I Miss You Babe/I Miss You Babe Quotes

I miss you babe
I miss you babe

I Miss You Babe/I Miss You Babe Quotes: Missing someone special to you can be very excruciating, but sending her or him one a simple message to express your feelings can go a long way to douse your heavy heart. Find some of the most beautiful I miss you quotes from these collections of ‘I miss you babe-I miss you babe quotes’, to send to him or her.


I Miss You Babe-I Miss You Babe Quotes

1. When I eat, I’m thinking about you. When I turn around, you are in my thoughts. When I close my eyes, I see your face. I miss you with all the strength in my body and soul.


2. Distance might keep us away for now. Words might keep our thoughts together but only love binds our hearts forever. I love you, babe, with every second that passes.


3. Life seems incomplete without your presence. I miss you with every minute of the day and every strand of hair on my body.


4. I wish I could wipe off many days on the calendar just to be in your arms once again babe.


5. I miss your smile
I miss your laughter
I miss your hugs
I miss your kisses
I miss YOU.


6. I feel incomplete without you by my side. I can’t wait to see your face again babe.


7. The moment I see you again, I promise to love you even more than before. You are the one thing that makes me happy on this earth.


8. It certainly feels like the world has gone dull and quiet since you left my side babe. Give me a reason not to say I miss you with all my heart. Can’t wait to witness your crazy laughter once again.


9. Today I tried to recount and draw a list of the things I did all-day-
Missing you
Miss you
Missed you.


10. You haven’t even left and my heart is already aching for you. With this little time left, let’s get the best out of it by creating beautiful memories to accompany you on your trip.


11. Babe, you left as my princess and when you return I promise to make you my queen. I miss you so much already. Have a great time!


12. Hey, I just want to thank you for all the sweet memories you have given me. They keep me company while you are away. I can’t wait to make more when you return. I miss you, babe.


13. Here’s my heart. Take it along with you while you are away. I don’t need it. The safest place is with you.


14. Even if you were a target that was a foot away, I’d still miss you.


15. These days, I despise the sight of the calendar. The numbers and dates remind me of your absence which hurts. But then I realize it makes me love you even more.


16. A crack of your smile and the sound of your voice is enough to make my day in these trying times of your unbearable absence.


17. I’m right here but my heart is over there with you. Missing you is like walking in an empty park were everything seems dull and blue.


18. It feels like the world has lost a million people while you go away, babe.


19. Missing you makes my world empty. Birds chirping sounds louder and I easily get lost in-office meetings. Come back to me because my heart aches only for you.


20. With every day that passes, I realize that the burden of missing you becomes heavier. Though the time to see you again is getting closer.


Missing you
Miss You

Cute I Miss You Babe Quotes 

Love is in the eye, love is in action and love is in words; let your babe know how you miss them over a lovely text.


21. I didn’t realize how strong my love for you is until you were. I discovered that missing you is just another part of loving you more.


22. There aren’t enough words in this world to describe the way I feel when I miss you, babe. I might not let you go the next time!


23. I know it would be impossible for you to be by my side at all times. That’s why I’m offering you my heart so you can take it along with you while you’re away.


24. Even If we spent an entire lifetime together, I’d still miss you the second you leave my side.


25. If I want to use the words to describe the way I feel when I miss you, I’ll probably miss spell them.


26. Ever since you went away, I’ve gone on to master the art of missing you.


27. My heart aches every time you are away.


28. When I left home last night, I know I’m going to miss you so badly, I miss you my love, I will be home soon.


29. When you left, you took my heart with you, please come home, the feeling of being lonely is so unbearable to me.


30. You break my heart when you left, I can’t face this life alone without you here. I miss you.


31. “My eyes await your return. Please come back soon. I miss you, baby!”


32. I have no one to share my story with, I miss you.


33. You are always the only one who cares and listen to me carefully when I talk, I miss you so much.


34. You mean the whole world to me, I will soon rush back into your lovely arms, I miss you, babe.


35. Life is so good to have you around, you are a lovely girl, I miss you so much.


36. “The silence isn’t so bad, Till I look at my hands and feel sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”


37. I am sick without you, I miss you, my love.


38. I miss you like the flower misses the morning sun light.


39. I shed tears when I think of how much I will miss you now that I’m leaving, I love you so much.


40. No amount of pressure can take away your love from my heart, you are the only one made for me, I love you.



I Miss You Quotes for Her

I miss my babe so much and I need to let her/him know this over the text, look down to find some of the best collection of I miss you babe quotes.


41. It going to be you and I in the garden of EDEN forever, I miss you.


42. The beauty of life is when you hold and smile at me, this are the moments I cherish most with you. I miss you.


43. I never knew that this journey will take me away for so long, I feel like a fish out of water, I miss you my lovely babe.


44. I will always love you, you will forever be in my mind, I miss you my dear love.


45. It is always very hard to keep my eyes off you, I miss you a lot.


46. “I wish you were here to tell me that everything is gonna be okay.”


47. My world is empty without you, I miss you, my love.


48. The most crucial moment of my life is the time when I have to bid you goodbye. I am going to miss you.


49. I feel like the luckiest person on earth for not having you by my side. I wish I could be reminded of your tight hugs and delicious kisses.


50. I’m indeed lucky to have you, but very unlucky to not have you with me right now. I miss you.


51. There are toothaches, fire burns, and fractures. But the most painful feeling one can have is missing someone like you babe.


52. Sometimes I think l have finally overcome my worst fears because it is nothing compared to the situation of losing you. Come back to me babe, so I can get to see your pretty face again.


53. These days, I found the habit of hating the skies because of you. The stars and sun constantly remind me of how bright you used to lighten my world.


54. I hate seeing the rain because it constantly reminds me of how much you used to shower me with love, care, and support.


55. If I have the power to erase anything it would be the remaining days left before I see your face again.


56. Today I will be busy doing the dishes, cleaning the house, trimming the flowers, and counting the days left before seeing you again.


57. If the way I miss you was the oceans, it would be the deepest. If it were a tree, it’d be the tallest. If it were the mountain, it’d be the biggest. You make my world empty while you are away.


58. I’m like a puzzle with missing pieces, a tree without leaves, and a well without water. I need your presence to complete me, my love.


59. I’m fed up with a day, an hour, a second, a single moment without you. Your absence takes away the fun in my life, I’m so empty I miss you.


i miss you babe quotes


I Miss You So Much Quotes Babe

Chose from these lovely collections of I miss you so much quotes for your lovely babes. Life is sweet when we can appreciate each other.


60. I fell in love with you and my life changed forever. I didn’t know I love you so much until you left me. I realized that it has grown more than ever. I really miss you, I miss u.


61. To the woman who stole my soul and ran away, you are under arrest and shall be detained in the dungeons of my heart forever. I miss you dearly.


62. From being a crush, to my girlfriend and then to the woman of my dreams. Even if you are not here right now, I feel blessed knowing you’ll always be by my side.


63. There is no feeling in the world that is better than loving you. My heart beats for you and you alone. I miss you with all my heart.


64. Your eyes shine like a million stars in the sky and your smile is brighter than the moon itself. Your face is like watching the beautiful skies at night. Looking out the window, I miss you more than ever.


65. I miss you dearly from the bottom of my heart but I find solace in the thought that I feel special and I’m been loved by someone even more special.


66. Loving you is easy because your heart is beautiful. Loving you is easy because you understand me. Loving you is easy because you rule my entire world.


67. Queen of my heart and the woman of my thoughts. You are the princess of my mind and the goddess of my soul. Loving you feels epic and I miss it!


68. Sometimes we quarrel, sometimes we love up in each other’s arms. We chose to spend our lifetimes with each other. I miss you more than I miss you a second ago.

69. There is no better feeling I’ve ever felt like been with you. And I can’t seem to get more of it. It’s the reason I keep aching for your presence. I cannot wait for it!

70. I considered myself lost before I found you. Now I’m back to lost and I’ll need that beautiful feeling once again. It is the greatest gift that God could ever give me.

71. No star can ever shine as bright as the one in your eyes. Been with you is like been with the stars. Right now, I want to be with the stars!

72. Been with you is like a drug. I need your presence when I’m down and to keep me going. Now that you aren’t here, my life has come to a halt.

73. No one understands me like you do. No one believes in me like you’ve always done. No one supports and inspires me like you do. I feel like I need some of that now that everything feels dull and colorless. Come back to me while I wait for you.


74. From the moment I first saw you, I knew you were the one for me. I fell in love and I kept falling over and over again. Baby, please come back to me.


75. I saw you in my dream last night. In your left hand was the star and in your right was the moon. Like an angel, you smiled brightly. I miss you so much!


76. My heart beats differently while you are not around me and it’s a feeling that aches my heart.


77. Maybe aliens exist. Maybe there were dinosaurs before us. Maybe life started from a single cell. But there is something I’m certain of. I miss you.


78. The pain of missing you is unbearable and the joy of seeing you is enormous. I miss you, my love.


79. Whenever I see you, I will hold you tight, I will never let you go again, I was in great torture to have let you slip off my hand in the first place, I can’t make the same mistake again.


i miss you babe quotes


 I Miss You Quotes for My Lovely Wife


80. My dear wife, I miss you so much, I love you.


81. I have never felt bad about anything the way I feel sad whenever I leave you behind at home, I always want to see you by side, and will do everything possible to make it work next time, I miss you love.


82. I hope you miss me the same way I do, life is never the same if you are not here. I want you right here, right now.


83. I look forward to the beautiful day when I will see you again. You remain the number one thought on my mind every passing minute, I love you.


84. No distance can reduce my love for, even if I can’t see and touch you right now, you rule in my heart like the blood that flow in my vein. I miss you, I love you.


85. when we are together, I snap your lovely face with my eyes, and store in my soul, so that I can have a way to always visualize you in times like this when we are apart, but that seems to solve nothing, I tried to concentrate, and nothing seems to be ok, then I need to get back to your arms right now and bring you here with me. I miss you so much.


86. Life is so good when you have someone that can be so special to you and you are also special to the person, which is what I called balanced love; I know we both missed each other so badly. I love you; I will be home very soon.


87. You are the joy of my soul, I will not stay too long here, I will be coming home soon, I miss you.


88. Life is never the same without you, I miss your lovely smile and all the intimate time we spend together, you remain my dear wife and my best friend. I will be back soon, I miss you.


89. You are the only one that makes me feel this way, sad when we are apart and happy when we are together. I miss you.


90. The one prayer that always comes to my lips every morning is never to lose you because I can’t bear the burden of missing you, if you go, my heart will stop working, so you can see why I love you so much.


91. I never wish for a single day when I will look at my side and you will not be there. I love you with all my heart.


92. You may not be here with me right now, but still, I carry in my heart everywhere I go.


93. Life is joy, life is good to know that you are still over there waiting for me, I miss you so much.


94. My eyes are bored, because I have to cry all through the night and day. I hope you are reading this right now, you mean everything to me. Please come back home.


95. Nothing can take your love away from my heart, not this distance between us; I only miss you so much. And I still love you more than how much you know. I’m eager to rush back to your arms, I miss you.


96. I don’t like this feeling of being alone, I want to stay within your heart, I can’t stand the pain of missing you, because I love you so much.


97. I miss you my dear wife, I miss you so much.


98. I miss all the beautiful moments we share together, I miss every about you, I miss you, my dear wife.


99. You have always been the sweetest part of my life, I miss you so much, baby.


100. Give me something to hold on to, so that I don’t have to miss this much.


101. You may not be here with me right now, but I carry all the beautiful thoughts about you in my mind always. I miss you.


102. You are so special to me, my heart can’t stop loving you, I miss you.

Romantic Miss You Messages for Her

1. It feels like a hole appears in my heart with every day that passes, without you.


2. Tu me manques my babe. It means (I’m missing from you) in French.


3. I get hurt seeing other couples kiss and hug while you are so far away. Thinking about your absence feels like the most difficult thing that has ever happened to me.


4. Hey babe, close your eyes, what do you see? That’s how dark and empty my soul is when you are away.


5. I woke up today with a pain I didn’t recognize and then I realized it was a pain of missing someone really special. Come stay with me.


6. You are gone but I still have the strength to cope with your saddening absence. Just know that I’ll be here patiently waiting for your return.


7. I miss your words like I miss the air when I can’t breathe. I miss your smile and I miss your laughter. I miss your food; I miss your smell. I miss your hugs and kisses; I miss your love I miss your everything babe.


8. I speak to myself and sleep more these days. I feel sadder and I find it difficult to eat since you left. I just wanted to ask a simple request babe. Can you please complete me by coming back?


9. Today I discovered that without you, my life can never be the same. Your eyes, your touches, your voice, It’s a feeling I find difficult to understand.


10. You’re over there and I’m over here. It’s a feeling I can seem to bear. Losing you is indeed my greatest nightmare. But in your eyes, I want to stare because our love is always big enough to share.


11. I miss your wisdom and understanding, your thoughts and advice, your trust, and companionship. My life seems to have taken a pause since you left. I miss your everything and can’t wait for your return.


12. I climbed down the stairs and hurt my hand. I sliced the vegetables in the kitchen but cut my feet. I was on the phone but was talking to myself. That’s how miserable I am without our presence babe.


13. You bring me many beautiful feelings, uncountable lovely moments, a thousand blessings, and now they all seem gone. Don’t wait too long to return so I can be alive again.


14. Even while you’re far away, I can still remember your smile, the sound of your voice, the scent of your perfume but not the wonderful moments we share. Could you please come back so I can remind myself of how amazing you are?


15. Today I’ll be auctioning the remaining days left before I can see you again because I don’t need them.


16. Loving you is the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever had and missing you is the saddest feeling for me. How strange love could be.


17. You must have had quite a long night and might be really tired, babe. Because I’ve been kissing and hugging you in my dreams all night!


18. When I’m with you I can’t breathe. When I’m not with you, I suffocate! It’s hard to understand love.


19. I will never forget all the wonderfully unforgettable moments we’ve had together. The laughs, the jokes, the emotions, the tears, the hugs, the kisses. Baby, please come back so we could make more of them.


20. I hate it when the time flies when we’re together and then it moves slowly when you are not here.


I miss you
I miss you


21. Missing you is more than just a sad feeling. It’s like torture and punishment even the strongest man can’t bear.


22. Hey baby close your ears, what did you hear? That’s how quiet my life is when you are bot here.


23. A soldier can’t survive without his gun.A lion can’t survive without its bravery. The fish can’t survive out of water and the earth can’t survive without energy. Babe I can’t survive without your presence.


24. Sleepless, lifeless, colorless, powerless. Everything is less without you babe.


25. I was at the doctors’ place today and he informed me I had an infection. Babe I’ve been diagnosed with the ‘missing syndrome’.

Romantic Miss You Messages for Your Babe

26. Hey babe could you hold your breath for a few second? Now breathe and feel your heart beat. That’s how fast mine beats when you are with me. I miss the feeling, I miss you.


27. I miss the way you laugh, the way you smile and the way you listen. There is no one else that does it better than you do.


28. Every single day that passes without you is like a shot to my heart that never misses. Now my heart is full of holes. All I need and ever needed was you to fill up the spaces left by you.


29. My thoughts used to be free and happy when you are around. Now my mind is full of memories and scenarios of you. Please come back, I miss you.


30. If I must send you a thousand messages to remind you of how much I care about you, I won’t hesitate to send you a million!


31. If you will live up to 100 hundred years I pray to live for 99 years, so that I don’t have live without you.


32. “I keep myself busy with the things I do but every time I pause, I still think of you.” I miss you.


33. My heart knows sweetness when I’m in your arms, I can’t live without you, I love you.


34. The moment I step out of the home, I started missing you already. You are the joy of my soul.


35. “My heart never knew loneliness until you went away. I’m missing you.”


36. Before I leave the house every morning, I started by adjusting my heart to cope with the trouble of missing you. I love you my dear wife. You sum up everything that gives endless joy to my soul.


37. “When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I miss you.”


38. Nothing matters to me than making you happy, and nothing is as painful to me as when you are out of sight. I miss you.


39. Every step I take, I wish you are walking beside me. I miss you.


40. I want to be close to you, so that I don’t have to live a minute again without you.


I miss you babe quotes
I miss you babe


41. You are my dreams come true, you bring a lot of joy and happiness to my life, I will be rushing back home just to catch a glimpse of you right now, I miss you.


42. You are huge collections of books in volumes in my memory, I miss you so much.


43. My life just began when I met you, you beauty is irresistible, I miss you.


44. I will be back home very soon, I miss you.


45. You are the queen of my life, you role my world in a beautiful way, i wish I can always see when I wanted, I miss you so deeply.


46. I missing you instead of kissing, I love you.


47. when the person you loved so much is not with you when you need her/him most, it seem that everything about life stand still, it look like nothing is moving at all, that is how I fell when I can’t see you, I miss you, I will back soon.


48. I don’t feel save if you are not here, I miss you.


49. “Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly, we ought to be together, you and I.”


 Miss You Message to Make Her Smile

50. This time is moving so slower, I don’t know how long I would continue missing you.


51. “In French, you don’t really say “I miss you”, you say “Tu me manques” which means “You are missing from me.”


52. You went away and took my heart with you. Now I’m empty and loveless and people tell me I’ve changed. Come back home to me babe because I need it back.


53. I tried to shoot you a kiss last night through the night skies and I missed you!


54. Someone is missing you like crazy and wishing you come back soon!


55. What a makes a day really special if not talking with you, kissing and hugging you tightly, or seeing your pretty face. I miss you babe.


56. I was thinking about you all through yesterday. Then I slept of and had a dream of you, I woke up this morning and you’re still on my mind. You can call it crazy, I call it love.


57. I saw you were perfect and then I fell in love with you. I the found out that you weren’t and then I loved you even more.


58. For the last 21 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes and 15 seconds, I’ve missed you. And yeah I kept count of the time. That’s how much I miss you.


59. Anytime I miss you the sun goes a little dim. When next you see the weather is dull, blame it on me babe.


60. You are in my skin, in my mind, in my thoughts, in my eyes, in my heart. So imagine my life right now that you left me all alone. Come back babe.


I miss u


61. The nights are always worthwhile because I dream of you. The mornings are much better because I wake up thinking about you. I can’t wait to see your pretty smile again.


62. I woke up this morning and the first thing I could think of was your smile. You’re infectious and you make me happy even when you are not here. I love you dearly.


63. The words ‘forever’ and ‘ever’ can’t seem to express the amazing feelings I have for you dear. You rule my world even when you are not here. Have a wonderful day babe!


64. If missing you was a journey, It’d be the toughest one I will ever encounter. So you can see that since you went away, my life hasn’t been the same and I can’t seem to find my destination.


65. Hey love. Can you still remember the moment you said ‘I love you?’ I still remember how you said. The thought of it keeps me company. I miss you like hell!


66. Good morning sweet. No message is enough to describe the feelings I have for you in my heart. I need you, I miss you.


67. The feeling of love is like the feeling of been rich and famous. You are gone now and I feel poor and wretched. Come back to me and make me rich again.


68. If I had the chance to speak to God, I’ll ask him to bring you back to me because he cursed me with your love. I miss you so much.


69. Our love is like a rubber band. Hold one side and I hold the other and is stretches forever. I fear it might cut with the distance you’ve given me.


70. Missing you is an ache that never seems to go away.


71. Hey there, heartbeat. My neighbor just asked me how life is? And I replied it isn’t fine. He asked me why and I told him it’s because you went on a trip.


72. I think a soul is comprised of two hearts merged together by the glue of love. No wonder I don’t feel the same since you left.


73. I woke up today feeling like a detective because the feeling I have missing your love remains a mystery to me.


74. I woke up realizing loving someone like you can take away your heart but gives you strength to handle an absence. I miss you but I will wait for you.


75. This morning I found out that while you traveled, my heart was stolen. But you can keep it.


76. When were not together I miss our scent and embrace which makes every other thing dull and plain.


Funny Missing You Quotes for Her

Don’t just tell her how much you miss her, text her some funny miss you quotes that she would read and laugh a little.


77. “I miss you like an idiot misses the point.”


78. I don’t know if anyone has the medication for never to miss someone so badly?


79. “I only miss you when I’m breathing.”


80. “My memory loves you; it asks about you all the time.”


81. “I wish you missed me like I miss you.”


82. “I have a brain to think of you. Eyes to look at you. Heart to love you. Hands to comfort you. Toes to walk with you. Mouth to say I miss you and feet to kick you, if you don’t miss me too.”


83. “Every piece of me aches for you.”


84. “I miss you. A little too much, a little too often, and a little bit more every day.”


85. The sun is out too late today, because it is missing too.


86. I miss you, but remember you left a broken heart behind.


87. “I pretend to ignore you, but I really just miss you.”


88. “They say that time heals all wounds but all it’s done so far is give me more time to think about how much I miss you.”


89. “I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often and a little more each day.”


90. “Your absence has gone through me, like thread through a needle, Everything I do is stitched with its color.”

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