remind you how special you are!


  • I hope you are having a great day today. You know, I can’t believe it’s already your 31st birthday. Every year, I discover that the age of my friends like you are now comparable to my own! Happy birthday, buddy and many more birthdays to come!


  • Today, I am not just wishing you a happy birthday, but taking this opportunity to thank you for being my friend. I am a lucky man for having people like you in my life. There is no one like you! Your sense of humor and love for life are unmatched. Thank you for making life interesting and fun. Wish you all the best!


  • You are a good friend. A lot of people say this, but you make it true. I am so grateful to have someone as hard-working and understanding as you in my life. On your birthday, I wish you all the best things in life. You deserve them more than anybody else!


  • A friend like you is a rare breed. You are someone I can come to in a time of need, and trust that you will be there for me. Whenever life is taking a heavy toll on me, you are the first person I turn to. Thank you, happy birthday!


  • My friend, thank you for always having a smile on your face and making our group of friends feel like one big family. You have proven to me that you are one of the kindest human beings on earth, and I am privileged to have you in my life. Have a fantastic day!


  • May the joy and happiness that you have given me over the years come back to you a hundred fold! Thank you for being a source of inspiration, and for all that you have taught me. Even though we meet infrequently, I miss you. I count myself lucky to have such a wonderful parent in my life. Hope you happy birthday!


  • You are my lone star among dissimilar stars, my look to the future, the vehicle that will take me from the old to new. You are my consort on this journey called life, and I am happy to have you by my side as we travel together. Best friend, how grateful I am for your existence in my life!


  • Happy birthday! As my treat to you, I’ll make the day even sweeter. I hope everyone has a great time celebrating your special day together with you. Knowing this will happen brings me so much joy. Enjoy your party and the lovely cake that matches the gorgeous dress you are wearing. Cheers!


  • I am here to wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead. I have missed you and cannot wait to see you again. Please come over to my place as soon as you can. I love you lots and cannot wait to see your smiling face.


  • I hope that this day is filled with love and joy. May you be surrounded by all your family and friends while you celebrate reaching yet another year of your life’s journey. You never cease to amaze me with the way you successfully balance the many hats on your head. People look up to you.


  • Dear friend, on your birthday let me tell you that I do not simply love you, I appreciate everything that you have done for me. You have been there when I needed someone to listen and support. In your presence, my heart feels at peace, it is a pleasure to be with you.


  • Hey friend, thanks for being so simple and funny. You have always had the power to cheer me up even when I am down. Happy birthday such funny friends like you are hard to find. I wish my best buddy on her birthday!


  • Wish you a very happy birthday! As the years progress, I get to know you better and even respect you more. Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me and the life skills that you have passed on to me. May your day be filled with happiness, success and prosperity! Wish you well!


  • To a special friend and confidant, your companionship has always been priceless. I appreciate everything you do for me in a cool way. I am so glad that your birthday falls in this month. Thanks for all you do for me!


  • I need to call you, though we generally don’t have time to talk. Whenever we do, I realize how much I’ve missed you and your cold hand. Happy birthday to the greatest woman I know!


  • Cheers to another year of life, continuing adventures and all the love in the world. Never lose that bit of innocent wonder, it’s what makes you who you are. A friend like you deserves the world, so here’s to another year dropping knowledge on people and spreading love. Happy birthday my dear friend!


  • All the best on this special day, my friend. You deserve every bit of what life has given you, and so much more! You are my pillar of strength and inspiration, and I’d be lost without you. May all your dreams come true and may you never find disappointment in anything.

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