Inspirational Good Night Prayers for Friends


Good Night Prayers for Friends
Good Night Prayers for Friends


Good night prayers are a beautiful way to end a hectic day and induce a calm sleep. They help us to keep in touch with the divine and make the most of every opportunity to connect with our higher self. These prayers are in the form of quotes that you can read before bedtime to help you drift into a peaceful sleep.

A good night prayer for your friends is a way to show your love and affection towards them. Good night prayers are a way to wish them a peaceful and soothing sleep. We have a wide range of good night prayers for friends available. Browse through our large collection of good night prayers for friends and pick one that will make him/her happy.


Good Night Prayers for Friends

• Dearest, as you lay your head to sleep tonight, I pray that the night refreshes your body and soul, may you be among the living of tomorrow by God grace, goodnight.


• Lord, as we prepare our heart to sleep tonight, bless us with a glorious night and have mercy on our soul, bring us back to life refreshed and blessed tomorrow morning.


• Lord in heaven, sleep is a minor death, restore our soul back to our body tomorrow morning, bless our lives and strengthen our heart, in you we put our trust, goodnight friends.


• Goodnight my dear friend, I pray that God protects you from every evil as you lie on your bed to sleep, have a beautiful night.


• I pray to God to bless your heart as you sleep this night, may he send you the angels of Mercy to guard you all the through the night, goodnight.


• Good night friends, have a blessed night, may this night refresh you to see another amazing day tomorrow.


• You have done your best today, it is that time of the night to rest your head and enjoy a refreshing sleep, I pray that this night would be peaceful for you, goodnight.

• This night is full of glory and honor for you; go to bed early, the angel waits to honor you, goodnight.


• Not everyone that we started the day together is alive to see another night, first, thank God for the gift of life and the gift of this beautiful night. I wish you a blessed night, goodnight.


• As you sleep this night, I pray that God will bless your soul to see another beautiful day tomorrow morning, goodnight.


• Your life is cherishing, God has a beautiful purpose for you, that’s why you are alive to see another night, I pray it to be a blessed night for you, goodnight.


• The night is for rest, I pray that God makes it a peaceful night for you, goodnight friend.


• O Lord in thy hand is our soul, I pray that as we retire to bed this night, may the Lord restore our soul tomorrow morning, have a beautiful night.


• Sleep is the medicine of the body and the soul, for I care for you and asked God to protect and your lovely family as you sleep tonight, goodnight.


• The Lord has created the night for rest, I know you have a busy day, I pray that you will have a calm night full of God’s mercy and grace, good night.


• Every night before I sleep, I ask my Lord to protect you and me to see another new day tomorrow, may the Lord bless us with a beautiful night, amen, goodnight.


• Goodnight dear friend, sleep tight, may God bless your night.


• We sleep now I beseech God to bless our soul; you are one the special person in my life, thank you for everything that have you have been to me, goodnight.


• Lord sends us your angel to guide us as we sleep this night, we pray for your mercy and love.


• Lord in the darkness of the night we are unaware of what goes on around us, but you are enough as our guidance, we place our lives in your arms, have mercy on us, and protect us from every evil of this night, amen, Good night.


• Lord we are helpless, except you help us, we are always in need of your love, guidance, and protection, save us from the unseen evil of this night and make it a time of rest for us, Amen, goodnight.


• Lord in your name I seek help, in your name I seek protection, bless our soul as we embark on another journey of life this night, cause us to see the light of tomorrow, goodnight.


• Lord we live in your care and love, bless our night as we lay our head to sleep, goodnight my dear friend.


• Heavenly Father, send your angel to guard us as we step into another beautiful night, we sleep in your name and we wake in your name, amen, goodnight.


• Keep your dreams alive, there is hope tomorrow, may almighty God bless your heart as you sleep tonight, goodnight.


• Dearest let praise God for giving us another beautiful night, I pray that every one of your sorrows would vanish before you see another sunshine tomorrow morning, have a nice sleep, goodnight.


• I beseech God to make this night a beautiful night for you, free of nightmare and cast out every evil snare. May you wake up tomorrow morning, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, goodnight dear friend.


• A friend like you deserves my beautiful prayers, I pray to my Lord to bless you with the most amazing night and protect you from all evils that roam in the darkness of the night, sleep peacefully and enjoy the favor of God.


• Our Lord is good all the time, o Lord the night has come, and we slumber onto our bed, our soul journey to you, make this night not our last night on earth, make us rise to live tomorrow morning and unit us with our families and friends once more, Amen.


• I call upon our Lord in heaven to bless you with a glorious night, sleep peacefully, goodnight.


• The Lord knows what is the best for you, thank him for all that you achieve today, and ask for his mercy and bounties, may the Lord answer every silent prayer of your heart, amen, goodnight.


• The night is full of God’s blessing; I pray that the blessings of this night come your way, good night.


• As bright as the moon shines, I wish you a blissful night also, goodnight.

Soul Lifting Good Night Prayers for Friends

• May the Lord bless your soul, goodnight.


• Before I sleep tonight, I pray the Lord to bless us with another day tomorrow, goodnight.


• I pray for you and your lovely wife may the Lord shroud your heart with his divine love, goodnight.


• We have hope and expectations, no matter what happens always have faith in God, goodnight.


• We are lucky to see this night; I pray that we will be alive to see another day tomorrow morning, goodnight.


• Goodnight, wishing you God’s favor and protection.


• May the Lord cause you to rise above death, and above sickness, sleep well, goodnight.


• For every blessing that you receive say thank you, Lord, for many, are in pain in their hospital bed, and many more are lying in their graves now. I pray the Lord to bless every moment of your life, goodnight.


• As the night comes, I pray that it brings peace and love for you, sleep tight and refresh your body and soul, peace unto your heart, goodnight.


• As the night takes over from the day, all things happen according to God’s plan, I pray that every good that has been decree for you will manifest in your life tomorrow, have a peaceful night, goodnight.


• Lord, I seek for your help to vanished my worries, to bless my heart, to protect me, and wake me up to see another new day tomorrow.


• Lord in heaven, I’m in need of your guardian, your love, and care, I ask you for a blessed night.


• Lord, give me the strength to worship you, heart to love your words and mouth to praise you, bless me with a beautiful night, and bring me back to life tomorrow morning.


• Dear friend, as we depart tonight, I pray that God makes it a blessed night for us, we meet on another day tomorrow, goodnight.


• Before you sleep tonight, I want you to always put your trust in God, for he would do everything for you, goodnight.


• Lord, you are enough for me in all my affairs, I ask you for a wonderful night.


• Lord, keep every evil away from me and my loved ones make this night a blessed night for us, enrich my heart, and bless my destination.


• Mighty God we worship and we praise your name, thank you for everything that you have done in my life, thank you also for the gift of life and this beautiful night, fill this night with your glory and honor for us, make us rise from sleep happy and healthy tomorrow morning. Amen.


• As the night approaches and we depart to sleep, I beseech you o Lord to make it a lovely night for us, surround us with your Mercy and forgive our sins, raise us up like a new baby tomorrow morning, Amen.


• As the night thickened, Lord we seek your guardians against the evil of this night, protect us and make our heart pure, and have mercy on our soul, amen.


• Lord, you have created the night for rest, rejuvenated our body and soul, and restore life tomorrow morning.


• Lord, make this night a dream come true for us, fill it with your mercies and love for us, sanitize our life and make it make our heart pure, we sleep in your name and we wake in your name.


• God, your name is a security and safety for us, o Allah as we recline to our bed, we call upon you to make it a blissful night for us, goodnight.


• Words cannot express my gratitude to you o Allah for making it possible for us to witness another night, we ask you for your protection as we lay our head to sleep.


• Hurray! Go to bed early, you have done your best today, may the Lord bless you with a beautiful night, goodnight.


• As you sleep tonight, may the Lord strengthen your soul, enrich your life, and cast away all your sorrows and pains from your heart, may wake looking fresh and beautiful tomorrow morning, goodnight.


• No matter how your day was, just relax and have a beautiful rest, the Lord has prepared a wonderful night for you, goodnight.


• Believe in God and believe in yourself, sleep well tonight, leaving you in God’s merciful hand, goodnight.


• May the light from heaven guide you through the night, as we see now, may we wake up happy and healthy tomorrow morning, good night.


• I look upon heaven to beseech your heart with peace as you lay to sleep this night, may the Lord cover you with his divine mercy, sleep well, goodnight.


• In a moment from now, we will be away in our sleep, and as you slumber onto your bed, I pray that God almighty bless your night and have mercy on your soul, goodnight.



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