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Thanks for Coming Messages
Thanks for Coming Messages


You would find here some beautiful collections of thanks for coming messages for your family and friends for your different occasions; we have carefully selected some beautiful words that you would love, check out below.

Thanks for Coming Messages for Birthdays

1. It was a double dose of joy for me on my birthday, knowing that I have got a massive support system. Thank you so much for gracing my occasion.


2. My birthday presents are immeasurable to your very presence on my special day. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Thanks for attending my birthday party.


3. Birthdays maybe once in a year, but the memories made on the day will always remain in my heart.


4. Thanks for showing up at my party today! It was nothing short of wonderful.


5. Thank you for your beautiful wishes for me on my birthday. I am really overwhelmed.


6. I am appreciative of the gifts you sent me on my birthday! I am very excited to unwrap them and show them off!


7. Thank you for your effort to put a smile on my face in your own little way. I feel indebted to you.


8. I would like to use this medium to appreciate all my family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and well-wishers for making my birthday a memorable one. You all are amazing


9. May you all experience the same joy you brought to me today. I had a fantastic birthday.


10. Your beautiful quotes, messages, and bits of advice warmed my heart today. Thank you for your good wishes.


11. I cannot seem to get enough of the sweet memories made today. I really appreciate the kind gestures


12. Thank you for all your help on my birthday. May the good Lord always continue to give you helping hands in your times of need.


13. I would not have gotten to this point of my life without the support from you guys. Thanks for always being there for me. You guys are the most real!


14. I really felt like a queen yesterday! Thank you for making my most fantasized birthday come to pass.


15. I thank God for sparing my life until today. And I thank you for making today a day that I would never forget in a hurry!


16. It would be an understatement for me to say that you guys were spectacular today! Thanks a million for gracing my birthday.


17. If not you, I would rather have no one else to call my friend! Thank you for all the gifts, surprises, and fun-filled games! You made today the most awesome birthday party.


18. May the joy and happiness that has no boundary be yours today and forever. I am appreciative of the love you have shown to me on my birthday.


19. I loved my surprise cake today! It was just what I needed and more! Thank you for showing how much you care for me. May God crown and bless your efforts.


20. I wake up this morning to a flooded timeline of birthday wishes, to a filled up voice mail, and to a house full of gift boxes! And I knew today cannot be any less wonderful. I thank you all for your massive show of love!


21. You made it down just as you have promised, I really appreciate your coming, thanks for coming to my birthday, I am highly grateful and appreciate your coming to my special day.


22. Thank you for coming, I am so excited to have you in my home for my birthday, you made my birthday today a day to be remembered. Thank you.


23. Am glad to have you on my birthday, you were the light of the day, my eyes keep following around, am just so happy you are around to cheer me up on my birthday.


24. You could not see the expression in my face, how delighted I am, you are my joy and thank you for making happy more with your presence on my birthday.


25. What a day with you, I really don’t want to end this birthday because of you, it’s always a blessing to have you around am glad you made it to my birthday, thank you.


26. You came to celebrate me and that is enough to appreciate your coming, thanks for the beautiful gift, they are so lovely.


27. I can’t believe you came all the way, you are really a friend indeed, you made my day a memorable day, thanks for coming.


28. Am appreciating your coming and gift for my birthday, you are so wonderful, thanks for the help and support on my birthday, I will forever be indebted to you, thanks


29. Thanks for coming to my birthday party, it is a memory that I will live to remember, a day with is like a million years of happiness. Am excited you made it to my party.


30. What a birthday party with lots of love and happiness, it is only possible with people like you; you have made my birthday party a success and am so delighted. Thanks for coming.


31. I highly appreciate you for coming to my birthday, it won’t have been as fun as it is if not for your jokes, am so proud of you, and I love your support, thanks for being there.


32. Toms up to you my dear, I was surprised to see you at my birthday party, you really made my day, I will not forget this day, thanks for coming to my birthday.

Thanks for Coming Messages for Weddings

1. I had an amazing armour of friends on my wedding day! With you by my side on my special day, I stood tall. Thanks a lot for your presence.


2. Thank you for gracing my wedding. Thanks for making my wedding ceremony an awesome one too! I love you!


3. You made time out of your pretty busy schedules to celebrate with me on my big day and I will forever be grateful for that. Thank you so much.


4. My wedding ceremony had a massive turnout. Thank you for your contributions. May God shower his blessings on you.


5. With gratitude in our hearts, we say a big thank you for your love and support, presence, and above all, your prayers during the celebration of our union.


6. I love you all and I cannot wait to celebrate with you similarly and in a happier occasion. Thanks for attending my wedding ceremony.


7. My wedding wouldn’t have been amazing without you! Have a safe travel back to your various destinations. Thank you!!


8. You made it a memorable moment for us because all we felt was nothing but love and sincerity around us. We are appreciative!


9. We want to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for sharing in our merriment. May God shower your lives with all the joy.


10. We deeply appreciate your abundant generosity and contribution to our wedding, and the kindness you have shown. My family and I are very much indebted.


11. Having families and friends to show you tremendous support on your big day has got to be the most wonderful thing. My husband/wife and I thank you all.


12. Our house is overflowing with gifts right now as I send this to you! And we cannot be appreciative enough for your big-heartedness.


13. May the joy we felt on our wedding day, fill your own lives forever! Thanks for coming.


14. I have almost run out of ways to express gratitude to you for your show of love on the best day of my life. Thank you so much.


15. Grace, love, joy, happiness, and excitement are what I wish for you as you return to your various homes. Thanks for attending my wedding ceremony


16. Happy, smiling faces in all forms of realness was the order of my wedding day! And I cannot thank you all enough for that. I deeply appreciate!


17. My dream wedding was what came to pass today! You will always be a part of our beautiful love story! Thank you for your undivided presence.


18. My wedding was a near-perfect success thanks to you. And I cannot wait to happily return all the favours!


19. Thank you for your marvellous speech today, thank you for the rare gifts, thank you for sacrificing for me, and thank you for being my best friend! Love you girl!


20. I really do appreciate all that you have done for me today and more. Thank you for coming!


21. I could not see everybody but yet I saw you, your support and your gift, thanks for being there as a witness to the vow of love, it means you really care about us, thanks for coming to our wedding.


22. What a beautiful and loving day of my life to see friends and loved ones around, it a memorable day that will remain in my heart forever, thanks for attending my marriage party.


23. You will not understand how happy I was to see you at my marriage ceremony, you were indeed happy for me because I could see how excited you were, thank you so much for coming, may you be happy for the rest of your life.


24. How wonderful you are, it is seen all over you that you are immeasurable wonderful, thanks for your support, wishes, and prayers. You made my wedding a dream come true. Thanks for coming.


25. I wish I could have another of the wedding party again and again; you all were looking good and happy, having fun and enjoying your self. Thanks for being there for me.


26. What a day with you, a day that will never be forgotten, a day of joy and merriment, I am glad the memory of this day includes your presence, you mean a lot to me. Thanks for being part of my joy, I appreciate your presence.


27. Counting my blessing include you in my life, you have been so nice and always there for me, right from childhood, you stood by me at all times, am going to miss that every moment with you, you are highly appreciated and I say thanks for being there again at my marriage, you a real gem.


28. I have been thinking of how my marriage ceremony will be, and how many people will be there, but to my greatest surprise, you and so many others made my day a super special day. Thanks for coming to my wedding party.


29. Your presence, support, and gift made my day, you are so important to my life and thank God you made it to my wedding .thanks in a million way, thanks for coming to my wedding party.


30. The way you present yourself willing in running an errand and making sure everything was right, I so much appreciate and thank you for your love and support, you shall find peace and happiness, God bless you for being there for me.


31. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your effort in making my marriage the best of the year; you are really a friend to rely on thanks.


32. The one special person on my wedding day was you, I won’t have been so happy the way I was if you weren’t there, you make me happy and feel loved and wanted on my special day. Thanks for coming.


33. Come to think of it, you are the one who stood behind me as my best man, you would not understand the support you gave me, but I will only say thank you for being my best man. I appreciate you so much.


34. I so much appreciate you and your family for being there and giving your love, time and resources for me, I say thank you are so happy for presence.


35. The happiest thing is having people around; we could not have done it alone, but with friends and family like you it was a great day to remember, thanks for coming. We appreciate it dearly.


36. Happy to have you on my wedding ceremony, you are a great friend who is always there in need, I am not going to forget this great support you gave me on my special day, you are a friend indeed. Thanks.


37. Coming for a wedding, takes dedication, time and money, you did not mind all that, yet the distance you made it to my one special day, you have really shown me love and care, I am indeed so grateful, thanks for coming to my wedding.


38. What a wonderful day with people like you around, the fun, the merriment, laughter, am so happy sincerely and appreciate your coming.


39. My joy is to see friends and family at my wedding, having fun and celebrating with us, you are part of my joy, thanks for coming.

Thanks for Coming Messages for Marriage Anniversaries

1. It seems just like yesterday when you joined us to celebrate our wedding ceremony, and we are blessed to have you all around for our anniversary. Thank you for coming.


2. A few years ago we began our lives together, thank you for supporting us throughout the journey, and a bigger thank you for honouring our anniversary invitation. God bless you all.


3. Thank you for being part of our lives from the very first day, through the years, to today. Our anniversary would be incomplete without you. Thank you.


4. We appreciate you sharing your valuable time for our anniversary. May God bless you.


5. Your presence really adds colour to our wedding anniversary and to our lives in totality. We forever remain grateful to you all.


6. The importance of friends cannot be overemphasized! Thank you for making our marriage and anniversary wonderful.


7. As you share each wedding anniversary with us, may we also share many amazing celebrations with you.


8. I thank you for making out time for us to celebrate with us on this special anniversary, and I wish you a safe journey back to your various homes.


9. Each year continuously grows more amazing than the last, and so does every wedding anniversary of ours, and I have you to thank for that.


10. We celebrate anniversaries to celebrate each survived year in our life-long journey. Your presence in all has made it more memorable. Thank you.


11. With each photo taken, a picture is kept. With each advice given, a lesson is learned. And with each anniversary celebrated, memories are treasured. Thank you for coming.


12. Each wedding anniversary wouldn’t be special without you. Thank you for attending every one of them.


13. I simply want to thank you for sharing in our joyous moment. You have always been great to us!


14. So much effort, so much contribution, so much thoughtful prayers, and so many gifts! We feel blessed already! Thank you for coming.


15. I had so much fun today! No anniversary party is ever complete without your presence! Cheers to that!


16. You gave the best speech at my wedding, and today’s speech was nothing short of exceptional! Thank you so much.


17. It was such short notice and everyone turned up! I appreciate you making cherished memories with me. Thank you


18. I never would have thought about a surprise wedding anniversary party! You guys are awesome!! Thank you for reliving my wedding day with me.


19. You always try to seize every chance to put a smile on my face! I feel so indebted to you. Thanks a ton for making my anniversary one of my best days yet.


20. You have been such a great friend to my husband and me, and you have made this anniversary simply perfect! Thank you and we love you!


21. It wasn’t just another day in our calendar, rather it was a delightful one! Thank you all for making it a possibility!


22. My marriage is successful and a blessing with good friends like you, who has always advice and there for me to make things go right, thanks for attending our wedding anniversary.


23. Having you on our wedding anniversary show how much you cared for us, and I appreciate your love, care, and support. Thanks for coming to our anniversary.


24. May the joy that fills your heart as I see you in my anniversary continue and never seize in your life. Thank you for coming to our anniversary. We appreciate you.


25. You were there at our wedding and you came again on our anniversary, you are so generous, nice and wonderful, I’m proud to have a wonderful friend like you, thanks for coming.


26. How beautiful to have you on our first anniversary, we wish to have you in many more of our anniversary because your presence is a blessing. Thank you for coming.


27. It’s nice having you at our anniversary, I really appreciate your presence, you are so wonderful to us, thanks for coming.


28. You put a smile in the faces of people, you make a way when everything seems to blur, you are so dear to us, we appreciate you for coming to our anniversary.


29. Life is beautiful when you feel love all over you; you get love from husband, from family, and from friends. Thanks for the love and thanks for coming to the anniversary.


30. Let me use this opportunity to appreciate your love and support to our family, you are indeed a true friend to the family. Thanks for coming to our anniversaries.


31. The anniversary is meant for us all, the long years together, the loving and sharing, the togetherness. Thanks for coming.


32. What a special anniversary we had with people like you, who are always there for us to love and support, we appreciate your coming to our anniversary.

Thanks for Coming Messages for Naming Ceremonies

1. Your presence meant the world to us, our daughters naming ceremony wouldn’t have been the same without you.


2. Your gift to us on this special day is invaluable. My family and I are really appreciative.


3. This day was made truly special with all the love and support you have shown! Our appreciation is immeasurable!


4. May our baby grow up to experience the overwhelming joy your friendship brings this family. Thank you for gracing the naming ceremony.


5. Most valued today is your prayers and well wishes to our newborn baby boy. May your own lives be filled with purity and love just like this little one.


6. It is an undeniable fact that this baby will grow up to know that he has the most amazing uncles and aunts in the world! Thank you so much for your care


7. Despite your busy schedules, you made time out for us. We are so grateful for that. Thank you for attending Ismail’s naming ceremony


8. My family and I cannot appreciate your immense generosity enough. May the light of God never seize to shine in the lives of you and your entire family!


9. Baby Isabel is so lucky to have you in her life! Thanks for all your contributions to the success of this naming ceremony


10. All of our gratitude goes to you for making our baby’s special event more memorable. We really appreciate.


11. Surely, I would say that I am more than blessed to have you guys as my sisters, and baby Sandra is one lucky child! Thanks for all the love shown.


12. I am elated over the gifts you brought for my baby,  Thank you for honouring our invitation.


13. I am grateful to you for taking the time to attend the naming ceremony of our baby yesterday; your presence was heartwarming.


14. Dear brother thank you for coming to my baby’s naming ceremony; you gave your children an opportunity to get familiar with their baby cousin. It meant a lot to us.


15. Dear mom and dad, your being here today at your grand son’s naming ceremony was invaluable. You filled our home with warmth and the baby needed every bit of it! Thank you!!


16. Thank you for your amazing company today during the ceremony. My family and I cannot seem to thank you enough


17. Words fail me when I try to express my gratitude towards you and your family today for showing up to the naming ceremony, but I hope this would do it: thank you and God bless!


18. My family and I are sending love towards your way! Even though you weren’t here with us physically, your presence was tremendously felt. We deeply appreciate your big-heartedness.


19. It’s better late than never to shout a gigantic THANK YOU! To everyone who graced my child’s naming ceremony with their presents and presence! May God Almighty bless you!


20. From the entire family, and me we say thank you for attending the naming ceremony of our newborn baby and God bless. You are one in a million.


21. My dreams are achieved and joy and happiness are filled my heart, thank you for sharing in our joy as we name our beloved, new baby, you are so much appreciated for been here. Thank you.


22. I can’t express how happy I was to see you on my baby naming ceremony, which means you, have me at heart, and I so much appreciate it.


23. We were so surprised to have you at our naming ceremony, we could not believe you would make it despite the distance the cost, thanks for coming, we appreciate.


24. When I saw you I was so delighted and I’m sure my new baby notice your presence, you are indeed so wonderful, thanks for the gift, support, and prayers.


25. My family and I are saying thank you for coming to our baby naming ceremony. God bless you and your family, may you find happiness in your life too.


26. I need not worry because I have you, you are just too nice and so kind for my liking, you are always there for me and even at the hospital before the arriver of the baby, and you were there, thank you very much for still coming to the naming ceremony. We appreciate.


27. I will not forget you in this life, I will have you first because you really care about me and my family, you have a heart of gold, you stood by me when I needed you most, thanks for coming to our naming ceremony.


28. The ceremony was a great party with you, I knew how interesting the party will become when I sighted you, you are so amazing, I appreciate your coming.


29. People who celebrate others, who show love and care for others are always blessed by God never forget them. We are happy to have on our naming ceremony, you are appreciated.


30. Today is the naming ceremony of my baby but am too happy as the day become a reunion and a memorable day having both old and new friends, I will wish the party never ends, thanks for attending.


31. Coming to my naming ceremony is a great thing I could less think of, I remember you promised to be at the wedding but I did not remember you saying you will come for the naming ceremony, I am happy you made, thank you.


32. Please do accept my appreciation and gratitude for coming at the naming ceremony of our beloved daughter, we hail and say thank you so much.



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