Inspirational Good Night Prayers for Friends

When the night comes, the best gift that you should give to your friend is to send him or her a goodnight prayer, to seek protection for them from God, and to wish them a beautiful night’s rest. In this article, we have helped you compose some amazing good night prayers for friends that would show how much you care love, and for them.

Good night prayers are a beautiful way to end a hectic day and induce a calm sleep. They help us to keep in touch with the divine and make the most of every opportunity to connect with our higher self.

A good night prayer for your friends is a way to show your love and affection towards them. Good night prayers are a way to wish them a peaceful and soothing sleep.

Good Night Prayers for Friends

May this beautiful and heartfelt good night message for friends be as refreshing as a lovely, cool breeze blowing through the window of your room, reminding you that God is always there to protect you in his arms and keep you safe from all dangers.


Dear friends, as you drift off to dreamland may sweet dreams of divinity entertain your mind.


May you have a blessed night, peaceful and calm. I pray that you receive good news in the morning and be blessed with a wonderful day! Have a good sleep and pleasant dreams.


May the Lord and all your loved ones bless you before you go to bed, keep you in his care as you sleep, and wake up with renewed energy. May the Lord and all your family members touch your life in a positive way, and fulfill all your hopes and dreams for today and tomorrow.


May god bless you in no time and keep you safe. Love and Blessings dear friend. You are Loved by All.


May the hand of God keep you safe as you sleep. May his angels watch over you and guide me to be there for you when you need me.


May the angels watch over you while you sleep. May your dreams be sweet, and tomorrow bring you happiness.


Oh, I pray to God that He should bless you and keep you safe. Oh, I pray to God that He should cool your forehead for rest. Oh, I pray to God that He should soften up your pillow for a peaceful slumber. May you sleep well this night and gain sufficient strength for the next day’s challenges.


I hope you enjoy living life. I hope you can conquer your fears and learn to love yourself. I hope you find the people who will accept you for the beautiful creature that you are. I hope that your inner beauty shines all around you. I hope you are in touch with your spiritual self, it is a vital part of who you are. I hope someday you will understand the divine messages that come to appease your mind, body, and soul. Most of all I wish you peace love and cheers, good night.


Dear friend, know that I am with you always, and may the divine presence of God be your companion as you sleep till tomorrow. Sleep well and may you wake up to a new positive day. I care for you a lot and will never stop praying for you.


Please accept my good night prayers. May this lovely evening bring a halt to all the worries that are disturbing your relaxed self. On this special night may there be a halt to all the evil spirits so that you may have a magnificent sleep.


I pray that your day was a good one and that tomorrow will be even better. May you remain in good health, happiness, and prosperity. I especially pray that your love will grow, be stronger than ever, and forever endure. Good night, sweet dreams.


Tonight, as you go to bed, I want you to sleep peacefully. Know that God is with you and always will be. Rest your head on your pillow knowing that when you wake up tomorrow God will still be here in your life and I will love you eternally. Good night beautiful!


Thanks for the friendship you’ve shown me, your love is so genuine I really appreciate the care. I need you in my life, I cherish your friendship. God bless you!


I wish you peace and tranquility, for a carefree night. I pray for divine protection over you as you rest. Thanks for being my friend.


May God’s blessings rain upon you as you sleep. May your soul be in peace all through the night. And may you dream of heaven… A place where angels dwell.


May God give you peace. This message is sent to remind you that he is always there for you.


May you wake refreshed, rested, and restored. As you greet the new day may it overwhelm your mind with pleasure and excitement, may it entice your senses and open your heart to joy, love, and life.


Dearest, as you lay your head to sleep tonight, I pray that the night refreshes your body and soul, may you be among the living of tomorrow by God’s grace, goodnight.


Good night dear friend. May you sleep well, and peacefully be everything and everyone around you. Goodnight, sweet dreams!


Lord, bless all my friends that I have made and the friends I haven’t made yet. Give them peace and comfort as they sleep tonight. Let them feel Your love tonight as they dream of You. Bless me, Lord, by covering me with Your love and comfort as I sleep tonight.


God bless you and your family; may the Lord watch over you. Good night my friends. May He give His peace to you.


Good night, my love. As you sleep, may the Lord embrace you with open arms and give you rest full of peaceful dreams. I will see you again in the morning light. I love you.


Make a wish before you sleep. God is listening to your voice. Good night friend.


Good night, sweet dreams. May the angels watch over you, and may the breeze of the Holy Spirit bring you good dreams. God bless you and keep you; may His love shine upon you.


Lord, bless my friends with love, happiness, health, and peace. May they live long! Good night.


Good night and Sweet Dreams. May you sleep peacefully through the night till dawn, when the morning sun peeps in gently on your face, to wake you up with a new day and energized spirit!


As the sun sets in this quiet evening, I pray that God will send His angels to guard you; good night.


Good night friends, as the moon shines bright above us and the stars glisten like diamonds, I hope this excellent night’s wish will find you in peace with lovely dreams waiting for you in Heaven.


Goodnight, my dearest friends; I hope you will have a lovely sleep full of sweet dreams. Every day I am grateful that God has put you in my life. Thank you for all the things you do. Goodnight to you and your family members; God bless you all… Amen!


Good night friends… May the Lord of angels and stars protect you throughout the night. Good night!


Good night, good night to you, with all the dreams I pray will come true. Good night, good night to you, with all my love to keep you through the day.


God is the light of Heaven and earth, so if you get an idea in the night, you can sleep in peace as everything is guarded by our creator.


Let this night bring peace to your heart and joy to your soul. Let slumber soothe away the cares of your day, and let the darkness turn into the dawn of a new happy day.


I have prayed for you, dear friend, and I know God will be with you in your time of need. I pray that you turn to God and follow him for his word tells us that he will never leave us or forsake us. Turn to him; he loves you, and I love you too!


Every night I think of you and wish you a good night. Sometimes I fall asleep before your message arrives. But I know you are there sending me a good night’s prayer. These thoughts of you bring me serenity and peace of mind. May these good night wishes bring you the same peace, love, and tranquility every day. Good night My Dear Friend!!


I know that I’ve told you before, but I want to remind you again how much I love and care for you. I pray each night for God to watch over you while you’re sleeping. Keep you from harm and all the dangers of the darkness. You are my dearest friend and a sweet angel in my life. I cherish our friendship, and I love you dearly. Good night!


I pray that you have a peaceful night filled with love and hope. I pray that you remember the good times and forget the bad ones. With all my love, I will say goodnight.


My prayers for you tonight are that you wake with joy and sleep in peace. Please let your worries float away as you begin to dream. And when tomorrow comes, give it your best, all throughout the day!


I pray that you will grow in the knowledge and love of our Mighty God, together with your family members. Good night!


Thank you, God, for all the blessings you gave me in a day. I’m sending this prayer to say good night and sweet dreams.


Good night my friend. Good night my love. Good night to everyone I know that is reading this. I wish you all beautiful dreams, full of wondrous things and happiness!


Hello, friend wishing you a great night. Have a great sleep, and let God hold your hand because I am sending you a prayer tonight. God will protect your family, friends, loved ones, health and strength, mind, body, and soul. I pray that all the things in your life will get better every day. I pray that negative people leave you alone and stay away from you.


My friend, my companion, my confidante – thank you for all you do. The world is a better place because you are in it. I could not dream of a better friend than one as loyal and loving as you. Thank you for your love and support when times were tough. Thank you for your smiles and laughter through the good and bad times. Good night my friend, my dreams of sugar plums bring sweet dreams to your mind. Love always!


I know I don’t say it often, but I really love you and appreciate your friendship. May God’s blessing be upon you tonight. Good night.


Good night my friend. Our day is done, and now I want to say a prayer for you. May God be with you all night to protect you from all evil powers as you are sleeping peacefully. Good night!


Good night my sweet friend. Good night my happiness. Good night my beautiful dream. Good night my love. Thoughts of you flood my mind as I lie awake, wishing I could turn back time. My heart misses you dearly, may bless your heart as you drift away into a sweet sleep; I love you.

Divine Good Night Prayer for Friends

I pray to God that you get a nice sleep. I really care about you when you. Wish you a “Good Night”.


I pray all my friends and family, who are far and near, find peace and love. I also pray for all humanity and loved ones. Love always. Good Night to all and have sweet dreams as you sleep with angels watching over you! Many blessings of love, peace, joy, and everything that is good in the world!


May the light of the moon guide you on your way as you sleep, may the breeze of the wind keep you cool as you rest, and may the hands of time protect you with love. As I say goodnight to you and all my friends, remember that I love each one ya all.


As you drift off to sleep tonight I pray that your sleep is full of happy dreams. I send all my love and best wishes to you. May the Lord bless you; keep you safe and make you flourish in everything you do.


I love you. You are my friend. I hope that all your prayers and wishes come true and that the future brings you joy. Sweet dreams!


May the Lord God Almighty Watch over you, Drip on you his mercies, And may He be close to your heart. May you have a good night’s rest with your soul at peace and your spirit filled with the goodness of the Lord.


As you sleep tonight, May your sleep be filled with sweet and wonderful dreams. May the Angels watch over you and protect you always. May you wake up in the morning with a smile and a refreshed mind, body, and spirit. I say these words from my heart so that all of this may be yours.


May you win many battles and laugh often. May your dreams be many, and your worries are few. May you love the life you live, and live the life you love. Let your smile change the world, but never let the world change you. For life is yours, and yours is beautiful. Good night, sleep well!


May God Bless You, and keep you safe. Make you happy and healthy, and give you success and prosperity in every aspect of your life. Open your heart to receive this flow of divine love and wisdom that I send to you through my thoughts, written on the wings of my prayers.


May the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are asleep.

Soul Lifting Good Night Prayers for Friends

Good night my friend and good luck till the morning. I pray that you would experience an awesome night without any pains or sorrows. I wish you the greatest of luck for greater things to come to pass and for you to experience a very peaceful sleep ahead because you really deserve to rest easy tonight.


Dear friend, sleep well. May the loving hands of God comfort you and rest your soul in peace as you drift off to sleep. Having you as a friend is more than I could have ever hoped for, and I thank God for bringing us together. You are so very much loved.


I pray you to have a wonderful and blessed night. May your dreams be sweet as my wishes for you. I miss and love you always, Judy.


I pray that God will hold you tight in his arms tonight. I pray that you have a good night’s rest, and may tomorrow be better than today. I love you!


)Sleep well, have sweet dreams and if god should decide to separate us please know that I will love you for eternity. Every morning and each night I pray for your happiness and well-being.


You are such a blessing in my life. And I wanted you to know that I care about you and I’m here for you. If you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask. Be safe tonight, and God bless.


With a gentle kiss, I’ll say to you, “Goodnight” at the end of this day and the beginning of the next.


May you sleep tonight with dreams of angels and wake to peace and love.


Lord, your heavenly father, I pray Lord, that you will protect them and guide them at all times.


May the Lord always protect you and lift you high above all others.


May the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

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