100 + Woman Crush Wednesday Quotes captions

Have you ever wished to know some inspiring woman quotes that would uplift your spirit and motivate you to get through your day? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we have for you the collection of best woman crush Wednesday quotes that can inspire, motivate and give strength to women.

This is going to be my first woman crush Wednesday quotes, where I’ll be covering the topic of woman crush Wednesday quotes. I think you’ll like this article, so let’s just get right into it!


Woman Crush Wednesday Quotes


1. Happy #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), keep being inspired!

2. Celebrating strong women who are changing our world. #wcw @xxxxxxxxxx @xxxxxx #quotes

3. Celebrating the woman who inspires confidence in all that she does. She is strong, confident, and bold – a true inspiration to others. #WCW

4. ♥️Crushing on the new @xxxx running kit I picked up at the Nike SoHo store, #sneakernews #sheisintheair #sheiswithit

5. Sharing stories about women who are making their mark on the world 📸: @xxxxxx

6. Every month, we’ll be taking a peek at the beautiful and inspiring women who make travel so exciting with their work. This month: @xxxxxx. 🌎♥️

7. Today’s #WCW is Emmy Rossum, who gave the most inspiring push for body positivity at this year’s Golden Globes.

8. Ever wonder how other women get so many great things done in a day? We’ve got the secrets. @xxxxxxxx

9. What a small word for what she means to me. #wcw #youareawesome

10. Happy #WCW. Celebrating women who are killing it every day in their fields. Kindness is contagious, so honour someone today by paying it forward.

11. LOVE YOU, ME, FALL Happy Wednesday 😘👯‍♀️🍂

12. Have fun tonight with a cocktail no matter what your size. #Womancrushwednesday.

13. Your day, together. #WomanCrushWednesday

14. Let these Wednesday vibes carry you through the weekend.”

15. This woman crushed her goals today.

16. Here’s to strong women and the men who love them. – Unknown author

17. 🌟 Sometimes you find a good thing, and it is simply the best. Happy #WCW 👩🏼‍🎤 😎

18. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Do the very best you can with whatever you have, and work towards your goal.

19. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

20. THE winner of our #WCWContest is @xxxxxx!! 😍 See you soon, Saralisa 🙌🏻

21. 💕 I have an amazing woman in my life who is in love with life! It’s for her big surprise tomorrow. I know she’ll love it!! #Womancrushwednesday “You only stop playing

22. Coffee facts from your favourite barista: Did you know that coffee plants are one of the few crops that grow better in direct sunlight instead of shaded areas? #WednesdayWisdom #womancrushwednesday

23. Happy Wednesday– I mean, #womancrushwednesday! #mywcw is… @xxxxx

24. 💐 We’re all about self-love and that’s why we’re crushing on these ladies this #WCW!

25. Praise women who are crushing it in business, community, and elsewhere.

26. Any girl can be passionate –That’s easy, any girl can be charming –that comes naturally, just be yourself and you’ll have it made.

27. These girl bosses inspire us to be confident and strong in all areas of our lives.

28. A girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do– especially when her dreams are at stake. Is there anything more powerful than the pursuit of your own happiness? #WCW

29. That face. That girl. She’s got what I want as my #WCW.

30. 💗I’ve been waiting to write this post for a long time (not gonna lie). It’s finally here, without further adieu, I present you with the most comprehensive list of Instagram caption templates available on the entire internet. And

31. She walks in confidence and is kind to everyone she encounters. We should all have a woman crush Wednesday (or any day of the week).

32. Have a women crush Wednesday.”

33. Happy #womancrushwednesday! We can’t wait to celebrate the woman who’s making history in health care by providing direct primary care that puts patients first.

34. I hope that men will take the time to appreciate their sisters, mothers, and daughters. Not only for what they do but for who they are. I hope that fathers will take the time to teach their sons about treating women with respect.” –

35. It’s never wrong to be kind. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

36. Thursday-Sunday is no time for boredom, so be sure to grab a book today & experience the highs of reading.

37. We’re celebrating women here at Sport HQ. Because women are everything, everywhere, every time.

38. Discovering Wednesday is a good way to make the day feel special. Here are some quotes that celebrate women. Click the share button on each one.

39. Today’s Womancrush is Mila Kunis. A true beauty, inside and out, she’s been a role model for us since we were young and we continue to look up to her today. She’s

40. It’s #wcw time! Every Wednesday we’re highlighting amazing women who’ve social media feeds you should be following. Today we’re crushing on @xxxxxxxxx!


Woman Crush Wednesday Quotes


41. I loved that guy, I loved everything about him. His smile, his touch, his smell, his laugh, his heart. I just loved Kurt Cobain and I always will.

42. If you get upset every time someone doesn’t notice your shampoo, you need to take a look at how much value you place on hair in general. Is your self-esteem tied into what other people think?” 

43. It’s officially the season 😍😍😍😍 #onlyatdillards #whatsyourstyle Carpool Karaoke

44. Hope you all had a great Wednesday! Here’s to having enough time and space to learn, to create, and to dare greatly.

45. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

46. Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.

47. Womancrushwednesday…otherwise known to the internet as #wcw! Starting off this week’s #WCW with this girl @tinasuek 💕 If there’s anyone who embodies Health

48. Here’s to all of the women who aren’t afraid to be a little vulnerable, to fall in love, and to wake up in the morning with ten different ideas about how life should be lived. And here’s to realizing

49. We know how much you love a great MCM outfit (and who doesn’t?!). Check out some of our faves from around the ‘gram to learn more about the pieces she’s wearing. Stay tuned till Thursday for a link to more info

50. Just because Wednesday is the day after Tuesday doesn’t mean it still can’t be #WCW!! *❤️ 👯

51. Wish you all a productive and creative week ahead—we’re so grateful for your amazing ideas and dedication to doing what you love 💭 #wcw #girlbosses #creative

52. What’s the secret to balancing raising kids and a business? Meet 3 women doing it with grace.

53. WCW is here—each Wednesday we’ll be celebrating a cover girl who we love. And if you don’t know now, you will.

54. Happy #WCW to this queen 👸🏻 @xxxxxx What in them!? Get at me with your best leg press. I’ll make it worth your while.

55. Every Wednesday we feature a different woman making big waves in her industry. 🌊

56. Girl crush goes to @xxxxxxxxxx. Out here in this summer heat leading us in that all-black-everything suits game. ♥️ ❤️

57. Celebrating your feminine strength, which is now more important than ever.

58. There’s not a single soul in this world who can light up my life like you do. And I’m so happy that you are mine. Happy Wednesday, love!☀️😘😸

59. The best thing about personal style is that it’s unique to you. There’s no one way you should approach fashion. Whatever feels most comfortable, most authentic to you, that’s the right choice for you.

60. Each one of us is more beautiful than the sun itself. Let’s celebrate what makes us different and be proud ⭐

61. ♬♪♫ I’ll take you down, to Wonderland baby, oh oh ♪♫♪ #wcw @xxxxx

62. Being around friends is always the answer 🤗❤️#friends💗

63. 💯*💖 Woman Crush Wednesday 🏆 @xxxxxx

64. I think my favourite kind of inspiration is seeing another woman have confidence in her own skin, put herself out there, and do what makes HER happy. Who runs the world? GIRLS. #wcw Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday thus

65. Being a woman doesn’t have to be complicated. Here we celebrate the confidence that comes from simply being yourself while embracing your authentic self. #WCW — Jenni Konner

66. Being proudly different is the core of my identity, but this year I’ve really learned to embrace #wcw in a whole new way.

67. From the first time I watched her in #TheBreakfastClub, she’s made me want to be a better me. #ICanDoAnything

68. Let’s honour the fearless women in our lives who believe in us, set goals for themselves, and inspire others to do the same. We love you #WCW!

69. We’re back for another round of #WCW—this week, we’re highlighting the amazing @xxxxx. An animal lover through and through, Amy works hard to make a difference in helping adopt out any furry

70. Are you that friend? The one who is always there for a laugh, an inside joke, a cry? What’s your favourite way to connect with friends? #ICW #Friends

71. Get comfy in cozy layers—and snap a selfie with your phone case. This Sunday, tag your pic with #casestagram so we can see what you’re up to! 📸

72. Let us help you spread the love.

73. Today’s woman crush Wednesday is actress, singer/songwriter @xxxxxx! We love her for her sense of humour, fresh style, and all-around talent! 💗 .

74. It’s #WCW, aka woman crush Wednesday.

75. We’re here for all the Wednesday babes and their wonderfully encouraging ways. It’s #WCW 💪 #WednesdayCrush

76. Ladies, we got your back. Who’s your #WCW? 💕❤️

77. The girl boss life is here. Now go get it. ‼‼‼

78. This is exactly how I feel about my baby girl ❤️

79. This is one of my personal favourites. Hope you enjoyed these twitter captions!

80. You’re the kind of girl who can crack a smile on the worst day. Every Wednesday is Woman Crush Wednesday because you’re the kind of fabulous, fierce, funny, and inspiring lady we all need in our lives. #WCW

81. She won the most recent W.C.W award for her work in the social impact space 🏆 #WomenCrushWednesday

82. Friday’s aren’t the only day for a girl crush. Instead, we’ve decided to celebrate women, every single day of the week. Say it loud and say it proud: today is #WCW!

83. Being in the company of funny women is always a great idea. #wcw @xxxxx

84. It is so flattering to be celebrated as an iconic woman who has made an impact on others while staying true to myself and my values. This honour reminds me of how far we’ve come, but more importantly, it gives me hope for what

85. Not just pretty faces—the girls making moves in the action sports world.👑 Thanks, @xxxxxx for sharing your sadness with us today. Who’s got it going on in your neck of the woods? 

86. Stay tuned for more great Woman Crush Wednesdays from around the Twitterverse.

87. A Wednesday without a woman you admire is like a cup of tea without a drop of honey 👑 #wcw

88. Some days I’m #blessed, others I’m blessedly busy. Always, always blessed to have so many sisters in my life who encourage me every step of the way. #wcw

89. Celebrating my #WCW, @xxxxxx. I love her as a performer and an advocate for young women who are bold and brave enough to follow their dreams.

90. Today’s featured crush is writer, editor, and entrepreneur Emily Schuman♥⁾⁾ Comment below to show her some love! 👏 📸: @xxxxxx

91. Wednesday is the new Friday. Show your girl power and participate in #WCW on Wednesdays @xxxxx #workhard #playhard ─ @xxxxx

92. Be confident and celebrate your unique beauty today. Love, Taylor 😍 #wcw

93. Making someone’s day with a compliment never gets old. 😊

94. Thursday, you’re in for a treat. ☀😍 We love @xxxxx approach to everything. As @xxxx coined – #LizaFrenzy. ➡️Check

95. I like strong women — I mean, that’s obvious. I have always liked strong women.

96. Your best friend, your ride-or-die, the one person you can count on. Wishing everyone out there a happy #WCW!

97. A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

98. Gather your tribe and get ready for a Friday that’s bright 😍 👌

99. Sharing is caring 🙏 #thanksmas”

100. What’s your favourite woman crush Wednesday pic? Reply with #wcw

101. Wednesday. An excuse to have another woman crush day.

102. Your love shines so brightly. #wcw @xxxxxx

103. It’s #wcw day! Let’s celebrate the wonderful women in our lives.

104. Thursday, I’m in love with you. And everyone else.‖ – Unknown

105. Thank you @xxxxx x💕. So happy these 3 are the newest members of our #wcc 👏🌸

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