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Love captions for her from my heart: We have carefully caption some beautiful love words that would make her realize she has found an amazing man. You do not need to worry too much to look for that perfect word to do this magic for you. Just browse down and pick your choice from any of the love captions for her from my heart.

Love Captions For Her
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Love Captions For Her from My Heart

1. Every day should be time to celebrate our love because it’s filled with purity, wonders, and affection.


2. You came into my life and gave me something and someone to always look up to. You’ve made me seen the other side of life and I want to spend all my life with you.


3. I could go to any length to protect, take good care of you and make sure that you are always happy.


4. You fill my thoughts with the memories of your laughter, charge my body with the warmth of your kisses, and conquer my heart with the magic of your love.


5. As time flew past, I begin to notice the reduction of sad moments and the increment of happy times. You came into my heart and broke the chains of much impossibility.


6. Loving you is like a dream come true. I wake up with the thought of you in my mind and then I smiled.


7. Sometimes you make me realize I have the greatest lover on earth and guess what, she doesn’t even know how amazing she makes me feel, and that’s you. I love you.


8. Just a single touch of your body can make my worries go away and one hug would my entire week a splendor. A little of your smile could make the moment bright and a sound of your voice can bring joy to my heart. What is this called if not Pure Love.


9. A moment of laughter with you is like an eternity filled with joy and happiness.


10. Your kiss is as natural as the green pastures. Your eyes are as blue as the skies and your love is as red as the roses.


11. Loving you is like a story. The beginning felt a bit confusing and then when I began to know you better, it felt like the climax. I can’t wait to know how it all ends.


12. Like a tree, your affections give me the strength to withstand the storms. Your care makes my worries wither and fall off like the leaves and your loves keeps me growing.


13. Out of the billions of people across the world, I feel like the luckiest to be the one to have you by my side. It is a feeling I find very difficult to explain.


14. You are like the brightest star of my night. You shine above and illuminate my way.


15. Even eternity isn’t enough time for me to express and prove the love I have for you.


16. I don’t see you as just my girl, but as a future wife and as a partner. Stay with me while we build a dynasty.


17. In this world of chaos and haste, my heart is the safest place for you my dear. In here, your problems will be suppressed and your worries will be gone. No one can love the way I do.


18. If God gives me the chance to relive any memory again, it’d definitely be the first day I met you.


19. I wish we could switch bodies so you could see how special you are to me in my heart.

20. I love the feeling when I wake up next to you. I love it when you smile when you talk when you cook when you hug when you sit when you walk. It’s an unexplained feeling.


Love Quotes for her
Love quotes


21. I want to lay by your side tonight so we could watch the stars, hear the cricket’s song and kiss under the moonlight. What else can love be called?


22. Love-able, adorable, suitable, incredible, kissable and above beautiful. No amount of words is enough to describe you.


23. Your love is like the flames. The more is spreads in me, the more it burns brightly. It is a feeling I cherish with all my heart.


24. Our love is carved in silver, written in gold and encrusted with diamonds. Priceless when it’s felt and glitters when it seen.


25. You kiss me better, hug me better, touch me better, and love me better. You make me feel good.


26. Respect will someday fade away, money will someday fade away, power will someday fade away, but the memories we have together will never fade away. You are the only one made for me.


27. Hey babe, leave your windows open tonight because I’m sending you a kiss to keep you warm while you dream of me.


28. Sometimes I feel stupid and silly with my actions when I’m around you. But you have no idea of the kind of love you’ve given me.


29. Like an investor, I invested all my love and feelings in you, and ever since, it has grown into something filled with wonders and amazement.


30. I fell from a tree once and hurt my toe. I once slip from the balcony and broke an arm. I also once fell down the staircase and hurt my back. But when I fell for you, I feel like the happiest man ever.


31. If I were to save only two of the alphabets, it’d be ‘U’ and ‘I’.


32. There are only two moments I cherish with you, my love. ‘Now and forever.’


33. My heart must be a champion because it races anytime I set my eyes on you.


34. Your voice is my favorite sound. Your smell is my best scent. Your thoughts are my source of inspiration. My world revolves around you and my life is nothing without you. I love you.


35. Been with you is like a wish, but a wish granted from above. Seeing your smile feels like the greatest achievement finally realized. Your love is indeed a dream, a dream come true.


36. You feel my memories with nothing more than sweet thoughts of yours. You do not only rule in my heart, but you take over my mind.


37. I have captions you in my heart earlier before I met you, immediately I set my eyes on you, I know you were the one I have been searching for. Thank GOD I found you, I love you.


38. The dream of having a lovely girl as you have finally come true, I dream of you for more than a decade.


39. The sweetness I feel when I’m with you is beyond any description, life was so kind to me that it brought you my way, I love you with all my heart.


40. Like magic your love stuck to my heart and make me feel good, I have never felt so nice since I was born, you are sent from heaven to me, welcome home my angel, I will love you till eternity.


Love captions
Love captions

Love Captions

41. I don’t know how you do it, all my troubles disappear ever since the time you came into my life. No more pain and no more sorrow, you a special gift from above.


42. I ask GOD for a special girl who will love for whom I’m not what I’m, He answered my prayers and sent me you. You are so caring, loving, and beautiful. I love you.


43. I will spend the rest of my life with you, I will care for you as you have never experienced before, I will never break your heart. You are my love forever.


44. How lucky was to find a beautiful girl like you, thank GOD I was the one that caught your attention out of all the men in the world; I believe that we are specially made to be together. I love you.


45. I never believed that true love exists until I met you. You are so dear to my heart. Thank GOD we shared the same feelings. I love you so deeply.


46. You love filled my heart and left no vacuum for another woman, it is going to be you and me forever. I love you.


47. I will do anything for you. Why wouldn’t I? You are my heart when I breathe, I can’t leave without you. I love you more than you can ever comprehend.


48. No one can love you as I do; I promise to all be there for you.


49. You are always on my mind, in my sleep, and in my wake, I always think about it. I love you so much.


50. Come sunshine, come rainfall I will always love you. We are made to be together forever.


51. You are the most beautiful girl in the world, I was fortunate to have you as my lovely wife, I will always be the kind of husband you will be proud of, I love you.


52. Life becomes sweeter when I found you; I never believed that an angel like you still lives in this world.


53. You are gorgeous, you are caring, you are lovely and you are good. You are a blend of everything that set my heart at peace.


54. I will always make you happy, I will never break your heart, please stay with me.


55. We are made to be together, I can never love another girl the way I love you. You make me excited whenever I am with you. My heart has grown in fond of yours. I love you.


56. My life is empty without you; you make up everything that makes my life perfect. Thank God I found you; I will always make you smile. I love you.


57. Everywhere I go my life glitters because your beautiful thoughts filled my heart. You are my dream come true.


58. You are my heaven, cos when I’m with you I feel so good. I love you, my angel.


59. The first time I set my eyes on you, I know that I can’t resist the urge to love you, loving you is so easy, it comes so naturally and my heart is at peace. I love you.


60. Life will be dull and meaningless if I haven’t found you. You are the joy of my soul.


61. Each moment I spent in your arms is as if I’m leaving with an angel in paradise, you are my paradise, I feel so joyful to have you in my life.


62. Don’t be afraid, my love for you is pure and natural, it will never cease coming.


63. I have to love you because my heart feels at peace when I love you.


64. For so long I have been suffering in silence because something was missing in my life, but when I found you all my pain disappeared, you unlocked the happiness of my heart. I love you.


65. The only thing I have ever wanted in this life is to have you in my arms forever.


66. You true soul mate, you irreplaceable in my heart, I love you.


67. If I have you I have peace, if I love you I love life, you are my everything. I love you so much.


68. No one will ever know the secret of my love for you, I will keep it secret, I don’t any adulteration of my love you.


69. For all I care, you are the only woman I love so much.


70. Just seeing your face gives me unending happiness, I love you with all my heart.


71. I promise to care for you all through my life; I will never make you cry.


72. Nothing tastes better than the sweet taste of your lips, thank GOD you are mine forever.


73. Your beauty is breathtaking, I didn’t believe a beautiful girl like you still exist until I met you, thank my destiny that made way our crosses. I love you.


74. The color of your eyes glitters like gold and shines like the stars, it held me spellbound the first time I saw you gush! Those eyes are the angel’s eyes.


75. I love your inner strength you are a lovely wife. Thank you for your care and love. I promise to always be by your side.


76. You are the jewels of my heart, I will break my heart if I stop loving you less than this, you mean the whole world to me, I will and take of you forever.


77. As far as the sun continues to shine, and as long as there will be day and night, your love in my heart will never die.


78. You form a perfect woman in my heart; I don’t need another love except you.


79. You are my garden and I’m your gardener, I will always water your heart so that you can flourish forever.


80. Meet you was the most beautiful thing that has ever happen to me, you remain the no. 1 in my heart. I love you.


81. You make my heart skip fast whenever we are together, I thought I would be able to overcome this feeling I have whenever I see you, but it happens always, and again, your beauty is irresistible. I love you.


82. My heart tells me I should love then, I love you. I never secreted loving you. You are my sweet melody.


83. You and I forever in the garden of love, I will hold your lovely hands forever, I love you.


84. You fit into the type of girl I have always dreamed of, you are my dreams come true.


85. I can never love another because I found my heartthrob. It is going to be you and I till eternity.


86. All my life is dedicated to loving you.

Emotional Love Quotes For Her 

These emotional love quotes for her will make you feel special in her heart. She deserved all the beautiful words that you can afford. Browse through and send some to her.


1. In a time where feelings and emotions are hardly felt, you constantly shower me with them in abundance. I chose you before and I’m still choosing you now. If I get the chance again someday, I’d still choose you.


2. There is no such thing as a break or stop when I love you. You make my emotions stronger and it makes me as happy as ever.


3. I felt happy, fulfilled, strong, and motivated long just catching a glance at your face. Then you came into my life and touched my emotions and I became happier ever. You are more than an angel!


4. You are my boss and I would love to extend my life contract of joy, happiness, emotions, and affection with you. Tell me, where do I sign?


5. Your smile makes my thoughts and my heart beat a little faster. Been with you always feels like the first time.


6. Your laughter is like my blood; without it, my heart can’t beat. Your smile is like the air; without it, I can’t breathe. Your kiss is like my peace; without it, I can’t sleep. You are the queen and ruler of my emotions indeed.


7. You are the happiness to my sadness, the strength of my weakness, and the light to my darkness. Stay with me and I promise to love you forever and beyond.


8. If we meet in another life, I promise to love you even better.


9. I could give up all the joy, happiness, laughter, and beauty of this world just to be with you. Because in you, I find all of those emotions in abundance.


10. From the day I met you, dark times have gone, sad moments have disappeared, my sorrows have dwindled and my joy has multiplied. You are like a blessing from above.


11. You are like stars among the dark skies, like treasures underneath the ground, flowers among the forests. You are someone I love and the jewel I so much cherish.


12. If I could make one wish, it will be getting the chance to always relive the happy moments and emotions we share together.


13. If you need someone to lean on, punch, love, or cry on, don’t think twice before calling me. I’m here, I’ve always been here, and I’ll always be here for you.


14. It could be your secret diary. Tell me anything whether good or bad. I’m always here to listen to my dearest.


15. Sit with me, lie with me, hold me, touch me, kiss me, I want you to get a glimpse of how riveting my heart aches for you.


16. Baby your words are affectionate. Your thoughts are mysterious, your actions are caring and your love is powerful.


17. My feelings for you are nothing else but care, affection, understanding, wonders, and incredible love.


18. I have never met anyone who completes me, adores me, cherishes me, affects me, and changes me as you do. And you happen to do so with little effort and it is amazing. I love you.


19. Life feels so meaningless without a woman so graceful and affectionate such as you my dearest.


20. You are my medicine, my battery, my inspiration, and my support. My heart lights up and my mind feels at home when I’m with you.

Love captions fo her
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21. A reason to trust, a reason to care, a reason to live, a reason to love. You are my reason for everything.


22. If I had a flower for every moment you made me smile, we’ll both be walking through the garden of love.


23. If I had a dollar for every moment you made me happy, we’ll both be the richest couple on the surface of the earth.


24. Your eyes are like shining stars. Your beauty is like a magic spell and your heart is filled with pixie dust and your love is full of fantasies!


25. I want to be your pillow. Punch me when you feel furious, cry on me when you feel pain, lie on me when you’re tired and you get happy, hug me tight!


26. Last night I counted the stars for all the reasons you are my “numero uno.” But guess what I ran out of stars!


27. A single thought about you is enough to remind me of the blessings that you instantly brought to my life in just a heartbeat.


28. Stay with me while our affections grow. Hold me tight as our fears diminish. Kiss me until our faith expands. Stay with me like our love blossoms. It is you I love.


29. Remember I’m always here to hold you tight when you need protection. Kiss and caress you when you needed affection and be by your side when you need support.


30. My to-do list –
To love and protect you.
To grow old with you.
To love you forever and beyond.


31. I want to thank the most amazing woman in the world for making me the happiest man that has ever lived. I am proud to have you, my dear.


32. You make me forget how to breathe, how to think, how to sleep, and how to care for any other else. You are mostly the reason for my smiles and laughter and you put me on top of the world with your care and affection.


33. There is no such thing as love at first sight when I keep falling every time I set my eyes on you like over and over again.


34. You bring magic and wonder to my life and always feel new every moment we spend together. I’m always thankful I chose you out of the uncountable faces I’d met all my life. If a chance comes again, I’d still choose you.


35. Other than the times we’re together, I see you in my thoughts, my mind, my dreams, and my mirror. I see you all the time and it is what keeps me going. I love you more than anything on this earth.


36. If there are billions of ocean to be cross before I can reach you, I will cross them, if you are on top the of the highest mountain in the world, I will climb to reach you, where ever you may be no matter how far, I will always find you, cos you are the only one I love.


37. No one can steal your love from my heart, I have vowed to continue loving you even if you don’t love me anymore, and you are all that matters to my life.


38. Don’t just think of leaving me, because you can never find another man that would love you the way I do, I can give up my life to make you live. I can afford to see anything hurt you while I’m alive.


39. Last night an angel brought you in my arms, you are truly the love of my life and the peace of my heart. I will love you forever.


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Sweetest Love Quotes for Her Straight from the Heart

40. Dear love, till death, do us apart I will never stop loving you, you are so precious to me.


41. The nights are beautiful when I spend it in your arms, and the days are marvelous just with a thought of you. You are my living angel.


42. If you were a story I will never stop narrating you, if you were a book I will stop reading you, thank GOD you are my lovely girl because I will pulse my love for you.


43. I have prayed never to leave apart from you, why? Because I can’t live without you.


44. I tried to find the reason why I loved you so much for more than a decade and I can’t find any reason. I think I love you for every reason. You are the joy of my life.


45. With you by my side life is a living paradise. You make me feel better every day. I love you so much.


46. You are my treasure, I will always treasure you, you are like an egg to me, I will never let you break. I love from the bottom of my heart.


47. Every little day that passes I pray to love more than I have loved you the previous day, you are the beauty of my soul, I will always make you happy.


48. You make my heart beat fast whenever I set my eyes on you, thou beauty is made from heaven.


49. The joy of my life increases because I have you in my arms, you are the only girl that makes me feel this way, I love you.


50. You are so beautiful, where have been all this time that I’m just finding you now; I’m so lucky because the angels guided you and lead your way to my way. I will be everything you ever want in life. I love beyond every limit.


51. I dream of you long before I met you, the same way I saw you in real life was the same way you came into my dream, that is why I can never love you less than I’m loving you now, instead I will love you more. You are chosen for me by the most merciful LORD, I love you, my sweetheart.


52. I will kiss you; I will hold you tight and will never let you go. That is what I will do to you when next I see you.


53. Before I met you I was broken and lost, I thought I would never find a trusted and nice girl again, but when you arrive you proved me wrong, in your heart, I found true love. I love you too.


54. I have been thinking of the best gift to give you all this while, and I have this beautiful gift for you because you are so special to me, I hereby crowned you the queen of my heart. I love you.


55. You make believe in life, you make me believe in love, I love you.

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Funny Love Quotes For Her From The Heart

Make your love life lively, be her best friend by being funny to her sometimes, send her any of these funny love quotes for her from the heart to tickles her a little.


1. If I was given two words to use to describe you, I’d say ‘Just Wonderful’.


2. I could climb the ‘Eifel’ tower, swim through the pacific, break through the Great Wall and jump down the Empire states building just to be with you.


3. My eyes feel very heavy. I just can seem to lift them off you.


4. I without you am like a TV without a screen, a car without wheels, a pen without ink and a flashlight without batteries!


5. Take a quick look at the sun outside! I know you can’t, it’s too bright for the eyes. That’s how you bring a bright light to my soul.


6. I wish for our love to be like a commercial advert. No worries.


7. I might not be your favorite superhero, but I will fight anyone to protect you.


8. If I am given the chance to change one thing about you, it’ll be your last name.


9. Do you happen to have a pain reliever pills? because my heart aches for you.


10. They said a picture is worth a thousand words. Yours makes me absolutely speechless.


11. If any other man approaches you, just ask him whether he is searching for a new username because you are already taken.


12. If was to commit a crime, I’d be the braves thief. I’d steal your heart but I won’t run away.


13. Freeze! Hands up! You are under arrest for stealing my heart, hijacking my body, and keeping my soul hostage. Anything you say or do would be used against you in court.


14. God must be cruel and unjust for taking all the stars in the skies and putting them in your eyes and leaving the rest of the world in darkness!


15. Many nights I think about you while staring at the stars. I can’t wait to be staring at you while thinking about the stars.

16. I want to love you forever and ever and ever. Oh no! I can only love you forever.


17. I really love you more than I love the air I breathe and I truly love the air I breathe, so giving up the air I breathe for you, that just gushes!


18. Anytime I sing for you, my heart skips a beat!


19. My life felt perfect before I met you, I don’t know how to explain it now that you are here.


20. Mathematics is wrong if you don’t add me, subtract the others, and multiply our love.


21. When you are down, don’t hesitate to call me. When you need something, call me immediately. When you feel like it, call me your man. When you are cold, call me for cuddling and when you are hot, call me tonight.


22. I’m no gambler but I placed all my love, feelings, and affection on you, and it paid off!


23. I may not be your tape rule, but I’ll go to any length to protect you.


24. I would have sent a star to come watch over you tonight, but stars do not watch over stars.


25. Whether you are far away from me or very close to me, I’d still MISS you!


26. You are not a potter but you make my day.


27. I think you need to see the doctor because you’ve got sparks in your eyes.


28. Let’s lock our hearts up together in a box and throw the keys away.


29. Hey, do you have a band-aid with you there I happen to bash my toe while falling for you.


30. You must be Marathon himself because you have been running on my mind all day.


31. I hope you will be able to have a good night’s sleep because you’ve been running on my mind all day.

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