Farewell Message to Classmates After Graduation

Farewell message to classmates
Farewell message to classmates


Farewell message to classmates: The day of graduation is a great day, but you are going to leave your classmates and wonderful friends that have shared common goals with you over the years. Send a lovely Farewell Message after graduation to Classmate to show them how much you appreciate and truly care for them.

Farewell Message to Classmates After Graduation

1. After seven years of true friendship with you in this great school, we have come to the end of our studies, it is the time of parting, and this is the hardest time of all time for me. I never knew it would come so suddenly because it looks like yesterday when we began this adventurous journey together, saying goodbye now is the hardest thing to do. Farewell, my dear friend, you have been an amazing classmate right from the beginning. I hope you will always keep our friendship beyond this level; I’ll always keep in touch.


2. Today is the most day of my life, I thought it would be easy to say goodbye, now I realize how hard it is. To say goodbye to a wonderful friend like you is the most difficult statement to make. You have always remained by my side as a wonderful friend and classmate all through these years of our study here. I have learned a lot from our friendship, I will always appreciate all the time we spent together. I will miss you so much, wishing you all the best in life, farewell my dear friend. Goodbye.


3. It may be the end of study here in this great school, every moment was a memorable one, I will always live to remember a special friend like you. You are funny and a wonderful friend, you make every single moment a special one to remember. Now we have to go on to the larger world, to continue our studies, I wish we could be together once more in life. Wishing you well in your further studies and future endeavors, farewell my dear classmate, I will always try to keep in touch all the time.


4. When I looked back at the beginning of our study here, I know we have come a long way together; thank God we have reached the end of our studies. But parting with a wonderful classmate and friend like you has been the most crucial moment of my time here. It is now dawn on me that we have to say goodbye, goodbye to all the laughter and the pain we shared together, I don’t know how to express my feelings right now, I felt as if I’m going into an empty world out there. It is definitely the toughest time for me. But still, let keep the contact alive, let not forget one another when we leave here. Farewell, my dear friend, I wish you the best in life.


5. I do not believe that moment would ever come when we will have to say goodbye. Goodbye to all the beautiful moments we shared together in the course of our studies in the great school, I wish we will mate, friend, and colleague all the time. I’m going to miss you so much. Hope you will always keep in touch. Farewell, my dear friend.


6. You have remained my best friend all the true years of our studies in this wonderful institution, we thank god we have completed our study successfully here. But saying goodbye now is what I don’t prepare for, I have been filled with the reality that we departing today, I thought it was a joke, but now I realize that it is real, we are leaving this great school to our various destination, I prayed destiny would cross our way once again. I’m going to miss you, farewell my dear friend.


7. This is the best and the worst moment for me in this school. The best moment because after six years in this school, we have finally come to the end of our studies, it is the worst moment for me because it is the moment of a great departure between us. You have been a great friend all through these years, I must thank you for the help and assistance you always give me in the period of our studies here. You are like a brother to me and I will never forget you. Farewell my dear friend, wishing you well in all that you do.


8. People call us the best sisters because we go well together, but we aren’t sisters we are just a friend and classmate. Now everything seems still because we have to say goodbye. Goodbye to all our great moment in this school, for me, is the hardest moment of my life. You have been just like a true sister to me all through our period of study here, I will never forget all the beautiful moments we shared together, and you remain not just my classmate but my best friend ever. I will always keep all the beautiful moments alive by keeping in touch where ever you may be. Farewell and goodbye.


9. It may be goodbye for now, but it is not the final goodbye, I don’t think I can face the world out there alone without you by my side, thank I meet I wonderful friend like you in this school. You are a very intelligent and wonderful classmate. I can’t forget you just in a hurry; I believe that we have a lot of things in common, so we can’t say a final goodbye now. We will still have to keep in touch. We have to keep the friendship alive beyond this level, for this I’m saying goodbye at all.


10. Goodbye, my dear friend, it has been a great experience to study together in this great school. Please let us always keep in touch wherever that we may be. Farewell.


11. I looked up in the sky and all around the school surroundings and I realized that we will soon be leaving here, we have been here for about five years now, it has been one great moment to another to study side by side with a great friend like you, I must tell you that you make every moment a memorable one here. I can never forget all the things that bond us together here, wishing you all the best in life. Farewell to you my wonderful friend.


12. I can’t believe we are going but remember true friends don’t depart from one another for life, I will keep in touch and keep you in mind all the time till we see again. I can’t hold these tears back in my eyes; it is an emotionally soaked day. Farewell, my dear friend.


13. I can’t believe we have spent close to five years already in this school, it was like yesterday when we first started, and all of you have been a great friend and a wonderful classmate. I would never forget all the beautiful moment we shared together, I still hold the belief that we may say goodbye today, but many of us will still meet again. Farewell to you my friends and classmate, wishing all of us the best of life.


14. It has been a wonderful experience that we shared together in the school, you and I, and all of our classmates. Saying goodbye at the moment is the toughest words to alter, it means that we are departing and going our separate ways. I pray that we will have a wonderful and successful future. Let’s continue to keep our head high, the sky is our limit.

Goodbye Quotes to Friends During Graduation

15. Goodbye, my dear mates, life has been full of fun in school, I wish that we would meet again and share a better time like this together again. Farewell to all of you, I love you.


16. I love school life, the study, the play, the game, the punishments, the laughter, the quarrels, the competitions; all give me a great memory that I would never forget. Now it is time to say goodbye to all this, just in one day and everybody is going its separate ways, it is hard to say a final goodbye. Goodbye my wonderful classmates, farewell.


17. It is goodbye now mates, but it is not goodbye to life, goodbye to see you again another day. I really enjoy the company of every one of you. You make my dreams come true; to all my classmates you are such an amazing friend. Farewell, all.


18. I will forever love and cherish these beautiful moments that we shared together in this school. You are such a wonderful and bosom classmate and friend; we shared so many things in common. Saying goodbye to you at this time means we will part now and see again another day. Wishing you well in all your future studies at the college and endeavors, farewell my dear friend.


19. It is with deep emotion and great nostalgia that write this farewell message to you, I don’t want to say goodbye at all, but I realize that we have moved ahead to face the larger world. The time we spent together in this great school is my most memorable moment in life. I can never forget the happiness and pain of study together with a wonderful person like you. I wish I’m given the opportunity of never to say goodbye to you, I would love it. Farewell my dear friend, may the LORD be with you.


20. Dear classmates, thank GOD for the successful completion of our study in this school. I have great fun and time meeting all of you in this wonderful place. The lessons were great, the teachers were wonderful and to you, my classmates are the most amazing people I have ever met. Thank you and good luck to all of you, I pray for a better future for every one of us. Goodbye, all.


21. My dear classmate and friends, thank you very much for the support and care you have given me all through our stay in this great school. I wouldn’t have been what I’m today without your wonderful contribution. Every one of you matters a lot to me, you are a great fellow I can never forget you all, now that we have to go our separate ways, I bid you all farewell, and I know that someday somehow, and destiny will bring us together again. Farewell, my dear friends.


22. With a heavy heart and yet a joyful soul, I’m biding my classmates of over five years of studying together with a memorable goodbye. I love the study, the teamwork, the game, the jokes, the laughter, and the pain that we shared together, they are all a wonderful experience. I can never forget any of these great moments. Everywhere I go, I go with you in my heart, let keep our head high and always remain focus to achieve our dreams in life. Farewell, my dear friends.


23. Today is a mix of a good time and my toughest moments since we have been together in this great school. It is a wonderful day because all of us have gotten great success in our studies, it a tough moment because it is the moment of parting. I will always keep all of you in mind, never to forget the wonderful time we had studying together in this great school. I will miss you all, goodbye and GOD bless you.


24. Because of the beautiful inspirations, I got from you my dear friend, I have the courage to face the world and take up any challenges in the future. Now that I have to bid you goodbye it is a very hard word to utter. Over these years you have been a marvelous friend, you make the time I spent in this school a memorable one. I will always hold you with great esteem in my heart. You remain my best friend of all time. Best wishes to you, farewell and goodbye.


25. Where ever I may I will always keep in touch with you. You are not the type of friend and classmate to be forgotten in a hurry. Thank you for being there for me when I need you must, what a great you are. Wishing you all the best in life, goodbye and God bless.


College Farewell Quotes for Classmate and Friends

26. Today is a great day for all us here, It marks the end of our study in this great school, firstly, I would like to apologize to anyone of you that I must have offended knowingly or unknowing, I sincerely ask for forgiveness. We have come a long way to find in ourselves in this period, seven years staying together is not a joke, it is seven years of study and hard work which culminated in the success that we have today. All of you have been a great friend and a great asset to this school. You are a true hero of life. Saying goodbye to you now my dear classmate is not the end of our beautiful relationship that we have built over the years, we are now a big family, families ought to ask of one another, I believe that something great will still bring all of us together in the future. Farewell, my dear friends, wishing you a successful life out there.


27. As we set to depart one another in this wonderful environment, I feel like part of me is gone, I have grown to admire every one of you, you are a great friend, first, we were a classmate, but now I choose to call every one of you my bosom friend. Every one of you is amazing, from the tallest of us to the shortest of us, I’m sure you know I’m among the shortest, black or white you are all great. There is nobody that was not carried along; we are like a large team and one beautiful family. Farewell to you, and see you at the top. Goodbye.


28. My dearest classmate, I have never found an amazing people like you before, thank GOD I was part of these great opportunities. The period we spent together studying in this school is the most memorable time of my life. I will always live to remember every one of you. Farewell everybody, wishing you the best in your future life.


29. I will miss every one of you; part of me will go with you as we go away today. I hope destiny will bring us together again in the future. Farewell to you my dear friends.


30. There is no doubt that we have learned a lot in this school. The school is a wonderful environment and all of you my dear classmates are wonderful people, your thought will always be evergreen on my mind wherever I go. Goodbye friends and God bless.


31. Today I take a moment to thank my wonderful classmates for being a wonderful and astonishing people ever from the beginning of our study to end, all of you have remained a valuable influence to my life and help in shaping my future, I hope you all enjoy your stay here too. As I bid you goodbye today, your footprint remains in the sand of time. I keep the memory of every one of you in my heart. Goodbye, have a successful future.


32. Dear Jimmy, I may be saying goodbye to you now, but it pains me so much to let you go. You have been a very good friend ever since the day I arrived at this school, and for six years you remain a true friend. We live long distances apart; the fact that we have to go our different way now does not mean that I would not keep you in mind. You will always remain dear to me. Farewell, my dear friend, goodbye and good luck.


33. Today is a broken heart for me, how do I say goodbye to you all. Thank you for being a wonderful classmate all true these years. I deeply appreciated every one of you. Goodbye and good luck to you all.


34. Thank you, everyone, for tolerating me all this beautiful time that we spent together in this school, sometimes I feel like we will never leave one another. But now we have come to end of our study in this school, it was a journey full of adventure, I believe all of us have learned a lot and we can face the next phase of our life. I will ever remain indebted to many of you. You are wonderful a classmate, I’m going to miss you greatly. Wishing you the best of luck, goodbye to you everybody.


35. I checked my calendar this morning; I discovered that we have spent over seven years together in this great school. Life was so amazing at this school because I have wonderful classmates like you. Every moment I spent here was a great moment; I can never forget all of you. Wishing every one of you the best in life. Goodbye for now friends.


36. When the sun, it is the time for the moon to shine brightly, as we have come to the end of the study in this school, may it mark the beginning of sunshine in our lives. You have all been wonderful and astonishing classmates over the years of our stay in this school. I’m wishing you the best in life. Goodbye to you all.


37. “When best friends say goodbye to each other, what they are really saying is ‘Hold that thought, I will be back soon” For me, I’m not actually saying goodbye, but hold on to your dreams. Farewell to you my dear friend.


38. I may say goodbye to you, but my heart will never say goodbye. I will always keep you in my heart. Wishing you a successful future, farewell.


39. The memories we shared together can be erased forever. Farewell, my dear classmates. I’m wishing you the best in life.


40. Today is the most crucial day that I have spent in this great school, how time runs fast, just about this time seven years ago, we all started together in grade one, but today we are all graduating together, what a huge success. But one thing that I feel challenging right now is the ability to say goodbye, goodbye to all these beautiful faces. It was a total development I got with you in this beautiful school. I can never forget all the things we do and share together. Farewell to you my wonderful classmates. Wishing all of you the best of luck.


41. As from tomorrow, we will be out of this school, what an amazing time I had together with you in this great environment of learning. Thank GOD that the same number of us that was admitted to this school six years ago are the same numbers of students that have graduated today, what a huge success. My candid appreciation goes to all my classmate who has remained a true friend and heroes of my heart, I’m speeches, I don’t know how to say goodbye, because I don’t want to miss you in the first place, but I will have to say so at this point in time where I have little choice. Goodbye my dear friends, farewell, your memory will remain with me forever.


42. Farewell to you my wonderful friend, thank you for the positive influence you have in my life, you are a true friend to be trusted and looked up to, and I know you will do wonderfully well when you get to the college. Hope to see you again in the future, goodbye and good luck.


43. I never felt the way I feel today ever since I came to this school, the knowledge that I have acquired here are great. My sincere appreciation to all of you my wonderful classmate and our beloved teachers, you are all great. I wish I can spend the whole of my life with you people. I still believe that our departure now is not the end of our relationship; we will see ourselves some other times in the future. I will miss you all, goodbye and farewell.


44. You are marvelous and you a wonderful friend, you have always been a good friend since the first day I step my foot in this school. Thank you for being a friend indeed; you make my study here a memorable one. I will keep in touch with you wherever you are. Farewell and goodbye to you.


Farewell Messages to a Friend After High School

1. For all the good times we’ve spent together and the undying support and care we share, I just want to say a big thank you. I wish you all the good luck in the world as you take a new path in life.


2. When I needed help, you gave me you could. When I needed advice, you came forte. When I needed a friend, you were always there for me. Not having all that now will definitely be very heavy to carry for a long time. But I’m happy with your decision and I wish you a happy farewell. Till we meet again someday.


3. Thank you for supporting me when I needed it and cheering me up when I was down. You made my most of my school life colorful, epic, and inspiring with all the dreams and aspirations we share. I can only wish you safety and blessings on your new quest. Goodbye, my friend.


4. It’s a time for smiles and hugs and not to cry or sob. It’s a thing of joy seeing a classmate venturing into a new life and a new challenge. I pray you to shine brilliantly as you’ve done during your time here. Farewell, and God bless.


5. I wish you have an unforgettable time filled with wonders and to experience great achievements and accomplishments on your new journey. I felt so lucky meeting and knowing you and to have called you a friend. A very healthy goodbye to a great confidant and a trustworthy ally.


6. I might not have been the best friend you hoped for, but I promise to always cherish the memories we shared. I’ll miss your advice as much as I will miss your trust. Farewell to a very good friend and unforgettable classmate.


7. Now that we bid farewell to one another as you depart for a new series of adventures, I hope you also did enjoy the times we shared. I promise to always keep in touch. Good luck and best wishes!


8. As we say goodbye today, I hope it won’t be the last. I wish we meet again someday soon so we could continue our wonderful journey and chase our dreams together. Never forget me for your memories will always be with me. I wish you all the best luck there is, friend.


9. Life is so full of goodbyes because people leave every day. What more can one do or say than to look forward to seeing a loved one someday soon? I hope you have a great adventure in the new city. Good luck and God bless you.


10. I used to feel alone and incomplete until the first day you walked into the classroom. Since then, my judgments and perceptions, and many things have changed in my life. I’ve always believed that you’re the one true friend for me. Now I bid farewell to you not with sadness but rather many wishes of good luck and blessings.


11. The good times, the laughter, the fights and quarrels we share all seem to have happened so quickly, now that you are leaving it is so painful to say goodbye. Farewell, my friend.


12. I will not always remember the happy moments but the other moments where we got into trouble and faced detention. And the times we came to class late. Or the times we missed the school bus. We did all those together and it’s something I am going to cherish for a very long time. Good luck on your new adventures.


13. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, believe me. But your knowledge and wisdom will keep me going while your trust and confidence is something I will never forget. I wish you the very best in any decision you make and I’ll always be here for you.


14. Goodbye again to another good friend and confidant. You’ve given me enough reason to never forget you. Like people say, not all good things last forever. You impacted my life in such a short time. I hope your new friends adore, cherish and get used to you like the way I did. Farewell, brother/sister.


15. It took me quite long to write you this message because it indeed, breaks my heart knowing that an entrusting friend and confidant is leaving me. I can only wish the very best for someone very special. Thank you for all the trust and care. Farewell, friend.


16. I just realized what saying goodbye to a friend really feels like. It’s the saddest worst there is and quite heavy in the heart. Thank you for a very special companionship and friendship. I am going to cherish them forever. Goodbye and good luck I can only hope we meet again one day.


17. Strength isn’t defined by muscles but the ability and might to let a friend and companion go. I can only cherish the memories we’ve shared together. I bid you farewell and a million good wishes.


18. Been apart from you for so long is really going to hurt. I blame myself for expecting good things to last forever. But I have to say goodbye and only wish you all the good tidings of your new life and hope we’ll meet again soon.


19. My world might come to a big pause when I say those sad words. It won’t be easy losing a very good friend who has brought nothing but so many adventures into my life. Thank you for everything and good luck.


20. Saying farewell to you made me realize there is no way I can ever put the memory of you behind me because it’s a part of me that will always grow as time flies. I wonder how people smile when they say those words. Until we meet again.


21. I was never good at bidding farewells or saying goodbyes. All I can say is “Until we meet again soon” and all I can do is waiting for that moment.


22. I used to feel lucky knowing someone as special as you. Now I feel like the unluckiest person in the world knowing you’ll be leaving soon. I’m going to lose not just a friend, but a partner to the outside world. I wish you all the luck you can carry with you on this new phase of life.


23. I can only wish for many blessings for you as you open another chapter of your story. What more could I ask from a friend who has been so good to me. So long partner.


24. You brought amazement and inspiration to my world and that always feels new with every moment we spent together and I’m always thankful for it. Out of the thousands of faces in the school halls, I chose you as my partner and it something I am going to cherish.


25. The best decision I could ever make because you give me many reasons to keep trusting and believing in you. If the chance to choose comes again, I’d still choose you again. Good luck old-friend, I’m going to miss you.


26. Every day I count my blessings waking up to know I’m alive and I’ve got someone who I could completely trust. Your mind was inspiring and your heart was pure. Happy goodbye to someone special to me.


27. If I had one wish, it’ll be not making you leave me. Then I think about the memories we’ve shared and it feels more than enough to keep me going. It’ll be nice having you here for a much longer time. But all I want is the best for you. Farewell to a friend who’s been like a brother/sister to me.


28. I am going to miss you dearly from the bottom of my heart but I find solace in the thought that I’m been remembered by someone even special. Thank you for always been there to brighten my darkest moments and ease my toughest encounters. Thanks for everything partner.


29. If I had the power to erase anything, it would be the remaining days left before I see your face again. It has been a complete pleasure been your friend and favorite ally. I hope you find whatever you are searching for anywhere the wind of faith takes you. Good luck.


30. Today, my mum asked me how life is. And I replied it isn’t fine. She asked me, why? And I told her I might be the loneliest person on the surface of this earth. It was nice having you in my life all these while. Goodbye, my friend.


31. If missing you was a journey, it’d be the toughest one I will ever encounter. So you can see that now that you are going away, my life certainly won’t be the same and I wouldn’t be able to find my destination without a trust-worthy partner such as you. Good luck with a new life, you deserve it.


32. My thoughts used to be free, inspired, and happy when you are around. Now it has been taken over by the memories and scenarios of you. If only you can remain with me for a bit longer. Have a great time wherever you may be. Goodbye.


33. I think about every single day that will pass without you and feels like a slingshot to my heart that never misses. I fear for the times when my heart will be full of holes. All I need and ever needed was you to fill up the spaces left by you.


34. I never understood what trust was really all about until the day I met you. I never knew what affection felt like until we got to really know each other more. I didn’t know the true meaning of life until I called you friend.

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