100+ Funny 65th Birthday Quotes


Funny 65th Birthday Quotes: The last half century has been filled with many milestones and you have hit most of them. The highlight of your life is that you’ve become a senior citizen and you celebrate this day by showering it with love and care. A lot of things will be changing for you and that’s because your hard work has reached its peak. This is why it’s time to give thanks to the Almighty for giving us this opportunity to celebrate another year of your lives.

You can send funny 65th birthday quotes to your parents, grandparents, aunt or uncle who has reached their eventful sixty fifth birthday. These quotes are really special ones which are not just applicable to seniors but also useful for all ages.


Funny 65th Birthday Quotes

65 only comes once. That’s why they call it 🎂65th birthday🎉


Every year when my dad turns 65, I like to recall when he was 25. He was exactly the same then as he is now. Exactly the same 👬😝


65 isn’t the new 45. It’s the new 81. #happypeople


Dear birthday: we’re not together anymore.


Today’s the day (not only) to go out and celebrate, but also to take a long hard look in the mirror. Will there be goat yoga or bungee jumping involved? Who knows?! We hope we can see your smiling face.


Today is my big day! I’m having a birthday and getting married all at the same time. Wish me a happy birth-wedding!


That’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it 😏🎂🎂🎂 #65


You’re not old, you’re vintage. Download your “Guide to Vintage” today!


65 is the new 45.


No one is on the planet who has the same combination of qualities you have. You are unique, like everyone else on this planet.


Breaking out the Coleman cooler, the bike shorts, and the Audible app. It’s about to go time. 🌞🚲😎


Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.


Ready to get the party started; I’m turning 65 today, and I’m not afraid to say it because I think the older you get, the better you get.


What’s the secret to having an amazing 65th birthday? Make each day your birthday. #65daystogo


Am I getting old?” you ask. ____ turns 65; no, you are getting better. Happy Birthday, Grandma!


He’s my buddy, he’s my pal, he’s my brother from another mother. Happy birthday Dad 💓 #jewishdad


65 is the new 50—and it’s sweeter than ever. Happy birthday, Gramps!


You are that old. And that’s cool because you keep staying young. Happy birthday to you!


65 years old. Hard to believe I’m writing this…happy birthday to me!


Happiness is sharing a great bottle of wine with an old friend, or two. Happy birthday!


Have a great day, you’re turning a year older today!


That is exactly my point: I’m NOT a doctor.


We wished our dad a happy 65th birthday 🎂 with a card that had a photo of him as a baby and a caption reminding him what he looked like back then. He laughed!


“Age is in truth the most exciting period of life. Opulence is in truth old age’s unique reward for having been very brave in youth.


Today is my 65th birthday. I’ve considered pretending to be 62 for the last month, but I couldn’t do it. My wife made me promise not to lie about my age anymore.


65 is the new 49. 65 and fabulous and attractive and wiser than ever before. So, yeah: getting older stinks… but it sure beats the alternative. 😎 #happybirthdaygrandma


If you were born on July 8th then your life expectancy is longer than the average male. Happy Birthday!


You’d do anything to throw the best party – even if it means hiring a one-man band! Laugh all night long at this funny 65th birthday card.


Wisdom comes with age, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to me. Hope your birthday is as awesome as you are, Grandma! Happy 65th Birthday!


If you’re going to be 65 shades of awesome, you might as well do it in a custom printed hoodie. Oh, Happy Day!


So this is what retirement feels like #65thBirthday


Happy Birthday to the most amazing dad in the world! You are always there for me. You believe me. You listen to my dreams, ambitions. I can’t wait to return the gesture now. Thank you for everything you’ve done oh so far


Let me repeat: I said we’re going to Disney World and it’s your 65th birthday!


It’s good to be 65 and as true as it is, I’m as young as the day I was born.


True friends help you celebrate milestone birthdays by bringing you cake, not gifts. Happy birthday!


It’s my birthday, and I’ll “Mindy” if I want to. That’s how it goes on this special day. 🎈Happy Birthday.


Sixty-five years old. Ah, to heck with it! I’m celebrating in style


HBD to my Momma! You are the best mom ever. Love you bunches.


I tend to avoid my own birthdays. I don’t usually have time for a party, and you only turn once.


This calls for a celebration! Happy 65th birthday.


Turning 65 is just a reason to celebrate!


It’s my 65th birthday and if I die, you get the money!


Pull out the party hats and balloons. It’s Grandma’s 65th birthday!! 😆


To me, there’s no greater gift than the gift of laughter. So happy birthday to a guy who can always make it happen, Dad.


Doesn’t matter that it’s not our birthday, you’re always sixty-five in our hearts. Happy Birthday!


65 is the new 30! (or at least try to pretend like it!) 😜 Happy birthday, Dad! #65isthenew30


Here’s to you—the 65th most interesting person I’ve ever met.


65 is the new 55 🎂 (hmm…Maybe not… 😕


Yes, this is my face on the birthday cake– it’s what I wanted.


My favorite part of 65 get-togethers is passing around the glasses.


Get ready for an awesome weekend—because you’re awesome and this weekend is, too.


What a long 10 years it’s been. Happy 65th Birthday Dad!


A caption for under photos of 67-year-old men showing baby pictures to the camera


Send me off in style. I feel like celebrating my 65th with margaritas, dancing, and maybe another tattoo 😉


Turning 65 is like getting a title in Ninja; no one ever believes it until you show them your birth certificate.


You’re 65 years young. Your heart’s still beating. You can make it through this!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDPA. Do you know why there’s no age limit on learning? Cause old dogs can learn new tricks!


65 is the new 35, so get happy and do something you love today. #hbdgrandpa


Turning a year older only makes you look better! Happy 🎂 to us!


You can’t keep the wrinkles away but you can keep most everything else at bay. Have a happy 65th❤️


Here’s to another 65 years, Dad! We love you ❤️


My sense of humor is so slow, it’s still laughing about pi. To celebrate my 65th birthday, here’s a picture of me taken 65 seconds ago. #nevertoolateforadashofhumor


Turning 65 is just an excuse to throw a party, put everything away, and do whatever you want.


You’re only as old as the woman you feel. Happy birthday!


Hope you like your birthday candy *inhales deeply* because it’s 65 and you might get diabetes.


You really know how to Throw a Birthday Bash…in the most entertaining way possible.


If you’re having a birthday, I bet it’s not your first. Take an older friend or relative out to dinner and let them buy. Make sure the restaurant has a lot of stairs to get to the bathroom 😊


Did I mention that both my parents are 65 today? I’ve always wanted to say that! ❤️


Congrats on making it to the big 6-5, Dad! I guess you’re not that ‘senior citizen’ you always said you would never be 😉


You’re never too old to try something new unless you’re 65.


It’s my 65th and I can put on my trousers and they stay up!


65 is the new 45. Now I can go back to stealing sugar from the table!


I’m a man. I can do anything in 65 seconds.


Mowing lawns was a cakewalk compared to being president. May you have a long and healthy presidency! Happy 65th Birthday Dolly!


Happy 65th birthday to my beautiful wife, Mary.


If a dozen of your closest friends called you spontaneously and told you that they were headed out for a 65th birthday adventure, would you go?


Happy 65th to my uncle Jeff! Here’s to many more years of you finishing cheese plates for the rest of us. 🥩 #favoritemore


My parents have taught me that having fun is very important! I feel so much younger now because of them. Happy Birthday to the best parents in the world!


65 years young and still out to live it up. Happy birthday to my old soul mate. Here’s to 65 more. ❤️


I wish I could tell you how old I really am… but I don’t know exactly! Happy birthday, friend.


Funny Quotes for 65th Birthday

Hope your 65th birthday is filled with sunshine and lots of laughter. Happy birthday You Old Dog, you!


The best part of 65 is the 65th year. And the 65th part of 65 is 65 cents.


Today you turn 65.


My grandma just turned 65 and we were really shocked we didn’t get an AARP membership card. – James Corden


Birthday wishes for a man who likes to laugh loud and often.


Happy birthday to my dope Grandma, who is staying fly and rad at 65 – I love you!


At 65, women get excited about having found the fountain of youth. Men feel it leak out.


A wise man told me recently: “I’m not getting older, I’m getting better!” And he’s totally right!! 🎂😁


Let’s face it –you’re never too old to be wrong.


1) When you’re 65, Happy Birthday! 2) Enjoy it. 3)It’s your 65th birthday. 4)Don’t lift anything heavy 5) You might make it to 66.”


Hmm, what should I get for this year’s 65th birthday?


💀 It’s my 65th birthday.


65 just means 5:00 p.m. and still going strong. 🙂 💪🎂 #65thBirthday


In honor of my 65th birthday, I have only one request: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO more candles on cakes!


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…65–? Um, baby, I think you lost count.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I’m 65 & feeling younger everyday.


If my mind were a town, Old Age Would be the Main Street.


It’s a time of reflection, a time for congratulations, and a time to not take yourself too damn seriously. The good news is it also happens to be the perfect day for cake! Happy 65th birthday.


Cheers to 65 years of endless entertainment. Happy Birthday, grandpa!


Just another day in paradise… wait, what’s that… I can’t hear you over the sound of my own awesomeness. Happy 65th bday Dad!


I’m celebrating my 65th birthday today and that makes me the oldest model in the world 😅


Turning 65 is such a big deal, it’s an even bigger deal when you get your first grey hair!


I hope my birthday wishes come true-I want to dance all night at age 65! 😜


I can’t retire today, I’m only 65. Let’s get this party started.


Happy birthday to this 👵🎂 babe! Here’s to another year of excitement filled with adventure.


Like all of my birthdays since turning 65, I’m celebrating it by doing what I do every day. Wait for the inevitable end.


I’m not getting older, I’m just a year older.


I prepare for the future by planning for it today.


Happy 65th birthday to the best husband, father, and friend! We love you and we’re not afraid to say it! 😛


It’s my 65th birthday and I’m going to party like it’s my last! #65


A wise person once said, “Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” 65 years young and still having fun! Happy Birthday 🎉👯


I’m not 65. I’m only 56 with 9 years’ experience!


How come it takes you 65 years to learn how to dance, but everything else you have to do in just 3 years? – Mark Twain😁


Happy birthday to those who aren’t afraid to ask that irritating question.


And then there was 65. So that happened.


If I could start over, I would have started over me. Happy birthday, babe.


When I was 5 years old my mom told me I’d never amount to anything – now look at me.


Aging with a purpose is a lot better than getting old by accident.


Funny Happy 65th Birthday Quotes

Off to the candles, off to the candles!”… Marge Simpson is celebrating her 65th birthday today. Wish her a fun-filled birthday with some funny birthday quotes.


Happy 65th birthday to the funniest dad in town. You always know how to make us laugh by telling the most ridiculous stories. Thanks for being the best Papa ever.


Happy 65th birthday! Here’s to being half dead. You’ve been a great ride, Grandma.


Happy birthday, uncle! You’ve always been there for us and we love you so much! Have the happiest birthday, we’ll celebrate it as if you were 21 again 😉


The best thing about being 65 is that you can get out of doing anything you don’t want to do.


I think I speak for everyone when I say, thanks for the laughs! ☺️ Happy Birthday! 🎉


here’s to the ones who make it fun. the ones who make the day worth remembering. the ones who you can’t help but wish happy birthday every single year. #birthdayboy


Life just gets better as you keep on living. Hope your birthday is filled with happiness and joy!


We’ve come a long way on this journey of life, but I couldn’t have asked for a better first mate. Happy birthday!!!”


Wishing you an amazing birthday, filled with abounding joy and happiness, laughter, & love. 🎂🍾👯


Wishing the world’s oldest teenager a very happy 65th birthday today!


This weekend we’ll celebrate with my dad. He’s gotten so good at letting us do what we want, he may as well be watching TV. 😎👴🏼 #Happy65thDad


Trust me, I feel you. Happy birthday, old man 😍


We know you’re going places—that’s why we’ll be checking your bag. Happy birthday, Grandpa!


What’s better than candles and cake? 😎 🎂


When you’re 65, people think you use a walker. When I’m 80, they’re gonna think I’m one!! Happy 65th birthday, Grandma! Love you! 😍


🎉🎈Happy Birthday Dad! We love you! 🍔🍻


You don’t need a cake, candles, or cards for us to celebrate your special day. You’ve already got everything you need to be the host with the most. Happy Birthday!


We’re older now, but not as close as we’d like. Happy birthday to the three of us! 🍾


Say “cheese!” with our birthday cake. Super cute, and really tasty. Happy birthday! 🎂🍰


Somewhere in the world, every minute, a candle is lit for you. Your birthday makes a difference!


Wishing you a happy 65th birthday from all of us.


To me, 65 means I’ve been getting away with a lot for a very long time. Happy birthday to you.


Wishing a very #SquadGoals 65th birthday to the one and only Queen 👑… She didn’t get here by accident.


Three birthdays in one week?! You keep living your best life.


You’ve got a friend in me. Happy 65th, Betty 😎


If you’re lucky enough to be turning 65, send us a picture of your cake and we’ll give you a coupon for a lifetime supply of coffee! (We won’t actually give them out, but it’s fun to lie


The birthday suits you wore when you were younger suddenly don’t fit anymore, but they sure do bring back some good memories. Happy Birthday!


65? That’s ridiculous! It’s just a number … just like 10 or 1,012. Still, you’re celebrating one momentous milestone today. Have fun and enjoy every minute of it:)


You laugh so hard you both cried, so he kissed you and made it better, happy birthday.


You are never too old. If you can breathe, there’s always something you can do, regardless of your age.


A little humor can go a long way… We’ve never announced the age of our teas, so why should you celebrate yours?


I hope your birthday is everything you’ve been wishing for, from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday!


If you feel the need to remind me of my age, you really must be over 25.


Today a woman celebrating a milestone birthday, a day to reflect on everything life has given us and to honor the 65 years that have come before. 65 is just a number, but one that means so much.


You’ve earned every pair of under-eye bags and cracks in your voice, otherwise, you wouldn’t be half as sweet. 😊🎂 Wishing a happy birthday to my funny mom, a sweet mom, a caring mom.


Cheers to you, Grandma! Here’s to a bright and beautiful future ahead. #65thBirthday


Here’s to a legacy of love. Happy birthday, Grandpa!


This officially makes you the oldest we know. Congrats, Oma! May your next birthday be just as sweet as your first.


Sixty-five candles on the cake. I’m not at all concerned about my age. I can’t remember it anyway! 🎂


Hope your birthday is the best—it’s in the stars! 🌟


It’s your birthday, but everyone else will be having more fun.


Sixty-five reasons to look forward to your next 65 years. Happy 65th birthday! 🎂


65th birthday suits you well. Hope your birthday gift comes soon.


Turning 65. Yes, you can say with pride, it’s taken this long to become this cool!


If a 65th birthday is a milestone, I’ve been gathering gifts my whole life.


Happy birthday! You’ve always been instrumental in our success and we appreciate you so much!


I hope you’re ready for this jelly because your party is about to be lit. Happy birthday.


You’re not old, you’re classic. It’s your birthdays that are an accident.


To celebrate, let’s take a moment to remember that age is just a number.


65 years old, he still can’t remember where he lives.


You know me, I’m mostly water. Here’s to the next 65 years of being so lucky, so feared, so admired. Cheers! Thanks for all the laughs, love, and everything in between. Happy 65th!


That funny feeling you get when you turn 65 and suddenly want to go back to high school 🍎🍏


May the best 65th year ever be, filled with love and happiness.


There’s never been a better time to be alive. We have computers, the internet, and really cool birthday parties for people who are as old as my dad is.


♪♫We Wish You a Merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Happy birthday to you!


The year of the Ram makes us think of a feisty grandparent who is full of life and liberality. 65, here you come!


Happy birthday, pop! We love you to the moon and back.

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