Top Best Happy Birthday Letter to My Love


Happy Birthday Letter to My Love
Happy Birthday Letter to My Love


If today is your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend’s birthday then you think of sending one of these beautiful happy birthday letters to my love to him/her.

Birthdays are special days that we thank God for bringing that special person to life and wish them more memorable years ahead. We send gifts and often accompany them with birthday cards with sweet words to cheer his/her heart. But these days you can also send happy birthday wishes as text through the phone to your loved ones.


Happy Birthday Letter to My Love

• I have always said my life is incomplete without you, I swear baby, I mean everything that I said to you, happy birthday my love, cheers to your new age, and wishing you long life and prosperity.

• I have no doubt that you have would always be an amazing husband because you have always been amazing from the beginning, happy birthday my dear love, I’m wishing you everything that your heart desires, may the Lord bless every single day of your life, I love you.

• May your new age comes with wisdom and knowledge, light and freshness, happiness and joy, success and breakthrough, happy birthday to my amazing sweetheart, I would forever cherish you.

• There is only one you and nobody can ever take your place in my heart, this is wishing you a happy birthday and many more years to come, in good health and abundant blessings, feel good and enjoy your day.

• Dear love, on this special day, you deserve to be celebrated like a queen and you always one to me, can’t know the right words to suit your adorable heart, your beauty radiates from within your heart and blossoms to the whole world to see, happy birthday my dear, wishing you all the blessings from heaven.

• Darling, nothing could be as beautiful to me as the day that a queen like you was born, it is a special gift to me that I hold with so much love in my heart. You came into my life and you changed everything, happy birthday to my sweetheart, wishing you more fruitful years, I love you.

• Dear, I’m so happy that today is your birthday, I wish I were there by your side to hold and kiss you, I have given you all my heart because you are so dear to me. I’m sending you this letter just to say happy birthday to you and to let you know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, I love you with every beat of my heart, enjoy every moment of your day.

• For every day that the sun rises, it light up my heart for you, and for every night that moon shines, it brightens my love for you, you would ever be precious to my heart. You mean heaven to me, I have been for this amazing day to send you all the beautiful flowers in the world, happy birthday my sunshine, and I love you.

• I need to be reminded that today is your special day, just as amazing as you are to me, my heart is full of joy to celebrate this day with you, happy birthday to the most caring heart in the world, and I adore you now and forever.


• Though every day that I shared with you is amazing, but today would hold lasting memories more than other days because it’s your birthday, happy birthday my love, want to assure you of my love for you forever, may the years ahead bring you joy and harmony.


• May today brings you fond memories of the day that you were born, I was so lucky that an amazing man like you is my husband, can’t still believe you are mine, happy birthday my angel.


• A special birthday letter to my one and only love, dearest, I have always told you how beautiful you are to me. I mean every word that I said to you, don’t know how to thank God for the gift of your life, and as long as I lived, I would always love you with all my heart, happy birthday, my angel, wishing you a cheerful day.


• I have been counting down to this beautiful day, that’s why I have taken off work today, to celebrate with my only angel, the woman that means heaven to my heart, a caring mother and a dear wife, happy birthday my love, shine on in your new age, I love you u.


• Wish I could speak all the beauties in every language in the world just wish you happy birthday, your heart is full of love and care, I can’t imagine a world without you, my sweet happy birthday to you, may you experience beautiful uplifting I’m your new age.


• If every step that I took towards you, your love dazzle in my heart like the falling of moonlight on the sea, don’t know why I’m so lucky to find a costless Jewel’s like you as my wife, every one of your birthday makes you brighter, younger and beautiful, I wish you more memorable returns, happy birthday my paradise.


• Wish I could travel to heaven to plug one of its special flowers for you, wish I could dive deeper into the ocean to bring of its precious gold for you. Dearest, you have been so adorable to me, I want you to know that no matter what tomorrow brings our way, I would always love you, happy birthday my angel, may the Lord bless you with more amazing years to come.


Happy Birthday Letter

• Happy birthday my love, your happiness is my top priority; you’re worth everything to me, hope you get in life. I love you so much, I wish you a wonderful birthday, and you will forever be in my heart.


• I want the world to know how much I love you; you mean so much to me. You’re special and important to me my love. I do never doubt your love for my dear, happy birthday love, wishing you all the best things in life.


• You’re the love of my life, everything about you is beautiful. May your new age bring lovely things to you; your destiny will lead you to greatness. I believe and know you’re unstoppable. Happy birthday my love.


• Hello dearest, today being your birthday is special for me; I want to celebrate your new age. You’re fantabulous dear; I appreciate your love and kindness. You’ve made so many good things happen to me in life, all thanks to your love. Happy birthday, dear, I love you to the moon.


• Happy birthday my love, I’m grateful for your love. You’re worth so much to me in life, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, I will keep loving you, happy new age love, more successful things in your life.


• I wish you all the best things in life, I want you to stay cheerful and enjoy life to the fullest. My love for you is unending, as you celebrate your birthday today, and may your new age bring you more wisdom. Happy birthday my love.


• Happy birthday love, you make me feel special, you’re that light that makes my every day bright, I honestly love you dear. As you celebrate another birthday this year, I want you to believe and hope for wonderful things in life.


• Happy birthday my angel, you make everything look fantastic, your presence is magical. I love and cherish you, I’m excited to be celebrating with you, I pray God to grant all your wishes today.


• Happy birthday my love, your beautiful face makes me happy, you’re awesome. Whenever I’m with you, you make me feel great; I bet nobody can make me feel so special, I feel comfortable and cheerful with you. May your new age bring reasons for you to always stay happy.


• You’re my sunshine, my queen and my good news; you’ve always support and care for me. I love you so much; I’m so blessed to have you as my life. I wish you a very awesome and wonderful birthday, may all your dreams come true. Happy birthday my love.


• On this beautiful day, my love was born; I want to tell you again that you mean the world to me. You’re the sunshine in my life; you’re the air I breathe. You’re my guardian angel dear, I love you my darling. I wish you a happy and fun filled birthday.


• Today is special for us; you came into the world today. I can’t imagine a life without you, your cute and lovely smile cheers my heart, you mean more than the world to me. I wish you a very happy birthday dear, enjoy yourself my love.


• Happy birthday to my love, I pray God guides and protect you in all you do. Your life will keep been amazing, I love and care for you. Nothing can stop me from loving you dear, my heart belongs to you.


• I found joy in loving you, you showed me love and care for me too, thank you, baby, I love you, sweetie. Happy birthday my love, I wish you everything you desire in life, may the Lord bless your heart.


• Happy birthday honey, I’m thankful to God for blessing me with someone like you, you’re special my love. You showed me, unconditional love, I’ve never felt this kind of love before, and you are the best sweetheart. Happy new age love.


• Happy birthday sweetheart, your love is the best thing to have happened in my life. I pray God blesses our union, you make my world beautiful. I hope your birthday goes fine, will be sending you lots of gift.


• You make my life better, everything so perfect and real. You give my life meaning; you make me feel so good to live with you. Nobody can take your place in my heart and life. Happy birthday my love.


• Happy birthday my angel, I don’t know what to say, because I’m so much overwhelmed with joy, all I wish you is a good life. Your love for me is the best gift I’ve ever gotten, I love you, dear. I wish you a blissful birthday filled with surprises.


• Happy birthday my better half, may you get all you want in life, a wonderful wife like you are scarce to find, I so much cherish you, my love.


• Happy birthday my sugar, may the Lord bless every moment of your life, I wish joy and happiness all through your life. My special wish in life is waking up next to you every morning, and living every single day with you in peace and harmony.


• Happy birthday sweet wife, new age comes with wisdom and joy. I pray that you would find every moment of your life so amazing, you deserve the best dear.I love you dearly.


• Happy birthday my love, so many years and our relationship is all fresh, strong, and beautiful. On this special day which is your birthday, I wish God makes our relationship better than it is, we will always be together.


• Happy birthday darling, you’re that special rose flower that blossoms in my heart, everything about you makes me happy and grateful to God. I will never mess with your love. I wish you a very beautiful birthday.


• I never knew angel lived among us until I met you. You’re my angel baby; you’ve always supported and guided me in life. I’m so in love with you. Happy birthday my love.


• Happy birthday my honey, so much lovely memory with you, your love is turning me crazy… oh my God you’re an amazing dear. Wishing you all the great things in life, I’m never going to take your love for granted.


• I adore you, sweetie, I honor and love you, babe, I want you to know you’re special in my heart, your birthday is more than special to me, I’m gonna make sure my gift is the best for you, I hope you’re ready for my special surprise. Happy birthday my love, have a fantastic day my love.


• Happy birthday my chocolate, with each passing day my love for you grows deeper; I will keep loving you non-stop, until the end of my life.


• Happy birthday my beautiful heart, celebrating this special day with you brings so much happiness to my heart. I love you so dearly; every day in life is special because you’re beside me…wishing more happy returns.

• Happy birthday my love, my birthday wishes are, long life and prosperity, I love you more than you could ever have imagined, you’re my heartbeat dear. I want you happy always.

• My love for you keeps multiplying each day that passes, and I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday my love, feel good and enjoy your day. I love you.

• Your birthday reminds me of how exceptional you’re, you know I’m really lucky to have you in life. I wish to always love you. Happy birthday my love, wishing you the best in life.


• Happy birthday my beautiful eyes, what do you want today, just make a wish and watch it come to reality. I’m ready to make you feel how special you’re, your birthday is worth celebrating; your new age comes with blessing, have lots of fun, I love you dearest.

• Happy birthday soul mate, the gift I’m giving you today is not going to express how special you’re to me, because you are more precious than any gift in the world. I want you to know your love occupies a special in my heart, I cherish you.


• Happy birthday my honey bunny, may your life be full of wonderful and lovely things, great love, amazing experience, blessings of all kind, unending wealth, and good health to enjoy everything in life, I love you sweetie.


• Happy birthday to the most adorable wife in the world, I don’t know what to say, you’re extra special to me, nothing can match the love I have for you, you’re my complete half dear.


• I want to whisper to you how glad I’m for everything I’ve experienced with you; every moment is special with you. I love you my heart, my heart is all for you. Happy birthday my love and wishing you a splendid birthday.


• Happy birthday my cutie, wishing you a memorable birthday, you’re all I’ve got in life, my love for you is uncommon, I think of you every day and night, wishing more happy returns.


• Happy birthday sweet kiss, I am so happy that today is my queen birthday, I love you, darling.


• Happy birthday my love, I don’t care about anything, you alone matters to me, all I care about is that I’m here to celebrate your special day with you. Your love means everything to me.

• Happy birthday bright eye, all I want from you is a space in your heart, so I can live there with you forever. I want you in my life, when I remember you’re in my life, it adds happiness to anything I do. I love your smile, everything about you is cute. May you never experience sadness in your life, happy birthday once more.

• My love for you is special, the only surprise I’ve for you is, I’m never letting you go. Happy birthday my love, wishing you everything sweet in this world more fun to your new age.

• Happy birthday my cheerful heart, I want the world to know you’re the love of my life, nobody but you gives me pleasure. You’re perfect in my eyes. You’ve made the most difficult problems in my life become easy, you deserve accolade dear, I love you dearly.

• Happy birthday my moonlight, may you find inspiration in life, just like the way you inspire me. my love for you will never fade, achieving greatness will be part of your life, I trust and believe in your love.


• Happy birthday my sunshine, I am giving a big thank you to your mom and dad, special thanks to God for giving you a chance to live life, what would become of me without you, my love for you is immeasurable.


• Happy birthday to a beautiful face, your birthday is special in my heart.I cherish and appreciate you, dearest, celebrating your new age with happiness. I wish you a great year ahead.


• My love for you is unique, I’m glad you’re mine, I’m so favored because you’re in my life. I love you a lot. Happy birthday my love, wishing you a more blissful celebration in life.


• You make my life smooth and fine, I really don’t know how to express my love for you, deep down from my heart, I love you, keep being happy my love. Happy birthday my love, keep smiling.


• Happy birthday my honey bunch, I wish you always stay in my heart. I have so many things to say to you but most importantly I love you, I really love you, it’s just you I want, you alone. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.


• Happy birthday my one and only, you played an important part in my life, I will never stop loving you, I love you.


• Happy birthday my angel eyes, wishing you a shinning new age, you’re the sweetest part of my life; I cherish you with every beat of my heart.



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