Sweet Love Text for Her


Sweet Love Text for Her
Sweet Love Text for Her

Sweet Love Text for Her is beautiful collections of romantic text messages that are perfect to send to her to make her smile.

Sweet Love Text for Her to Make Her smile

1. I prayed for someone I would truly love and cared for then you came along, you have been the joy of my heart ever since I met you, I really care and love you from the bottom of my heart, smile for me my baby, I will always be there for you.


2. I have only one promise for you, to always put a loving smile on your face, I will always love and care for you, I will never hurt you because you are the jewels of my heart.


3. You love shines in my heart, as the sun shines on the earth, you make me happy any time I set my eyes on you, and that is why I love you so much, don’t fear, I would take good care of you, I love you.


4. I have never had it so good in life before until I met you, you are an angel sent from heaven to me to make my life beautiful, I will make every moment of your life splendid, I love you so much.


5. You are always on my mind, I cherish every moment I spent with you, I will take you to wherever your heart chooses to be, I want to make your life paradise on earth, I love you.


6. All that I ever care for is to make you happy, I want to be the one that would always put a beautiful smile on your face, never mind the troubles of life, I would be there to take them up for you, I truly love and care for you.


7. You may not know that I care so much for you in my heart, I can do anything good for you, I have vowed to always make you happy because your happiness is my joy, I love you.


8. I have searched my heart to know what always make it happy, and I found out that it was because I’m in love with you.


9. In every passing day, and in your present or in your absent my love for you will never seize flowing, you make my world a beautiful place, I love you.


10. I always think about you, and that makes me happy, your sweet thought always keeps me warm, it is you or no other woman for me.


11. I have a beautiful dream about you before I met you, so my heart was prepared to love you before I set my eyes on you, and when I finally found you, I know that I have found my eternal bliss, I love you babe, have a joyous day.


12. Every step a take away from you, there is always a feeling that overwhelmed me, the feeling of never have to spend a minute without you, may the love of my heart sink deep into yours, I love you with all my heart.


13. I love the peace and harmony that feel ever since the time I found you, you must be an angel sent from heaven to me, I thank my Lord for the gift of a beautiful angel like you, I love you so much.


14. I will stop loving you if heaven and earth cease to exist, I know it is not possible, so believe me; my love for you would last forever.


15. Dearest, you are like my golden egg, I can’t let anything crack you if I do I would crash too.


16. I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you are, you have everything that a man needs in a woman to be happy, I’m the luckiest man on earth to have a lovely woman like you, my love for you is mightier than all the oceans, seas and rivers in the world, I love you.


17. My life is beautiful because you share the space with me, I thank my star for never missing you the very first day I saw you, I have never been so joyful before until I found you, you will be my lifetime love.


18. I will spend my whole life loving you, trust me I would take good care of you, you are the queen of heart.


19. The first day I set my eyes on you, said gosh! I never knew that a beautiful charming lady like you still exist anywhere in the world, then I prayed silently that the Lord should make you mine, now that you mine, I would love you so marvellously.


20. If I spent the whole day just watching you, I think I would be ok, you just make me feel happy any time I see you, I’ll be down with you forever.


21. Hello damsel, when I looked deeply into your eyes, I found heaven there, you are my heavenly angel, I love you so much.


22. You are my garden of beautiful flowers, and I’m your butterflies, I would always be attracted to you forever, I love you.


23. You are the magnet and I’m the iron, no one can separate us from each other, I love you from the depth of my heart.


24. When God created me, He destined me with you, and that why you are so flawless before me, I love you from head to toe.


25. No matter what the conditions are, my love for you would never reduce by an inch, I would always love more until I stop breathing.


26. I cherish you, I cherish every moment I spent with you, you are my irreplaceable love, I love you with all my heart.


27. Loving you is like loving life, who wouldn’t want to love life! Thank God, that brought you to me; you are the happiest thing that has ever happened in my life.


28. The more I see you the happier I become, I wish to be with you forever so that my happiness would multiply.


29. My love, I prayed that God gives you the gift to see through my heart, then you would realize how much I love you.


30. If you are hidden in a sea of people, you will always remain visible to me, because I see you clearly in my heart, do you really know how much I love?


31. My darling, my sweetheart, can you feel the atmosphere, it’s really calm here and I need you by my side.


32. I can’t stay one second without you, I am addicted to you, your love is killing me, all I want now is to have you all my self this evening, to feel better. Kissing you is all I want to do this evening, come over let enjoy the beauty of love,


33. My love how is the evening, I am longing to be with you, to walk with me down the road, the evening is so beautiful and I am sure is for us.


34. Good evening my amazing sweet babe, you are so special and I want us to go sky sighting together to count the stars, this evening because it matters so much to us, will count the number of years to spend together and the number of children to have. Just to catch fun.


35. My arms are wide open, I am here for you always, the evening is getting dark and your eyeballs are always shining so brightly, It’s lovely and sexy, I love them.


37. The sky is bluish, the cloud is getting down, it stimulating me just to have you, aren’t you feeling the same, having a nice time with you is all I want this evening. Love you, my sweetheart.


38. My jewel, my priceless angel you are so wonderful and I want you to know that it’s you I desire now and always


39. Happy to have you in my life, I am going to be all you ever wanted from a man. Trust me I will make you happy. Good evening my darling.


40. Promising you endless love, happy to know you are mine, I should be the man to cuddle, kiss and love you forever. The evening is warm and needs us to be together.


41. My darling baby, it’s sunset, but you are still glowing, shining and beautiful, I am glad you are mine. Keep on loving me. Good evening.


42. As the evening approaches, may you live and enjoy the fruit of life and happiness. Good evening honey.


43. The morning and afternoon are not enough to tell you how special and loving you are to me. You are irreplaceable.


44. The greatest feeling is our togetherness; you are the joy I see, you all that matters. Good evening.


45. You are have supported me in all ways and I am not going to let you down I am pleased with you and enjoy your company. Good evening.


46. Today is sweet and you are the reason, of today goodness, let explore this evening in the spirit of love, you are the best I have ever meet.


47. I hope your day was not tough today, don’t worry its evening already, time to remove those shoes, loosen your button and feel relax. See you soon, good evening.


48. I can’t explain how I feel about you, the feelings are so strong baby, you are killing me softly, love you girl.


49. It’s hard to bear, the fear of losing you, I am laying my life to promise you endless love, the love that can move a mountain, so please don’t go, stay with me, sweet evening sweetie.


50. What an evening, I am all alone here missing my heartthrob, my better half, my darling, my sweetie, hope to see you before the end of the day.


51. I have a sweet story to tell you this lovely evening, I want to tell you the story in a warm and fascinating scenery, I want to always remember this day, and I always want you to be part of my most memorable moment always love.


52. Keep the fires burning always, the fire of love and affection, the fire of romance, the fire of sex, I will never call the extinguishers, I love it burning. Have a wonderful evening angel.


53. Nothing is gonna stop my love for, you are my angel, my baby, you are the queen of my heart, wishing you the best of this evening.


54. Every moment spent with you is never a waste of time, rather a moment to remember, a moment to ask for more, I want you to call me any time you need me, will be expecting your call this evening.


55. I want to be engaged with you for life, you are worth spending the rest of my life with, you are kind, so caring, loving and beautiful, wish you a wonderful evening my future partner.


56. I want to use this opportunity to let you know the level of love I have for you, the highest of height, the tallest of tall, am deeply in love with you. Good evening and have a wonderful night.


57. Being the one in your heart is a thing to celebrate and be happy for, your kind is very scarce and should not be neglected, always in my mind dear. Good evening/


58. Hanging out this evening with you is fun and will want the fun to continue. Have a wonderful night.


59. Come on love, you do not need to doubt my feelings for you, it’s real and I assure you to give you the best in me, good evening to my love.


60. Make the right choice, by loving me, by making me the owner of your heart, the owner of your soft and succulent body, I will always keep safe and secure. You will not regret knowing me, good evening.


61. I am ready to scarify my time, my money, my self to your enjoyment and happiness, you deserve more than you could imagine.


62. I am deeply thinking of you right now and I felt I should let you know. I need you now and always, good evening sweet love.


63. You made me today what I have become, you have thought me a lot and I will forever appreciate you, what a world without you, good evening my world.


64. I am appealing to be the protector of your heart, I don’t mind standing for the rest of my life just to secure the heart and keep it from breaking, lovely evening dear.


65. Have a wonderful evening and a peaceful night, may you find everything amazing in your life.


66. Love you more every day, my life is full of joy and happiness

Sweet Love Text for Her in the Morning

67. Your beautiful morning smile set me on a glorious path for the day, good morning my sunshine.


68. You are so charming every morning when I look into your eyes, welcome back from paradise my love, good morning.


69. I always pray to wake beside you every morning, because your morning look reminds me of a very beautiful day, good morning.


70. My heart is pleased to be with you, that is why I always say thank God I found you, good morning my beautiful angel.


71. Good morning, my bundle of joy, ever since I met you, everything about you has been beautiful, thanks forever been so good to me.


72. Your smile is the most beautiful in the world, it cools my heart and takes away my sorrow every time you smile at me, in overall, it has a lovely sedative effect, good morning my sweetheart, I love you.


73. Let your life be full of beauty and splendour today, thank you for sharing a beautiful world with me, good morning my angel wishing you a beautiful day.


74. Everyone has what makes them happy, for me my happiness is you, God bless you good morning.


75. You do a million things that make me happy every day, you are my joys of joy, good morning my love.


76. I want to be with you now and forever, good morning my love.


77. If everything fades away, my love for you will never fade, good morning my special one, wishing you a beautiful day.


78. I may not be able to assure you of everything, I can assure of my undying love, good morning.


79. My heart can’t be at rest without you, I miss you as you sleep peacefully last night, good morning my heart.


80. I’m thinking about you this morning already, hope your night was beautiful, good morning my love.


81. You make me speechless every time I look into your eyes, you are too beautiful for anyone if not me, good morning my sweetheart.


82. I feel marvellous each morning I wake up at home or away from home, and I discovered that you are still there for me, good morning my beautiful angel.


83. You are my dreams come true, good morning my angel, have a loving day.


84. The sun shines beautifully this morning just like your beautiful smile shines in my heart, my life is incomplete without you, good morning my angel.


85. Your love warms my heart when the weather is cold, and it cools me when the weather is hot, you are a perfect lover any time, I love you so much, good morning.


86. You are just an angel to me, you make everything better when you came along, every morning I say thank you Lord for giving me you, good morning.


87. I will be light in your heart, I promise to make your world better than before, I love you, good morning my charm.


88. You sent my soul to high heaven whenever I touch you, you replace my sorrow with happiness every time you smile at me, I love everything about you, good morning my sweet dream.


89. You stamp my heart with your sweet love, I crave to love you more every passing day, good morning my beautiful sunshine.


90. Good morning my angel, it is a new day and a new beginning, wishing you sweet loving day.


91. Every beautiful day that comes gives me an opportunity to love you more, thank God for the gift of life for us, good morning my gorgeous.


92. My day is precious if I start it you, you make my perfect world, thank you for being part of my life, good morning.


93. You always light up my day with the light in your eyes and the smile on your cheek, you are more than the world to me, good morning my bundle of joy.


94. Beginning a day in your arms is so lovely; when I’m away from home I know what I have missed, good morning sweetheart hope you had a splendid night.


95. The sun may be brighter than the moon and the stars, but the brightest thing to me is your loquacious eyes, I love the sight of your lovely eyes when you look at me, good morning my dearest.


96. Your beautiful smile always gives me hope for the day, you are good news, good morning my love.


97. Falling asleep and waking up in your arms is the most beautiful feelings for me, you have written your name in gold in my heart, good morning my sweet love.


98. I went to bed last night thinking about you, and I woke up this morning still having your beautiful thought in my heart, I dream well about you throughout the night, good morning my angel, wishing you a cheerful day.


99. When I spend my night with you, I wake up in the morning feeling so joyful and astonishing, you rule my world with your sweet love, I love to think about you every minute that passes, good morning my soul mate.


100. Good morning love, home is truly sweet, because I rise up every morning with a heart kindle to life by your lovely smile, wishing you a joyful day.


101. I love to hear you talk because your voice is the sweetest voice in the world, I love to hear you laugh, because your laughter sweet melody, I love to see you smile, because, your smile, glitters through my heart, good morning, I’m down to earth with you.


102. Good morning my love, hope you had a bright morning, feel cool and fresh this morning love because you are all that matters to me. Love you.


103. My most adorable, how was your night, hope peaceful, you are all I think of all night, wish you a beautiful morning sweetheart.


104. It’s another morning again and my most gorgeous is alive and feeling strong, hope to see you many more mornings, have the best of what it brings my love. good morning


105. Wake up! Wake up my love, it is a beautiful morning already, hope your night was lovely, keep smiling it is great to be alive. Good morning to you my love.


106. Good morning my angel, hope you dreamt of me, I can’t stop seeing you in my dreams, you are the reason I want to sleep all night, life is beautiful with you babe.


107. Every morning start with a new day, and new things in life, get the best of new an amazing day. Find joy and happiness this morning.


108. I don’t want the morning to end, I love to see the beauty in your eye every morning when I wake up, you are always so dearest to me, have a nice time.


109. When I wake up beside you in the morning, I realize that everything comes so easy for me all day; I am filled with joy and comfort, knowing you are really the best that ever happen to me, good morning my one.


110. I want you to know that the best feeling is to know that you are mine, I wish as you wake up every morning, you will feel the way too, good morning.


111. You are my morning dew, I want to wake up just to be with you, you brighten the day for me, wishing you marvellous day.


112. Good morning, to the queen of my heart, I don’t know if I have ever told you this before that you are the first I want to see every morning, you are so special and amazing; your thought filled my mind, can’t love you less.


113. Arise and shine love, its morning, be happy and appreciate the gift of life, keep smiling even for just the reason that you can bright. Love you, sweetie.


114. My precious, my diamond, my gold, thank God I wake up to realize I’m still the one in your life, the man that owns the key to your heart, I will not take that for granted, love you dearly, good morning.

Sweet Love Text for Her in the Afternoon

115. Good afternoon my love, may the sun never burns you, but cool on your skin.


116. We are at the peak of the day, people rushing here and there, but I just take a break from the crazy world to think about you, hope you are fine.


117. If I have to write down how much you mean to me, there can never be enough word to keep my thought flowing on paper, good afternoon, I love you.


118. Remain lovely and beautiful, there are thousands of reasons why I keep your thought in my heart, good afternoon.


119. My day is incomplete without hearing from you; hope you are cool this lovely afternoon.


120. You make me believe in true love, I thought it was impossible to find one, but when I found you, I found true love, good afternoon.


121. You are my joyful heart, my heart is peaceful ever since I found you, thank you for making me feel this way.


122. No one can take your place in my heart; I keep you close to my heart because you are beautiful love, good afternoon my sweetheart.


123. I have been to many places, I have seen many people, but no one smiles graciously like you do, good afternoon my angel.


124. I have vowed to love you forever, and nothing can change my mind from that, wishing you lovely noon.


125. Every dream I had about you had come true, you are my true angel, good afternoon.


126. I hold your love forever in my heart; nothing can steal it away from me.


127. To be alive today is a special gift from God, may you be as bright as this beautiful afternoon, wishing you a beautiful time out there, I love you.


128. We may be a distance apart from each other this lovely afternoon, but your thought remain fresh in my heart, I think sweet about you in every minute that passes, good afternoon my love.


129. Dearest love, the day is at its peak and it is a lovely sunny day, hope you are looking beautiful as always.


130. Your love blossoms in my heart as the sun shines brightly, you are the light of my life, good afternoon my love.


131. My love, thank you for always been there for me, as long as I have you, I know I have beautiful sunshine in my life.


132. Good afternoon my love, I just want to remind you that you are the best thing that has ever happen to my life, thank you for the care and love you always show me.


133. My sweetheart, how are you this lovely afternoon? Be bright and shine like the sun this splendid afternoon, remember your thoughts always shines in my heart, I love you.


134. As the sun shines brightly, it reminds of your beautiful eyes, I love you.


135. In you I found everything that is joyful, I filled my heart with happiness and bliss, wishing you astonishing noon.


136. When the sun shines, it reminds me of you, you are the light of my life, good afternoon my sweet love.


137. Thank for coming into my life, you brought happiness and joy to my heart, wishing a lovely afternoon.


138. In a beautiful afternoon as this, I found my true happiness, and that is you, my lovely wife, hope you are great out there.


139. Hi, baby, it’s really sunny here, hope you in a cool and fresh atmosphere, love that soft and elegant skin so much so don’t let it dehydrate, see you soon, good afternoon my love.


140. Am busy at work but your thought kept coming into my mind, how are you doing this afternoon, hope you are not too stress up, know that you are always thought of even at my tight schedules.


141. Sweet, may your afternoon be the best of today for you love you and have a wonderful and good afternoon.


142. I want you to have the best of an afternoon, May you be happy and love with peace of mind, good afternoon.


143. My honeybunch, get busy but stress that succulent and radiant body of yours, they are mine and should not be stress. Have stress less afternoon sweetie.


144. Just to check on you, how are you and how is work, love you more than you could imagine, trust me I will be waiting to take you home, good afternoon love.


145. I want you to know that I care so much for you, hope you having a nice and enjoyable afternoon. see you soon with love and kisses.


146. I can’t wait till evening when to see you, just to let you know I enjoyed my early hours with you, hope to get more of that when I see you.


147. I care about, you are the best of best, having a nice time here and missing you, but hopes you have a great afternoon too, love you.


148. Nothing can change the fact that you are my most adorable queen, my wife the mother of my children. Hope to see you soon good afternoon.


149. I am wishing you a wonderful afternoon at work, do have a splendid day my love.


150. I like the afternoon because it does not last long, it faster into the evening, see you soon, have pleasant noon, sweetie.


151. My noon is full with thought of you, I love to stay around you, I’m pleased to be in your presence, missing you know good afternoon.


152. Hi baby, it’s a hot afternoon, just to check on you, and to be sure you are fine and free fro this hotness. Miss you love.


153. I am imaging you are seated beside me, my love let it be a reality, I need you around, have wonderful noon, free from stress because you are mine.

Sweet Love Text for Her in the Night

154. The night may be dark, but it brings us two things true rest and sweet dreams, that is what I’m wishing you this lovely night, good night my angel.


155. May the angels be your guard this lovely night, wishing you a night full of sweet dreams.


156. Keep shining like the moon; keep glittering like the stars, wishing you a beautiful night.


157. Thank God for the beautiful gift of life, not many that we began the day today are alive to see this beautiful night, good night my love.


158. May the night bring you splendour and sweet dreams, good night.


159. Let your heart find warmness and true rest this lovely night, good night my sweetheart.


160. I’m sending you this lovely message through the moon and the stars, sleep tight and have a beautiful night.


161. As the moon shines brightly over the ocean and forms a glittering spectacle this lovely night, so shall your heart shines through the night, good night my love.


162. The stars reveal the beauty of the night just as you have brought out the beauty in my life, wishing you a lovely sweet night.


163. Dearest love, as you close your eyes to sleep tonight, sleep tight, tomorrow would be beautiful for you.


164. You are the last on my mind before I catch up with sleep, meet you in dreamland, good night my sweetheart.


165. Every hour into the night would bring you a memorable dream, good night.


166. Good night my angel, may the Lord restore our soul tomorrow morning.


167. When the night comes, I raise my hands up to the Lord to ask for a beautiful rest for you, rest peacefully and be arise tomorrow morning with a beautiful soul, good night my darling.


168. No one makes me feel special the way you, you are always beautiful on my mind, wishing you a lovely sleep, good night my shining star.


169. You touched the depth of my heart with your care and love for me, good night my sweetheart, wishing you a wonderful night.


170. I have never regretted choosing you as my lifetime companion, every moment I spent with you are always memorable, wishing you a night full of sweet dreams, good night my heart.


171. The joy that I feel every day is multiplied because you occupied a special place in my heart, I can’t live without you, I love you so much, good night.


172. You always rule my heart, I cherish and love you just the way you are, thank you for filling my heart with so much happiness, good night.


173. Smile my love, we have made it to this lovely night, life offers us another opportunity to be in each other’s arms again, see you in another beautiful tomorrow, good night.


174. May the night bring your soul a beautiful rest so that you wake up tomorrow morning looking gorgeous and cute as ever, good night.


175. If the night is long may it be beautiful for you, and if it is short may it be beautiful for you too, goodnight my angel.


176. You shine in my heart like millions of shines in a dark night, I love with every beat of my heart, good night my beauty.


177. My heart can’t hold all the joy you brought to it, so that is why splashes all over me, I Iove you so much, good night, and see your lovely face tomorrow morning.


178. “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it is morrow.” – William Shakespeare

Sweet Love Text for Her on Her Birthday

179. I’m your sweet candelabra today, I will hold all the candlesticks with beautiful light so can blow them off for your birthday, happy birthday my lovely angel.


180. Happy birthday my love, wishing you many happy returns.


181. Today a star was born, today a star would be celebrated and that star is you my darling, I’m taking today off, to celebrate with you, happy birthday my angel.


182. Love is in the air for a special one today, and that special one is you, happy birthday to you love.


183. May the joy that you bring to other peoples life be multiplied for you today and forever, happy birthday my joy.


184. Be happy and live your life to the fullest, happy birthday to you my sweetheart.


185. I will take you where ever you want to be today, I want you to know that today is more special to me than you thought, happy birthday my angel.


186. You have added another beautiful year today, you remain beautiful and charming as ever, keep getting beautiful and younger every year, congratulations, happy birthday.


187. You filled my heart with joy, I’m ready to spoil your world with happiness, happy birthday, my dear.


188. Your brought goodness to my life, may you be filled with happiness and peace all the time, happy birthday my sweet dream.


189. The joy of knowing you increase in every special day like this, may you live long to see more beautiful years ahead, happy birthday my special angel.


190. Be happy and joyful, today is your lovely day, happy birthday my lovely wife.


191. Your smile is all that I need to make me a beautiful day; I wish you long life and prosperity as you added another beautiful year today.


192. May you receive more blessing from God as you progress in age, more wisdom and happiness for you, happy birthday my love.


193. From the time of your birth to this moment, life has been wonderful for you, it shall be so for you for the rest of life, happy birthday my special joy.


194. I owe a special person like you many things that I can’t pay back, you have always been there for me when I need you most, thank you for being a lovely wife, happy birthday to you my sweetheart.

Sweet Love Text for Her on Weekend

195. Happy weekend, sit back and enjoy yourself today, you have always brought me enormous joy, see you soon.


196. It is a beautiful weekend and I still have a beautiful woman like you, have a marvellous weekend my love.


197. Weekend with you is like a bird without wings, I miss you, my love, have a wonderful weekend.


198. The best I ever spent with you is weekend, I pray to spend all weekend in your arms, but now I’m away from home, happy weekend my love.


199. I dreamt of you and in my dream, I pray to have you forever in my arms, happy weekend my love.


200. Relax and enjoy your weekend, you deserve a better day like this for rest, happy weekend my love.


201. Life will bring you happiness and joy all your life because you are a generous and good soul, happy weekend my love.


202. Let your heart find complete rest today, happy weekend, it is going to be a wonderful day for you.


203. I have to wait for a beautiful weekend like this when I would take you out to some lovely places, choose a place of your choice and let me spoil you silly today, happy weekend.


204. I’m like a fish out of water, when I spend a weekend without you, I will make up all the lost weekend fun when I return home, have a beautiful weekend my angel.

Sweet Love Text for Her when You Miss Her

205. I miss you my love, life without you is very dull, still wishing you a wonderful day.


206. Any time I move a miles away from home, it seems as if the world is empty out here, living a minute without is like a huge burden to my heart, I miss you so much, you are so special to me.


207. You are always on my mind, I miss you.


208. What can I do without you? Nothing, you are special to my heart, I miss you.


209. Life is boring if I don’t see you physically, just catching a sight of you set my heart in happiness, I miss you.


210. I always cherish every moment I spent with you, your sweet thought is evergreen in my heart, I miss you, my angel, see you soon.


211. You filled my heart with so much joy, and my head with many unforgettable sweet memories, I find it difficult to live here alone without you, I’m coming to take you with me soon, I miss you love.


212. The reminiscence of the beautiful moments that we shared together keep coming back to me, how I wish that I can turn back the hand of time, I miss you so much, coming home soon.


213. Thinking about you brings a smile to my face, I close my eyes I see you through my heart, I miss you so much, my love.


214. I find it difficult to take you out of my mind, you mean so much to me I love you.

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