Sweetest I Love You Message for Him/Her

Sweetest I love you message for him/her
I love you messages

The easiest and costless way to win your lover’s heart is constantly sending him or her sweet love message, like the best collection of ‘sweetest I love you message for him/her’, enumerated in the post. It will giggle your love in his or her heart and make him/her think sweet when you send such a love message him/her.

Your relationship is your investment, and you cannot afford to lose your investment, you strategize every now and then to keep floating and make a maximum gain. A relationship is as that too, they need constant sweet words, showing of love, care, and given out of a gift to one another.

Sweetest I Love You Message for Her

1. You are the sweetest wife in the world, my happiness, my joy and my entire depend on you. Your happiness is my joy; I will make sure my sweetheart is always happy. I love you so much.


2. I have searched the whole round if I will found another one like you, but known. I am the luckiest man in the world to have a darling angel like you; I will do anything for you to make you smile. I love you.


3. Every sunshine reminds me of the beautiful sun that shines in your heart, you bring the warmest smile to my face every time we are together. I will always be yours forever. I love you.


4. My love for you come spontaneously is not something I can control and it is not something I can hold back. You have my heart and my everything, they are all for you, keep them safe. I have vowed to love you until the end of time; you are so precious to my heart. I love you.


5. Every time I am with you, I feel so happy that I forget every inch of my problems. I want to spend my eternity with you, I want to care for you so much more than this, permit me, and you will never regret my love for, I will love you beyond what any mind can conceive.


6. For every moment that I see you, I will bring happiness and eternal bliss. Dearest love I am only here to make you happy. I have prayed to the Lord to give me the secret key to your happiness so that I can unlock your happiness forever. I love you.


7. I will be the one you can always count on, I have a duty to protect and care for you, and all these I will do to the best of my ability. I will be sincere with you my angel in all matters, you are so important to me and I will always bring sunshine into your life when the weather is gloomy. I love you with every second that I breathe.


8. I would have been like a fish out of the water if I get to miss a wonderful woman like you, you make me see every beautiful in my world. Like an angel, you have perfect words to calm every situation. I will always love you with all my heart because you are the one that matters to me most.


9. Every single moment I spent with you, leaves everlasting sweet memories behind, you are the cutest girl in the world, I love you with all my heart.


10. Thank you for always making me feel like a king, you treat with love and care. I promise to make your world a paradise on earth; I will be there for you. I love you.


11. If the entire treasure of the world is placed side by side with you and was I asked to make a choice, I will never miss the choice of choosing a million times. You are my lovely angel. I love you.


12. I have never made a mistake when I choose you as my life partner; you have brought me happiness and a blissful life. You are more than just a woman; you are an angel sent from above to make my life beautiful. Thank you, my love, for your love and I care, I will strive to be the best man in the world for you.


13. I will hold the umbrella above your head in heavy rains, I do not how long I will have to be drench by the rain, but I don’t care, I will be happy as far as the rain never beat you. I love you with every single beat of my heart.


14. I will build you a castle of joy and happiness; I have searched the whole world to find an angel like you. Now that I have you, you are so precious to me, I will do every that would make you happy.


15. Dearest love, share your pain with me and I will carry them for you, share your happiness with me and I will triple it for you, I am always here to make you happy. I love you.


16. I do not ever want to see you cry, except for the tears of joy. I will be here with you to make every moment a splendor in your life.


17. Whatever makes you sad, tell me. I will pray to the Lord to replace every little of the sadness in your heart with everlasting joy.


18. The Lord has chosen us to be two-lover bird inseparable, don’t you see that our life is better together. I will always be there for you all the time. I love you.


19. I will cross the widest river to mine your gold of happiness; I will climb the highest mountain to pluck you a flower of eternal bliss. I will do anything for your love.


20. I will never be tired of loving you a billion times a day; I want to enshroud your whole life with all the love in my heart. Hence, no one can love you better than I do.


21. Good thing happens to good people, you are good news, ever since come into my life, and the map of life has taken an upward stride. I will always bring happiness and joy to your heart.


22. I am delighted to let you know that you are the most caring and beautiful woman in the world. Your love is has found a deeper place in my heart. I love more than a fish loves water.


23. Loving you gives me joy, it marvelous and the cutest thing to me. So loving you cost me nothing, I will always love you until the end of time.


24. I will make your world an unforgettable abode, I will paint your heart with sweetest of love, and you will always imagine yourself being in paradise on earth. Stay with me and I will make you my queen forever.


25. I will sweep you off your feet with endless love and care, you more than the whole world means to me, in fact, you are my world.


26. Everything I do for you, I do for love. Remember love never hurt, and my love for you is true, so I will never hurt you.


27. If I have to wait for you for a decade, I will gladly wait until you return, even in your absence, just a thought of you send so much happiness to my spine.


28. If I have you then I have everything, because you are my everything. I love you.


29. I hold once and it seems you are in my arms forever. I kiss you once and the sweet taste of your lips stuck to my heart forever. I want to make you happy forever, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, I can resist the urge to be with you forever.


30. I will take you on a beautiful ride to the see the beautiful scenery of the countryside, I will stroll with you down the lines of flowers to play with the butterflies, I will kiss you under the shade of a lovely acacia tree. The memory you left behind always lingers on, I love you with all my heart.

Romantic I Love You Message to Wake Her Up

31. Dearest, it is the beginning of another new day, wake up to receive the blessing of your Lord today. I love you.


32. Thank God thank who has bestowed another beautiful day upon us, it affords me more opportunities to love you more. Good morning my love.


33. It is a brand new day, hope your night was beautiful, for me I dreamt about you all through the night. We were holding and clutch in each other’s hands in wonderland. I love you with every sunrise and sunset.


34. As far as the night and the day never cease to come, my love for you will never die. Hope you had a wonderful night? Good morning my bundle of joy.


35. Wake up my love it is a beautiful morning full of love and success for you. Every beautiful thing shall come your way today.


36. Just as your night was full of splendor, your day shall be full of happiness and joy for you.


37. Whenever I sleep and wake up beside, I feel that my entire burdens have been taken away; I come out fresh and beautiful every morning. This is because my heart loves you so much. Hope you feel the same way. Good morning my sweetest.


38. Spending the night with you is always memorable I will wish I spent nights of eternity with you. Good morning.


39. The night was cold and chilled, but I never felt it, because your body is the natural warmness of my body and soul. Life without you will be meaningless, good morning my love.


40. I love it when you give me a lovely goodnight kiss, and I love when you whisper good morning to my ear. I love to be with you all the time. You are the woman of my eye.


41. Good morning to the sweetest woman in the world, the love of my heart, and the greatest mother of my children. Wishing you a memorable day.


42. May the sweet dream of the night transfer into the reality of today for you, wishing God infinite mercy in every step you take today. Good morning my dearest.


43. Out of the billions of women in the world only you caught my attention, spending the night with you is as if I am in paradise. Good morning my sweetheart, life is good with you.


44. Last night I prayed that the Lord preserve us to see another beautiful day together, thank God who always protected us, wishing you the best of every time, good morning sweetheart.


Cutest I love You Message to Send to Her in the Afternoon

45. In the bustle and hustle of this afternoon, I have to excuse myself to send this little piece of my heart to you. I am missing you, hope you are fine, I will be home soon. Good afternoon.


46. If I am tired at work, what I always do is to think about you, and I find sweet motivation overwhelmed me. You are the greatest inspiration for my life; thank my love for being there for me. I love you.


47. If the world is against you, I will stand tall behind you. Good afternoon my sweetheart you are having a great day over there.


48. The sun may seem hot, but I do not seem to feel the heat, especially when I am lost in your thought. You make my worst day a better day by just I little thought of you. I will keep you in mind and I will always cherish you.


49. You are the most loving woman I have ever seen. You are so peaceful and marvelous, thank you for bringing glamour and beauty to my life, I will always love you forever.


50. I will never break your heart because you mean everything to me. You make me believe in true love, your love will always blossom in my heart. Good afternoon.


51. I asked God to give you sunshine, but the sunshine of hope and blessing, hope the sun is mild over you there. Good afternoon my angel.


52. Sweetheart, I am driving home right now, I want to take you to the coolest place to unwind this beautiful afternoon in your arms. I love you.


53. Thinking about you this beautiful afternoon, hope life brings you joy today? I miss you.


54. Dearest, my hands are held up in prayers for you this beautiful afternoon, may the love, peace, and mercy of God abide with you. I miss you.


55. A lovely good afternoon to the woman of my life, and the angel of my heart. I miss you so much.


56. When the afternoon comes, I know it will a few hours from the time I will be coming back home, when I will be held in your world again. I love my dear, wishing you a wonderful moment.


57. At times, I smile inside it is because I am thinking about you. Deep inside me, I feel a huge relief just thinking about you, which has always given me a lot of joy and a memorable day. I love you.


58. If I have to write how much happiness, I feel about you, millions of pages would have been produced. You are such a wonderful woman to me. Good afternoon.


59. Hope your noon is full of happiness and joy. I miss you, I will be home soon.


60. Thank you, my Lord, for giving me a lovely woman that makes my world a better place. I love from the depth of my heart. Hope you are having a great day. Good afternoon.


Sweetest I Love You Message to Send to Her at Night

61. The day is gone and the night has come, it is going to be a beautiful night for you full of beauty and splendor. I love now and I love always, wishing you a pleasurable night.


62. May your night brings relief from the stress of the day, no nightmare but sweet dreams for you, good night my love.


63. O Lord, thank you for your love and protection over us. I have one request to ask you, bless my love for me, and send your angels to be her guard this lovely night and all other nights to come. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers.


64. The night will refresh you for tomorrow; you shall peace and harmony all through the night. Good night my angel.


65. Sweet dream my love, I will always be there for you. No distance can take your love away from my heart; I am yours sincerely until eternity.


66. Every little thing you do for me became very large in my mind afterward. Thank you for the love and care that you showed me, my life is better because of you. Wishing you a marvelous night, hope to see you again tomorrow, I love you.


67. Every night that we are alive is a promise kept for us by the Lord, thank God for his beautiful promise in our life, may this night bring much happiness that you have ever desired.


68. You paint blue and purple; I will always give you the whole of my heart to appreciate your sincere love for me. Good night my love.


69. The sweetest and romantic words can still not capture my love for you. Have the sweetest dream tonight.


70. My love for you keeps pouring down from the heart every single minute, nothing will ever bridge my love for you. Sleep tight, have a wonderful night my love.


71. We have overcome a lot of challenges together, you have always remained a motivational force behind my success in life, thank you for always been there for me. Sweet dream, good night.


72. I want to always be your side when the night, but permit me this night I will not be at home. You are always a joy to my heart. Wishing you a marvelous night.


73. My heart finds eternal peace with you, nothing will ever take you away from me. Good night my love.


74. I prayed for a lovely wife and I got you. You are the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I will ask God for eternal bliss for you this night, have a lovely night.


75. Every moment of your life will bring happiness and joy. Your night shall be great and your days shall marvelous. Good night, I love you.


76. I want you always be by your side because you are the only happiness that I have. Good night my love.


77. I do not want to go to bed alone without you that means a lonely night for, come to bed my love I am waiting for you.


78. As the moon and stars shine brightly this lovely night, so shall your life continue to receive God’s light in everything you do.


79. My love for you is in my heart and in my blood, my heart pump the blood all over my veins and that is how your love runs through my entire body, you see why I love you so much.


80. The wind whispers your name wherever I go, the birds sing me your beautiful song, and in my memory, I always keep you. You are the angel of my life, I love you so much.

Sweet I Love You Messages for Him

81. Having you is a dream comes true; you are the loveliest and the most amazing husband in the whole world. I will always give you all my heart. I love you.


82. I love it, when you tell me you love me, it turns my head-on. You know I love you too.


83. When I look deeply into your eye, I see true love and care, thank you for being the man of my dream. I love you.


84. In the world of mistrust and suspicion, you have emerged clean; I have never doubted your sincerity to me because you have proved it beyond every doubt. Thank you for showing me the beautiful side of life. I love you with all my heart.


85. My heart will always be for you because only you know my secret number, just a little smile from you make my day a splendor.


86. Life offers us different choices at different times, but the most beautiful choice I have ever made is the choice of being with you. I love you.


87. In your world I will live forever, nothing will ever make me stop loving you. We are made for each other forever.


88. I choose you among all men in the world because we are destined to be together, I love you with all my heart, because your love comes naturally up me, I cannot help loving you. You are my world.


89. If I have to give up everything that I have to keep my love for you, I will joyfully do that. I lose nothing when I give up everything to have you because I have everything when I have you.


90. Every moment brings back the beautiful memories of the time we spent together, please come back soon, I cannot live alone without you by side. I miss you.


91. Your love has given so much joy that I cannot imagine a second with you. I love you so much.


92. The beauty of life is that it brought you to me. You are a darling husband; no make me feel so happy the way you do.


93. If loving you was a crime, I think, I am ready to commit this crime and be imprisoned for it. I love my sweetheart.


94. You light up my night, you cool off my day, and you make every moment memorable for me. I love you with all my life.


95. I will cruse the tide of life with you, through the thick and thin, I will never leave your side. I love you.

Sweetest I Love You Message to Send to Him in Morning

96. The morning has come with its freshness, May it bring you happiness and joy today. Good morning my superhero.


97. I was held in your world throughout the night, it was from one sweet dream of you to another, how blissful my night, thank you.


98. I will hold your hands wherever you go, my life depends on you. Good morning my love, hope you had a great night.


99. I hope you have been refreshed through the night sleep, today will be full of time and happiness for you. Good morning.


100. Good morning honey, wake your take your bath and have a warm cup of coffee to make lighten you up for the day. I love you.


101. All that I have always prayed for is waking up beside you every morning. O! Lord, answer my prayer and make it so.


102. When you kiss my forehead in the morning before I rise from bed, I feel as if an angel had touched me. I feel good to be kissed by you, hope you will kiss me more.


103. You are such an adorable husband; I will never be able to live in this life alone without you. Good morning my hero.


104. Sweetness, calmness, and selflessness are all that I have learned from you. Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life. Good morning, I love you.


105. Good morning my love, just remember that whatever happens, I will never forsake you. I will always remain by your side forever. I love you.


106. If the moon were closer to the earth, I would have gone to plug it for you to light up your ways, if the stars were within my reach, I would bring you one, to form a beautiful radiant over you. And above all, if the garden of heaven was accessible right now, I will elope with you, to enjoy this day over there. Good morning my sweetheart.


107. When I am with you, I feel we are on another planet far from this world, which must be heaven, yes I feel heavenly in your arms. Good morning my sugar.


108. I will make sure your day is better today; I have already asked God for multiple blessings for you today. Do not be afraid; go gallantly, the Lord will make your path smooth for you.


109. You are my eternal bliss, every minute I spend with you is dream come true. Good morning my love, wake to receive your blessing of today.


110. I have looked for the reasons why I love you so much. Still, I cannot find any reason, dearest, do you know that I love you for no reasons, isn’t that called true love? Good morning.


111. You are the person that matter to me because you are the only one who seems to understand me so much. You always know the unspoken words of my heart. Good morning my love. I love you.


112. The blessing of sleeping and waking up the following day is immense, especially when we wake up in each other’s arms.


113. All my life, I have traveled to so many places; I have come across different people, but I have never found an astonishing person like you. You make everything beautiful and positive in my life. Wishing you, the best of today and tomorrow, I love you.


114. When you are out of the house in the morning, it feels as if you are still with me, the memories of the previous night still lingers in my mind.


115. Please do not go out without me today, because I am your particulars. The police officer is a stone thrown from here, you will be arrested if you there go without me.


116. I love to see your face when you wake in the morning; it reminds me that you are the most handsome man in the world.


117. If everything is gone, be assured that my love for you will never go. Good morning.


118. I praised the day that I found you; you are like my missing ribs of the time of Adam. I really missed you all these years that we were not together. Good morning, I love you.


119. You are my morning dew, you are my morning mild sunshine and you are my morning coffee, I drink you to get the strength to face the day. Good morning, hope you had a great night.


120. Sweetness gladden my heart every morning I see your face, your early morning look is packed with hope and deep inspirations. You are my hope and inspiration every day.

Sweetest I love You Message to Send to Him in the Afternoon

121. I know you are at the peak of your work now, just sitting here and thinking about you, as well trying to remember the last kiss you gave me before living home this morning, it is still fresh on my mind and makes me smile. Hope you are smiling too? Until evening time when I will be curled in your arms, good day to you my sweetheart.


122. You have always been the sweetest love of my life; I wish I could take the next flight to meet you over there. I am missing you so much, hope you miss me too.


123. May you find happiness and joy in your work this beautiful afternoon. Be at your best. I love you.


124. Coolness, calmness, and sweetness shall overcome your life this bright afternoon. If the sun is hot, it shall be cool on your body and invigorates your nerves. Your work will be perfect in your hands today. Good afternoon love, I miss you.


125. Just a little memory of you keeps me cool when the sun is up, hope you will be back sooner today because I am missing so crazily.


126. Dearest love, you have succeeded in conquering all my heart, and I love it this way because you are the only man capable of taking good care of my heart. My love belongs to you 100%, good afternoon, I miss you.


127. I will defy the scorching sun this afternoon and I will go out to climb the highest mountain in the world, over there, I will shout for the whole world to hear me… ‘I love you’!!! Nothing can take your love away from my heart; you have been a wholesome part of my life from the beginning. We will cruise the ships of love together until eternity. I love you indeed.


128. Nobody can ever buy my love, even with all the petrol dollars, and the gold money of the world or either by Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates; they can never pay my price. Only you know my price, only you, I will sell my love for, it is priceless for you. Hope you are having a great day out there, I miss you.


129. I hope the stains of lipstick I left on your lips this morning still taste sweet, just fold your lips now and try to roll your tongue over your lips, but make sure you do that in great style, now tell me how do you feel sweetness right? You are sweeter than that in my soul. I love you.


130. Sometimes I can be crazy, do not mind me, it is your love that intoxicates me and hence making me feel crazy. When you see me looking calm, know that I am thinking about you and I am missing you, that is what I am doing right now. I am missing you.


131. Please come back home soon; I cannot the pains of missing you anymore. Hope you are fine this great afternoon. I love you.


132. Dearest, thank you for keeping me warm and happy all the time, you make my world a place of happiness and joy. I will cook your favorite tonight, be ready with your stomach open to eat more.


133. This afternoon, every single step you take will move you closer to your success; no harm will come your way. Enjoy the glory of God to the fullest, good afternoon my bundle of joy.


134. I long for a lovely afternoon with you, can we have it now? I miss you love.


135. Honey, you have my love, you have my heart and you have my trust, they are the most precious gift I can give you to say thank you in a wonderful way for all the love and care you showed me.

Romantic Love You Message to Send to Him in the Night

136. Good night, my love may the angel surround you with there armored to guard you away from the evils of the night. May the Lord restore your soul tomorrow morning so that I can see you again. Have a pleasant rest.


137. The best place to rest is sharing the same bed with you at night; I miss you so dearly, hope you will home soon, good night my sweetheart.


138. The bustle and hustle of the day are over, and it time to rest and refresh your body, as you lay your head peacefully on your pillow, I pray you to have sweet sleep and sweet dreams. May your tomorrow be greater, good night my angel.


139. I placed you under the care of God this night, he will protect and guard through the night, and in every other moment of your life. You are such a wonderful husband; I miss you, good night.


140. Deep in my heart is where I keep your love, in every sunshine, and in every moonlight, my love for you has ever been on the increase, and I am happy to be feeling so for my king. You gave me a beautiful crown to wear, and costly jewelry to blend. You decorated my world with your sweet love, and make me smile always. May the Lord give you everlasting happiness. Good night.


141. You will stand tall among your peers, your voice will never be lost in the streams of voices, you be heard when you talk. Thy Lord shall always be on your guide. Good night my love, I miss you.

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