Have a Safe Flight Quotes


Have a Safe Flight Quote For Family And Friend.

Have a Safe Flight Quotes for Family and Friends are beautiful collections of safe journey quotes that you may send to your family and friends when they embark on a journey.

Have a Safe Flight Quotes for Mom

1. We are all going to miss you and we hope you come back to us soon have a wonderful flight mom.


2. You just left and I already cannot wait for you to return home. Take good care of yourself, mama! Love you!


3. May the Lord take you to a place of peace and safety, and lead you on a path of fulfilment. Safe journey.


4. Dear mom, I want you to know that I will be praying for you here. Safe travels!


5. Always remember to give us an hourly update on your travels. I wish you the safest of flights mom. I love you.


6. I wish you have a safe flight and return with a smile on your face, for that would bring smiles to my face too.


7. I wish you a very safe journey back home. Stay comfortable throughout the flight. I love you, mom!


8. Mom, your presence alone feels like home, and I will miss you very much till you return home, so take care and safe travels.


9. I wish you a safe journey and be sure to relax and enjoy the view of the sky from your seat. Love you.


10. Trust me to be on standby at the airport an hour to your landing. I have missed you mom. Have the most stress-free flight home.


11. The entire arrivals wing is going to be warmed up by our hugs and kisses. Expect to see a lot of smiling face. We have all missed you mom. Be safe.


12. Sit back, relax and let the pilot do all the work! Enjoy every second of your trip mama.


13. Lit of smiling faces are ready to receive you at the airport soon, so we hope we all get to see your happy face too! Have a wonderful flight.


14. You are going to be travelling at an altitude of 30,000ft! So all you need to do is relax, and enjoy the flight. See you soon!


15. May the good Lord be with you all through your journeys and may you get to your destination at the best-appointed time,


16. Feel free mom, I have asked my Lord for protection over you. Enjoy your trip, safe journey.


17. The journey might get long and boring. But we are looking forward to your homecoming. Safe trip mom.


18. This journey will be trouble-free for you, safe journey my dearest mother.


19. May the Lord light up your way to and fro, wishing you safe journey mom.


20. You have always been a wonderful mother; I will miss you as you leave home today, wishing you a lovely flight.


21. You flight shall not be lost in the sky by the grace of God, safe journey mama.


22. It shall be good news of your arrival safely as you plan to return home today, wishing a lovely flight mama.


23. Dear mother, wishing you God’s protection on this journey, safe flight, bye.


24. Have a memorable journey mother, goodbye.


25. May the Lord guide the pilot and all other crewmembers of your flight, wishing you wonderful journey.


26. The engine of your plane shall not develop any fault midway in the air, our Lord shall guide you safely to your destination, safe journey my lovely mama.


Have a Safe Flight Quotes For Dad

1. May the angels guide you all through your journey to and fro. Have a safe flight dad.


2. All I wish for you are the mercies of this journey and the blessings of this journey. Safe flight.


3. May this journey be as rewarding as it can get. I wish you a safe flight.


4. May the journeys be the safest, and be the most fulfilling. I will be at the airport when you land. Cannot wait to see you again dad!


5. I hope that the Lord blesses your journey in every way. Have a safe flight.


6. I wish you a very fulfilling journey abroad and I pray that God guides your every step all through.


7. I hope you have a safe flight dad. I am very excited to pick you up at the airport when you arrive.


8. I hope you have a wonderful journey dad, please let us know the minute the plane lands. Love you.


9. A comfortable flight and a fruitful journey are what I wish for you, dad. Safe travels.


10. I wish you a very swift take-off and an even smoother landing. Enjoy your trips to and fro.


11. We have really anticipated this day, the day of your long-awaited arrival, so we prepared your favourite sumptuous meal! Have a safe flight home daddy.


12. May the good lord take control throughout the flight, from taking off to touch down. Have a safe journey, sir.


13. Air travels haven’t always been your favourite, but I have a good feeling you would enjoy this flight. I wish you, safe journey daddy.


14. I cannot wait to hear all about how your trip went. Have an amazing flight papa!


15. Have a safe flight dad, and as you step down from the plane, may the doors to opportunities and greatness be opened to you. Amen.


16. May you have a journey filled with merriment. I wish you all the best for a safe journey to your destination.


17. Think of a safe journey and turbulence-free flight, and see it shall come to pass. Looking forward to seeing you soon dad.


18. May this journey be filled with knowledgeable experiences, and be shielded from any form of harm. A very safe flight to you sir.


19. I hope you have an amazing time on this journey. Expect to see you soon sir.

Have a Safe Flight Quotes
Have a Safe Flight Quotes

Have a Safe Flight Quotes For Friends

1. Never forget to always put on your seat belt! I wish you a very stress-free flight dear friend.


2. I wish you a bon voyage. Make sure you take good care of yourself and call me very often.


3. Miss me just as much as you would have fun on this vacation, and come back safely. Safe journey to you.


4. Adventures and excitements are what I wish your journey gets filled with. Safe journey to you.


5. Girl, I cannot wait to hear all about your own version of tales abroad! Enjoy your stay and bon voyage!


6. Keep in mind that I am so anxious and thrilled to see you soon. Take good care of yourself and be safe.


7. Have the most wonderful of moments up there in the sky dear, I cannot wait to hear all about it. Be careful and stay safe.


8. Take good care of yourself, as I will be ever ready and happy to receive you when you return.


9. The very hands that waved you goodbye will be waiting to receive you with arms open wide. Safe travels dear friend.


10. Make sure you do not get too scared during taking off and during landing. Bon voyage.


11. You have always wanted to be a flight crew member, so enjoy this amazing opportunity to fly with them! Safe journey.


12. No matter how many miles apart we are at the moment, our hearts are closer together than we think. Have a safe landing dear friend,


13. No matter the outcome of your journey, you should know that I am right here for you. Have a relaxing and comfortable flight.


14. I know you have never been a fan of travels by air. So, sit back, and relax, literally. And be sure to enjoy every minute of your flight.


15. My arms have been itching to give you a big and warm welcome back hug since the very day you left. So I am thrilled to be able to do that today! Safe travels.


16. Never ignore any given set of instructions from the moment you board the aircraft, to the moment you land. Take good care and have a safe one!


17. I wish you a safe journey back home, you are always welcome to my home at any time, and thus I hope to see you again. Bon, voyage amigo!


18. Go safely, safe journey dad, see you again in peace.


19. Safe journey to the best dad in the world, wishing you a wonderful flight.


20. You are in the hand of God, and so your safety is guaranteed, safe journey dad.


21. Your safety is the most paramount to us dad, we keep vigil and pray for safe flight, have a wonderful journey.


22. We will miss you, may God be your guard on this journey, safe journey.


23. Dear father, you are more than the entire treasure of this world to us, wishing you a lovely journey.


24. Safest takeoff, and safest landing, we will really miss you dad, safe journey.


25. Safe journey to the best dad in the world, wishing you a memorable flight.


26. Every step you take in this journey shall bring safely to your destination, wishing you the best of flight ever, we love you dad.


27. We hope to hear the good news of your safe arrival to your destination, goodbye dad.


28. Safe journey, have a wonderful time on this journey.


29. You have been behind every of my success, I’m proud to have a wonderful father like you, safe journey, wishing you the best time.

Have a Safe Flight Quotes
Have a Safe Flight Quotes

Have a Safe Flight Quotes For Sister

1. I hope you get the best and the most out of this trip to and fro! Have a safe flight.


2. Stay safe on your journey to and fro, and make sure you come back home to me in one piece! I love you.


3. Do have a safe and exciting journey back home. Enjoy your trip!


4. May this journey show you places you have never seen, and may this journey lead you to where you want to go. Have a safe one!


5. Dear sis, have a safe flight and be home for the weekend. We are all looking forward to that.


6. You have a fabulous flight. I cannot wait to see your face again dear.


7. Everyone has been looking forward to this day of your arrival. May your journey be guided, blessed, and protected by God. Be safe!


8. The rest of the siblings wish you the best of journeys. You matter to us a lot. Have the most thrilling journey ever


9. Make sure to pay attention to the announcements to be made when on board. I wish you have a nice trip.


10. I wish you the safest trip of all time, and call me once you land.


11. You will be missed by most, especially me until you return. Have the best journey of all time.


12. I have already made a list of things we are going to do together when you arrive because I have really missed your presence! Have a safe travel sis!


13. I will be anxiously awaiting your arrival and would be waiting for you at the airport by the time your flight touches down.


14. I have got this good feeling in my gut that a lot of good things are going to happen today, so bon voyage!


15. I wish you the best flight yet. Make sure you do not leave any of your luggage behind. I cannot wait to have you back.


16. As much as I would love to be with you on this journey, I wish you the safest flight.


17. Your safety is very important to me. May no harm come anywhere near you as you embark on this journey, and upon your return home. Enjoy your trip


18. Here’s to wishing the most wonderful sister the most memorable voyage. I also wish you all the good tidings of this journey.

Have a Safe Flight Quotes
Have a Safe Flight Quotes

Have a Safe Flight Quotes For Brother

1. As you embark on this journey, look through your window and enjoy the calmness of the clouds as you go through it.


2. I wish you the safest of travels. Make sure to enjoy this trip to the fullest.


3. I know you have always had a thing for air hostesses! So I bet you are going to enjoy your flight! Have a nice one.


4. Remember to put on your seat belt and always listen to the air hosts and hostesses. Take very good care of yourself.


5. A very safe journey to you, may the Lord bless your every move, and guide your every path bro.


6. Wishing you a safe arrival and departure bro.


7. I know how excited you have been for this trip, but I wish you have a safe flight dear. Stay safe and out of trouble.


8. May you get to your destination as safely as you can. Bon, voyage bro!


9. Please do update me on every hour of your journey. Have a safe trip.


10. You will be arriving before you know it! Have a thrilling flight dear brother.


11. May your journeys to and fro, be filled with amazing experiences and tales to be told, for I would love to hear each and every one of them. Take good care!


12. The whole family, including your friends, is coming to welcome you at the airport today, so, have a relaxing journey and save your energy for the hugs!


13. Have a nice trip. We are all thrilled to have you back home. Love you!


14. As kids, you have always been the one to enjoy flights, so today; I wish you have the best one ever.


15. There is a big treat awaiting you at home! Just make sure you get home in one piece! Safe journey.


16. I am glad you got to go on this trip. Have the most thrilling journey and back.


17. I wish for nothing but your safety dear brother. Have a safe flight.


18. May you feel at peace all through the journey and may your journey hold all that you hoped for. Have a blessed journey


19. May this journey turns out to be the best from among all the ones you have had. Have an amazing trip, dear brother.


20. May your trip be free from hitches and turbulence, I wish you a safe trip.

Have a Safe Flight Quotes for Every Loved One

1. The weather would be clear when you are airborne, safe flight, my love, wishing you a beautiful journey.


2. May the journey be smooth for you, may the Lord take you to your destination safely, safe flight my dear.


3. I have always been looking for a beautiful moment to see your beautiful face again, safe journey and have a great flight.


4. Don’t fear in the air, the Lord would take you safely to your destination, have a pleasant flight.


5. I’m wishing you safety in taking off and safety in the air and safety in landing, safe journey my love.


6. The journey to your destination would be smooth, I pray to the Lord to guard you as you are set to board your flight, safe journey and God bless.


7. I’m wishing you the best of time in your vacation, wishing you a lovely flight to your destination, safe journey.


8. As I bid you good-bye today, may this never be our last time of seeing, safe journey and have a wonderful flight.


9. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, wishing you a lovely fight, safe journey my dear.


10. Safe journey and have a lovely flight please let me know when you arrived at your destination, wishing you the best.


11. I have pleaded to the Lord to send his angel to guide the pilot through your journey, wishing a beautiful journey.


12. You will always be safe on the air by grace, safe journey and have a nice trip.


13. May the air sky be clear, and may the plane never develop any fault up there, safe journey and wishing you well.


14. You would find your way smooth to your destination; enjoy your flight, safe journey.


15. As I see you off to the airport to board your flight, I would always be here someday to welcome you back, a safe trip my love, wishing you a beautiful flight.


16. Fly and enjoy every minute on board, safe journey and God be with you to your destination.


17. Your plane would not crash, I have prayed for your safe journey, best of luck for you.


18. Enjoy every moment into your journey, safe journey, wishing you well.


19. You are always on my mind, wishing you a lovely journey, safe flight, safe journey.


20. May this journey brings you sweet memories, have a pleasant flight.


21. Be the best you can be all the time, safe journey and see you again someday.


22. Your flight would be smooth and lovely, safe journey, I would call to hear from you in the next three hours.


23. It would take you 1 hour to your destination, wishing you a lovely flight free from trouble, safe journey.


24. May your life be full of beauty and splendour, wishing you the best, safe journey.


25. May flight be memorable, enjoy yourself, safe journey.


26. Catch ya! Have a beautiful flight.


27. My heart would always follow you wherever you go, safe journey my love, wishing you a beautiful time.


28. I’m happy to be part of your life, your love is safe in my heart, safe journey, and enjoy your flight.


29. You will always have my love for you, no distance can separate us from each other, I pray for your safe trip, have a wonderful time.


30. I’m going to miss you so much, I’m like fish out of water without you, wishing you a wonderful flight, safe journey.


31. The plane that you would board would take you safely to your destination, I pray to the Lord to send his angel to guard you and others on this journey, have a wonderful time, safe journey.


32. You have always been an amazing friend; enjoy your vacation, safe journey.


33. I wish you all the best as you depart for this journey, safe journey and make sure you call me when you get to your destination.


34. In a few hours, we will hear that you have landed safely, do have a wonderful journey.


35. I’m wishing you a lovely time on your journey, have a great trip.


36. May the journey be smooth for you, have a wonderful fight.


37. The Lord would take you safely to your destination, safe journey and wish you well.


38. Have the best of your time in this journey, safe journey and God bless.


39. We will rejoice with you when you arrive at your destination, safe journey and have a wonderful moment.


40. May your life be full of happiness, we depart with smiling face, wishing you a lovely trip, and I will call you in the next three hours, hoping that your flight would arrive your destination safely.


41. The journey would be easy and fun for you, have a wonderful journey.


42. I would really miss you, wishing you the best of your time, have a safe flight.


43. Life is dull without you, but your safety on this journey is paramount to my heart, safe journey, wishing you a splendid moment on aboard.


44. I’m so happy for you are finally embarking on this wonderful journey, wishing you a wonderful flight.


45. May our good Lord guides the pilot to your destination, safe journey, have a wonderful flight.


46. I can’t wait to hear from you telling me you have arrived safely, have a wonderful trip.


47. I know you are allergic to air, but don’t worry this one would be a sweet experience for you, safe journey.


48. Safe journey my dear friend, enjoy your flight.


49. Please check your seat belt, and take all safety procedures, the Lord would convey you all to your destination safely, have a lovely flight.


50. Your safety is paramount in my heart, wishing you a smooth way, safe journey my dearest.


51. Enjoy every moment into your journey, you would always remain special to my heart, safe journey and God bless.


52. The sky would be clear and bright for a beautiful flight for you, wishing you a journey full of fun and memorable moments, safe journey. Have a safe flight back home for your Love.


53. I have been waiting for this beautiful moment when I will see your face again, safe journey, I will be at the airport waiting for you.


54. I really miss you but thank god that you would be home today, safe journey back home.


55. The day has finally come when I would hold you tight tonight, I can’t wait to see you have a lovely flight back home.


56. The joy of seeing you today is enormous, wishing you the best flight backed home, safe journey.


57. I have prayed for your safe journey backed homes; wishing you a smooth journey, have a lovely flight.


58. May your flight be smooth back home today, I’m truly happy to see you today, safe journey.


59. You have always meant the world to me, I’m so excited because you are coming home today, wishing you a lovely flight.


60. I would be so cravingly all over you today, I would smooch your face with hundred kisses, safe journey back home my love.


61. You are the best that has ever happened to me, I’m so delighted because you heading home today, I will be waiting to cuddle you my arms at the airport, safe flight, my love.


62. Tonight I shall be in your arms till peaceful sleep would take me to dreamland with you, I really miss you so much, have a beautiful flight on your way home.


63. You are always on my mind, thank God a have lovely husband like you, you are my paradise, I’m happy you will be home tonight, wishing you a lovely and safe flight.


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