Best Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes (2020)


Best Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Everyone

Best Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Everyone, are beautiful retirement quotes that you can send to your loved ones, colleagues or Boss. Check out our various collections below.

Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Father

1. The company will always need a man like you on their ship. You have served your term with fearlessness, loyalty, dedication, and motivation. Happy retirement dad.


2. You came, you saw and you conquered, congratulations dad on your retirement, you are a great man.


3. Thank God for a beautiful life for you dad, you have worked so hard to deserve a marvellous retirement, congratulations dad, wishing you a lovely life.


4. You are retiring to the life of happiness and joy, we are here to make every moment a memorable one with you, thank you for always been a great dad to us, congratulations dad.


5. I’m happy for you dad, you have achieved everything in life, and now you have to take a good rest and enjoy the fruit of your labour, wishing you long life and good health, happy retirement sir.


6. Not many of your colleagues that you started together get to this level of their career, thank God for preserving you through the entire period dad, congratulations on your retirement, I’m wishing a wonderful time.


7. Today is the greatest day of my life, I’m so happy that you would have enough time to spend with us as you are retiring from active service, congratulations dad, we are coming over to celebrate with you.


8. I have always look up to this beautiful day with you dad, you are the best father in the world, we thank God for your successful career life, can’t wish you less than eternal happiness, happy retirement sir.


9. Thank God, we have another excellent opportunity to spend more moment together in our lifetime, congratulations dad, retirement means more memorable time together, wishing you God’s protection all the time.


10. Congratulations on your retirement dad, it is time to pay you back for all the care and love that you have shown us, please stay back and enjoy a bit of your remaining life with us.


11. Happy retirement to the greatest dad in the world, we proud of a wonderful father like you, without your untiring support for us, we would have been nowhere.


12. A cheering moment for my family today, hurrah, Dad is retiring! Congratulations dad, wishing you a wonderful retirement, we promise to make it a lovely time for you.


13. Every moment you take into the future would be illuminated for you, may the glory of the Lord continue to shine into your life, congratulations on your retirement dad.


14. Your retirement would bring you good time sir; I have prayed God for more blessing for you, happy retirement dad.


15. You have taken great care of us, and we are happy to take the batons from you where you stop, may the life of retirement bring you more happiness dad, sit back and enjoy your life with us, we love you, happy retirement.


16. There can never be a great dad like you, you are the hero of our life, congratulations dad, have a great retirement time.


17. I watched as you give up everything to make us great in life, it is our turn to take good care of you dad, this retirement would more wonderful time in your life, congratulations dad, happy retirement life.


18. For a job well done, and for the plans well-drafted and executed, congrats dad! Retire well.


19. There were tough times but you stood tall through them all and did not break! You are a truly valuable dad, happy retirement.


20. The firm might be sad to lose a man like you, but we at home, are over the moon with joy because we are regaining you back! Happy retirement.


21. Allow us to welcome you back home officially. You have been sentenced to the rest of your life in vacation mode! Happy retirement dear dad.


22. Happy retirement daddy! Words can’t describe how proud you have made the family. You have been amazing!


23. The worker role has come to an end, but the dad role continues! And we cannot wait for you to resume! Happy retirement.


24. Dear dad, you are deserving of all the rest you can have, for you have been outstanding and remarkable throughout your years as a worker. Enjoy your retirement.


25. You have always set a good example for us your children to follow. A very big cheers to you as you bow out gracefully today.


26. It is time to pass on your arsenal of ideas to the next generation! You have done well dad! Happy retirement.


27. We have always missed you dad and we are just as excited to welcome you back home to us! Retire well.


28. Once again, we will get to hear your voice fill the air in the house! Oh how much we have waited for this day! Happy retirement.


29. The era of travels, meetings, conferences, and symposiums have been honourably put to a halt! Enjoy your retirement dad!


30. May those good qualities of yours which have brought you this far, remain as a lasting legacy for you. Congrats on your retirement dear dad!


31. You have always been outstanding in the roles you have played; as a father, and as a working man. May you be rewarded with peace, joy, and serenity as you start your life after retirement. Congrats!


32. Happy retirement to the best father in the world! You have always been the one for all the jobs! I hope to follow in your footsteps real soon. Congratulations father.


33. Jack of all trades, master of all. This is what you have always been known to be. I wish you a retirement life filled with bliss and joy.

Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Mother

1. For years of service to your nation well spent in honesty, capability, humility, and selflessness, I wish you the best retirement. Congrats mom. You have made me proud.


2. To the greatest mom in the world, to the hero of our life, bravo mother, happy retirement mama.


3. You are the pillar that always held us back when we want to fall, you are our little world, yet so mighty to us, we are happy for you mom, congratulations on your retirements, wishing you all the best in life.


4. To the exceptional woman in the world, to the epitome of my heart, I’m so glad that you are retiring today, it would afford me all the time to take great care of you, mama, tell me where you wish to go, I would take you there, congratulations on your retirement mama, wishing you a long life of happiness.


5. It has been weeks into month and months into years, you have served your country meritoriously mama, you deserve this beautiful gift giving to you, congratulations on your lovely retirement, this moments shall bring joy and everlasting bliss.


6. You make from nothing to something, God has been with you mama, this your retirement time shall be great for you, happy great retirement ma, we will always be at your service all the time.


7. To the love of my life, to the greatest mother in the world, you mean everything to me, with a cheerful smile on my face, I say, happy retirement to you mama.


8. Dearest mother, happy retirement, you are moving into the life of beautiful rest and peace of mind, no more early to work and late arrival, we would share a more wonderful time with you.


9. You deserve a beautiful vacation with dad in the place of your choice anywhere in the world, and I’m ready to pay the bill, happy retirement mom, coming to see you now.


10. If every mother was like you, the world would have been a more wonderful place, your work would miss you, but we like it that way, it is now more valuable time together with family and friends, a really happy retirement for you mom.


11. You are really a great mother, thank you for giving my life a beautiful shape, it is time to reciprocate your beautiful care for me, congratulations on your successful retirement, it is going to be a time with you.


12. Dear mother, your retirement would bring you a happy moment and beautiful rest, congratulations mother, may your heart be filled with joy.


13. You served and dedicated so much for the betterment of our great country, now you retiring from active work mama, congratulations on this great success you have achieved, wishing you a more fulfilled life of happiness and joy.


14. Retirement means less work and more time for yourself, enjoy your life and wishing you long life and good health.


15. Congratulations on your retirement mama, we would be having a great time together as a family.


16. You are amongst the very few to make it to the finish line. I have always believed in you and I am so proud of you. Happy retirement mom.


17. Enjoy all the rests that retirement brings forth, and enjoy it to the fullest! Congratulations mama!


18. I have known you to always face your obstacles head-on! And that has brought you this far! Congrats on your retirement dear mother.


19. Happy retirement mama! This calls for a celebration! You deserve every bit of the joy and fulfilment you feel today!


20. On behalf of myself and the rest of your children, I would like to say a very big congratulation to you as you hang your boots today. We love you.


21. The ride hasn’t been the easiest, but you rode through it like it was nothing! I am very proud of my mom. Happy retirement.


22. Happy retirement to the most wonderful boss anyone can have, to the most marvelous wife, and to the most amazing mother! Cheers!


23. May this retirement become a time to reflect, but not regret. Congratulations and enjoy yourself!


24. A price cannot be put on your time in service. You have been of inestimable value. Happy retirement mom.


25. Raise a glass to the fact that we get to see you around the house more often than ever! Happy retirement mom. Cheers.


26. May this retirement be filled with lots of delight and thrills! Have an enjoyable one mom!


27. Every establishment needs more women like you in their workforce! You are an icon. Happy retirement.


28. We are glad to finally have you back home and for good! Enjoy your retirement.


29. Retirement is a fancy word for having to see your co-workers faces no more, and having to see your family’s faces more often than not! Congrats mom!


30. We drafted our own retirement plan for you already! We cannot wait for you to see it, congrats and happy retirement.


31. Dear mom, say bye to legal and formal terms, and say hi to casual and informal! Happy retirement ma!


32. Now you get to put on a loose t-shirt on a Monday morning! How awesome is that!!? Congratulations on your retirement mom.


33. The days of work has been honourably and officially brought to an end yoday. You have done a great job! Retire well mom.

Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Uncle

1. As you step into this next phase of your life, may you enjoy all the amazing, fulfilling, and fun-filled moments that the universe offers! Happy retirement sir.


2. This is a transition from being bossed around, to being your own boss! Happy retirement dear uncle. You deserve it.


3. Retirements give the solution to “all work and no play…” Make the most of the rest of your life as a retiree!


4. You have never been the one to know when to drop all work and rest! So this retirement will provide you all the rest that you need! Happy retirement sir.


5. It is time to sit back, relax, and let your family take care of you to the fullest! You deserve the best that tomorrow and the days after brings! Happy retirement Uncle Tom.


6. I can assure you that the best life lies ahead of you after your retirement because I have seen you work hard to achieve it! Best wishes in your retirement dear uncle!


7. You have managed your career and your family so brilliantly, and I wondered how you managed to do both together. You are truly a hero sir. Congrats on your retirement.


8. Welcome back, home uncle. Your family no longer has to share you with the firm! Cheers to your retirement.


9. With retirement, you cannot get those impromptu calls for a meeting or for travel! Rest well as you retire. Congratulations sir.


10. Raise your glasses to the fact that your time is now in your own had to manage and control! Cheers. Happy retirement.


11. No more incessant work schedules! For it is now quality time to be spent with families an dear friends. Best wishes to your uncle, as you retire gracefully.


12. Your family has always looked forward to your retirement, and they cannot wait to end the countdown and have you all to their selves. Congratulations on your retirement sir.


13. We celebrate your retirement with much joy. Endless love from your family awaits you at home. Happy retirement.


14. From this day onward, may the rest of your retirement days be a thousand folds better than you ever imagined it to be. Accept my warm congrats as you retire.


15. Wishing a very happy retirement to my wonderful uncle. I hope that amongst your retirement packages, there is an open box of thrills and adventures! Congrats sir.


16. You are finally faced with the opportunity to do all the things, and go to all the places you have always wanted to go in life. Wishing you a retirement life of limitless joy and peace.


Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Father-In-law

1. The much-anticipated retirement is here at long last! We couldn’t be any less proud of your dad. Congratulations sir.


2. It is time to officially say a huge goodbye to the nine-to-five job! Congratulations Dad! Enjoy your retirement to the maximum.


3. Like an artist with a paintbrush in his hand, retirement gives you the time to paint the rest of your life with colours of your choice! Have a wonderful retirement sir. Congratulations.


4. I wish you a thoroughly enjoyable, and at the same time, most relaxing moments for the rest of your life sir! Happy retirement.


5. Retirement builds you your ship and makes you the captain. You can sail with whomever, and to wherever. Have a smooth and peaceful sail. Happy retirement.


6. Now is the time to look at the world without your work lenses! Best wishes and best of luck to you as you retire honourably today. Congratulations.


7. With work and office hours out of your way, now is the time to re-write your bucket list, and tick every one of the boxes in it! Happy retirement sir.


8. May the footprints that you have made never wash away nor fade! May it lead us to the best place we can be! Happy retirement dad!


9. You were successful in jugging the demands at work, and the demands at your home! And that calls for a good amount of rest! Happy retirement.


10. The amazing moments and memories you have made over the years as a dedicated worker are now yours to reminisce and share. Enjoy a good life as a retiree! Congratulations!


11. We saw your selflessness and dedication to the service, every step of the way! You fought your way through all the challenges you were faced with! You deserve the best of life as you retire. Happy retirement.


12. Please accept our warmest and heartfelt congratulations as you gracefully take a bow from the company. Enjoy your retirement.


13. You are deserving of every form of fulfilment this retirement brings, for you have sown the seed through your hard work. Happy retirement.


14. It is so great to see you make it to the finish line, like very few of your colleagues. May your new-found life be filled with happiness and fulfilling adventures. Happy retirement sir.


15. As you put an end to the daily stress of the work-life, I wish you a fantastic, colourful, and amazing retirement. Congratulations dad.


16. To a retirement well deserved, may this new phase bring you boundless freedom and limitless happiness! Congratulations.

Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Mother-In-Law

1. You have worked tirelessly all your life for your family, now is the time to reap all the sweet fruits of your labour. Happy retirement and congratulations ma’am.


2. They say the life of fun begins at retirement. This is what I wish for you as you retire today. Congratulations mom.


3. As you bid goodbye to your old job, we are glad to announce that your new job is to sit back, relax and let us take good care of you! Happy retirement.


4. Words fail me when I try to describe how happy I am to see you retire today! I wish you a very thrilling life as a retiree. Congrats.


5. You have always dreamt of a lot of things to do, and a lot of places to visit. With this retirement, you can now live the dream! Congratulations.


6. After all these years, it brings great joy to my heart seeing you match the brakes on your journey as a worker. Please accept my warmest and deep congratulations as you retire.


7. I congratulate you on your massive achievements, and I wish you a terrific retirement life filled with joy and positive expectations. Retire well, mom!


8. You can now finally take off your heels and rest after the unflinching effort of selflessness and service to all.


9. Safe to say that you now have little or no business with your alarm clock! For you can now wake up when you feel like! Happy retirement dear mother.


10. You have been exceptional as a boss, and as a mother. Best wishes to you as you retire today!


11. May every move you have made to make your country better, be rewarded immeasurably! Congrats on your retirement.


12. You have reached a milestone, and it is only deserving of rest and enjoyment! I am a proud son. Happy retirement mom.


13. Merriment, joy, thrills, adventures, fulfilment; these and more are what I wish for you on your life as a retiree. Congratulations.


14. You have been flawless at being a mother, a mother-in-law, a wife, and a boss in the office. Now, I cannot wait to see you exude flawlessness at retirement! Happy retirement mama!


15. We want to say a huge thank you for never letting your family down, and to also celebrate your new phase of life as a retiree. We love you, mom. Happy retirement.


16. Retirement is the universe’s way of rewarding you for all the hard work you have done all your life as a worker. Have an enjoyable retirement mom.

Retirement Wishes Quotes for Colleagues

1. Congratulations to you on the news of your retirement, the future holds a beautiful moment for you, wishing you the best.


2. Retirement means you have succeeded in your work life, now its time to take a break and have a beautiful rest, congratulations.


3. I would miss you a lot, but it is going to be a great time for you and your lovely family, congratulations, wishing you a marvellous retirement life.


4. No more sorting of papers and answer to queries, your life would continue to shine like the moon in the night, congratulations on your retirement, wishing you a wonderful moment.


5. You have always been a wonderful co-worker all theses that we have worked together here, now you have retired before me, I would miss you a lot, and wishing you all the best in life, congratulations.


6. We share common goals and aspirations but now you are retiring before me, thanks for being a wonderful colleague and a friend all these years that we have worked together, lets still keep in touch in every possible way, happy retirement life.


7. Retire happily and know that tomorrow holds beautiful promises than today, wishing you the best in life, good-bye my dearest colleague, I would keep in touch.


8. Retire to happiness and retire to good health, though we would miss you, your family would have more beautiful time with you, let’s keep our contact flowing, see you later.


9. It is hard to let you go, I have met a colleague so wonderful like you, enjoy every bit of your time with family and friends, happy retirement to you.


10. Every moment has its gift, the gift of this moment for you is good to rest and have peace of mind, may all these never elude you as you retire from active labour, congratulations and wishing you a glorious life.

Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Teacher

1. It is time to enjoy without stressing out! The most anticipated time of your life has just been kick-started. Happy retirement sir.


2. Cheers to total freedom, and a chance to fulfil all your dreams! Congrats on your retirement ma. Remain awesome.


3. On behalf of me and the rest of the students, we want to say a very big thank you for relentlessly sharing your tank of knowledge to us. May God continue to be with you always sir.


4. Thoughtful has been your lessons, inspirational have been your words of advice, and forever will your teachings continue to be instilled in us. Retire well ma’am.


5. You will greatly be missed around here sir. I do not think the school will be able to find any other teacher like you. You are irreplaceable sir. Happy retirement


6. Your service to our school is synonymous with service to humanity. May you be rewarded abundantly as you retire today.


7. Hurray! You made it sir! We wish you a merry-filled life of retirement. May all your dreams come true. Congratulations.


8. We will miss you dearly sir. Best wishes on this amazing milestone. You deserve it, sir. God bless.


9. You have put years of hard work into the intellectual growth and development of your students. Now sir is time allow yourself to unwind. Take pleasure in life at the forefront. Cheers.


10. You will not only be remembered as a great teacher, but as a great motivator, and an inspirational leader. Thank you for bringing out the best in all of us.


11. I get encouraged to be in class knowing that you will be there to teach us. I wish every other teacher in this school will be like you. Best wishes as you retire sir.


12. As you leave our school today officially, I pray and hope that we will get frequent visits from you as the time goes by, for we will really be in need of your presence often ma’am! I wish you the best retirement.


13. It has been decades of hard work and sacrifices towards making your students better people. May you reap the fruits of your toil as you retire today. Happy retirement sir.


14. It might be hard to say goodbye to my teacher and mentor, but it is consoling to know that you deserve it! And I couldn’t be less happy for you. Happy retirement sir.


15. I wish you a pressure-free and joyful retirement. Your impact here will be missed to a great extent. Congratulations on your retirement.

Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes for Boss

1. To a boss who is known to bring out the best in all your staff, I wish you the best retirement life ahead. Happy retirement sir.


2. Wishing a very special boss nothing but a glorious and delightful retirement. May you’re the rest of your dreams be fulfilled


3. As you hang your boots of work, May your contributions and efforts in the building of this name and status never be futile. Congratulations on your retirement.


4. Retirement is a type of retreat, only that you won’t get to see the faces of your colleagues; rather, you will always get to see the faces of your loved ones. Congratulations sir.


5. Sir, this has always been known to be your second home; and now it is time to return fully to your first and real home! Happy retirement.


6. For service to your country well executed and well spent, May you harvest all fruits of the good you have sown in this company. Cheers to your retirement ma’am.


7. Over time, you turned subordinates and trainees into colleagues, colleagues into friends, and friends into family. It has been an honour working with you ma’am. Happy retirement.


8. Dear ma, you have always been the best woman for the job, and I must admit that the firm would find it tough to get a replacement for you! Congrats on your retirement. God bless you.


9. Retirement means going from a rule-maker to a rule follower. Exclusively, rules laid down by your wife! Best of luck boss! And congratulations.


10. We wish the past years were to make bring you closer to the company and rather than farther from it. Sir, we just want to say that you would be greatly missed here. Happy retirement.


11. Being a boss never seemed so awe-inspiring. You are an icon to us your staff, and any other boss there is! I wish you a gratifying retirement. Congratulations.


12. I am sure that by now, the company is thinking of writing to the government to extend the retirement age, just so they would have you around for a few more years. You are a rare gem ma’am. Happy retirement.


13. Your whole life has been the firm sir, and now you about to begin a new life. I wish you the entire best sir and a very big congratulation on your retirement.


14. You have always been one to face any form of challenges head-on. So I am sure you are ready to face any challenges the retirement life brings forward to you.


11. I wish you never leave us in this company sir, but since it is going to be a beautiful time for you and your lovely family, we have no choice than to be happy with you as well, best retirement sir.


12. Dear boss, wishing you a nice time with your family as you retire today; may your life continue to glitters like the stars.


13. Thank you very much for being a great mentor to me, I miss you as you retire from active work today, wishing all the best in your life.


14. You are the pillar of this company, we thank God for sending a wonderful boss to us at this time, you have taken the company to a glorious height, retire well sir.


15. Farewell to the greatest boss in the world, If there is another opportunity, I wish to serve under a great achiever like you, goodbye boss.


16. You stir my positive interest in my work, you bring out the best in me, you are a great mentor, sir, thank you for all the things you have done for me, wishing you a lovely retirement life.


17. I’m sober that you have to go but happy that you are happy, you have left your footprint on the sand of time, congratulations sir, happy retirement life.


18. Retire well sir; you have done a lot to deserve a beautiful time like this, farewell boss.


19. We will miss you, sir, wishing you all the best as you retire.


20. Your retirement would bring you happiness and a good time, wishing you and your family a memorable time together, farewell sir.


21. You are retiring to good health and a good time, farewell sir.


15. If all wishes were granted, I would wish that you never left us, sir, happy retirement sir, wishing you a wonderful life.

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