Safe Journey Wishes to My Love-Safe Journey Prayer to My Love



Dearest, you will like these collections of Safe Journey Wishes to My Love-Safe Journey Prayer to My Love, find one to send to your sweetheart as he/she departs home or come back home from the journey.

Safe Journey Wishes to My Love-Safe Journey Prayer to My Love

1. If I have a choice to make, I would have wished to go with you on this journey, but I have to stay back to take good care of the children and our home before you return, we will miss you so much, save journey, my dearest love.


2. You may have to cross many miles away from home on this journey, my heart will always be with you in each of the steps you take, wishing you well, safe journey my sweetheart.


3. The more I think about you, the more happiness glide through my heart, I never thought that I would find a wonderful man like you, you make my world a wonderful place, thank you for the good care and love that you have shown me all the time, safe journey my angel.


4. Every step you take away from home, the Lord will guide you right, never be afraid of what lies ahead of you on this journey, it will bring you success and goodness, safe trip, my dear.


5. I want to tell you how much I will miss you, my love, please don’t forget to call me when you arrive safely, wishing you a beautiful trip, safe journey my hero.


6. I have prayed that the Lord remove every hardship on your path as you set out on this beautiful journey; wishing you a very safe trip, go well.


7. Safe journey my love, thought of me will keep you warm on this journey, I will be here praying for you as move on, I will miss you greatly, smile.


8. I wish you two success on this journey, success in your going and success in your coming, I wish always cherish every single message that I get from you, please don’t forget to message as soon as you arrive at your destination.


9. My Lord will make your journey easy for you; no fatigue will overwhelm you on this journey, go well, safe journey.


10. I hope you will be back soon into my lovely arms, I’m going to miss you a lot, safe journey my sweet love.


11. Every journey that takes you away from home is important, be hopeful for a beautiful trip, my Lord will take you there and bring you back safely, farewell my love.


12. Light up your heart, enjoy the adventure of the journey, wishing every of your moment on this journey a blissful experience, safe journey.


13. This journey will bring you success and happiness, everything that you have set to achieve will be easy for you, a safe journey.


14. Safe journey, wishing you an amazing time, I will always be your sweet love and I’m going to miss you a lot.


15. Go for gold, go for success, safe journey my love, wishing you the best time out there.


16. Dearest love, thank you for bringing succor and happiness into my heart, I can never forget all the good things you bring to my life, I’m wishing you a safe trip, may your days be full of joy and happiness, I love you.


17. Smile all the way my love, your journey will be full of wonderful experiences, you will always remain the joy of my life, don’t forget to call me when you get to your destination.


18. Stay strong throughout the journey, enjoy yourself, and make the best use of every moment, wishing you a safe trip.


20. I can’t stop the tears that flow down my cheeks as I watch you leave home tonight, but I wish you a safe trip, may the Lord make your journey a sweet memory, farewell my angel.


21. As you are set to board your flight to your destination, may the journey be smooth and your destination is like your home, safe journey my dear, wishing you a lovely time.


22. I will keep track of you as depart for the beautiful journey, wishing you a safe journey back and forth.


23. They said a journey of thousands of miles begins with a step, as you take the first step away from home today, I’m wishing you a successful life out there, a safe journey, and see you again someday.


24. Enjoy the sweet memories that the holiday brings, a safe journey my dear friend, have a wonderful time out there.


25. For every beautiful step you take away from home I wish you God’s protection and guidance, a safe journey, my love.


28. May your life be filled with splendor and harmony, feel good in every moment of your life, safe journey, and don’t forget to come back soon, I love you.


29. Your flight will be smooth and memorable, wishing you a safe departure and a safe landing, safe journey to you.


30. You will fly across many cities and towns; feel the pleasure of the adventure of your journey, wishing you a safe journey.


31. Dearest friend, it is good to hear that going on this beautiful journey, a safe journey, and wishes you well.


32. May the purpose of your journey be achieved, go well and return well, safe journey my beauty, wishing you a lovely trip.


33. As you leave home now, you are leaving a sweet memory behind, I pray for your safety as you depart home today, a safe journey to a lovely soul like you.


34. You will always remain the hero of my life, safe journey and I wish you well, I love you.


35. The path that would lead you to success and peace is where I wish you, you will be under the protection of my Lord as you travel today, safe journey.


36. Be positive and optimistic, this journey will bring you a better outcome, farewell, and have a memorable trip.


37. Keep our good memory in mind; I will always remain yours forever, safe journey my sweet love.


38. You will be safe as you journey through many cities and towns, your ascending and descending of hilly terrain will be safe for you, farewell my babe.


39. In every sunshine that you step out to look for the good things of life, your


40. The light of heaven will continue to guide you through as you embark on this journey today, safe journey.

Best Safe Journey Prayer to My Love

41. The day is ripe for your journey, as you have planned, I pray the good Lord to make the journey easy and successful for you, safe journey, and good luck my love.


42. You will make it through by the grace of God,  safe journey sweetheart.


43. I pray the Lord to ease your way and take you to your destination safely, a safe trip my love.


44. Thy Lord shall guide every mile you cover, you will arrive safely to your destination, safe journey my bundle of joy.


45. Prayers are the essence of life, I have no doubt that my Lord has answered all my prayers for you, safe journey as you return home tonight, wishing you a journey free of stress and burden.


46. Today we shall await your beautiful arrival, may the light of our Lord guide you home, safe arrival by beloved.


47. Whichever road you decided to take home tonight, the Lord will bring home safely, safe journey my love, wishing you a smooth ride.


48. The joy of your beautiful return today keeps me in a great vigil last night; I have prayed that the Lord guide you home.


49. May the angels be your driver as you embark on this wonderful journey, go well my love, safe journey.


50. May the road be made smooth for you, may the sunshine warm your spirit, and your heart is filled with joy as your cross many lands, arrive safely to your destination, safe journey.


51. May God assigns an angel by your side as you travel through the sea, let all strong waves be tame for you, wishing you safe journey my


52. Let every mile you travel be marvelous for you, I pray the Load to remove every hindrance from your way and make the journey a beautiful experience for you, have a safe trip, my love.


53. Go well my dearest; God will follow you all through to your destination, safe journey.


54. May the Lord be your guide and your protector as you leave home today, a safe trip my sweetheart.


55. O, Lord! Protect all those who travel by road, air, and sea today, in your hands is lies all that is good.


56. The safety of every journey is in your hands, o Lord! You know what lies ahead of us, make this journey a successful one for you my husband, farewell my love.


57. My hands are held up in beautiful payers for you; you will go and return well, safe journey sweetheart.


58. The angels shall surround you in this journey, safe journey. Have a Nice Journey


59. Your mind is set on a higher task for this journey, a safe journey.


60. Look up to the sky, it is a verse space without any contour, your journey will be as smooth as the bird fly freely in the sky, have a nice journey.


61. In your going and your coming, I wish you a safe journey.


62. See your beautiful face again some other days to come, I wish you a wonderful moment as you travel this morning, safe journey my king.


63. The joy of seeing you again is enormous than the pain of missing you, I look forward to your safe return, safe journey.


64. The more I think about seeing your beautiful face today, the more my lips long to touch yours, I really miss you so much, safe journey my sweetheart.


65. Dear love, I’m wishing you a smooth ride back home today, I can’t wait to see your handsome face once again.


66. The road will be smooth for you, the journey will be worth the experience, wishing you a beautiful adventure, safe journey my heartthrob.


67. I fixed my eyes on the bus as it disappears on the horizon, may good luck follow you as you depart home today, wishing you a safe journey, I will miss you, my love.


68. You have always been a man of your words, do not stays too long before you return home, wishing you a memorable journey.


69. Your hands would be full with goodness as you travel several miles from home, I prayed the Lord to remove every fatigue and hardship in this journey, safe journey my dearest.


70. Safe journey my love, concentrate on your task when you arrived there, I will take good care of the home.


71. May the Lord enrich you more than you have ever wished on this journey, goodness will keep following you wherever you go, safe journey to you my sweet love.


72. May your find every experience incredible in this journey, relax and enjoy the beauty of new land, safe journey my dear.


73. Don’t worry about what lies ahead of you, I’m optimistic that this journey will bring you goodness and success, have a nice journey.

74. The fight would be nice, the experience shall be great, wishing you the best of time out there as your leave home now, safe journey my love.


75. Safe journey my love, have a blissful day.


76. Your safety is paramount to me, may the Lord remove all the harm on your path as you leave home today to your destination, have a nice journey.


77. You left home safe, so shall you arrive at your destination safely.


78. Wishing you my love a safe trip may the Lord be your guard to your destination.


79. Dearest, you will always have my love safe for you, I know I will miss you so much as you depart for your journey today, I’m wishing you a safe landing in your new destination.


80. I wishing you a pleasant journey today, you will go smoothly and return smoothly, I will always remain your special love forever.


81. Dearest love, as leave your home for this all-important journey, may travel be free of danger, you will go and return back well.


82. When I have you, I know I have the whole world for me, you mean everything to us sweetheart we pray for your safe going and safe return, we will miss you, safe journey.


83. May this bringing beautiful memories, I bid you farewell in a beautiful smile and I wish to welcome you with a beautiful smile, safe journey my love.


84. Safe journey my love, wishing you the best experience of your life.


85. Travelling comes with its pleasure and adventure, I pray for your safety as you pass from city to city, go well and return well.


86. May the Lord remove every hardship in this journey out of your way, wishing you a safe landing as you departed safely, have a nice journey.

Cute Safe Journey/Miss You Quotes

87. I have looked forward to this beautiful period with you, though I know I will miss you greatly, I understand that the journey is worth it, safe journey my love, wishing you well on your ways.


88. The beginning is the setting out for this journey, and the end of the journey is returning home, both will bring you luck, wishing you a safe journey my sweetheart, I will miss you.


89. I pray you to go in safety and return in safety, may this never be the end of your journey in this life, I will miss you a lot, safe journey.


90. You make my world glitters, you shower me with endless love without any condition, I will always love you until the end of life, safe journey my sweet love, I miss you.


91. Whatever the condition of the road is the Lord will make it in your favor, wishing you and your co-travelers a merry journey, I will miss you.


92. You have always been the joy of my heart, my life is sweet with you, I pray for your success and protection everywhere you go, safe journey my love, I’m missing you already.


93. I wonder how my life would have been without you, you have proved to me there is an angel in some human, you are my angel, I love you with all my heart, wishing you a safe journey and God’s favor.


94. Every single step you take away from home will bring you better, you will always remain under the protection and care of God, safe journey, I miss you.


95. Thinking about how my love, hope you are approaching your destination by this time, safe journey, and God bless you.


96. The voyage would be smooth for you by God’s grace, all challenges of the journey would be removed in your path, go well my dear, I will miss you so much.


97. This journey would be a great adventure and success for you, you would never regret the journey, have a joyous day.


98. At the end of this journey, your hands would be full of God’s blessing, you shall achieve everything that took you away from the comfort of your home, safe journey, I miss you love.


99. As the sun rises this morning, so shall you rise above all obstacles of this journey, safe journey my love, wishing you a brighter day.

Beautiful Safe Journey Wishes to my Love Quotes

100. The beginning of the journey was smooth, so shall it be smooth up to your destination, wishing you a memorable journey, safe trip my love, I miss you.


101. The engines of your car would function well, no hitches would cross your path, wishing you a safe journey, have a great time.


102. Your heart would find joy in this journey, wishing you a memorable journey as you move on, smile! I miss you.


103. It is not easy to stay behind without you, I pray for your safe going and safe returning, missing you.


104. God would bring you all the goodness of this journey, you shall find every moment that you would away wonderful, safe journey.


105. You are going with a beautiful mind, and you would return with a beautiful mind, wishing you a wonderful journey, I miss you.


106. You bring me lots of joy when you came into my life; I always pray for you wherever you go, have a safe trip, my love, the Lord will bring you back in great spirit, I miss you.


107. There can never be a time when I don’t think about you, your thought in my heart gives me comfort and joy, as you leave home now, I will keep praying for your safety as travel to your destination, safe journey, I would miss.


108. You always have all my love for you, never mind of the things you left behind, I will take care of everything, safe journey.


109. Moments like this are filled with emotion, the feeling that I would have to live home alone without you for a month would be hard, but your safety for this journey is paramount in my mind, farewell my love, goodbye.


110. Tears weigh in my eyes thinking of how much I would miss you as you leave home today; don’t forget to always keep me in your heart, safe journey, my dearest love.


111. You make me feel very joyful every moment I hear your voice, don’t forget to always call me as you are going to be miles away from home, safe journey to you my lovely angel.


112. May this journey brings you sweet unforgettable memories feel good and enjoy every moment on your way, safe journey.

113. It is hard to say goodbye, but you are my joy, and I will always wish you well, you will go safe and come back safely, safe journey my king.


114. Saying goodbye means see you soon, go well my love, I pray for your safe journey, wishing you a lovely time on your way and to your destination.


115. Goodbye love, look up to the sky tonight we will both be seeing the same moon, I will miss you.


116. May the sun of this beautiful morning warm your spirit for this journey; thy Lord would be your guidance back and forth, safe journey my sweet angel, I love you.


117. Every step you take today would move closer to success, safe journey my beautiful angel.


118. Feel the freshness of this journey, every mile you travel shall be memorable for you, safe journey, and wish well.


119. Your heart shall continue to radiate in beauty, every moment shall be great for a safe journey, and keep your head cool, I will always love you.


120. A beautiful moment awaits you in your destination; you will arrive safely by the special grace of God, wishing you a lovely journey.


121. Safe journey my love, may your journey be smooth and lovely, I going to miss you a lot.


122. The beauty of life is safety and protection, I will always pray for as you depart for this important journey today, safe journey and God bless your ways.


123. Hope our meeting again someday would be wonderful; I place you in the safe hand of God, safe journey, and have a beautiful life.


124. I’m not only wishing you a safe journey, but I’m also wishing that all the days you would stay out there would be marvelous for you, enjoy the euphoria of new land, I love you.


125. Now that you soon miles away from home, I’m wishing you journey mercies my love, may the Lord guide you all your way to your destination.


126. May the engine of your car never have any hitches, this journey will bring you a beautiful outcome, a safe journey.


127. As the beginning of your journey is smooth, the end would also bring you success and happiness, a safe journey.


128. May the Lord make your journey fruitful you will be happy you have taken a beautiful step forward, safe journey my dear.


129. Every moment into this journey will bring you blissful memory, wishing you a great day, safe journey.


130. The reason that inspires this journey will become fruitful, go well and return well safe journey.


131. No hindrance shall obstruct you on your path; the Lord has light up your way, safe journey.


132. I will always pray for you anywhere you go, safe journey, and good luck.


133. Enjoy the beauty of the new land; this journey will bring you many fond memories, safe trip.


134. As you embark on this journey, your ways shall be made trouble-free, save journey my dear one.


135. Safe travel! Enjoy the beauty of the south, please text me when you arrive.


136. You will enjoy the journey, wishing you a safe trip.


137. The journey may be long and tedious, but the sacrifice is worth it, you will arrive at your destination well, safe journey.


138. I’m wishing you a beautiful vacation, safe journey.


139. May journey be free of hardship, safe journey.


140. Words cannot capture how much you are to me, I really had a nice time with you, a safe journey, and come back quickly.


141. I just can’t stop staring at your back for just a few minutes am seeing, am already missing you like we’ve been separated for days. Wish you a marvelous journey.


142. How could I stay happy when you’re leaving me in a lonely state for a while, promise me you will be back sooner. Take care and goodbye.


143. If wishes are crush I wish to be that crush you will never love to depart from, I wish we were going together on this trip honey. Wishing you a traffic-free trip darling, safe journey my love.


144. Babe, you are at it again! I wish you were not part of the delegations for this trip, as I would be left alone to miss the pleasure of your company. Have a smooth ride and cheers.


145. Life without you is the most hurdles that hurt my feeling, my honey, do keep in touch when you get there. Have a smooth ride, safe journey. “Bye!”


146. Hello sunshine, each time I remember that you will soon be miles away from home, I wish I could turn back the hands of time for us to be together again. Have a marvelous journey dear.


147. Sweetheart let’s meet to count the stars, as you get back darling, I can’t continue leaving like this for so long without you. Do have a nice time on your journey sweetie.


148. The bond of love we share is so amazing that I can’t live for a second without thinking about you. Let’s meet over again to depart no more my love. Do have a safe trip and I love you.


149. I wish to hold back but my heart my from missing you, but I can’t. Please come back soonest. Wish you a safe journey dear!


150. I wish you a safe trip but not without having a warm peck from you and I believe that I can hold onto myself until you return. Have a wonderful safe trip, honey. Cheers!


151. I feel very calm even while you’re away but I can’t just take my heart off your beautiful face. Do take care of yourself. Bye!


152. Feeling as if half of me was gone already, how would I feel when you are to stay for a while, my love? I’m already missing you, do have a safe trip and always remember to text me when you arrive, love you. Cheers!


153. Love wins in all front, I know you are will be miles away soon, but your love remains fresh in my heart, Have a wonderful trip dear.


154. My wish to you, while you go on this journey, is to go safely and you shall come back safely. Take very good care of yourself. Cheers!


155. Moment to sober is when a friend with as precious as you go away, I hope will not stay long? I wish you a safe and wonderful journey as you go dear!


156. Some people journey with a purpose they couldn’t achieve and some don’t even make it through but yours won’t be like that my love. You shall conquer all obstacles and return well. Have a smooth journey dear! Bye.


157. What more can I say than to pray to God to grant you a safe trip with less stress and alpha landing without traffic. Have a safe driving and smooth trip. I love you!


158. My dear as you embark on this journey, life will be a little blurry and full of boredom for me. I can feel it already; I wish we got there together! Bye and wish you a safe journey filled with God’s mercy.


159. Am already feeling lonely because you do know how much I love you. Well, I wish you a safe trip and a smooth ride. Take care


160. Sweetheart! I know you have a smile for me but please reserve it very safe and warmly because you will give them back to me in bundles and folds when you come back. I’m missing you already, take care.


161. My dear words are not enough to express how much I will miss you but whichever way you tour and whichever path you take, always remember to put on a smile and stay safe, I can’t wait to have you back into my lovely arms.


162. Longing to see you back is not just my thought but my eyes are itching to kiss your chick and eyes as thick tock beat my heart every night and day. I wish you the best of safety and a smooth trip for the journey. Bye!


163. Wishing you more sweet love with a lot of happiness while you’re here with me, and wish you a safe trip on your way. Take care and come back quickly, bye!


164. I have missed you for so long and can’t just wait to have you back into my arms to feel your warm embrace, the only thing left is to wish for your safe return, my dear. Take care, cheers!


165. May your journey be safe and be guided by God as you return in safe and smooth arrival. I love you, safe journey.


166. Sweetheart everything is well arranged for your beautiful arrival and we can’t wait to have you in our midst as we missed so much. God be with you in every step of your take back home. Cheers!


167. You will have a safe flight without any turbulence to the glory of God.


168. I pray that the sky be so clear and the pilot has a clear viewing on the horizon, safe flight goodbye.


169. May God take absolute control of the aircraft from this moment onward as you embark on this beautiful journey. May God protect you and other crew members. Every step you take shall be safe to your destination, have a beautiful flight.


170. I know the roads are rough full of bumps and locked jams for traffic, but on this journey, you shall experience less stress. Have a smooth trip dear.


171. I can’t imagine life without you my love, wish to take you around the moon sweetie. I love you and have a safe trip dear.


172. I pray God to protect and guide you from every evil of the way, Bye and cheers darling!


173. Sweetheart! As you embark on this trip back today, my best wishes and prayer will not have a pause for you. I pray God to command his angels to take absolute control and escort you all through the journey, from beginning to the end, safe journey my angel.


174. Safe journey my hero, have cheerful ways.


175. My best of wishes dear, and may God protect you and keep you safe to your destination, every minute and hour of this journey will memorable for you. Have a safe journey back home dear.


176. May the angels watch over you, take control of the pilot, safe journey, and have a beautiful trip, my dear.


177. My best of wishes is to beseech for mercy and protection from my Lord to you, may God and his angels surround you with his affections, strength, love, and mercy to see you through this journey.


178. May the Lord guide the driver and fixed the vehicle/plane engines with the hands of his angels of guidance, with his mercy, and shield every one of you in his amour, safe trip.


179. It will be difficult to fill the voids created by your absence; hope the wind on God’s mercy will guide you home. Have a safe trip, take care.


180. The sun will rise with it light to your path for guidance, rain shall fall to provide you with calmness, and the roads shall be clean and safe, wishing you the best time on your way, safe journey.


181. The angel of God shall take control of the wheel of your car; no hitches shall obstruct your way, safe journey.


182. I am glad to have met a person like you and hope the path would be smooth, wishing you a wonderful trip. Take care!


183. Wishing you the best of this trip don’t forget to let me know when you arrive safely, goodbye and cheers!


184. May you experience peace as you travel all the way to the north. You shall sail through the waters with no turbulence wave on the way. Take care and goodbye!


185. Your enormous generosity and a good moment will never cease to melt my heart. I wish I could fill the vacuum that will exist between you and me. I wish you a safe journey my love and do keep in touch always.


186. The intimacy between us will always remain in my heart, I hope will be back soon, safe journey dearest.


187. I wish you a safe trip and a sound journey as you will go and come back in peace, bye and cheers!


188. I’m engrossed with your love, each time you move an inch from me, it seems as if the world is empty, a safe journey, please come back sooner.


189. The thought of you going away makes me feel sad, I could have gone with you if you suggested it, I’m missing you already, safe journey.


190. It may be hard to say goodbye, but goodbye because I want you to be safe as leave today, safe journey.


191. Dearest, missing you is inevitable as you embark on this journey. I wish you a sound and smooth safe trip; don’t forget to call me when you arrive at your destination.


192. No matter how hard and tough life is going to be, I will still be here waiting to have you back with my hands wide open to embrace you, safe trip.


193. My heart can never outgrow the pleasant memory of having you close always because I’m going to missed you so much, my dear. I wish you a safe trip and God be with you.


194. I’m filled with joy and happiness because loving you without reason is the best thing that ever happens to my life. Have a smooth trip gorgeous. Bye!


195. My best of wishes as you embark on this journey; I wish you stressed-free throughout your journey. Take care and keep in touch always.


196. Your path made smooth for you; go without fear, God’s angel will escort you to your destination.


197. You have been the best thing that has happened to my life, I wish I could go with you on this journey, I would be waiting for you until you return, have a safe, smooth journey, my dear.


198. I just can’t hide it on how really I detest being lonely while you are away, but whenever the situation and time for that arises I just can’t hide or help it but to let go. I will miss your searing kiss gorgeous. Bye!


199. I may be worried about you going away but promise me you will take good care of yourself, and I promise to do the same here for you as well. Wish you journey mercy.


200. I hate it when I leave here alone with you, because I will really miss you, I wish that I could go with you, safe journey as you go my dear.

Safe Journey my Love Quotes and Journey Mercies

201. Happiness is the only fragrance you will pour on others and getting a few drops of it on yourself. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life. Bye and take good care of yourself, safe journey.


202. There is no moment that passes without missing you, you make my life shine brighter when I found you, have a beautiful flight, my love, see you again someday.


203. You just cannot hide because even nature will forever mention your beauty. Just watching you board your flight makes me lonely already, wishing you safety on the air and on landing, a safe journey to you.


204. Safe journey my love go in peace and return in peace. Take very good care of yourself. Bye!


205. I tried to hold back my tears but I can’t, I stood still and watch your flight disappears on the horizon, hope you land safely, I miss you.


206. Wow! It’s a sparkling and bright day already as I expect the return of the most amazing treasure in the world, wishing you a safe trip back home.


207. I’m filled with joy and happiness as I can’t wait to welcome you back home safely. God be your way and guide you from all harms as you return home today, safe journey.


208. My nightmares are gone already on hearing the news of your arrival, I will at the airport to pick you. Wishing you journey mercy as you return my dear. Cheers!


209. I can’t fill the loneliness and vacuum you left behind, but no matter what happens I keep your thought in my heart, I will so dearly miss you, my love. Wish you a safe, smooth, and traffic-free journey. Take good care of yourself. Cheers!


210. God’s path for us is so clear. His decision and intervention are great in our lives, you are the care of God, safe journey.


211. The sparkling happiness for today will be memorable, because that you coming back home, wishing you a safe road, a safe journey.


212. You are my friend and I will forever appreciate your love and friendship, always remember me for the good. I wish you a smooth drive, safe journey.


213. I am so excited to hear that you will be coming back home because I’ve missed you so much, a safe journey.


214. I am indeed glad we will meet again. Can’t wait to see you, my love. Have a safe trip dear.


215. I will tell you exactly how your absence will make me feel, but let not that hold the cherishing moments we share. I will surely miss you. Have a safe and smooth trip darling.


216. My gorgeous! Indeed, I will miss your sparkling smile, hugs, kiss and cuddling moments, and everything about you, which makes me happy. Do have a safe trip, my love.


217. Sweetie! Ever since you left, all through the night I have always dreamt of you, now that you are coming home, I’m overjoyed, safe journey.


218. Please do always keep in mind am missing you so dearly. Have a wonderful tour, my love. Bye!


219. My credence to sleepover in the house but that I couldn’t because loneliness for missing you is enough to reap off my sleep. Can’t really wait to have you back home dear. I love you and have journey mercy.


220. As you travel today, take care and take good care of yourself, wishing as journey a safe trip.


221. I can’t wait to see you today, have a wonderful safe trip back home darling. Cheers!


222. Sweetie! I know you will be home soon and I know you can’t wait to get home as well because it has been a very long time you left and God be with you as made your way back home. I wish you a safe landing to be with your friends and family all together. Cheers!


223. Sweetheart! I would have voted against it actually if someone had told am going to miss you this much, but here I am in cold embracing the lonely atmosphere you left me. Please come back to me darling on time. Cheers!


224. Affection is the true expression of the heart bonded by a love for the heart is where the true feelings of love reside and loving you give me endless joy; I will miss you and wish you a safe journey.


225. If a hug could show how much I love you, I’d hold you in arms forever, take care and have a safe trip darling.


226. Distance means nothing when someone means the world to you, though I will miss you, my love. Have a safe trip darling!

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