Sweet Good Evening Quotes for Loved Ones

Find the best categories of all sweet good evening quotes for husband, wife, boyfriend, and girlfriend. After the hustle and bustle of the day, there comes the evening when everyone takes a rest from the busy world, and this forms an ideal time to send your loved one that beautiful good evening messages to make them realize you have been part of their day. Also in these categories, you will find good evening messages for friends.


Sweet Good Evening Quotes for Husband

You love your husband and you miss him so much, why don’t consider sending him any of these lovely sweet good evening quotes to make him like a king that you always call him.


1. As the sun sets into the horizons with all the light in the world this evening, it’s how you take all the joy in my heart when you are not by my side. Hope you had a lovely day? Good evening my love.


2. Even with all the chaos, and hastes of the world. Only your smile is enough to make me forget it all. You make me more than happy. Have a good evening dear.


3. Another day has passed and it was indeed filled with the blissful memory of you. My day is never complete without a single thought of your smile. Good evening.


4. The brightness and sparkling of your smile remind me of the sun which brings light to my days and the stars which light up my night! Do have a good evening my love.


5. An evening without you, to me, is like a thousand years wasted! My heart longs to find you. Good evening my sweet love.


6. A little sound of your voice this evening will be just enough to take me to the wonderlands of the night! Hope you will be back home soon. Good evening my angel.


7. There is no such thing as a good evening without the candles lit up a room of many flowers, romantic music in the background, and you by my side.


8. You give me many reasons to laugh, smile, think, feel safe, and be happy. And you happen to bring another new one with every day that passes. Have a good evening hubby!


9. When I look into your eyes, I see a million stars waiting for me to keep me company through this good evening.


10. Good evening love, I hope your day was filled with joy and laughter as you fill mine all these years. Your smile will be enough to keep me happy all night.


11. I feel safe, happy, and fulfilled when I’m with you. Leaving my side for a day feels like forever. Have a lovely evening with me in your thoughts.


12. I like the way you kiss me and take my breath away like the sun kisses the horizon as it sets away into the night. Good evening love!


13. The day will never be complete without the sun setting in the mountains. That’s how you make me feel when your voice comes through the phone. Good evening.


14. Roses are red, violets are blue. Words cannot describe how much I love you. May blessings of the day be yours all through. Have a wonderful evening.


15. Have a good evening’s rest for running on my mind all day! My heart is all yours love.


16. I hope you dream of me this wonderful evening as I dream of you every other night. Our love is deeper than the oceans and bigger than the mountains.


17. Your look is charming. Your attitude and confidence inspire me and your laughter makes me happy. I just wanted to let you know how much I feel when I think of you. Good evening.


18. Hello dear. I hope you have a beautiful evening today because my love for you is eternal and unbreakable.


19. Good evening my superman. Leave your windows open tonight as I’m sending you kisses and hugs to keep you warm tonight after conquering the day. Heroes sometimes need a little care!


20. Thinking of you is just one of a thousand reasons I love you. I feel entirely grateful to be yours. Have a blissful evening.


Good Evening Darling Husband

21. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, you’re always on my mind like a plague and it’s always a wonderful feeling that I cannot explain.


22. Hey dearest, I’m sending you this message to brighten your night, sweeten your heart and warm your bed. Have a lovely evening.


23. A hectic day might make me tired and warned out. But not tired to text my sweetheart and the one person who makes me smile. Have a lovely evening.


24. My heart is always with you all the time, and it another beautiful evening to wrap up the wonderful day, you will always remain the number one in my life. Enjoy your evening filled with beauties and joy for you, good evening my dear king.


25. It another beautiful evening where I will be wrapped in your lovely arms, I can’t wait to see you come back home. I love you.


26. You are the sweetness of my heart, spending each day with you is a dream come true for me, I can’t find a better home except with you, I can’t feel better arms hold me except your arms, and I can’t find a sweeter kiss, except your kiss. I love you with all my heart. Good evening my dearest.


27. When it was daybreak, I pray for a better day for you, thank GOD everything was fine with you today. And this lovely evening, I wish you a marvelous rest, filled with happiness and joy. I love you.


28. You filled my life with wonders and love, I have never felt so happy like this before until you came into my life, you are my everything and I love you with every pulse of my heart. Good evening my love.


29. I can never replace you with another person, we are made to be together forever, I know this because just a thought of you filled my heart with unending happiness. I can’t live without you; you are all that matters to me. I wishing you a marvelous evening filled with all the sweetness of this world for you.


30. I love you with all my heart, and I wish that we spend every evening together. My heart finds peace with you, you must be an angel sent from above for me. May the Lord protect you and filled your heart with happiness wherever you are.


31. Life bestowed you to me, you are the most precious man in the world, so lovely and charming, I haven’t come across another wonderful person like you. Come filled my evening with your sweet kisses, and hold me with your lovely arms as you use to do. I love you.


32. Every day that passes I pray that nothing will steal your heart away from me, I can’t imagine living a second without you. You have all my love and all my heart. Good evening my angel.


33. May the LORD crown this evening with success and unlimited blessing for you, wishing you peace and a heart filled with contentment. Good evening my sweet love.


34. I may not be by your side right now, but you are always on my mind, good evening my love I miss you.

Sweet Good Evening Quotes for my Lovely Husband

35. Whatever disappointment or pain that gave a bad experience today, and as the evening set in, may it be replaced with success, happiness, and joy. You make my world a wonderful place, I love you so much. Good evening my sweet angel.


36. Every evening that comes is another blessing of the gift of the LORD for us. My love for you gets stronger with every rising and setting of the sun, you make my life complete, I will always be grateful to the LORD that gave you to me. I love you with every part of me. Good evening my HERO.


37. My best moment in life is that beautiful evening when our destiny makes our way crosses, ever since that moment my life has been wonderful spending it with you. I wish that we will be together for eternity. I love you, good evening.


38. What happens during the day, the evening is a period of reflection, sweetheart, let us reflect on the beautiful side of life. Good evening my angel, I Love you.


39. I love the evening when it approaches, it is a period when I look forward to your lovely return from work. You make my heart attached to you so much because of the endless love and care that you shower on me; you are the best husband in the world. I love you.


40. No better time than this lovely evening when everything is calm and lovely, you make me look like a queen with the way you treat me, I can’t get better without you. Good evening my sweetheart.


41. You kiss me once and I think about you throughout the day, I hold me once and I feel safe your arms around me throughout the day, you shower me with love and hold you in my heart forever, you are my dream lover, I will love for you will blossom in my heart. Good evening my charm.


42. I long to hold you right now, I hope you are coming home now, you know how much I love you, my evening will be empty if you are not in it with me. Good evening my lovely angel.


43. I will be your lovely woman, I will always be your sweet angel, I will always be in your eyes, and I will always love you unconditionally, good evening my handsome.


44. The memory of that sweet evening when I was held in your arms was always evergreen in my memory, I wish you could rewind that lovely minute, I miss you.


45. My love for you tripled counting seconds, you furnish my life with a bundle of joy every time I’m with you, I can’t wait to be in your arms this lovely evening again. I love you with every breath of my heart.


46. You are sweet, you are wonderful, and you are so marvelous. I hold you tight in my heart. Good evening my sweetheart.


47. I pray that the LORD guide your way as you set to return home this beautiful evening, your sweet thought always occupies my mind, good evening my sweetheart, I miss you.


48. This is what I will do to you when you return home this lovely evening, I’ll hug you, kiss you, and blow your mind with your favorite everything. I love you.


49. You fit perfectly into my world, no one makes me feel better the way you do. good evening my love. I miss you.

Sweet Good Evening Quotes for Wife

Your wife is the most lovable woman, you love her so much and you want to always surprise her, why don’t you consider sending her sweet good evening quotes like any of the ones below to make her feel special.

1. Good evening sweet. I wish this text had arms, legs, and a set of lips to hold you, kiss you and hug you tightly.


2. Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve you for the unending joy and happiness you bring to my soul. You give me every reason to live and the feeling is indeed priceless. I hope you have a wonderful evening.


3. When I begin to count the stars for every reason why you are the perfect woman for me, I run out of stars to count. Have a good evening love and make sure you don’t forget to smile all through.


4. You are my one in a hundred; one in a thousand and you are one in a million. You amaze me with everything you do, you are a wonderful person. Good evening my angel.


5. Good evening dearest. I just wanted to remind you that your smile can move mountains, your laughter can change my weather and your sweet words can bring peace to my soul.


6. I’ve come to realize that wishing you a good evening sounds is insincere because you can’t have a good evening without me just as I can’t have such without you by my side. But I’m still wishing you a good evening because I care for you.


7. I just peeked out my window and the wonderful image of the sun setting beneath the skies reminded me of how beautiful you are.


8. Thinking of your beauty all day can be the easiest work that I can ever apply for. Tell me where I can sign for a contract extension my boss. Have a lovely evening.


9. Hey babe, another night awaits us. Start preparing to have a long night because I plan to dream about you all night long. Have a great evening.


10. I’m amazed by your affection, bewildered by your care, and consumed by your love. A good evening to the love of my life.


11. Good evening dearest. Hope you had a lovely day? I just wanted to remind you of how mesmerizing you can make me feel at times.


12. I wish I could be your pillow so you can hug and cuddle me all evening!


13. I could run a thousand miles and a thousand more just to be with you for the evening. I hope you had a great day?


14. My day can never be complete without me grabbing my cell phone and sending you this message. Do have a blossoming evening my love.


15. FUN FACT; Do you know that scientists have discovered that a particular living organism has a tendency to become extremely beautiful during the evenings? According to research, that organism is YOU! Good evening.


16. Hey love, this evening I’ll be sending you a warm blanket of hugs, a pillow of kisses, and a bed of roses so you can prepare for the night and dream of me!


17. I know you might be tired of the trials of the day. That’s why I’ll be sending you a magical fairy to come to take good care of you. Just close your eyes and dream of me. Have a lovely evening.


18. I wish I was there to kiss and hold you tight instead of just a text of Good evening.


19. If you ever happen to feel lonely, bored, lost, or tired from the day, just know you are suffering from an illness called hepatitis ME. Good evening.


20. I just figured out the reason I can’t live without you. You make me feel magical, inspired, loved fulfilled, and complete. It is a feeling that is real beneath my soul. I hope you are all smiles this evening.


21. You came into my life and my world changed to a place, you are a priceless gift to my soul, I love you beyond the limit that any mind can comprehend. Good evening my love.


22. You are the most lovely and most astonishing woman I have ever seen, I bit of me love you to a fault, I can’t live without you. Good evening my dearest love.


23. You make morning fresh, my afternoon wonderful, and my evening full of love and care. You are so cool and lovely. I’m proud to be the man beside a gorgeous woman like you. Good evening my angel.


24. I will never let you down, and I will never leave your side, you are the most precious woman to me. When I’m home this evening, I’ll lift you up in my arms and give you a lovely welcome kiss.


25. My love for you will always remain intact, no one can take me away from you, you make me happy and you care for me, no one has ever loved me the way you do. You are one in a million. Good evening my love.

Good Evening Darling Wife Quotes

26. If the treasure of the world was gathered on one side and you are placed on another side, if I was asked to chose, I’ll choose you. You are more precious than all the treasure of the world. Good evening my angel.


27. When I returned home into your lovely arms this evening, I will fill your heart with endless love. I will always love and care for you even after the end of time.


28. You are so lovely and cute my angel, you make me feel like a king with the way you treat me. I can never stop loving you, thank you for always being there for me. Good evening my sweet angel.


29. You are the best of the entire woman in the world, thank GOD I have you as my lovely wife, hoping to be in your lovely arms later this evening. I miss you, my love.


30. No matter what happens, I can never replace you with another woman, you filled my heart with overflowing love and happiness, I can never find another woman like you, and I cherish you. Good evening my dearest wife.


31. Life does me much good when it brought you my way; you make everything beautiful when you come into my life. My love for you is guaranteed, good evening my queen.


32. You are the most amazing wife that exists, and you are the most caring mother I have ever known, when I’m away from home, I know I have got to struggle to cope without you. I miss you so much my love, good evening my dearest love.


33. If I will be asked to make one wish that will always come true, I will wish of never have to stay without you by my side, I love you. Good evening.


34. Sweetheart, I will be returning home now, I want to cruise you around the town this lovely evening; I want us to feel the lovely breeze of this evening together in a cool spot. You know how much I love you; I’ll do anything to put a smile on your face.


35. You the golden goose that laid the golden egg in my life, you came around and everything becomes beautiful. You are an angel sent from heaven to me. Good evening my angel.


36. Like the glittering of the petals of a rose flower touched by the early morning mild sun, you came and light up every part of my life. I love beyond everything that the mind can conceive. Good evening my angel.


37. You will always be in my heart. My love for you will never die. You mean everything to me in life. I can’t breathe without you. Good evening my sweet love.


38. My dearest wife, this is who you are to me, lovely, caring, gorgeous, and astonishing, thank GOD that made you my lovely wife. You are the best woman that any man will pray to have, but my prayer was answered before other men, that is you are in my arms. I love you, good evening love.


39. Hello, my love, hope your day was beautiful, I’m wishing you a blissful evening. You remain the one and only woman in my life. I will always love and cherish you forever.


40. You have given me enough joy that I have never felt before from the beginning, I have vowed to always be by your side no matter what life offers us. I’m wishing you a wonderful and lovely evening.


41. There is something about you I cannot resist, though I have kept it a secret for a long time, I have to let you know now. They are your beautiful smile that reveals your golden tooth, your lovely voice the kind that I have never heard anywhere, and your beautiful eyes that are perfectly made from heaven. You make my world a splendor, good evening love.


42. When I found you, I found happiness, I found endless peace and I found sweet love. You are the love of my life. I will always make your life beautiful, I love you. Good evening my angel.


43. You are the crown on my head, you are my queen, you are my heart, and the joy that filled it, I can’t live without you. If I’m away from home, I’m like a fish out of water, you make my life complete. I love you. Good evening.


44. When I’m with you, I wish I will never have to travel without you, you make everything beautiful in my soul when you are around me, there is no place like home where I have the assurance that I would always find you. Good evening love, I miss you.


45. As I set to return home this evening, I’m very delighted because I’m returning to the arms of the sweetest love of my life. I love you, my dear wife.


Good Evening Messages for Boyfriend

He is your boyfriend and you love him, then send him any of these lovely good evening messages to make him appreciate you a lot. Remember just a little message can communicate much of your love for him.


1. The thought of you this evening made me forget all the bustle and madness of a long day. Your love is nothing but magical! I hope you have a lovely evening.


2. The day is coming to an end once again. And staring at the sun sets into the horizons, it reminds me of all the wonderful moments you’ve given me. You make me more than happy. Make sure you have a good evening.


3. Your smile is my best gift; your hug is my only success your love is my greatest achievement. I wish I could be with you every day. Good evening!


4. Everything I do revolve around you. My thoughts and dreams, my goals and plans, my days and evenings, my moments and memories. Not a day goes by without me thinking about you. You are simply amazing!


5. If only you can let me hold your heart for a minute so I can prove to you, how far I can go to protect and care for you. I hope you do have a beautiful evening dear.


6. I peeked out my window to enjoy the alluring sunset and I realized that your eyes are the brightest thing I have ever seen.


7. Just another reminder that no matter what happens? My love for you will continue to grow. Good evening to the love of my life.


8. Good evening dearest. I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but can I make it a thousand and one? I love you forever and beyond. I hope this makes you smile.


9. When you are not around me, I think about your eyes in the morning, your beauty in the evenings, and your lips at night.


10. A morning spent with you feels like a hundred mornings. An evening like a thousand evenings and night feels like a million nights. Loving you feels magical!


Sweet Good Evening Quotes for Boyfriend

11. This evening, tomorrow evening, and a thousand more evenings to come, you’ll always be in my heart. Good evening to someone really special.


12. A moment without you feels like a very long time filled with darkness and loneliness. Your smile is enough to bring brightness to my life and it makes me more than fulfilled.


13. The first thing I did this morning was to think of you. It’s evening and you are still on my mind. It was the best decision I made today because it kept me smiling all day! I hope you did the same? Have a great evening.


14. The sun shines brightly above the skies and it reminds me of your eyes. It sometimes hides beneath the clouds and it reminds me of your protection. It kisses the sea at sunset and it reminds me of yours. Good evening dearest!


15. I sensed you had a long day today wish I could send a hundred fairies and a thousand angels to watch over you while you sleep soundly tonight. Have a good evening love.


16. Hey, sweetest look out your window. Do you see that wonderful sunset? That’s exactly how beautiful you’ve made my life ever since I met you. I hope you have a good evening filled with happiness.


17. Another good evening to the most incredible man in the world. You never failed to bring happiness, joy, and laughter to my life. I love you forever and beyond.


18. My mornings are made of your smiles. My evenings are made of your care and affections and my nights are made of your kisses and hugs. You make my day. Have a lovely evening dearest!


19. You make my world a wonderful place, you loved me more than I have ever imagined that anybody could do for me, you are my GOD sent. I love you too. Good evening my hero.


20. Today, someone asked me why the sun was so bright today? And then I told him that someone special is smiling somewhere out there! A very good evening to that special someone.


21. When a day passes and I don’t talk to you, my nights are always long and unbearable. So before you fall asleep I want to say Good evening to an amazing sleepy head like you!

22. As you prepare to shut your eyes after a long day, I just want to wish you all the blessings and good things of life and to put a smile on your pretty face.


23. My mornings are lovely and my evenings are even lovelier with you by my side and in my thoughts. Have a good evening my love.


24. You deserve a peaceful rest my sweetheart for you have been spending your whole day making me feel special.

Sweet Good Evening Quotes
Sweet Good Evening Quotes


Good Evening Quotes for Girlfriend

A little message sends over the text can make a huge impact on your love life, especially to your girlfriend. When you send her lovely good evening quotes, it leaves a lasting memory on her as she is just set to retire to bed.


1. No one deserves a beautiful night than you. Away from the nightmares and sad memories. As you lay on your bed tonight, I wish the angels look over you, and the stars twinkle over your pretty sleep.


2. As you lay your head to rest this evening, I want you to think of me and the unforgettable memories we shared together. Picture you and me in a candlelit room filled with the sweet smell of roses and a good dinner. I cherish you more than you can think of.


3. We might be far away from each other now but the wait to see your pretty face is always worth it. Have a lovely evening.


4. No message has been enough to describe how much you mean to me. You shower my heart with love and grace my soul with affection. I hope you wear that gorgeous smile on your face all evening.


5. The word beautiful can’t seem to describe your unbelievable eyes. The word sweet cannot qualify the pleasant feeling I get whenever I hear your voice. The word forever cannot describe the lasting affection I feel for you in my heart. Enjoy yourself and have a blissful evening.


6. Good evening to my one and only. I just realized a soul comprises of two hearts merged together by the glue of love. Many might get separated but ours can never be broken. I love you to the moon and beyond.


7. I’m here for you yesterday, I’m here now and I’ll always be here for you till the end of time. I just want you to know that I will always be by your side. Do have a lovely evening.


8. A thousand evenings are not enough to give me the satisfaction of your care, hugs, and affection. I need you every time of the day. You rule my world, my love.


9. You are the greatest gift that God has given me in my lifetime. You make me happy and fulfilled. If God was to surprise me again, it’ll be you been my wife forever. Enjoy your evening dear.


10. A thousand dreams will occur across the world tonight. Yet only one means everything to me. Prepare yourself, babe, for a wonderful evening.


11. I fell for you because of a smile but because of the feelings you have brought into my life, I’m staying with you forever. I pray this evening brings you nothing short of happiness and laughter.


12. Hey babe, I just watched the sun go down, and then darkness follows. I feel stranded and I urge you to smile so that I can be able to see you again. Good evening love.


13. Good evening my angel, thank GOD I found a lovely girl like you, you make everything beautiful ever since the day I found you.


14. No vacuum for another girl in my life, you are the only one that caught my eyes, I love you so much, good evening my dearest.


15. An evening with you is dull, I miss you, my lovely angel.


16. Some say they get inspiration by taking Indian hemp, but I get inspiration just by seeing you, good evening my sweet angel.


17. I’m sending you a sweet kiss through this lovely evening breeze to keep you cool till I see you. I can’t imagine my life without you; you are so lovely and caring. I love you, good evening.


18. The moment I saw you, I know you are the lovely angel made for me. My calculation was right; you are so marvelous and beautiful. I want you to be the everlasting wife beside me. Good evening my sweet love.


19. When the sun cast its shadow towards the west, I know it is another beautiful evening approaching when I will see your beautiful face again. Good evening my angel I love you.


20. You make me happy, you make my life better, and you are an angel sent to me. I will love it forever. Good evening love.

 Sweet Good Evening Quotes for Girlfriend

21. I want a beautiful future with you. You are a lovely girl. Good evening.


22. I prayed for a girl like you, I got a perfect angel. Good evening my love.


23. I love to be by the seaside on a beautiful evening with you. Life is splendid to have you around.


24. The sun can set, but my love for you will never set. Good evening my love I miss you.


25. You are the sweetness of my life, life becomes beautiful when I found you, I will love you till eternity. Good evening my love.


26. It scarce to find a girl like you, if I have you, I know I have everything, I love you. Good evening.


27. After the hectic afternoon, there comes a lovely and romantic evening, good evening my lovely angel.


28. You are the star that shines brightly among other stars, you are the most beautiful flower among the flowers in the garden, and thank GOD I found a lovely girl like you. Good evening my love.


29. My life is full of joy because I have a lovely angel like you, I cherish and love from the bottom of my heart. Good evening my lovely babe.


30. You are the sugar in my tea, and the honey of my soul, you are just too sweet to be called my lovely wife. Good evening.


31. You and I together will make a better tomorrow. Good evening my angel.


32. Sweetness is in your lips, loving you is everything I have ever strives to make perfect. Good evening my love. I miss you.


33. I don’t care what the people say about us, I care for is love you beyond what every soul cannot imagine. Good evening my sweet love.


34. All that matters to me is to see you happy, whatever it may cost, I’m ready to pay the price for you, because you are so precious to me. Good evening.


35. I’m a fulfilled man if I have a lovely girl like you as a wife; I know you wouldn’t say no, would you marry me? Good evening.


36. No one can love you as I do, no one can treat you better than me, we have a common destiny, which brought you and me together. I will always love you till I varnish from this world. Good evening.


37. You count on me, I’ll never let you down, and I will never break your heart. I love you from the depth of my heart. Good evening my sweet love.


38. Good evening love, just thinking about you now, I miss you.


39. I have come to realize that I have just found the peace of my heart. You give me so much peace and joy. Trust me with your love, I’ll always love you. Good evening my bundle of joy.


 Good Evening Messages for Friends

Good friends are like true brothers or sisters, we can’t forget them, send him/her a lovely good evening message once a while, and he/she will appreciate you a lot.

1. Another day passes by and another reason to be thankful for all the good, fun, and unforgettable memories you have given me. What more could I ask from a friend? I hope you have a lovely evening.


2. Good evening my dear friend. I just wanted to remind you that you are one of the most important persons in my life for having my back, trusting me, and always been there for me. I cherish you and wish to be your friend for many years to come. Have a good night.


3. Friends like you always make tomorrow worth looking forward to. I feel very blessed to have met you and venturing through this long journey of life never felt easier. Have a pleasant evening like every other.


4. May all your efforts to go through the events and struggles of life be filled with nothing but love happiness and blessings.


5. The light of the sun in this beautiful evening never fails to remind me of how you have influenced and made my life better. Enjoy your evening bestie, you deserve it all.


6. A friend to lean on, a friend to talk to, a friend to seek advice, a friend to trust. What more can I ask for in a companion and a partner. Have a great evening dear.


7. Trustworthy, cheerful, funny, silly. There are many words used to describe a friend but there is only one that perfectly qualifies you; Amazing! Do have yourself a good evening filled with smiles.


8. Another evening has passed and I just wanted to remind you that no matter how things may be for you, whether good or bad, I’ll always be here to hold you when you fall and be with you when it’s a time for celebration.


9. You fill my life with great times, a million laughter, uncountable fights, and unforgettable memories. You are truly the greatest friend in the world. Enjoy this evening because more blessings await you tomorrow.



10. You give me every reason to smile and feel confident even at the most trying times. If I were to pick another friend in many lives to come, I’d still choose you; The greatest friend ever! Good evening.


11. Maybe aliens do exist. Maybe there is something called an afterlife. Maybe the moon landing was true. But there is something I can never doubt; Your trust. Have a happy evening my very good friend.


12. Forget about your fears today. I always remember to include you in my prayers and God will continue to bless you and make your wishes and dreams come to reality. A very good evening to a great friend.


13. Good evening my favorite friend. I pray that tomorrow will always be a better day for you than yesterday. May he send you a shield to protect you from your enemies and any form of problems that will hinder your progress.


14. Another good evening to one of the most important persons in my life. For many years, you’ve given me many reasons to smile, to trust, to believe, and to keep going in life. I’m grateful for all the memories and I look forward to more years been your best friend.


15. Good evening my dear friend, hope your day was great?

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