Top 60 +Ice Hockey Quotes and Captions For Instagram Post

Whether you’re getting ready for game day or trying to come up with the perfect caption for your next pic, these ice hockey quotes and captions can help. Make sure you’re representing your team spirit in all of your social media posts. Hashtags away with our ice hockey sayings. Hockey Instagram hashtags are always great to include with any rink picture, but make sure you double-check them first.


Ice Hockey Quotes and Captions For Instagram 

Hockey is where the action is these days. Here are some ice hockey captions! A funny, cool hockey caption from @nhlicehockey


Young and ready to work hard do you know what you’re worth to the ice hockey league


If you dream of the weekend, then you are already there #cool #icehockey #letsplay #hockey #letsgoplayers


No matter how cold it is outside, hockey makes us feel warm inside 🏒 @nhl


Knockout Shots. Tireless work. Competitive spirit. Rep your team’s culture with gear that goes beyond the rink.


Playing on the ice is a thrill, and off the ice is just as exciting with friends around. Cheers to adventure with those people that feel like family from your hockey team!


Life is like an ice hockey game. You can’t go back to play a period that has already been played. So make it count every damn time you’re on the ice because you never know when it’ll be your last period.


Those who skate on the ice, must pay the price. – hockey proverb Traditional Ice Hockey Quote


This is hockey! Everything goes. No, not everything—but pretty close to that. Quote by Bud Brewster, former NHL linesman


Can’t stop the puck. Go the distance with @NHL #🏒


From the ice to the arena, she’s just pure energy. Keep your energy high because there are no breaks in hockey. 😈


In the eyes of a good skater, a great photographer. Thanks, @msteigerphotography for taking this shot ❤️. #hockey

Eeeeeeeeh – Good Morning Hockey fam! 🌳🏆#nhl #hockey


One caption to help you make sense of everything whenever I’m out there competing. The game is simple, score more goals than the other team, luckily I can always shoot more than anyone else on my team.


Where EVERY shot counts. Because every detail matters. #MadeForHockey #sodisney


We’re about to get our Eslund on, hockey people. Get pumped for the pre-season!  Come skate with us from now through September 22nd at #MarinadeForSuccess.


ice hockey is a fast, physical sport played on ice. the official rules of the sport are established by the international ice hockey federation…


Turn down for what, indeed. 📺👍 #officialhockeyquotes #NHL


Grab the squad, hit the ice, and watch your team soar this hockey season.

“The most important thing in hockey is to keep your stick on the ice.” – Wayne Gretzky


There’s no such thing as a perfect season but there’s such thing as a perfect team and we’ve made ours: every teammate makes the other better and stronger. #gocaps


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Hang in there.


Funny Ice Hockey Quotes

A hockey player is nothing without his/her team—and we couldn’t be prouder of the talented bunch we have down at city hall.
“I passed out from exhaustion and fell asleep on the plane. I was so tired I didn’t care if I died.” – Gordie Howe


That moment when the clock says game over, but you know there’s always overtime.
Just soak in the moment. It’s all you have.


When I’m on the ice, I feel like an artist, painting a beautiful picture. When I see kids coming to my hockey camps and skating with them, I know that this is what I want to do. It’s what I was born to do.


I like to play hockey because hockey is one of the few sports where you can actually change the direction of a hockey puck with your wrist.


“I love this sport. We are part of hockey’s history but are writing the future of the game.” – The Hockey Writers


Ice hockey season is underway in Canada, celebrating the Can O Hockey launch.

We’re on a mission to make this planet play as much hockey as possible, one puck at a time.

Our game is the game of initiative, of taking the puck away. It’s our game because we want to make it that way.

When you’re enjoying @olympiahockey so much that you forget to tweet about it. #RoadToSochi

🎃 Don’t be afraid to hit the ice. We are with you, always…

Skating is poetry in motion. -John Nesbitt


Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you learn. ~Mike Babcock

It’s not whether you win or lose—it’s how you play the game. -Coach Herb Brooks

It’s so cold outside, even polar bears are wearing sweaters. ☀☕️

″You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Short captions on hockey sticks

I’m a hockey player, not a musician. I don’t stick to a script. It’s not my job to make speeches.

#DadLife is better with a little hockey in it. – @yndkndy

“Don’t get mad get puck-faced.”—Jeff Brown

What better way to celebrate #NHL100 than by watching hockey and making memories with the people that matter most. #NationalHockeyLeague

When the temperature drops, hockey players take to the ice…their skates hit the ice like music in my head.

Hockey is not like any other game. Other games are games. Hockey is a fight. – Walter Gretzky

-Wayne Gretzky “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Journeying far to the land of ice,

Love it when our boys in black and white come back to Jersey with a win. ⚡️ #njdevils


Funny Hockey Sayings

Nothing better than curling up on the couch with your favorite hockey team on TV.

Soar into the night with your team.💎#HockeyIsLife

Whether you’re dressing up your dog, taking the kids to the game, or spending your evening celebrating hockey culture there’s so much fun to be had with hockey this season. It’s game on 😊!


Oh yeah! This has hockey written all over it!

I love the smell of fresh hockey sticks in the morning – it smells like victory.

Grateful for those enthusiastic teammates that light up the room with their bright spirits and contagious energy.

You dream it, we live it.

It’s never too late to be what you might have been! A caption for hockey fans who love the sport.

Ok, folks hit pause, let’s set the puck down for a moment so I can pose for a picture. Give the people what they want, take a tour of this.

The sports facility looks at me with my cool team shirt here giving you a thumbs up.

The hustle never ends. From the ice to the street, all day every day. Welcome to team @adidasNHL.

Own your space and seize your moments with #Kanehockey.

Play like it’s your last game. Play like you can’t be knocked out. Play like every point matters. Playing hockey with passion, beauty, and intensity is what moves us all. – Johnathan Toews

Teamwork makes the dream work. -Never give up, never surrender! -Play like a champion today.”

One game down! Can’t wait for game two 😎

A picture is worth a thousand words—and there’s a quote out there to match every photo. These captions show hockey players taking on their sport.

Hockey is not an equal opportunity game. You gotta be tough to play it, and you gotta play to win.

Someday, I’m gonna be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Some people say if you don’t like hockey, pretend as you do. But we all know you really hate it.


Started from the bottom now we are here. We’re still here. And we’re waiting for a new hockey season like…

You play to win the game. We believe in “life’s a lot more fun as a winner” ­– ­­Diana Ross #GoCanes

Great hockey fans are born, not manufactured.

Lead by example, not by criticism. – Paul Henderson #hockey

It’s easy to be a player on a winning team !!!


Ice Hockey Quotes and Captions For Instagram
Ice Hockey Quotes

Cute Hockey Team Quotes

This is our time, this is our year. Let’s go Hawks! #GoHawks

We’ve got the right equipment #Hockeytown

Most hockey players make their living with their hands, but if you shoot often enough, your hands will get the call.

Without friendship, basketball is nothing.’ –Bill Bradley

When you can’t score on an empty net, you need to know how to shoot past the goalie.

Win or lose, whether storm or shine, let’s go out there and play our game.

Thankful for the chance to chase my dreams on this ice. Grateful for my team, coaches, and fans. Let’s do this. #RiseTogether

An immense privilege to be a part of the @DallasStars family. Thanks for everything this year Dallas…I’ll miss you.’’

Our fans are the most passionate in the world,

Summer might be coming to an end, but the fun doesn’t have to stop. With our Youth League Hockey Camps, you can keep the ball rolling all season long with fun on and off the ice. # KeepTheFunGoing

P.S. We’ll have loyalists from Boston to Buffalo to Florida wearing their own Fightstar gear cheering you on tomorrow night, so it might feel a little like a homecoming for you…

When you’re in the game of hockey, you play to win. -Larry Bird

The days are shorter and so is my temper, but we still have time to turn this thing around.

Can’t wait for this hockey season to get started! Check out the new look, same great taste. 🏒 🍕

We’re not the best hockey team, or the most talented bunch of guys, or the greatest skaters on the ice. But we do have #DEVOTIONDAILY. And that’s all you need.

The puck drops on a new season! The #Canucks are ready to claim the Pacific again 🏒 .
Gearing up for this fall season? Here is the perfect team to get you geared up for that outdoor hockey. #manitobaheat


It’s never too early to get excited about the next hockey season.

Throwback Thursday to last fall…still looking forward to this winter!

Just remember it’s not how many goals you score, but the assists that frustrate your teammates!!

Hockey is a sport where you have to play as a team. Every single person has to do their job in order for the team to be successful. You can’t just say take me as an individual and put me on the ice.

Hockey Night in Canada is back 🍁‼️

This fall, we’re getting schooled by the next generation of the NHL. ⛸

Two taps to cross the blue line. One to score. Total domination on the way.

Chill out in a Kings T-shirt from the official team store. This shirt feels like you’re wearing it on ice. And don’t forget to protect your head when you’re in front of the net!

Win or lose, #WeAreAlwaysHungry for the next game.

Being a part of a team is a chance to start over. It’s a second life. It’s being able to do what you want, on your own terms, with people who have been where you’ve been.

Don’t look at the score—look at what you need to do to win. Because when you win, that’s everything.



Cute Ice Hockey Captions

We’re hitting the ice this October. All-star game, anyone?


This season we are setting new standards in hockey. We are driven to pursue perfection.


Hey #NHL fans, today is the day! Tune in to tonight’s game on @NBCSports to see if the @SanJoseSharks will take the Stanley Cup home.


🎟 Ice hockey game today 7pm 🎟 – Make a move and get your tickets today!


Bury the competition with your breakout moves. Breakaway and score with the ultimate hockey experience in EA SPORTS NHL. 🥅 The most immersive Hockey Game to date 🏒🥅


When you find a new hockey stick sponsor. 🏒


Thanks to @nhl for a fun-filled day! So awesome to see the future of our game. Keep Rising.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for hockey. 🏒


Living and breathing hockey—check out the complete collection of NHL player jerseys on as we start counting down to October 4. #NHLHockey


We have our game faces on and we’re pumped for tonight’s crucial playoff game! #GoHabsGo


CHILL…we’re going to make it after all.


Pushed past every limit by being faster, faster, faster #GoKingsGo #LAKings #ANAvsLAK


This week the teams on a winning streak. Beat every opponent and get one step closer to the NHL playoffs!


Let’s get physical! Check out the best of street hockey, outdoor lacrosse, and roller derby in our latest edit. #PureStreetHockey


Tonight, it’s that time again, grab your friends and join us for the hockey game!


Let’s Play Hockey, Chicago. #Blackhawks


Hot takes + ice = smooth ride.


Goals Sundays with the #GoalsBand. Hockey is better when you celebrate those sweet victories!


We’re starting to see the light, but the best of the new season is still ahead. #GoStars


With a hot cup of cocoa in our hands we’re ready to skate until the sun comes up over this single-game record. 🏒🍂


We’re so ready for the cold, crisp days of winter to get here. (Tonight, might be one of them, actually!) #keepingtheice


We’re in the midst of the most exciting time of year. The City and County are buzzing with excitement. Game day is finally here. And for us, it couldn’t come soon enough. #GoStars #OurIceH


Tonight, brings the raucousness of hockey, friends and fun, To the arena we’re headed to.


Storm the ice, Toronto ⛸


It’s game time. The puck is dropping and our [fandom] can’t wait 👟


Two #tickets are all it takes to see your Sharks this season. 🎟


Let us play for 60 minutes, or the whole game. #🏒👊


There’s an electrifying energy every time the puck drops at a @aahlakerulet. There’s nothing else like it in the 🌎.


Game day in the air #intheair


Settling in for opening night, watch your favourite sport team tonight. #letsgopens


Game on! Drop the puck and get ready for the ice hockey games ⛸


Hockey is for the fans.


Let the ice-cold rivalry begin 🖐 #goaliens


We’ve taken the ice.


With all that’s at stake this weekend, it’s safe to say you have no idea what hockey is. But their new #NHL campaign is about to change all that. #MissingPerson


A day like today is why we play hockey.


What happened in the 1st period…❄️🌞?


The game is always better with a great crew. We love you, Ice Hockey Fans. We’ve got your back this season. #GoHabsGo


Best caption for a really interesting ice hockey game where action happens.


From the mind of a coach in the heat of a hockey game


Bring on the ice, let’s see how we do. #apackattack


It’s the month of hockey so we’ll be posting all things hockey and cool gear in our feed! #firstpassion


The oldest hockey tradition is also one of the greatest. So, grab your skates & head to the rink!


Game on! #NHLBallot


It’s almost game time. 2️⃣0️⃣ seconds left in the 2️⃣0️⃣Nd period, Tie game… and it’s in our net! We need to win.


The puck is in our hands. Let’s win this one, boys! ⚽️


Good things happen when you just skate. Put your own spin on it. Let go of the things that hold you back. Be exactly who you are, when you’re on the ice.


The crisp snap in the air during that first outdoor game of the season signals that hockey is back. The beer is cold, the popcorn is fresh, and there’s nothing more American than a good old fashion ice hockey game.


On this night we believe that the team who scores the most goals will win—and whoever makes the most saves is best. #IceHype


There’s no better time than now to get on the ice and sharpen your skills! (and those of your friends!) 😉


Celebrating the only day of the year we actually look forward to winter. #NationalHockeyDay


Let’s get physical. And by physical, we mean slap shots and monster hits. #HockeyIsBack


Going into overtime to win this one for our gang! 👊🏻😊


We’re already counting down the days to puck drop. #ALLCAPS


#NHLFirstTake ™️ A new kind of fan-focused destination that will celebrate all things hockey and feature hockey’s biggest personalities, newsmakers and influencers.


⛸🧛‍♂️ I hope everyone is ready for tonight’s game, let’s play hockey 🏒


Slay your dreams on and off the ice. #ThirstForTheCup


Fights are always more exciting in close games. Are you coming to the game to see some action?


A photo of my team at the beginning of the hockey season.


When you’re on the ice, you’re always moving forward. #NHLAllStar


Great things take time. That’s why we’re grateful to have you with us, those cheering on from home, and your best buds—the ones on the ice with you. This is for both of you. Always find your strength in others.


#NHLBlackhawks tally another 3 points with a 4-1 win over the Canucks!


A great shot! Two points!


Another great home win for the boys. Good to be back in the win column.


Dropping the puck for another International Ice Hockey Tournament 🏒. #NHLRussia2018


Live out your childhood dream of being a hockey player with this weeknight deal – mini stick and puck, 30 minutes of ice time and a chance to play at Madison Square Garden.


The face-off is set, the starting whistle blows… Let’s Go! #HockeyDayInAmerica


DID YOU MAKE IT? We did and you should too. The Coyotes game is on at #GilaRink with faceoff at 7pm! Go @ArizonaCoyotes!


Hockey is the ultimate team sport. The highs are high and the lows are low, but one thing’s always true: on or off the ice, our hockey family is always with us. Let’s play two!


With one last push, the @FlyersHockey are on to the #StanleyCup Final. Congrats, boys!


You’re not your wins, you’re not your losses. You’re the sum of your actions and what you do today matters. So, get out there and be great! #HockeyLife


Where the home team scores, everybody scores! 💪 #🏒 #🤘


It’s time to face off. Get your tickets now for our home opener! 🏒☕️


When you see it, you’ll get the chills? 😱


Get yourself to an @nhl game for a super fun night with friends.


Hockey is back! Final score, Team #BOOST 4. Team Teravicta 0. It’s time for hockey season to start up again after a long summer. Now our friends can come over for pickup games with our new


Great Scott! The future is here and it is fast. Get your tickets today to experience the adrenaline rush of the fastest ice skates on the planet.


It’s Hockey Day in Canada today! 🏒 We’ve got all the action streaming live from across the country. Enjoy!


A diamond 💎 is forever—and so are memories made on the ice. This rink has seen it all, and there’s still so much more to create.


Tonight, we’re leaving it all on the rink.


Best part of hockey is the games.


We’re scoring new swag for the 2015-16 season, and you’ll be the first to get it!


In a sport where one shot can change the tide of a game, @ryan_getzville knows how to score 🍏


Tenderness is in the air 🍁


Skating on 100% Natural Ice. Pure Hockey


At our game 🏒🕺, with 61 seconds left in the 3rd period. And it’s 1-0 Stars 🛡️. #GoStars Go!


It’s new season time! New teams, new leagues, new rivals. We can’t wait to see what this season brings 🏒


Can you feel that? That’s the puck dropping on a brand-new season. #NHL #HockeyIsComing


Get down to business with these hockey terms sent in by real fans. Let’s play some hockey!


A game fit for the Gods – The Greek Cup Final. #ELHPAO


Go Jets Go!


Who’s ready for a new season of Ice Hockey?


Getting to the rink early has never felt so good. The sun is out, but it’s still cold outside; time for hockey. #


Win or lose, you still drink it out of a hockey puck 😛


Meanwhile… Back on the ice. 1 2 3!


Cheering on the local team means cheering for the whole town. #FRO #gograngers


It was the classic goaltenders duel between Carey Price and Ryan Miller tonight as both teams came to play 🥅 #GoHabsGo


May the best team win. Game 7 never gets old.


Till the end of the 3rd period, on ice, on your feet.


Tonight, the @NY Rangers are playing for a chance to go to the #NHLStanleyCup Finals—@marshall.kennedy led his team with 3️⃣ goals! 🔥


Hockey is a boy’s best friend.


Tip of the hat to this afternoon’s #youthhockey players. Competition is fierce (don’t tell the refs) but these young players all have great form and stick skills. #youthhockey


What a game! We’re still buzzing about the latest @NHL match.


Everyone is excited for the opening game tonight. Just check out what we’re putting on the ice to jolt up the crowd. #GoKingsGo


The puck is loose! 🏒


This year’s championship for the Hockey Night in Canada contest is taking place here in Toronto at Air Canada Centre. Make sure to come down to watch the best Canadians fight for the ultimate prize!


Physical play, hard hits, and fast-paced action. Game on.


Making the crowd roar, the sun shine and the game exciting! #😎


The first puck drop of the #NHL season is here. Watch live on NBCSN with all pregame coverage starting at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT.


Win or lose that’s one hell of a hockey game.


Someone calls the Great One. We’ve found a game for him to play in the Summer Games. #LeagueOfLegends2016


Let’s Go! It’s the final countdown; the playoffs now for! #gohabsgo


Game Day. October 16. The Streets of San Francisco. Start making your playoff plans now, the best days of winter are coming!


When the whistle blows you’ve got to be quick like a bunny.


Smash you with a puck with an ice hockey game in the arena. 🥅


When your team scores, so do you. Be the #1 fan in the arena and on the street.


It’s time to go hockey again, so start practicing your slap shot!


The puck is back in play. Another game awaits. Time to feed the need for speed.


As the Great One would say, “I’m always amazed at how much better I feel when I’m ice skating.” 🏒


Dub, Dub, Dub for the home team…”Hey it’s hockey night in Canada!” #GoHabsGo


You can’t win unless you step onto the ice.


The puck is frozen. The buzzer has sounded. We are off to overtime.


Lucky 🍒 to be playing in front of the best fans in the league!


Playing at the top of our game.


Let’s do this! 🏒 #icehockey


Our hockey night tables give a real rink edge to the home.


In hockey, you want to stay comfortable without feeling sloppy. That’s why our PlayFlexx pants and shirts feature built-in stretch fabric that moves with you at every angle while also keeping you cool.


Here’s to the 2018-19 season. May it be full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and plenty of fun along with all the hard work. May we celebrate wins together and battle for every inch on the ice.


Burning up the ice 🔥💨‼️


It’s game day! Stay warm with all the action tonight 🥊 Get your tickets now.


One of the most iconic trophies in all of sports is heading to Dallas. Be a part of history as the Stanley Cup comes home with the Dallas Stars when they take on the Ottawa Senators on March 25.


It’s game day!


It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood… for hockey! (We don’t live there, but we wish we did.) Let’s play two! #hamont


When the weather turns cold and it’s too cold to play outside, nothing beats an afternoon on the ice.


Hockey is a big deal in Canada, we are like the Iceland of Hockey.


Look at the excitement on her face after realizing she just made a hockey goal! So awesome.


The first place to call home, the first place to celebrate a gold medal ⛸ #WinterOlympics


Let’s play two tonight! Tune in to @abcnetwork tomorrow at 6:30/5:30c. #GoStars 🏒


Once a year this game only comes once. It’s important we play our hearts out, just for this one day. This one day is all that matters.


Your team is playing tomorrow night, and that means one thing. It’s Red Wings hockey, and it’s a tradition like no other.


We’re getting Icey☃️🏒 Let’s go boys and #BringHockeyBack!


Hockey Night in Canada is the 1 game you don’t want to miss ⚾ 😎


There is only one word to describe this sport—fast.


Off to the game! Grab a hot or iced coffee on your way 🎙 #nhlplayoffs


It’s an #NHLGameDay! Be sure to keep up with all the action here🏒.


It’s a new season, but this game remains the same. #collegehockey


When you’ve trained hard all season, there’s nothing like the feeling of hockey on an October night.


All players, coaches and fans are encouraged to wear their favourite throwback jersey.


Zipping around the ice like we’re out here trying to find the lost amulet of Tarsus.


It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but how you skate in the game of life 🏒


Greatest hockey game ever.


How sweet it is to be back in the playoffs again. #HockeyPlayoffs


Can you feel it? The NHL is back! And we’re celebrating with a day of fun, hockey, and friends. Get your tickets


Game Day! 🏒 Don’t miss tonight’s game!


Where it’s always game on.


It’s the time to celebrate our most passionate fans—our rock stars! We are all #STARS, after all. Go #TeamUSA 🇺🇸!


The Stanley Cup is coming back to Nashville! Here’s a look at the preparation underway outside Bridgestone Arena tonight. # StanleyCup


It’s a good night to stay in. The Kings in the Staples Centre. We’re playing the Rangers, and we have the Kings game on tv of course.


It’s September which means it’s National Play Ice Hockey to Prevent Concussions Month. We hope you have a great season! #dontgethit #concussionsportsawarenessmonth


The Sweetest Game Is on This Weekend! Watch The #StanleyCup Playoffs On NBC, Our Official Broadcast Partner. #NHLPlayoffs


Calling all puck heads out there. Tonight’s the night!


Can’t believe we’re getting an early start for season with the NHL Premiere Series! Let’s Go Rangers ⚽


Let’s Go Pens! 👊 We’re GOING to the Stanley Cup Final! #madewithlove #gopenguins


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