Top Funny Birthday Quotes for Son


Funny Birthday Quotes for Son: If you’re looking for a laugh to brighten up your day, our list of funny birthday quotes for son will make your day! You’ll love these funny relationship and identity quotes for son and you’ll understand why we think the following words make us laugh: From funny birthday cards to funny birthday wishes, these are the best funny birthday quotes for son that will make him laugh out loud.


Funny Birthday Quotes for Son

Happy birthday, son. I’m so proud of the way you turned out and hope your upcoming birthday is as wonderful as you are.


Life is too short for boring cakes. Happy birthday, son! 🎂


My son is turning 12 today. I am not sure if he is tall enough for the roller coaster, but he said he wants to go on it .


Birthdays are just the first day of another 365-day trip around the sun. Enjoy the ride!


Don’t cry because you’re getting old. Smile because it’s taken you a long time to look this good, happy birthday son.


If we could bottle your laughter we’d never go out of business. Happy Birthday, Son!


Your birthdays are good for two things. First, wishing you a great day, and second, remind me to pay off your student loans. Happy birthday, son!


A day without you is like a cup without coffee, incomplete. Happy birthday, son!


Being older doesn’t necessarily mean being wiser. It just means you have a lot more birthdays under your belt. Happy birthday to my son, may all your wishes come true.


Keep calm and celebrate your birthday.


My son is almost 13 years old. I have a feeling within the next 6 months he is gonna get a big, happy birthday son.


To the world’s best father, thank you for being so patient, for teaching me to keep calm and carry on, and most importantly for teaching me to be brave.


As you get older, don’t lose your childlike wonder. Stay curious about the world around you, and teach that curiosity to others.


these best son Birthday Wishes & Birthday Messages are very funny, great, cute, better, perfect for your son on his birthday.


Happy Birthday to a wonderful son! You made me laugh when I needed to smile, and smile when I needed a good laugh. Wishing you the best year ever!


Happy birthday, son! I know you’re gonna have a fabulous day. Because that’s what birthdays are for—letting you throw on some pink wings and start smiling brightly in the sunlight.


Happy birthday, son. May your day be as long as the line at Costco.


It’s your birthday. *Cue the drums* The party has arrived!


My son is 26, should I get him the dog he’s always wanted? Probably should have gotten him one year ago.


May all of your birthday parties be blowouts.


Your friends are the people who love you no matter what, and you’re better off because of it, happy birthday son


May your birthday be filled with cake, laughter, love, and the best years of your life. 😂 #HappyBirthdaySon


Growing old is mandatory, but growing up isn’t, Happy birthday, son!


Don’t let these boys grow up. We’re only gonna be young forever if we stay young at heart. Happy birthday, son!


Just one of the cool things about being a father — you get to say “I told you so” on your kid’s birthday. #HappyBirthdaySon


Happy Birthday to my favorite son – you’re kind, hard-working, and inspiration to me.


What a great way to celebrate the weekend! Happy birthday buddy, you’re the best #birthdayboy


Be the kind of father who gives hugs, kisses, smiles. Be the type of Dad who remembers all your kids’ stuffy nose moments, happy birthday son.


Happy Birthday to you son I’m having the best day of my life! because is my son’s birthday.


A good friend knows all your favorite things and how to give them to you, happy birthday son


A son is a son until he takes him for his first drink; then he’s the bartender’s problem.


Your smile is what makes my day, your laugh is how I know everything’s going to be okay. Happy birthday, son.


Happy birthday to my son hope you have a great day?


At the end of the day, you’ll always be my favorite Happy Birthday, Son!


Your mom asked me to give you a big hug and a kiss. She said you’d understand. Happy Birthday, Son.


Happy Birthday to you, son. May this day be your best one yet. Here’s to another great year!


Happy birthday, son! You may not have been a good report card, but hey, I still loved you.


What a great year! You’ve put a real twinkle in my eye. Happy birthday, son!


Birthday boy, you’re one-of-a-kind. No, seriously.


Happy birthday to the one kid who put a smile on my face since day one. #ProudMom


As you turn another year older, I hope it’s a lot like the previous one. I mean, there has to be something good about it, right?



Funniest Birthday Quotes for Son

For my funny, sweet, kind, strong, fun, handsome son… I am so very proud of you.🎉


Son, you may not always be there for me but I always and forever will be there for you. Happy birthday to the best son in the whole world.


My son’s birthday is coming up next week! I seriously can’t wait to celebrate him.


May you hug many trees and dance under many disco balls this year! Happy birthday, son!


Is it your birthday? I don’t know how that is possible. You are like a fine wine, getting better with age. Happy Birthday to my favorite son.


May your laughter fill this room and your birthday be as great as you are.


Your birth came with a lifetime’s worth of laughs. Cheers to a year full of smiles and giggles! 🎉


You’re an amazing guy and my pride, joy, and my whole world.


Happy birthday to this kid who taught me how to be a dad.


Happy Birthday to you Son. We Hope that You Have A Great Birthday & Get A Lot Of Surprise From Your Family. #happybirthdayson


Birthday wishes for sons to give them a taste of their crazy but loving future.


Happy Birthday to my son! Thanks for making me laugh every day.


Happy birthday, son! I’m glad that God sent me such a great gift to your family.


Happy birthday to my absolute favorite person on this planet. From this spot–the center of my universe. You are everything that I am most proud of. I love you more than anything in the world.


I want my son to have all the best things in life that money can buy, happy birthday son.


Happy birthday son, If laughter is the best medicine, you must be immortal.


Happy birthday to my favorite son, Here’s to adventure and egg rolls! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and happiness.


Since my son is turning 30 this year, I thought this one would be appropriate. This is the most hilarious birthday quote for my son.


This is the best gift ever! A day celebrating me. I’m so glad I have a Dad to give me a great birthday. Happy Birthday, Son.


I’m proud to call you my son. It has been a privilege these 16 years to celebrate every one of your birthdays.


This is the face of a man who will demand fried chicken for his birthday dinner. Happy birthday, son!


I will like to say happy birthday to my other half – we’re exactly the same except I’m taller and I breathe better, happy birthday son.


When you were born, I was so busy being young I didn’t have time to be old, love you son.


You made it through your first year, now enjoy year two son.


It’s my pleasure to celebrate the life of the person I love the most by having great fun and making you laugh so hard that milk comes out of your nose. Cheers. Happy Birthday, Son.


Many happy returns of the day to my dearest, sweetest, funniest son ever.


All these years have made me just the man you see today, and I know I’d be nowhere without your love and support. 💙Thank you, son, for making me a better person.


I wanna be the birthday dad. They come and go so fast it’s like opening a shop for an hour, happy birthday son.


Your birthday is the only day of the year that everyone wishes you a happy birthday and then gets to celebrate you without family or friends.


Today is your special day, so have fun and celebrate. We love you so much.


May your birthday be the beginning of a lifetime of good fortune and excitement.


Today is a good day for a happy ending, happy birthday son.


Turning two: it’s like one whole year of life but cut in half and served to you on a golden platter.


These happy birthday memes for your son will definitely make him smile on his special day. You’re a good parent, and he knows it!


Happy birthday, Son. Remember that time I told you about your birthday present I was going to give you all the money I had?


Say it loud and let the world know that you celebrate your son’s birthday.


We love you more than we hate the fact that you were born on your birthday. Happy birthday, son.


Birthday wishes always go with a wish that I would experience immortality with you. Then we could have many birthdays together.


Since your birthday is the day you were born, I was wondering if I could have your autograph.


Your birthday is an official reason for you to throw some icing on me. Happy Birthday!


Of all the birthdays, there’s no other day that can match mine.


I think I finally figured out the secret to a long, happy life: it’s a diet of pizza and beer. #birthdayboy


At the end of life, what really matters is not what we did, but who we were while we did it, happy birthday son.


Happy Birthday Son Funny Quotes

“I’ll love you when I’m older too because I will never be able to stop loving you. birthday boy


Being a son is just like being a superhero. Sometimes your dad is your only hope. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, son!


Happy birthday to my son! Best wishes, congratulations to a fantastic man who has been given the chance to live another year!


Happy Birthday, son! Hope that this year, you’ll do at least 25% less of everything.


I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true 😉


It’s you and I against the world. Remember that always. 💯 #HappyBirthdaySon


I’m writing this as a note because I don’t want you to miss out on your big day!😭🎉


It’s your birthday! Go ahead and let the party begin! Woo-hoo!


Happy birthday to those that knew you before you were old enough to go out and get yourself a drink.


It’s your birthday, happy birthday son! Hope your day is filled with laughter and happiness.


Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happiest of birthdays dear son! We love you so much.


Rolling through the streets of New York City with you is one of my greatest joys. Happy Birthday to my son.


Today you’re like 50 Leonardo DiCaprios. Happy birthday to the most talented son I could ever ask for.


My son is turning 38 and I’m relieved that he got that snazzy new haircut. You know, the one where they make it look like your hair isn’t actually receding.


Life’s a roller coaster ride. It has its good times and its bad times. But, don’t worry, Be happy!


May you always feel safe, happy, and loved, happy birthday.


Since it’s your birthday, why don’t you take the wheel and call the shots?


Your son is celebrating his birthday and you’re posting a picture of yourself to wish him?


Congrats on your birthday and best wishes for success and happiness in the future. Always stay happy and strong just like you are.


To a son who makes me proud every day. Here’s to sharing a sip of something special on your birthday and many more to come. I love you, son! 😘


I love you like the Internet loves cats. Happy birthday.


Here’s to you, son—and all the joy, laughter, and love you bring into my life.


Happy birthday, son. You’re now officially old enough to drink 🍺.


Today, you become legendary… Happy birthday🍿


Hilarious Birthday Quotes for Son

Happy birthday to the coolest, funniest, most fabulous son any mother could ask for.


Happy birthday, son – I hope you get everything you want.


Hopefully, it blows out your candle and not your face! Happy birthday, son.


Cause nobody likes a grumpy birthday boy. Happy Birthday to my favorite funny son.


Sometimes you get the bear. And sometimes, the bear gets you. Happy birthday, son!


I’m so glad we put you in wrestling and football. I’ll always remember this snapshot of you at your first big game, Happy birthday, son.


When I turn 60, I’ll celebrate by having lunch with you. And let me just say, only the best china will do for this special day. 🎂❤️


The sooner you realize you look old enough to rent a car, the better your life will get. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to my son, who has steadily added wisdom to his humor since the day he was born. 🙂


Many happy returns of the day, my son. May you always be as exceptional as you are today! 😂


Being a little bit silly never hurt anyone. Happy birthday to my son.


Wishing you a happy birthday that’s as wonderful as your personality.


What a smart cookie you are! Happy Birthday, sweetie pie.


How about a round of applause for him, He’s marking a momentous occasion today, and we’re here to help him celebrate his birthday. 🎉


Birthday wishes to my son, Let us celebrate the day you were born and let’s hope that there are more happy days ahead of your life.


In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take…So send this Happy Birthday Wishes to your son. We bet he’ll love it.


Your birthdays come once a year … and we hope your birthday starts with a smile and also ends in a smile. Happy Birthday, Son!


As birthdays come and go, often, without a pause, it’s a nice time to reflect on the day that has passed and how lucky we all are to have a son like you. Happy Birthday ❤️


Awesome 😎😎😎happy birthday to my boy, you are the coolest person I know!🎉


Today, somebody who is extremely special is celebrating the most memorable day of his life. As I watched him grow up, I thought about all the things that made him amazing.


A father is always making his baby laugh, whether he means to or not, happy birthday son.


Getting old is mandatory. Growing up is optional, happy birthday son.


Turning five is a pretty cool number. I mean, you can count on it and everything!


It’s not your age; it’s how you look and feel. Happy birthday, dear son!


We promise to wish you a happy birthday as long as there is breath in our bodies.


I took your advice yesterday—I thought of you, and I ignored you! Have an awesome birthday month, happy birthday dear son.


So many candles, so little time… Happy birthday to my favorite son.


I promise to always be brave for you, run with you, and step up to every challenge so that I can give you a life full of joy and adventure, birthday boy.


There’s no place like home…unless you have a great birthday party to go to. Happy birthday!


You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream, happy birthday son.


What could be better than this? Getting old with you. Happy Birthday, Son


Happy birthday, son. How is it that you’ve grown up to be so handsome and so charming and so full of yourself? I guess we birthed a winner.


We’re not sure what he did to deserve such an amazing, funny son like you…but we’ll give him a cookie 🍪 anyway.


The gift of a child is that no matter how much time has passed, they can still surprise you, happy birthday son.


Your birthday is a bittersweet reminder that we can’t put off living forever.


I hope you get to spend your birthday with your favorite people in your favorite places doing your favorite things. Happy birthday!


Before you were born, I was half the person I am today. Now it’s time for me to be twice the man I was yesterday. Happy Birthday Son! #HappyBirthdaySon


A birthday wish from your dad, who takes delight in wherever your road leads. Son, have the best day ever!


I just found out that you were born. I’m so relieved that we survived. I thought it was going to be a disaster for sure! Happy birthday, son!


Here’s to the son who is the glue that holds the entire family together. Happy Birthday, son.


“I’m not expecting a prince or a princess on my son’s birthday. I just want him to be the king of his own life.


Happy Birthday, dear son! Here’s to celebrating your birth for a whole year. 🎉🎈


So today is your birthday, right? I am not too late? Happy Birthday, Son.


It’s never too early to start planning your retirement. Happy birthday, son!


It’s your birthday, and on this occasion, we want to wish you a very happy birthday and many more of them.


How many candles does it take to wish someone Happy Birthday?


Your #mom and I know that you love to eat, but we hope that these quotes make you laugh and feel loved happy birthday.


Oh, happy birthday to the greatest person in the world. Seriously, everyone else is just a runner-up 🎈🎉🎂


Yeah, you’re getting older. We get it. But have you really thought about it? If you don’t, let us tell you some stuff that nobody ever told you before.

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