Best Farewell Message to Colleagues in Office

Farewell Message to Colleagues in Office
Farewell Message to Colleagues in Office

Farewell Message to Colleagues in Office: One of the most difficult moments at workplace is saying farewell to a wonderful colleague or boss who has shared in your dream and aspiration over the years. We have compiled one of the most beautiful farewell messages to colleagues leaving the office, to help you send that beautiful thought across.

Farewell message to colleague leaving the company

1. You work very hard to become someone better than you were yesterday. You always make sure you did things right and never thought twice in making the right decisions. You do all that with a big smile on your face. I pray you find all the peace and comfort you’ll need in your next job. Don’t forget to wear that infectious smile with you always.


2. Advises, jokes, company, partner, companion, there is no one else that does it better than you do. You have made things a lot easier for me. What more could I ask from a true friend I will always cherish. Good luck on your new adventures.


3. Tutorship, companionship, partnership, relationship. I want to use this medium to thank you for carrying me along on many of your ships throughout your stay here. It was an unforgettable adventure. Good Luck on your new ventures.


4. A hundred messages won’t be enough to express how disheartened I am to learn that you’d be leaving the company. You’ve been an excellent influence to the growth of not just the firm, but to everyone. Thanks for everything and good luck.


5. It’s been a very long and unforgettable journey with you brother/sister. You’ve been the best kind of companion one. May all your efforts to go through the events and struggles of life be filled with nothing but love happiness and blessings.


6. Maybe aliens do exist. Maybe there is something called an afterlife. Maybe the moon landing was true. But there is something I can never doubt; your trust. Have a happy farewell my very good friend.


7. Maybe aliens do exist. Maybe there is life after death. Maybe the moon landing truly happened. But there is something I would never doubt; the trust of a good friend. Something I cherished and adored. May God guide you through your new journey my very good friend.


8. I want you to forget about your fears today. I always remember to include you in my prayers and God will continue to bless you and make your wishes and dreams come to reality. You made me believe in true friendship and you gave the trust a meaning. I hope you do well on this your new venture. I’ll miss you.


9. Saying goodbye is indeed the toughest thing to do. Sadness is always what proceeds and searching for someone to remind myself of what a true colleague you were is the hardest part of all. You were also more than just a friend, but a perfect partner and a cool brother/sister. I’ll truly miss that.


10. As you take the leap and flew away, may God give you all the strength you need to soar up to the limits of the skies. I pray more blessings, success and good tidings come your way. I wish you all the luck in the world and beyond.


11. Goodbye friend, partner, brother, leader, and my mentor. I hope and wish this won’t be our last goodbye and I pray someday, we meet again.


12. Having to deal with your absence will be impossible for me. I want to thank you a lot for always been there and having my back even when you had to go out of your way. Your trust is endless and your heart is priceless. Farewell partner, I hope someday, we meet again.

13. I will miss you so much, wishing well, farewell.

14. I try not to feel sad that you’ll be leaving the company. You’ve given us memories here that we’ll cherish for a very long time. I wish you the very best in your new challenges ahead. I’m going to miss you chap.


15. Working with you was fun, and knowing you were a pleasure. I wish you nothing more but the most cheerful goodbye and all the blessings and good luck of this world.


16. With all the goodbyes and wishes coming your way, you are in a better position to know how much you touched everyone during your time here. I just have one wish for you- I wish your big head stops growing!


17. Saying goodbye to you made me realize how important you have been to me. I also realized how difficult it’ll be to see you leave. I pray that tomorrow will always be a better day for you than yesterday. Goodbye partner!


18. Goodbyes aren’t hard. But it’s looking back at the memories you bring that makes it the heaviest burden the heart can ever carry. But I’m willing to carry this weight because it’s filled with memories of great times between us. Best of good lucks and a very goodbye.


19. They said every goodbye brings the best hello closer. As you venture into a whole new journey and different sets of challenges, I hope we meet again soon. Goodbye, and God bless.


20. We have shared so much laughter and good memories, just say a simple goodbye. I hope it wouldn’t be too long before our paths cross again. I wish you the very best my dear friend.


21. Your words kept me inspired, your advice kept me focused. Your laughter kept me relaxed. Your trust kept me strong and your optimism kept me going. You became more than just a colleague and partner, but a trustworthy friend and a companion. I’ll miss it all. Goodbye amigo.


22. There is no such thing as a perfect time to say goodbye. I have never thought of ever going to miss a friend so cherished as you. It’s because of the undying memories and the beautiful inspiration you brought into my life. That’s why I’ve replaced my ‘goodbye’ with ‘see you soon’.


23. God has done a lot of wonders in my life and having you as a partner will be one of the best wonders. Too bad it’ll be just a memory. But too good it won’t be that long, because we will meet again soon.


24. You are such a wonderful and inspirational person, it is a wonderful experience working alongside you; I will never forget all the good times we shared together, wishing you well as you are set to leave the company; I’m going to miss you no doubt.


25. I wish I will continue to be fortunate to have an amazing person like as a partner at work, you make every so easy and you are very flexible to work with, now that you are leaving at the company, I wish you well in the future undertaking.


26. “The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.” wishing best in your next career.


27. Your skill and intelligent is non-comparable with any in this company, you have been a hardworking and a wonderful person to work with, I don’t know how I’m going to cope now that you are leaving the company. I am going to miss you, goodbye, and farewell in your new work.


28. You are the best asset this company has ever had, so nice and a very wonderful colleague, I pray to have many people like around all the time, wishing the best of luck in your new career, goodbye.


29. You have always been interesting to work side by side with; I have to learn how to adjust for a very long time without you in this company again, I know it is going to be a tough time missing you. Goodbye and farewell in your new job.


30. Biding a wonderful colleague like you goodbye is a hard thing to do, over the years; we have not only become a good co-worker, but a wonderful friend as well. Thank you for all the mentorship and generosity you showed me as a senior colleague, wishing you God favor and abundant success as you depart with us in the company, but remember we are now friends, let’s keep the spirit of friendship alive. Goodbye.


31. The good memory that you live behind as you leaving us in this company will continue to linger on for a very long time, it difficult to say goodbye to an astonishing person like you, you have a sources of inspiration and peace in this company, it was a great experience having a wonderful person like you to work with, wishing well in all your future endeavors, goodbye to you.


32. I have had so many colleagues in the past, but known is as wonderful and understanding like you, you make everything simple and easy when you are around, you are so easy to go well with. I’m going to miss you so much. Goodbye and farewell in your new job.


33. You will continue to soar higher in your new undertaking, you a wonderful colleague, having you around here to work with were a wonderful experience, I can never forget a nice person like you, I will pray well for you. Goodbye and farewell.


34. “Yesterday brought the beginning; tomorrow brings the end, though somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.” now you have to move on to a better job farewell to you my dear friend.


35. I have learn a lot working with a wonderful person like you, I can never forget all the good period we spent together as a co-worker and as friends, you are a blessing to my life and sources of happiness to my job. You inspired to greatness and lift up my spirit for greater things in life. You are one in a million, I wish you well in all your future responsibilities. Farewell to you my dear friend.


36. In the future I pray to still work with you. A hero like you cannot be forgotten in a hurry, you always lively up a dull day, you make every moment a memorable one to remember. Wishing you well in your future endeavors, goodbye.


37. Your type are scarce to find, you remain an irreplaceable asset to this company, it has been great working with an intelligent person like you as a colleague, I wish that I will never have to say goodbye to you. But now that you are leaving, I pray that you will continue to find favor where ever you go.


38. Take care as you leave us today, you will find your new job interesting and marvelous because you have always been a good person. Wishing you well, goodbye. Please let still keep our contact beyond this workplace.


39. I’m really going to miss you, I wish could come with you or you could decide to stay back that would be great, but still, now that you have decided to go, I wish well at the time. Goodbye, please still keep in touch.


40. I can’t believe you are leaving us in the company; we have grown to be one big family together in this company. Where ever you go, please still keep in touch. Farewell.


41. “Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love.” you mean so much to us in this company, farewell to you.


42. The fact that you are leaving us in this company does not affect my relationship with you, you may no longer be my co-worker, but you still remain my good friend. You are leaving behind a beautiful memory that would be difficult to erase over the years. Good luck in your new job.


43. If I ever have to make one wish that would be granted right now, I would wish that you stay back with us in the company. I have never met another wonderful person like you, you remain the best partner I have ever worked with, hope destiny will bring us together in the future again, I wish you best as you leave us. Farewell my dear friend.


44. In your new job, you will find happiness and success, you remain my number one hero, a powerful co-worker and an inspirational colleague, I wish I never have to bid you goodbye. Have a wonderful time in your new environment. Good luck.


45. “It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.” have a wonderful time in your new work.

Farewell Message to Subordinate

1. You’ve been very inspiring, considerate, caring, supportive, and trusting. I want to use this moment to thank you deeply for everything we did together because I’m going to cherish it for a very long time. Godspeed on your new venture.
PS; Thanks for that time you helped me with getting that hot secretary!

2. F- Fabulous
R- Reasonable
E- Encouraging
N- Noble
D- Determined.
These are what define a great colleague as wonderful as you.


3. Farewell and Goodbye to a great colleague. But do not let these goodbye messages hold you from a better future which lies ahead. I wish you all the luck in overcoming every single challenge as they come.


4. Trustworthy, hardworking, funny, silly, caring, crazy, cheerful, strong, smart… There are many words used to describe a friend but there is only one that perfectly qualifies you; Amazing! Do have yourself a wonderful time in your new job which I pray will be filled with smiles and blessings.


5. You did not only influence many while you were here, but you gave each and everyone a separate memory to hold on to. Your memories will forever live in our hearts. Happy goodbye to a special friend and God bless.


6. I fully respect your decision in leaving and venturing into a new band of challenges and friends. I hope your new friends understand and adore you even more like we did.


7. Today, I’m not just saying farewell to a friend, to an inspirational and an ally. Something I find very difficult to handle. May you achieve your goals as you set on this your new quest.


8. Congratulations on your new job brother/sister. It’s going to be quite hard saying goodbye. You’ve been very helpful to me in all of my time here. It’s something that I will cherish and remember for a long time indeed. Farewell.


9. Having you as a partner and friend was one of the best experiences I ever had. On this medium, I say thank you for every single good moment you bring a smile to my face.


10. The challenges we embarked together on during your time here wouldn’t have been called a challenge if not for you acting and taking charge of things like a leader. I’m going to miss a special person. Good luck and God bless.


11. Goodbye’s aren’t a way of saying I am going to forget you, but a way of saying that I will always remember the things you did and the way you have influenced my life. I sincerely wish you the best on your new quest.


12. To a great motivator and a soulmate. No day passes by when I don’t have find a new reason to be thankful for all the good, fun and unforgettable memories you have given me. What more could I ask from a good friend and a great partner? I hope you conquer it all in your new life ahead.


13. The thought of you leaving us is a cruel reminder that even the best memories in life do always have an end. Make sure you keep been the trusted colleague thee can ever be.


14. There are a lot of reasons to look into the sky and count your blessings. I was delighted by the news of your new job and I feel very happy for you and wish you the best of success as you leave us with some really good times. Farewell, brother.


15. The most expensive thing in the world is a true friend who is so kind and trustworthy that he doesn’t know it. I’ll never forget looking up in the heavens and thank God for giving me someone to entrust and someone who always has my back. You became a part of my life and our relationship is something I will always cherish. Have a great life ahead of you and I wish you as many blessings as possible. See you soon.


16. A good life can’t be complete without a friend who is always ready to be by your side no matter the weather. Overcoming challenges, the long trips and journeys, the fights, and quarrels. Thank you for all those great memories you’ve given to me and I wish you all the best.


17. As the days flew past, I couldn’t realize how cherishable our beautiful our relationship is. It’d be impossible to forget how strong your trust is and how priceless our dreams and ambitions made us closer. May it all be easy for you on your next adventures.


18. An entrusting colleague becomes a dear companion and a caring partner becomes a good friend. Make sure you remember to keep smiling because it’s one of the things that makes you special. Happy Goodbye partner.


19. before you arrive this company everything was dull, your arrival brought many blessing and goodwill to the company, we can’t forget all the wonderful impact you took in this company, having you around was a blessing in disguise, we continue to wish you well all your life endeavors. Goodbye.


20. It is very hard to say goodbye to a wonderful colleague like you, life is so good here to have you around, now that you have to go, I wish good luck all through your life.


21. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” You are a wonderful co-worker; I will always keep you in my heart.


22. You gave me a lot of good experience and sharpen my skill, I can’t forget a wonderful person like you, it is great fun working with a person like you, I’m going to miss you so much, and I pray that you find everything easy as you progress in your career. Good luck and goodbye to you.


23. You are a great man; I have never found another marvelous colleague like you. You are so nice and easy to go with, I wish that everybody was like you; this world would have been a better place. I have to do a lot to be able to cope without you in this company any more, hope you still keep our friendship alive, because all these years you have not only been a wonderful colleague but a trusted friend. I wish you well all the time, farewell to you sir.


24. The laughter and the experience we shared together will always remain evergreen in my memory for a long time. it has always being a wonderful time to would have worked with a nice person like you, so jovial and fun to be with, you remember all the time when you throw those funny jokes to lively up the atmosphere of work when everybody seems tired? We always need an inspirational person like you around here, but now you have to move on to a better challenge, hope to be your co-worker again, farewell and goodbye my friend.


25. As you climb a step ahead of the ladder of your career, I wish you well. As a colleague and co-worker in this company you have been a wonderful person and a sources inspiration to me. I wish that the promotion you got is here, so that I will have the chance of always being your partner at work. However since it is a higher level than you have got, I wish you well in your new job. Goodbye and farewell to you.


26. You have decided to move ahead to seek for a better opportunity, you have left a huge shoe that nobody can wear. You have been a great and skillful colleague, I will have to remember you for a very long time, for all the wonderful moments we have together in this company. I wish well and hope to see you again someday, goodbye.


27. You have left a huge vacuum that nobody can fill; you have a great asset and a unique fellow in this company. How do we cope without a wonderful person like you? We are going to miss you so much. Good luck to you wherever you go.


28. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Thank you for being a wonderful colleague, farewell my dear friend.


29. The best moment is the time I spent with you in this company, as I pen down these words of goodbye to you, tears wail down my eyes, I have to struggle to cope without you. You are a great master and a wonderful mentor. You inspired me to a higher level, I’m going to miss you, it nice working with you. Farewell in your entire future career. Goodbye, sir.


30. Farewell my good friend, it is difficult to let you go, I will always keep all the good time you spent with us in this workplace for a long time, you are a rare gem. I wish you well in your new place.

Farewell Message to Colleagues in Office
Farewell Message to Colleagues in Office

Farewell Message to Colleague

1. I want to use this medium yet again to thank you for stirring with me through most of the dangerous tides. You were with me through all the struggles not only office work but the struggles of life. What more can I ask for in a priceless friend such as you. I wish you much more bliss and success as you open another chapter in your life.


2. You’ve given me the best advises and memories to remember you and dreams to make me look forward to. When I found you, I found a friend for life. Goodbyes can make a departing friend happy but it’s quite difficult been the one who says it. I just want to wish you good luck.


3. A wonderful partner, caring brother/sister, good teacher, and a special person. May God continue to shower his blessings of health, wealth, and unending prosperity as you leave us. You deserve more than just words for all the good things you’ve brought into my life. Thank you and a healthy Good luck.


4. The best thing about you wasn’t just meeting you or be your friend. It was discovering the kind of person you truly are. I wish you the best mind and strength for a new journey ahead. I’ll miss you.


5. I might doubt your dressing and your cooking skills. I might doubt your perception and the way you handle the wheels when we are on the road but the only thing I could never doubt is your trust. It’s another gift from God to make us see a new journey in life. Farewell and good luck.


6. Have a nice cup of coffee and grab a good book to read. Refresh yourself for a new challenge and a new step in life as we prepare for better days ahead. Goodbye to the greatest partner in the world.


7. You have always remained a nice and wonderful person ever since the time I was peered with you as a co-worker in this company, now that you have gone for a better job, I will always remember you with sweet memory. I wish you good luck in your new job.


8. Dear friend, I learned you are leaving the company any moment from now; it came to me as a surprise and as good news, surprise because I don’t want to miss a wonderful colleague like you, and good news because you are going to occupy a higher position in your new job. I will continue praying for you and wish a good person like you well in your future undertaking. Goodbye and have a nice time.


9. With a mix of pain and joy in my heart, I say goodbye to a wonderful friend and colleague like you. May your way be furnished with goodness all the time. Farewell to you.


10. Wishing you unending happiness as you open a new chapter in your life, it has been a nice experience having you as a co-worker, all the moment that we worked together are the most memorable time I have ever had in this company, I’m going to miss you greatly. Goodbye and good luck.


11. You are a trusted colleague and a true friend; I know you’ll find it smooth in your new job. Wishing you all the best, goodbye and farewell.


12. It is time to move on in life, wishing you higher in your new job, hope you will always keep in touch?


13. I don’t want to think that you are leaving the company so suddenly without any notice, you have been sources of inspiration to many of us here, especially me, I can’t wish you less than a fabulous time in your new job; keep the dream alive, farewell to you.


14. Good luck to you, enjoy your new job, but remember to keep the friendship alive.


15. Don’t forget to always keep In touch with us about your welfare; you are a beautiful colleague that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Goodbye and good luck.


16. I hope your new job will offer you better opportunities, a better life and a good time. I will miss a wonderful colleague like you. Goodbye and farewell.


17. You always make the best of every moment, I’m going to miss you a lot. Good luck to you in your new job.


18. Let keep our friendship beyond a co-worker level, you are such an astonishing and marvelous person, I can’t believe you are leaving us behind in the company. Wishing you well where ever you may be, have a nice time in your new environment.


19. Life is good to have you around, now that you are leaving the company; you are going with a piece of my heart. I have learned a lot from you as a senior colleague, and I will try to reach you where ever you are. Good luck and farewell.


20. Kindness will always follow you wherever you go, I have no doubt that you will do well in your newly found job. Here in the company, we will miss you a lot. Good luck.


21. Good luck, always remain at your best just as you have always been here, you make every moment a wonderful experience. Goodbye and farewell to you.


22. Every moment I spent with you as a colleague is filled with happiness and joy, you have this wonderful way of making everything around look good and great. I wish you the best moment in your new job. Goodbye.


23. Though you are going to leave us now, your wonderful work will continue to be great in our mind, you left a very vacuum that would take us years to fill. You are so special; I know you will do great in your job. Goodbye and have a great time.


24. I always have a great time working with you. You made my experience enjoyable in the company. I’m going to miss all the good times we spent together in this company as a colleague and a great friend. Wishing you success and a good time in your new job.


25. May your new job gives you a new leaf of life, wishing you the best of time over there, we really miss you here.


26. It is amazing working with you these few years as a co-worker; you have inspired me greatly in so many ways. I don’t know how long I can adjust without you here. I really appreciate you and I’m wishing you well in your new job. Goodbye and have a great time.


27. Wishing you the best in the next level of your career, you have added more value to my skill over these years I was attached under you. You are a great mentor, I wish you well as you progress in your career.


28. I would have wanted you to remain with us here, but you have to move ahead for a greener pasture. I wish you well in your next career, goodbye.


29. You are the best here; the whole workplace will miss you. Have a pleasurable life in you new found job.


30. You are such an amazing colleague, everyone in the office talk well about you. We are going to miss you greatly. Good luck and goodbye.


31. I will always ensure I keep in touch with you, you too nice to be forgotten, wish you well in your new opportunities.


32. It has been difficult for our team to cope without you, you make everything work perfectly why you are here, and we can’t forget your great inspiration to us. We miss you so dearly.


33. I hope you will find everything interesting in your new working place, I know it won’t take you time to adjust; you are such a smart and intelligent person, wishing you the best of time over there.

Farewell Messages to Boss

34. You make everything work here like magic, there has been no dull moment when you are here with us. We wish you will continue to be here with us for a longer time. Wishing you well sir, goodbye.


35. I have found a better boss like you, I have worked under so many people, but you just an exceptional person, as you move ahead in furtherance of your career, farewell to you sir.


36. It is so amazing to have you as a boss, you are nice and pleasurable to work under, as you are leaving us in the company, we wish the best of time in your new job.


37. It seems like everything was crashing down on my head when I heard of the news of your departure, it came to us so suddenly and unexpectedly, you have left your footprint in the sand of time. Good luck and goodbye to you sir.


38. The best moment I had in this company is when I was posted to work under you. You make my job interesting and easy, and above all you made me fall in love with my work, thank sir you for the great inspiration and mentor-ship you have given me. I wish you well in all your doing, goodbye sir.


39. It breaks my heart when I know that you will soon be leaving us in this company, you are such a great mentor and a wonderful boss, wishing well sir, goodbye.


40. If I have the opportunity to decide I will wish that you remain with us or take me along with you to your new workplace, I have learned great working under you, thank you, sir, for being so helpful to me. Wishing you well, goodbye sir.


41. Sir, I have never found an amazing person like you, you are so kind, generous, encouraging and patient with me over the years that I have worked under your care, It is great pain that I have to say goodbye to you.


42. You set a wider pace that nobody can fill, you are instrumental to the growth and development of this organization, now you have to leave us, sir, we will miss you greatly. Wishing a better life in your new role. Have a great moment sir.


43. Congratulation on the assumption of your new role in sir, we will really miss you in this company.


44. Wishing you the entire best sir in your new job. Thank you for being a great mentor to me, you really tutor me well, and make me stand on my feet firmly, I will never forget the assistant you gave me sir.

Funny Farewell Message for Colleague

45. It is so funny to hear that you are leaving us in the company, do you think you can really cope with us here, I will advise you to stay back or decide to go with all of us, which would make it easier for you. Good luck.


46. Hello lazy colleague, you think you can just wake up one morning and decide that you are leaving us in the company, you still have much undone works in this office, so I will advise to stay someday and finish your task, or else we will transfer your file to your new company. Goodbye.


47. Choose between going and forfeiting your twelve-month salary, I have sent a query to your new company, just think about perfect this idea is. Good luck.


48. Your letter of departure has just been turned down, reasons, simple; you are not qualified to go. Good luck.


49. On second thought, why do really want to go, are not treated well in this company? You will never find an amazing and funfair friend like us. Stay, don’t go.


50. “We are all going to really miss doing all your work for you every day!”


51. Everything that has a beginning must have an end; you want to leave us in this company? Why? Anyway, I will miss you so much, but one thing that keeps me smiling every time I think that you are going, is the fact that I will be free from your scolding and those overtime work you always give me without pay, I can cross my legs now and don’t do anything if I wish. I will still miss you by the way.


52. Please don’t go, wait, I will buy you everything you desire with the last pay book, at least that would mean a wonderful send-off party for you.


53. And you know how much you mean to me on this work friend, now you decide to go without me, how do you think you make things happen in your new job if I’m not there with you. May need all the records of those beautiful jokes that crack you rips, I will do you a lovely album that will keep you a great company. Goodbye.


54. Goodbye, I learned you are leaving the company; I can’t wait to see you go. Thank God I will rest from all those mountains of work that use fill my able because I have a lazy bosom friend like you as a colleague, wish you plenty of work in your new company. Good luck.


55. I feel remorseful to let you go, I know I will never find a friend and a colleague better like you.


56. I will always remember you as a friend who makes me laugh a lot, those jokes and your funny stories make the work great. Farewell to you.


57. You are not done in the company yet, so you can’t go, I can’t imagine how every space here will be empty without you, you almost occupy all the space in this office; I will miss you a lot. Goodbye.


58. A good friend and super colleague like you is leaving us, I cherish all the assistance and help you give me in this office, especially doing all my work for me when I was sick, I will not want to fall sick again, because now that you are not here, if I fall sick I will be sacked. Farewell to you my dear friend. I will miss you a lot.


59. “On the outside, know that we may be smiling and wish you farewell. But on the inside, we are desperately praying that you will quit your new job and come back to work with us again.”


60. I will always remember you as somebody that makes me smiles a lot; please don’t forget to always keep in touch where ever you are. Good luck to you.


61. A will miss as a wonderful friend and colleague. Farewell to you.


62. It makes no sense when I think that you’re leaving us here, so I will not sharing your lunch with you, again, please stay don’t go.


63. As a wonderful colleague, you have always been the one we look up in this company, now that you are going who we are going to be looking up to. We will miss you, farewell to you.


64. “Goodbye, don’t cry! We won’t!” but we will miss you, dear colleague.


65. “Having awesome coworkers is a bad habit because it’ll be impossible to work with someone else now that you’re leaving.”


66. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” you wonderful colleague and friend, wishing you well.


67. “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” Now you to go, farewell to you dear friend.

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