Best 100 Woman Crush Wednesday Captions

Woman crush Wednesday is a weekly feature on Instagram and Tumblr that began as a way to pay homage to “the smart, fearless ladies who are rocking the internet.” Some people choose their woman crush based only on looks. Others select their woman crush simply due to their accomplishments. And still, others pick their woman crush because they’re hilarious or interesting or noteworthy in some other respect.


Woman Crush Wednesday Captions


1. Keep being strong, keep being fearless, stand to the oppressed, we love you.

2. All it takes to sparkle is a smile. 👄 Hope your day is as wonderful as you! #Womancrushwednesday

3. Every Wednesday we celebrate a different fabulous woman and her awesomeness. Did you see an awesome woman this week? Please tag #WomanCrushWed on Instagram and tell us why she’s your #WCW.

4. The world’s got enough of us dudes. Time to celebrate the women who are inspiring in your life. @xxxx @xxxxxx @xxxxx and @xxxxxx

5. A woman with a platform for a weekly Instagram caption

6. She is incredible, inspiring, opinionated, and deeply human. She is @_/@ and she is all that I want to be. May these photos inspire you to slay them and change the world. You’ve earned it. #%

7. Let’s start a holiday tradition of celebrating women every Wednesday 😊

8. It’s #WCW time: The visionary @xxxxx. I love that she partners with so many people across the country to tell their valuable stories, especially stories of the Resistance.

9. Girl power – we’re the most likely to be the sole breadwinners in our households. and we run half of our households! if you don’t believe me, check out our latest stats. girl power – let’s show the world how powerful

10. Happy #WomanCrushWednesday 😘 There is nothing better in life than celebrating women and girl bosses. It’s incredible that it has grown into a worldwide movement! So proud of the brand and community.

11. Thursday’s are for the ladies. Meet @xxxxxxx, an activist, conservationist, and marine biologist who is using her voice to protect our oceans and empower girls through #GirlsTalks—it’s #wcw worthy!

12. It’s #WCW time. Get excited, we are too. This week we’re featuring @xxxxxx. This writer, photographer, and surfer is all about spreading positive vibes through creativity and art—and with her

13. An all-natural Aussie makeup artist, blogger, and influencer

14. Happy #WCW, @xxxxxx! 🍃This Bollywood beauty always makes us swoon with her gorgeous looks & fun style. What’s your favourite look of hers? Let us know in the comments

15. Let’s celebrate #WCW—You work hard, you get out there, and you conquer 🙌🏻

16. Did you know there’s a common thread between our two businesses? We both specialize in health and wellness. Meet @xxxxxx. 💻

17. Keeping It 💯 [woman crush Wednesday] is a female empowerment campaign encouraging women around the world to share and celebrate, and express their newfound friendship with each other. Those who have been selected are strong women who are overcoming the flaws in society

18. Women Crush Wednesdays are the best day of the week.

19. Women Crush Wednesday: @xxxxxxx 🎂🍰 ❤

20. To the girlfriend who doesn’t already have a nickname, let’s make one up. From now on, you are *insert name here*. Someone call up Amy Schumer and tell her about this game-changer.

21. She’s fearless, passionate, and inspiring. We love @xxxxxx for so many reasons. Thanks for giving us all a place to play. –@xxxxxx 💛 #WCW

22. Rihanna! Rihanna! Rihanna! She is my #wcw this week. I love how Rihanna makes it cool to be yourself. She advocates for the LGBTQ community, uses her platform to spread awareness and her own

23. Worried no one can pull off the fall season’s bold shades? Take a cue from the colour-pop-loving Olivia Munn: she pairs everything with rich red lipstick, which instantly jumps out. Pair her picks with dark denim

24. A modern twist on leather, these handbags are super light and stylish. From the perfect office to weekend getaways in Bali, this is the only bag you’ll need. #WCW

25. There’s no way to really avoid social media for the rest of our lives.” EMILY VS #WCW

26. She’s beautiful, smart, successful, and funny. The perfect woman crush Wednesday pick ⭐️

27. Today’s social media is becoming crowded and we want to stand out using captions that have a woman crush vibe for a platform that is all about appreciation of women. Although in our culture, women are becoming empowered day by day and it’s

28. Started from the bottom now we are in it — Let’s get inspired by some of our favourite woman crushing successes 💪

29. Her brilliant, funny, and bold perspective on life has given us remarkable insight into the world of women. We never take them for granted, so this week we’re showing some love for our favourite lady crushes.

30. I saw this woman doing her thing, and I knew I had to share it with all of you. This is @xxxxxx

31. We’re grateful for the brilliant, badass women contributing to culture 💥 and are excited to showcase some of them this week.

32. It’s #WCW time! Join us as we celebrate our favourite ladies while dropping a few little tidbits of wisdom 💁🏼‍♀️

33. It’s WCC Friday! This one is for you, @xxxxxxx. You inspire us all.

34. Wine down your week, and up your night with Vivian Rosenthal, founder of Rocsi’s Wine Club. Our solid white zinfandel and sparkling berry rosé are perfect for any occasion 😎 🍷

35. Let’s gush about the smart and creative women we admire#wcw

36. The creative community: a giant support system of fierce, fearless women. Here’s to all the bright sparks out there! #WCW

37. Lady Boss. Passionate. Bold. Fearless. She runs her ship like a boss. Who’s your #WCW?

38. Thank you @xxxxxx for naming me one of your 30 Under 30! 🙌🏾 Pretty cool at the age of 34. 😬 #wcw

39. Hey girl, got nothing but respect for the hustle. Keep inspiring us to be our best…in every way. ________

40. A throwback to a really fun and rad time for us in NYC. #wcw #candidculture #coolerthanyou

41. Here’s to the chicks who are chasing their dreams and making them happen. 💪🏻 #wcw #sheroes @xxxxxx

42. So proud of our team member @xxxxxx for winning Arizona’s Teacher of the Year. Thanks for everything you do to bring out the best in every kid.

43. Hello, my name is like the cobbler’s kids: I got shoes. And today, they’re all about these models brought to us by @xxxxxx on Instagram. _

44. Life is about celebrating you. Happy #wcw 💪

45. Meet #WomanCrushWednesday 🤗 – a girl who we love, admire and think about often. She is an inspiration to us all!


Woman Crush Wednesday Captions
Woman Crush Wednesday Captions


️46. From Uma Thurman and Dakota Fanning to Alexa Chung and Reese Witherspoon, this week we’re crushing on strong, independent female celebrities.

47. Sharing a #wcw—girl boss Mara Hoffman, founder and designer of @xxxxxx as part of our ongoing collaboration with American Express.

48. Curves before fenders, we’re crushing on @xxxxxx today. #WCW

49. The cool caption to inspire women’s empowerment and self-awareness

50. Tatiana Maslany is the mastermind behind some of our favourite TV characters. 🌏 #wcw

51. May we all be #wcw so fiercely that no one can ignore us.

52. Three words: That woman, those shoes. #wcw

53. Because who doesn’t love good women in history? We’re inspired by so many.

54. Throwback to this gorgeous gal whose high-low style game is always on point 💕

55. This Wednesday, we’re crushing on Getty Images photographer Chris Jackson. All of his photos are beautiful, but the colour in this photo is breathtaking.

56. We’re always crushing hard on our fierce female leaders, so since Valentine’s Day is coming up we’re inviting you to do the same. Who’s your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

57. From her killer body to her killer brain, Lea Michele is simply amazing. (Plus, she’s pretty much the nicest person ever.)

58. Warm pinks are my favourite fashion week surprise so far…the colour coach in me can’t wait for fall 🍂💄 #wcw

59. Thanks for all the laughs, Lauren! It was great having you on set. We’re super pumped to see this thing come together.

60. The latest Harper’s Bazaar featuring @xxxxx is here 📸: @maxpinckers @xxxxxx #harpersbazaaraustralia

61. ❤️you my #WCW @xxxxxx

62. Hi fashion | Hi friends | Hi self #wcw ◁

63. HAPPY WEDNESDAY LADIES! Hope you all are having a great week so far 😊

64. The most important part of an outfit is your attitude. -Audrey Hepburn #wcw

65. WCC Make sure to check out our previous post on Wednesday captions!

66. What woman inspires you today? Tell us by tagging a friend below. #wcw

67. Working with women is a blessing. They bring great ideas, passion, and talent to the table. Today, we’re celebrating women in business, the role they play, and how they help each other out along the way. #wcw

68. Behind every ambitious woman is a tribe of women cheering her on 💕

69. Captions for a social media personality with a strong online community

70. The perfect partner to #WCW features on Instagram is a #lovethemoment, complete with @xxxxxxx. ☕️

71. We love using Lara! She is always warm, welcoming, and talented. -LulaRoe

72. It’s #wcw time! Meet @xxxxxx. If you don’t follow her on Instagram, you’re missing out 😍 💕

73. My friend @xxxx is the epitome of chic but also knows how to have FUN. Her blog will do you good! Check it out:

74. Cool and comfortable like your favourite tee or a leafy late summer day, these #WCW’s are inviting everyone to join them in creating a better world.

75. Love is a many splendored thing, or at least Instagram makes it look like that! Here you will find the best woman crush Wednesday captions.

76. She’s the founder of @xxxxxxxxx, and The Motto Project — and she’s only

77. We’re so inspired by our Womancrush Wednesday founder, Sarah 💕

78. Allow yourselves to be inspired by women around you, in your life, and on social media. It is so important to support women of all kinds and we want this to be a space where you can do that. #wcw #wfww

79. A wise woman once said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” We couldn’t agree more. Happy #WCW! ##

80. It’s time to celebrate some women who are inspiring us from their fields of design, art, craft, fashion, music, and beyond. We’re crushing on these ladies right now!

81. Bridget Bardot, Simone de Bouvoir, Dorothea Benton Frick. These Wednesday women are trailblazers.

82. Thankful for these firewomen in my life. Face it: they’re having a better day than you are.

83. Her strong arms, long legs, and smile that lights up a room. Happy #WCW 🌹 #alwaysreadyforawalk

84. We heart @xxxxxxx. dahling’s passion for giving and gratitude because it reminds us how important it is to give back.

85. Here she is–our latest @xxxxxxx. Elizabeth Holmes was in the 8th grade when she decided to drop out of high school and start her own company. She’s now the owner of Theranos–one of

86. This woman crush Wednesday we’re crushed on this incredible human being, @xxxxxx.

87. We’re crushing on these ladies who are doing their thing and inspiring us. Get cray with us this #WCW.

88. Wednesday’s when we shine a spotlight on women who inspire us, from our partners, collaborators, and friends. Find out what makes them tick, then head to @xxxx for even more #WCW moments.

89. Wednesday is our favourite day of the week because we get to celebrate another successful woman in business! Follow these wonderful women and learn what it takes to succeed.

90. Honestly, I don’t know if I could pick a favourite song by Karen O & the Kids. They never disappoint and this whole album feels like summer driving music to me 🚗 #wcw

91. Wow, I have the BEST sisters-in-law. 😍 #wcw _ Bryn @xxxx #wcw _ Lisa @xxxxxx”

92. Being a woman sometimes means being strong in this world

93. Let’s give them something to talk about this Wednesday. Who’s your #WCW? 👩‍🎤

94. “❤️ When I was a girl, I used to write myself little notes. I’d put them in my mirror, or somewhere where I would see them. They said things like “I’m special.” and “You’re beautiful.”

95. Created to celebrate the women who work for J.O. Hall—and the ones we admire, too *-* 👑

96. There was a time when it didn’t bother me to be single. But I have a new crush now and I think he’s the One. #WOMANCRUSHWEDNESDAY

97. Appreciating women that break boundaries and make their mark. 😍🌹 #WCW

98. Celebrating the women–past, present, and future–who inspire in so many ways 💗 #worldwomancrushwednesday

99. Wishing you a very merry #womancrushwednesday (and every other day of the week). .

100. We shine a light on women who are inspiring us with their works. We celebrate women in all their forms and expressions.

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