New Home New Beginnings Quotes

A home to call your own is a beautiful experience; find one out of these beautiful collections of New Home New Beginning Quotes to send to your family and friends.


New Home New Beginnings Quotes 

1. May your new home bring you peace and harmony, congratulations!


2. It is going to be a new home new beginning for you, I’m so happy with you over the news of your lovely home, wishing you and your lovely family a nice stay.


3. May your new home be a serene and beautiful place of rest for you, congratulation wishing you a lovely time.


4. Congratulations! May your home be a joyful place of rest for you, wishing you and your family a wonderful moment over there.


5. There is no place like home, may your new home bring you fond memories, congratulation.


6. Enjoy the pleasure and happiness that new home brings, I look forward to a beautiful moment for you in your new home, have a wonderful beginning.


7. A new home is a blessing for you and your family, wishing you a lovely stay, happy new home.


8. Congratulations! Your new home is your heaven on earth, so spacious and beautiful architect, the surrounding is splendid and peaceful, wishing you and your family a wonderful moment.


9. Now you have a loving home you can proudly call your own, no more monthly payment of rent that digs deep into your purse, I know you have spent a lot to have this beautiful mansion, but the price is worth it congratulations! Wishing you a lovely moment in your new home.


10. May your heart find peace and tranquillity in your new home, you got what you deserve, a lovely house to call home, congratulation.


11. Thank God, for a dream come true for you, you have finally gotten your dream house, wishing you a lovely resting place, cheers.


12. A home is a place of peace, and a home is a place of love, I’m wishing you peace and love in your new home, congratulations my friend.


13. There is no place like home, you got a lovely house, I saw the picture of your new house, I’m so happy for you, thank God, wishing you and your family a lovely time in your new home.


14. You are starting a beautiful beginning in your new home, may every moment you would spend there be memorable for you, happy new home!


15. Cheer my friend, you have got a beautiful taste, this your house is a toast from heaven, and magnificent design beholding to every eye that sees it, congratulations, wishing you and your family heavenly moment over there.


16. This house is a perfect place for you as couples, do whatever you wish there, you have got all the space for that, congratulations!


17. A beautiful house like this call for celebrations, you have really invested your time and money to acquire this lovely house, wishing you a beautiful moment in your new home, congratulations.


18. Wow! You have always been a man of class, your house is majestically splendid, I would love to spend a day with you in it, congratulations great one, wishing you a marvellous time.


19. When you move into your new home, don’t forget to take me along, I love the beautiful and peaceful environments, you have made a good choice, congratulation.


20. Congratulation my dear friend, you have a beautiful house in a wonderful neighbourhood, I have lived for years in the area, I’m sure you would enjoy your stay there.


21. I’m wishing you a lovely time in your new home, may it be a place where you would find peace and harmony, congratulations!


22. You have bought that beautiful house, wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful stay.


23. May the time that you would spend in your new home be full of happiness and joy, wishing your entire house hood a lovely life.


24. May your heart find eternal peace in your new home; I’m coming over there to celebrate with you next weekend.


25. May your new home keep you warm in winter and keep you cool in summer and shelter from rain and wind, congratulations!


26. It is really a huge relieve for you to have a place to call your home, the nest is yet to come for you, congratulation, have a great time in your new home.


27. Now that you have a lovely home, I pray for a lovely wife and beautiful children to fill your home, happy new home, congratulation.


28. Families are what make homes great and memorable place, may God give you lovely family to blend on your happiness, congratulation on your new home.


29. Joy and peace for you all the way, congratulation on your new home, it is going to bring a wonderful beginning for you.


30. May happiness abide with you in your new house, wishing you all the best in your new house, congratulations.


31. I’m happy you got a lovely house in a beautiful area, and great to know that it is close to my place, you would love the neighbourhood, it is a lovely place to live, congratulations!


32. Your home would be full of laughter by the time the children start arriving, you have eyes for beautiful things, congratulations and wishing you well in life.


33. What makes a lovely home is a good family, may your new house be a place you would call sweet home to raise a lovely family, it so big enough for everybody, congratulation.


34. We are coming to celebrate with you, you have done a beautiful thing by acquiring a beautiful house like this, I love the house and it’s surroundings, wishing you lovely stay there.


35. We are overjoyed with the beautiful news of your new house; it is cute and lovely, congratulations!


36. Wow! A lovely house you have, it smells everything beautiful, wishing you a nice time with your family in it.


37. You must have spent all your life savings on this house, it worth it, you would be happy you did so, congratulations!


38. I will help in moving some of your items to your new house, how marvellous is your place, congratulations, wishing you the best of time over there.


39. Great to know you have done yourself this beautiful favour, owning a big house like this is not an easy thing, but your sacrifice is worth it, congratulation and enjoy your new home.


40. You have a beautiful house that suits your family size, wishing you more good things of life, may the house bring you comfort and peace, congratulations.


41. I’m happy you finally joined the numbers of the house owner in this town, it is actually not easy to get a house here, but you have scaled all the hurdles and get a beautiful house you can home. Congratulations! I’m wishing you a joyful life in your new home.

New Home New Beginning Quotes for Cards

42. Congratulations! You have what such a magnificent house you got.


43. I’m wishing you joy all the time in your new home.


44. Happy to hear that you have such a nice home, I’m wishing you and your family, love, and peace in your new home.


45. A new home brings with it many new memories in the future, may your new home bring you such beautiful memories.


46. Do enjoy your new home with your lovely family wishing you a nice moment.


47. Families are the joy of life, and beautiful home is made of wonderful families, it is a happy time for you, enjoy your new home with your beautiful family.


48. Congratulations! I hope that your home would make a beautiful abode for you, it will just be heaven for you, cheers!


49. That’s just wonderful of you, I saw the picture of your new house, congratulations, wishing you a beautiful life.


50. Life is beautiful when you have a lovely place to meet your families and rest your head, your new home would be a lovely place for you, congratulation.


51. It is not easy to move to a new house, but in the end, the stress is worth it, congratulation and wishing a lovely time in your new home.


52. This is a dream come true, your new house is a splendour to behold, congratulations!


53. Thank God we are stone thrown from each other, you would like your new location, enjoy your new environment, congratulation on your new house.


54. It gladdens my heart to know that you have gotten such an opulence house, enjoy it with your lovely family, congratulations!


55. Great house, great people, congratulations on your new home, have a wonderful moment.


56. Live with your family in peace in your new home, congratulation my dear friend, wishing you all the best.


57. Good home, beautiful relieve congratulations on your new home.


58. Congratulations on your new home, wishing you a lovely family and neighbours.


59. May never feel bored in your new home, every moment shall be beautiful for you, congratulations, wishing you a marvellous time.


60. What a beautiful step you have taken, congratulation on your new house, I know it cost you a lot of fortune, but it worth the price.


61. I like to have a beautiful house like yours, you are always a stand out in your choice, wishing lots of sweet memories in your new home with your lovely families.


62. I have always prayed for a beautiful moment like this for you, that God for you, new house, new car new family, congratulations, enjoy your life.


63. Your new house is a splendid castle; I love it, congratulation and have a great time with your family.


64. You have a lovely house; take me in when you move in, just joking. Congratulations wishing you a wonderful moment.


65. What a beautiful house you have bought, it would be a beautiful home when you move in with your family, congratulations.


66. This is just the beginning of a beautiful life for you, congratulation on the choice of a lovely house like this, wishing you all the best.


67. When you lay down to sleep in your new house tonight, you shall sleep peacefully without fear, you have always been a wonderful person, have a lovely time in your new home.


68. May living in your new home bring happiness and joy to you and your lovely family, congratulations.


69. Am happy you have your own house now to call your own, it’s a great thing, and great feeling, and you have rested from renting a house and being worried about rent bill. Congratulation.


70. Congratulation on your new house, it really beautiful I pray you to find peace and happiness in your new home. Happy for you.


71. It’s a wonderful development and a good step to move into your own house, it is great you deed, congratulation and enjoy every feeling of being a landlord.


72. Just heard the great news about your new house, it’s really beautiful, you deserve a lovely house like this. Congratulation happy new house.


73. I am pleased to be informed about your new house, I congratulate you, it a good development, wish you more success in life, am glad am part of this progress. Congratulation.


74. I know you can do it with prayers and hard work, congratulations on your new house.


75. Congratulation on your new house, I should be the first to get in the house, to enjoy the space and colorful corners of the building. Am so glad for you.


76. It’s a good thing and a blessing to be the owner of a property and to be the hirer, a big and beautiful house indeed, can’t believe it yours, my sweetheart what a house for us. Congratulation dear.


77. The best is to own your own house and not to rent; thank God he has done it possible for you, its calls for celebration and thanksgiving. Congratulation.


78. Am sure you having fun and moving from one room to another, its all yours so enjoy the four corners of your own house. Congratulation.


79. My prayers for you are that this is the begging of endless blessing for you, you will own more than a house, you will own private jet and personal airport. Congratulation.


80. Honey you have made me proud, you promise to give me all I want, am so happy I like the house. Congratulation. Its really wide big and beautiful, happy is yours.


81. What a house, it’s so big and elegant, it’s a beautiful taste of structure wish you good health and many more years to enjoy the beauty of life. Congratulation.


82. I’m celebrating your house today as a friend who has always been the best. Congratulation.


83. What a success achieved within a short period of time, you are blessed with a house after few months of getting a job, that makes you a focused and smart person, you know what you need at the right time, am happy for you. Congratulations on your new and portable house.


84. Congratulations on your new house dear, am right behind you, I will keep supporting and encouraging you on a thing like this, it’s a great thing to have a house.


85. The kind of house I like is what you have just built and the colour of paint perfect the structure, you are a good designer, congratulation on your new house.


86. Good people like you always get a good thing at their ease, all your dreams have been accomplished, and now you have a house for yourself, it a wonderful thing. Congratulation.


87. Enjoyment comes after so many hard works and so much effort. You are enjoying the fruit of your labour now. Congratulation on your new house.


88. Let me use this opportunity to appreciate all the love and kindness you have showed me and to tell you that the gift of being wonderful is the house you have got, God made it easy for you for your kind-hearted. Congratulations love.


89. All my life I have never seen a house like this, I can’t even express how I feel about it, but am so full of joy and delighted to know that the house belongs to you, congratulation its so big and beautiful house.


90. This is the biggest surprise ever, wow what a house, a house with the best of interior decoration, you have blown my mind, I am speechless. congratulation on an exotic mansion


91. This is really a beautiful house; you took your time get it finished a perfect way, am in love with what I’m seeing. Its suite your taste, congratulation love, you have made the best of choice. It’s so fine.


92. You have made a difference. You are so strong and not a lazy type, I am feeling like the owner of a house already, am just too happy to express how I feel, I like this house, congratulation darling.


93. How long have you been doing this, you like surprises, am really surprised at this.


94. I am so delighted you are now the owner of a house, you wanted it and now you have it congratulation, keeping having hope and trust your effort it


95. Great achievements friend, congratulation on your new home, wishing all the good things of life.


96. May you be great today and forever, I am very happy to share in your success, your new home will bring you peace and tranquillity, wishing you a beautiful moment.


97. This is your dream come true, wow! The house is beautiful, congratulation wishing you a beautiful moment.


98. I am very excited when I see your beautiful home; you spend a lot to put this together, wishing you long life and peaceful life in your new home.


99. Home is where we find peace and happiness, may your new house be a lovely place for you, congratulation, wishing a joyful moment.


100. House is the essence of life, you find true love and peace in a home, happy to hear that you acquired a beautiful house; I will come over to celebrate with you, congratulations!


101. This house is like a king palace, I love the scenery and the beautiful flowers, congratulations, enjoy your new home.


102. You have a house that looks like that of a royal king, its remind me of the king in the city of Japan, so lovely and spacious, congratulation it’s a beautiful home.


103. I’m so happy over the good news, the opening of your new home is the beginning of success and rest of mind to you and family, congratulation on your new house.


104. Let’s meet in the house to celebrate, the new house, no need to party outside the home anymore; you have got a space and beautiful environment for your parties. Am happy. Congratulation.


105. Being part of this progress is really a wonderful moment to remember, the completion of your mansion and the getting of a new car to fit in the yard. I love you and will always wish you more grace and success. Happy for you.


106. The sound of the bird is coming from the new building, even the birds are happy over the progress, the pillars of the new house is a resting place for the birds giving it a beautiful look and amazing sound.


107. I was hoping for you getting your own apartment someday, thank God the time is here. Congratulation on your new home.


108. The house is built in a very good location, and a beautiful structure, am so impress and congratulating you of the development, it is a very bold step you have taken.


109. Your new house shall bring more wealth, good health and happiness to you and family. Congratulation on your new and beautiful house.


110. Its takes hardworking and perseverance to achieve success in a short period, your new house has shown how hard working you have been, is time to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Congratulations.


111. The best way to celebrate a new house is to get there, decorate the house with balloons and flowers, get a variety of entertainments, and get dancing. Hope to be there soon, congratulation on your new home, wish you peace of mind in your new home.


112. To the best of a friend that has just own a house, my dearest I’m so glad about the news, I say more grease to your elbow and congratulation on your new home. You will live to enjoy it and many more.


113. Congratulation on your new home, it shall be the beginning of so many beautiful things to come, you will be the head and not the tail, you will conquer all obstacle. More blessing my dear I am glad you made it.


114. I love what you have done, it’s a good thing, you will not regret all the step you have taken in achieving this house. Congratulation I am so excited for you.


115. The house is so classic, it’s a modern house, it has beautiful rooms and an attractive garden, it has the look of the presidential house. Congratulation.


116. Happy to hear you are a house owner today, you have worked hard over the years to deserve this, congratulation on your new house.


117. The joy of being together is to celebrate each other and wish well for each other, am happy to be part of your joy, your new house is so beautiful, you deserve a good thing in life because you are so wonderful. Congratulation.


118. I want to be the first to congratulate you and express my joy over your new house, you are indeed a blessed friend, and you will live to explore many great things in life. Congratulation.


119. Wow! What a great achievement, you have won the heart of your parent, you have built not just a house for them but you furnished it, am so happy for you, you are appreciated and loved. Continue the good work and you will never regret it, congratulation and God bless you.


120. Congratulation my love I believed you when you say you will own your house before marriage, am glad the honeymoon is going to be in our home, we are not going to be restricted to just one room but we will move from one place to another.


121. Yes you have built a house but it’s incomplete without me, you will be happy and call it home with me. Have a wonderful moment in your new house.


122. The street where you have bought your house is a better place, it’s peaceful and calm, the house you choose is the best and so beautiful congratulations.


123. I knew it that your taste of house is superior, you have bought one of the most expensive and glamour house in town, you have proved me right that you have a good and high taste congratulation am so happy for you.


124. The first thing that came into my mind when I got the news about your new house was that it is in the island and a glasshouse because that is what you have always talked about, you made your dream come true. Congratulations, glad to hear this.


125. Happy new house friend, all that you have planned and promised to do will be accomplished now and forever. You will keep achieving great things. Congratulation.


126. I have promised to be your supporter and to encourage you in attaining a high standard of living, because I know you love it and I believe you can, with hard work and prayers you will get there.


127. Congratulation on your new house, you will be happy in your new environment and has the gut to appreciate the beauty of life and God for making it possible, you are indeed a blessing to your family .congratulations.


128. Living a peaceful and healthy life is a major priority one should take first; you have taken a good decision in life. Home is the first thing to think of and I wish you a peaceful home. Congratulation on your new home.


129. You have bought the most exclusive house in town, I’m so happy I have the privilege to enter one of the houses of my dream. Congratulation dad, I’m proud it’s our house.


130. Congratulation on your new mansion, wishing you a nice time there.


131. The house you have purchase speak a lot about you means you are a man of integrity and love of nature, your house is one of the kinds. Congratulation.

Prayers and Blessings for New Home New Beginnings Quotes

132. You would shine like the moon in your new house, have a lovely time.


133. Your success has just begun, sit back and enjoy every moment of your life, congratulations on your new home.


134. The angel will live with you in your new home; you shall receive peace and harmony all the time, congratulations.


135. May the Lord make your new home a comfortable place for you, congratulations.


136. It is a wonderful moment for you, may the Lord bless you with many other good things of life, congratulation on your new house.


137. I wish you God’s protection all the time in your new home; enjoy yourself and a wonderful time.


138. Thank God for your success in building this house, may it be the beginning of more beautiful things to come.


139. May your house be a beautiful place to rest your head, wishing you the best of time.


140. Let your heart find peaceful rest in your new house, wishing you more of God’s blessing and protection.

Beautiful Quotes About Home/Sweet Home Quotes

141. There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. (Jane Austen), may your new bring you the real comfort

that you desire.


142. Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.) may your home bring you fond memories, joy, and happiness.


143. A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. (George A. Moore), we need a place we can call home, thank God you found one.


144. A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. (Benjamin Franklin), let your home be the best place for you, wishing you a lovely life.


145. Home is the nicest word there is. Laura Ingalls Wilder


146. The home should be the treasure chest of living. Le Corbusier

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