Romantic Good Afternoon Messages

Nothing would ever stop me from loving you.


When it comes to sending messages to your partners either husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend we need to be romantic so as to assure them of our beautiful love. Romantic Good Afternoon Messages beautiful good afternoon love quotes that you can send to your sweetheart, to make them feel that you always care about them even in their absence.


Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Lovers

1. Good afternoon love, hope your noon is full of my romantic thoughts? I love.


2. Just thinking about you right now dear sweetheart; hope your afternoon is splendid as you are?


3. This afternoon reminds me of many of the beautiful afternoons that we have spent together; you mean everything to me, wishing you wonderful noon.


4. The ecstasy of loving you is always at a peak in the afternoon, good afternoon love.


5. Just thinking about the best message to send you this beautiful afternoon, wishing you a brighter day.


6. Hey love! Wishing you a wonderful afternoon, you are always on my mind.


7. I can’t live without thinking about you, just hoping that you are as bright as this bright afternoon.


8. As the sun shines brightly, so as your love blossoms in my heart. You are the only one I have ever loved this way, hope you are having a great day love?


9. Thank you for bringing beauty and happiness into my life, good afternoon my dearest love.


10. You are so romantic, you make my heart sweet, hope you are enjoying your noon, good afternoon my sweet love.


11. You are the joy of life, you bring splendor and love to my world, wishing you a glorious afternoon.


12. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful man like you, wishing you a brighter day, good afternoon my dearest.


13. Hoping that you will be home now to grace my afternoon, missing you my sweetheart. I love you.


14. My life is incomplete without you, good afternoon my sweetheart.


15. I pray that you will always remain under the shades of God even as the heat of this afternoon rages on, thank you for bringing lots of joy to my life. I love you.


Hope you are thinking of me this afternoon


16. May you continue to shine as the sun shines brightly this afternoon? Good day, my love.


17. May your light never go off, good afternoon my love.


18. You are the sunshine of my life, wishing you a marvelous and joyous afternoon. I love you.


19. The love in my heart for you outshines the light of this afternoon, hope you are doing great honey, have lovely noon.


20. I can’t wait to see you back home today love, hope you are having a wonderful afternoon, I miss you.


21. Every sunshine re-kindles my love for you, you are the living angel of my life, good afternoon my love.


22. What more can I wish you more than a lovely good afternoon my dearest.


23. I’m so lucky to have a lovely wife like you, hope your afternoon is full beauties?


24. I will always love you till eternity, good afternoon my love.


25. I’m sending you a beautiful kiss and lovely hug this wonderful afternoon, miss you love.


26. Nothing would ever stop me from loving you; you are the joy of my life. Good afternoon my love.


27. You are as good as this beautiful, bright and lovely afternoon. Hope you are enjoying your days over there, good afternoon sweetie.


28. Hello my honey, just to say good afternoon to you.


29. You are my sunrise; you always bring brightness and splendor to my life, good afternoon my dearest bundle of joy.


30. The best arms to cuddle this lovely afternoon is your arms, I hope can jet into your arms right now. Good afternoon.


31. You are the most romantic wife that exists in the whole world; I feel no other woman is better than you. Hope to be at home soon, have a lovely afternoon my dear.



32. You always on my mind wherever I go, I always carry your thoughts in my mind, you are the only woman I have ever loved this way, good afternoon my love.


33. My love for you is intact no one can steal my heart away from you, for you I will always remain forever, hope you’re cool this lovely afternoon, see you soon.


34. I feel like sneaking from my work just to plant a lovely kiss on your lips this beautiful afternoon, you are the only one that makes my heart sweet, I love you so much.


35. You are sweeter than honey, good afternoon my love, I love you.


36. No one paints my world more beautiful than you, I can never leave you alone, and I’ll always be by your side, even through the thick and thin. Good afternoon my love.


37. I don’t want to live a single minute without you, I miss you so much, hope you will be at home earlier today, good afternoon my sweetheart.


38. My life is beautiful because I have a wonderful person like you in it, without you, my life will be incomplete. Good afternoon my love, I love you.


39. I always wish to spend every moment of my life with you, my morning, my noon, and my dawn all in your arms, I love you.


40. May your heart receive more light than the brightness of this afternoon, I may not be there with you right now, but my heart is always with you. Good afternoon my dearest sweetheart. I love you.


41. So far in my life, I have never find nor meet another person that is as lovely as you are, and I believe you are simply the most amazing woman in the world, good afternoon my love, I will always be there for you.


42. You are such a wonderful wife and a lovely mother to the kids, thank God I found an angel like you as my wife. Good afternoon love, I will be home soon enough today.


43. This day is as bright as your lovely eyes that always shine like the stars in the sky, you are always a beauty to behold, and it is you or no one else. Good afternoon my love. I love you.


44. I wish I can be in your arms forever and never leave you for one second, I miss you so much, good afternoon my love.


45. When the afternoon comes, I always wish I spent it with you, missing you. I love you.



46. For you I will always be, thank you for making my life beautiful, good afternoon my angel.


47. Every moment I spent with you is as beautiful as my soul can conceive, you are the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with because I love you so much. Good afternoon my love.


48. I prayed for noon full of hope and beauties for you, hope you are marvelous over there? Good afternoon baby.


49. You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, thank God that make you my lovely wife, good afternoon love, and hope to see you soon.


50. Good afternoon my lovely angel, I miss you.

Cute Good Afternoon Love Quotes for HIM/HER

Make him/her feel special by sending any of these beautiful heartwarming good afternoon love quotes to put a broad smile on him/her faces, don’t you want to be that special person that would always remind your lover you are the most important person in their life?


51. The day is beautiful and bright, and I’m thinking about you right now, I miss you. Good afternoon my love.


52. I hope you’re doing well this lovely afternoon my sweetheart? I miss you so much; hope you’ll return home soon. I love you.


53. This lovely good afternoon quote I’m sending you is meant to set you on a higher mood to be at your best, I know you are always at your best. Good afternoon love. You are the only person that matters most to me.


54. My love for you cannot be measured; I will continue to be your favorites everything. Good afternoon my love.


55. The only words I will always whisper to your ears no matter what happens is I love you. Good afternoon.


56. The sun is up, and the day is bright, I hope my love is doing fine this lovely afternoon. Good afternoon.


57. I will always be your umbrella when you’re under the sun, wishing you a very lovely afternoon.


58. My heart is truly created to love you, and I will always love you till eternity. Good afternoon love.


59. If I can dart over there to see you this lovely afternoon, I will wipe your sweat away. Good afternoon my love.


60. We are made to be together forever, you’re the only one that makes me feel better, hope I make your world beautiful too? Good afternoon.


Thinking about you, good afternoon.


61. You are the only love of my life; I will always wish you well, good afternoon, have a lovely day my love.


62. You make me live in your heart like a queen, you made my world a paradise on earth, I will always cherish and love you. Good afternoon my sweetheart.


63. You are the best of everything that I know, good afternoon my angel, I love you.


64. You have always remained sources of inspiration to my life; thank God I have a wonderful woman like you. Good afternoon.


65. So many reasons I love, and topmost of them, is because you are so amazing. Good afternoon my love.


66. You are a true hero of my life, good afternoon, my baby.


67. You are my damsel, wow! I feel great having you in my life. Good afternoon my sweetie.


68. Your thought is always on my mind, you are the kind of man I will want to spend all my life with. Good afternoon my angel, I love you.


69. You don’t know how much I love you? Do you? If you know then start coming home right now because I need to you. Good afternoon.


70. I’m thinking of you right now, and I feel I should let you, how is your noon?


71. I’m so lucky to be blessed with a beautiful angel like you. You are the treasure of my life. I love you so much. Good afternoon.


72. The most wonderful voice I have ever heard is your voice, hope you will call and talk to me right now because I’m dying to hear your voice. Good afternoon, I love you.


73. Nothing can stop me from loving you so deeply; you are the most wonderful man I have ever met. Good afternoon my love.


74. How much more hours do I have to count until you return home today. You are the joy of my life. Good afternoon my love.


75. Is there anything I can do right now to add to the value of your afternoon? I will always do anything to make you happy. Good afternoon love.



76. I’m counting down to the evening when I will see your face again, good afternoon my love, I miss you.


77. The moment I see you today I will kill you with several kisses, good afternoon my love, I miss you.


78. Every moment I have shared with you is the best memory of my life ever, you are the joy of my life, good afternoon.


79. You are the most beautiful person in my life which I’ve ever meet, I will do anything to make you happy, good afternoon.


80. Anytime I think about you I always see myself as the luckiest man to have such a beautiful angel like you, I love you so much, good afternoon love.


81. Each time my heart beats it always thinks and reminds me about you, you are my blessed and beautiful angel, good afternoon dear.


82. Your love has always rejuvenated me whenever I’m sick or ill, you are the cure for my sickness. I love you, good afternoon love.


83. I will always cherish this afternoon because it’s the afternoon I met this beautiful angel of mine, good afternoon sweetheart.


84. Many good memories of ours we had in this afternoon are the best and the most awesome moment ever, that’s why I have value for bright afternoon love, good afternoon.


85. Words are not enough to express my beautiful feelings for you, good afternoon.


86. Hey love you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, I will always cherish your love, good afternoon.


87. Hello, love hope you’re enjoying your day, I wish you all the best in your endeavors today, have a nice day, good afternoon.


88. May your day be filled with numerous joy and happiness, It has always been fun and beautiful having you by my side. Good afternoon.


89. May you enjoy your beautiful day to the fullest, good afternoon, do have a good day.


90. Hello, Love, I want you to know that you can always count on me, I love you, do have a lovely day. Good afternoon.


Good Afternoon Quote
Good afternoon


91. Hey, love, I wish you all the best and always know that you can be rest assured that I will always be for you, love you. Good afternoon.


92. I will damn everything to be with you, even if it means risking my life, I love you so much. Good afternoon my angel.


93. My best moment is that lovely afternoon when I met you, know afternoon will pass with me remembering you, good afternoon my love.


94. You are the sunshine that gives light to my day, you are the only man that makes me smile broadly, and I love you. Good afternoon my hero.


95. I will always do anything that will make you happy, hope you are enjoying your day, good afternoon my love.


96. This afternoon is good because you are in my life. Good afternoon my love.


97. I’m missing you, my love, can you sneak out to see me during lunch?


98. Just thinking about you now, do you know how much I love you? How is your noon?


99. Hi dear, you know I love you so much, wishing you a lovely afternoon.


100. Life is beautiful to think you are still there for me, good afternoon love.


101. I have no doubt that you will always be there for me, good afternoon, I love you.


102. The day bright, the sun is up, and the sky looks so brilliant, and right now I need an angel like you beside me. Good afternoon my love.


103. This afternoon, I need a perfect place to cool my head, and that would be better if I can place my head on your bosoms right away. Good afternoon my dear wife, I miss you.


104. Dear love, nothing matters to me right now than jetting home this lovely afternoon to see your beautiful face. I love you. Good afternoon.


105. You are incredible, you’re so cool and above all, you’re very romantic. Good afternoon my love, hope you miss me? I love you.


Romantic Good Afternoon Messages


106. You are the most marvelous thing that has ever happen to me, loving you brings a lot of happiness and comfort to my life. My life is rich in your hands, and I will always be with you forever. Good afternoon love.


107. Good, better, best, that is how I feel when I’m with you. Good afternoon love, I miss you.


108. The more I love you the splendid my life become, so I will continue loving you till my last breath. Good afternoon my sweetheart.


109. I have no other thing to do this afternoon than to reminiscence about all the beautiful times we have shared together. Good afternoon love! I miss you.


110. I seek God’s blessing and favor for you this lovely afternoon. Good afternoon my love.


111. With the approach of the afternoon, my love for your blossoms and radiates with beautiful lights in your heart, the type that you can never find anywhere else. Good afternoon love.


112. I will always make you happy, I promised. Good afternoon my dear angel.


113. I will always be there when you need. I’m made for you forever. Good afternoon my dear husband.


114. You are the most charming woman I have ever seen. You are so beautiful and caring, wishing you a lovely afternoon. I love you.


115. You are the sweetest thing that ever happens to me, no one can take your love from my heart. Good afternoon love, I miss you.


116. They said, honey and sugar are sweet, but you are sweeter than the two of them combined. Good afternoon my dear angel, coming home soon.


117. I may be far away from home right now, but you are always on my mind. You know how much I love, I’m always proud of you. Good afternoon love, hope you’re cool.


118. I have never missed any minute without thinking about you; you are the only one I have ever loved this way. Good afternoon my love. I miss you so much. Hope to see you soon.


119. Wishing my sweet baby a lovely afternoon, I love you.


120. Dearest love, I sincerely appreciated all the things that have done for me all these years I have been with you. You’re truly my guardian angel. Good afternoon, I love you.

Good Afternoon Messages to Her Smile

She is special, let her know this through a lovely good afternoon message for her.
Don’t you want her to roll those her beautiful eyes as she goes through your beautiful message? Always keep your thought in her heart by sending her beautiful gifts and lovely messages when she never expected it.


121. I thank God for each day when I think that a still have a lovely wife like you, good afternoon my love.


122. The best thing that has ever happen in my life is when I found a lovely girl like you, good afternoon my angel.


123. You are so sweet; I can’t leave alone in this world without you. Good afternoon, I love you.


124. Whatever the time brings, I will be by your side, good afternoon love.


125. I will always be your no. 1 everything, good afternoon, I love you.


126. The joy of being alive is to know that you’re lovely and feeling great this beautiful afternoon. I love you.


127. This afternoon is so beautiful and it is an assurance of my love for you. Good afternoon.


128. As long as the sun continues to shine, my love for you will never diminish. I love you from the depth of my heart. Good afternoon.


129. This is just to tell you that I love you. Good afternoon my love.


130. Hello sweetheart, how are doing this beautiful afternoon, hope you’re great? I love you.



131. May God bless the work of your hand this afternoon and all the time. Good afternoon love.


132. You are the only one I needed to see all the time; I’m here, waiting for you to return home this evening. Good afternoon, I miss you.


133. You are a very kind person; your heart Is full of milk and honey. Good afternoon my love.


134. I took this brief break from the streams of works around me to tell you I love you. Good afternoon love. I miss you.


135. Thank you for being a great wife and a wonderful mother to the children. Good afternoon, I love you.


136. Thank you for your love for me, I will always keep your thoughts in my heart. Good afternoon my sweetheart.


137. I will always hold you special in my heart, you mean everything to me. Good afternoon my gorgeous lady.


138. You are the love of life, and the beauty of the soul, I will ever remain grateful to Lord for sending an angel like you, my way. Good afternoon my love.


139. Several things cross my mind this afternoon, the one that caught my attention is how to make your world beautiful. Good afternoon.


140. Tell me all the things I should do that I haven’t done before that would make you happier. I would do anything to keep a beautiful smile on your face. Good afternoon my dear.


141. Life is good for me ever since you came into my life. Oh! Lord thank you for sending me a precious wife like you. Good afternoon my sweetheart.


142. This lovely afternoon, may your heart be filled with joy and beauties that the day brings. Good afternoon.


143. May all the good things of today never miss you. Good afternoon love.


144. Without you, I wonder how I would survive in this world alone, you are my dreams come true. Good afternoon.


145. Thank you for bringing unending happiness into my life. Good afternoon love.



146. You just too amazing for me, you make my heart sweet every time I’m with you, it is either you or no one else. Good afternoon my love.


147. Thank God I never miss you the very first day I met you. I would have still been combing the world for you now. Good afternoon my darling, I love you.


148. I prayed for someone like you, and God answered my prayers. You’re the comfort of my soul. Good afternoon. I love you.


149. I had short naps this afternoon, and you were always in my dreams, I wish I could be home now so that I can give you millions of kisses. Good afternoon my love.


150. You are the angel of my life and the joy of my soul, good afternoon my love.


151. No day passes without praying for you, and I’m sending you one of such beautiful prayers right now, may the Lord shroud your life with sweetness. Good afternoon.


152. As the sun shines this lovely afternoon, may you never feel the heat.


153. I just want to let you know you’re in my thoughts and that is why I’m taking out this time to say good afternoon. I love you.


154. You the joy of my living, I here for you too, I will never stop loving you. Good afternoon my love.


155. I will never leave your side, I promise to always be there for you. You came into my life and make my world a better place. Good afternoon love.


156. I’m like a fish out of the water if I’m away from home, thinking about you now. Good afternoon my sweetheart.


157. I wish that I can take you along where ever I go, I missing love. Good afternoon.


158. Hope to be in your arms tonight. Good afternoon love.


159. Honey, count on me, I’ll always love you. Good afternoon.

Good Afternoon Messages for Him

He is your superhero, don’t you know that you have to let him know this sometimes through simple and lovely good afternoon messages for him. Noting turn a man on like those lovely and mood-lifting text messages they receive from that special woman they love.


160. Everything about this afternoon is good because I have a man I can always count on. Good afternoon dear, I love you.


161. If life takes all that I have away and I still have you, I have not lost anything. It means I actually have all that I have lost back. Good afternoon my guardian angel.


162. You are the superman of my life, thank God almighty that bless me with a priceless gift like you. Good afternoon my love.


163. I will cook your favorite meal today, I’m happy when you are happy, and I hope you are doing great out there? Good afternoon.


164. Thank God that I agreed to be your wife when you asked me, I will have missed this beautiful care you are giving me. Good afternoon my sweetie.


165. Your kind of man is scarce to find; you’re so good, caring and understanding. I’m very lucky to have a great man like you. Good afternoon.


166. If we have to be returned to this world again after we are gone, I will always wish I will in your arms. Good afternoon my sweetheart.


167. You are the most caring man of the men all over the world; I have never come across another man like you. Good afternoon.


168. Cheer’s love! How is your afternoon? I miss you.


169. Wish you will be at home earlier today, I have missed you so much. Good afternoon.


170. Good afternoon my love, just dialed my number when you are tired, I will be coming over right away to help you out. You know how much I love you and I will do anything for you.


171. You are the sunshine that brings happiness to my life, good afternoon my love; hope you are having a great day.


172. The most beautiful words on my lips right now are I love you. Good afternoon my charming hero.


173. Wishing you at your best this lovely afternoon, may you never feel any fatigue in your work.


174. You are so handsome and nice; you always make my life beautiful, good afternoon love.


175. You are so precious to me; I have never met another superhero like you. Thank you for making my dreams comes true. I love you, good afternoon.


176. When the coming comes, I pray that the Lord will make us see the afternoon; thank God that special afternoon is here, good afternoon my special man.


177. You are the Romeo of my world, good afternoon love.


178. I know you will always be fine, but still, I’m wishing you a marvelous afternoon.


179. I have never found any crack on the wall ever since I’m with you; you’re so lovely and caring. I’m wishing you well in all that you do, good afternoon my handsome.


180. I love to curl my lips around yours right now, good afternoon my lovely husband.


181. My spirit just agrees with everything about you, I think you were specially created for me; thank God I have a man like you as my husband, good afternoon sir! I love you.


182. Blessed is the day that you were born, you a true hero of life. Good afternoon my love.


183. I never knew life is this sweet until I met you. Good afternoon love.


184. I want you to know that I can’t live without you; I have given you all my heart. Good afternoon my angel.


185. My moment of joy is when I see you, hope you will be home earlier today, good afternoon love.


186. I will do everything to make you happy because you have brought so much happiness into my life.


187. Thank you for giving me unconditional love, my heart is tied to you forever. Good afternoon my love.


188. You are the beauty of my life; every moment of my life is great with you. Good afternoon my love.


189. The best moment of my life is that fateful afternoon when I first met you.


190. Living with you has given me so much joy. I pray we live longer in each other’s arms forever. Good afternoon my love.


191. I have vowed to love you forever because of what you have done for me; you’re always there for me when I need you. Good afternoon sweetheart. I love you.


192. You will always be in my heart; you are the most amazing man I have ever met. Good afternoon.


193. You are the jewels of heart, and the only man I have ever loved so much. Good afternoon my hero.


194. I began missing you the moment you step out of the house; my life is incomplete with you. Good afternoon my love.


195. The dream of giving all my heart to a special man has finally come true. You have my love, my heart, and my trust. Good afternoon.


196. Good afternoon honey, I just want to say, I love you.


197. Good afternoon my dearest handsome, I’m missing you.


198. I may not be physically present with you where ever you are, but my heart is always with you. Good afternoon my hero.


199. I want to be the one that will make you’re a special place forever. Good afternoon.


200. If are depart, be sure that I will never leave you. Good afternoon sweetheart.

Romantic Good Afternoon Picture Messages

  1. Leave me a smile……….

    Romantic Good Afternoon Messages
    Good afternoon

2. You are the joy…………

You are the joy of my soul



4 You make me happy……..

5 Your smile is marvelous………

6 Good afternoon my love………..

Romantic Good Afternoon Messages

7 It is a burst of beautiful sunshine………

8 It is a lovely afternoon……………….

Romantic Good Afternoon Messages

9 My love for you………

Romantic Good Afternoon Messages

10You are sweet………

11 You are the brighter part………..


Funny Good Afternoon Messages To Husband

1. Just like the sun, I wish you a bright and shiny afternoon.


2. I will always love you, for as long as the sun always comes up every day.


3. Enjoy the hustling and bustling this sunny afternoon brings. I love you and take care.


4. Wow, it rained this afternoon! Who would have ever thought? Take it as a good sign of bounties from God! Have a marvelous day my love.


5. Stay hydrated all through this sunny afternoon. Always keep a bottle of water close!


6. I am so caught up with work right now, but I am happy to have you as my biggest distraction. Good afternoon my darling husband.


7. You might be at work right now and not by my side, but your thoughts fill my mind all day! Have a good afternoon with thoughts of me filling your mind too!


8. I really thought I had everything till I met you! Good afternoon honey! I am thinking about you.


9. Have yourself an amazing afternoon, because you make mine a hell of amazing when I think of you!


10. I hear from you every afternoon and I am pretty sure I want to hear from you every day for the rest of my life on earth! Good morning.


11. I look forward to more afternoons with you in my thoughts. Enjoy your day my love.


12. Just like this radiant sun, you bring so much warmth and joy to my entire being. Good morning dear husband. I love you and have a great day.


13. No matter how our day goes, I always have you to give updates. I am appreciative of that and more. Good afternoon.


14. Hey, I think there is something missing in my afternoon… oh yeah, I just figured! I haven’t heard from you. Hope your afternoon is rewarding.


15. I hope your day brings as much joy as you bring me. Good afternoon my love!


16. In every second, every minute, every moment, every hour of this hot afternoon, I think of you! Good afternoon.


17. I count myself as very lucky and blessed to have you to tell how my afternoon is going! Mine is going pretty well. How is yours going, honey?


18. All the heat, dust, noise, and traffic have got nothing on me right now! I hope you are having a good afternoon yourself!

Funny Good Afternoon Messages to wife

1. You must be a descendant from the sun because you bring so much satisfying warmth to my heart! Good afternoon my beloved wife.


2. Hey, I am presenting you with a rare opportunity where you do not have to think of the stress of the sunny afternoon and think of nothing but me!


3. Hello to my love, my woman, my motivation, my inspiration! Good afternoon, I love you!


4. There is no amount of stress that can stop me from wishing you a good afternoon my love. Have the best day yet!


5. Every day with you is really a blessing! I wish you knew how wonderful that means to me this moment! Good afternoon my love.


6. Do you have any idea of what my best days are? They are the ones that are comprised of you in it! Good afternoon my sweetheart.


7. I am blowing you refreshing kisses to keep you calm this sunny weather. Good afternoon honey!


8. Have a special afternoon today! Yes just like yesterday, the days before that, and tomorrow, for every morning with you is special.


9. Nothing can be more precious than you. Have yourself an amazing afternoon today! I love you, my dear wife.


10. It has been years now and I am still blown away by your magnificence! Enjoy your afternoon my wife, you deserve every single bit of it.


11. The presence of this sun simply describes what you bring into my life; warmth, light, and radiance. Good afternoon my love.


12. I am so glad that we get to be adventure partners on this journey we call love! Good afternoon my baby.


13. You are my gift, and just like any gift, I am excited and thrilled to always have you next to me. Enjoy your day my sweetheart.


14. Hey babe, I just wanted you to know that my heart is with you! Enjoy your afternoon honey.


15. I really do feel like every day is my birthday, and you are my present. I love you so much. Have a swell day today.


16. With you, I can conquer anything or anyone under any weather! I love you. Hope you are having an amazing afternoon.


17. Just like the endless queue of cars in this traffic, my reasons for loving you are endless. Have a great afternoon and the rest of your day.

Funny Good Afternoon Messages to Boyfriend

1. Today I suddenly felt my heart warming up, and then I remembered it wasn’t the sun but it was your love! Good afternoon baby.


2. Good afternoon to the most amazing man I have known to exist! Have a great day. I love you so much.


3. You make my world more radiant just by being in it. Good afternoon my darling.


4. My whole life is now filled with sun-kissed since you came into it. I love you. Good afternoon.


5. I miss you when you are not around and that makes me think of you like crazy. Good afternoon honey.


6. You make each day fulfilling and that alone is a blessing. Have a good afternoon.


7. Afternoons seem to be the hardest part of the day because we get to be apart from each other and I cannot wait to see you again today, good afternoon honey.


8. In the middle of a chaotic and hot afternoon, my doubts and problems just suddenly slip away when I think of you. Enjoy your afternoon my dearest.


9. Every moment with you is more than cherished by me! Even the most trivial of them! Good afternoon, I love you.


10. Hey, I have a quick reminder for you: you are the love of my life. Enjoy the best afternoon.


11. This afternoon I wish you productive hands and infectious smiles! Have a rewarding afternoon


12. I don’t think I will be able to concentrate at work today unless I give you a big shout out. Have a swell afternoon and come home soon, will you?


13. Hey, can we meet for lunch? Because I would love that more than anything today!


14. I can imagine how hard you are working right now. I will treat you to a surprise when you return from work. Enjoy your afternoon love.


15. I hope your day is turning out as planned? Do not hesitate to let me know when you need me for anything. Good afternoon dear.


16. I can tell you have been working very hard all afternoon. I promise you loads of relaxation time when you return home


17. Hey baby, what do you think about a table for two just right across the street from your workplace?


18. I know you never fail to be at the top of your game at all times! Good afternoon from your proud girlfriend!

Funny Good Afternoon Messages to Girlfriend

1. I hope you feel nothing less of hot today… and I mean that literally! Have a nice afternoon baby. I love you so much.


2. Hey there, hope you are doing alright this lovely afternoon. I cannot wait for the evening so I can give you a big, tight, and warm hug!


3. I hope the weather has been mild on your side today. Just thought to check on you. Good afternoon babe.


4. Everyone including me knows how efficient you are when at work. And I cannot be less proud! Enjoy your afternoon.


5. I wish you a rewarding and fruitful day. Let me know what I can do to make it a memorable one for you!


6. Here’s to wishing you a marvelous afternoon. Take care of yourself, my love.


7. May your afternoon be void of regrets. And may the rest of the day blossom. Good afternoon.


8. Like the brightly colored flowers this sunny afternoon, may your afternoon adorn the rest of your day.


9. I wish you an afternoon filled with chances of a breakthrough. Enjoy your day.


10. This is a good time to let you know how much I cherish, adore, and love you. Good afternoon my love


11. Hey baby, hope your day has been as soothing as the cool, light showers of rain this afternoon. Good afternoon.


12. I am always excited when the afternoon comes because I get a wave of assurance that I will get to see you soon!


13. A very good afternoon to the one I live for. I miss you so much, honey.


14. Afternoons are the most hectic part of the day, but I find solace in knowing that you will always be there for me. Good afternoon.


15. I can picture you sweating profusely this sunny afternoon because you have been running through my mind!


16. Moments away from you my love, are the hardest. I hope you are making good use of every bit of the afternoon.


17. How is it going? Good afternoon. I am really famished and I hope you can feel the same so we can do lunch together at our favorite spot.


18. You can rest, for your good is going to be better and your better is going to be best!


19. Today, may life present you with amazing opportunities! Have a good afternoon my love.

Funny Good Afternoon Messages to Friend

1. Feeling bad about the harsh afternoon weather today? Count your blessings! I am number one!


2. To come to pick you up from your work, and take you to an exquisite restaurant for lunch, is what will make my afternoon, and I hope it will make yours too.


3. It is a beautiful afternoon, but an incomplete one without you by my side. Enjoy your day dearest. I love you.


4. Nothing can stop me from wishing you a good afternoon, not even the harsh weather nor the distance. Take care of yourself a dear friend.


5. I pray we get to spend many nights, afternoons, and mornings together. Have a good afternoon dear friend.


6. Hey girlfriend, how is your afternoon over there? Hope you are doing fine.


7. May you receive help in any place you might go looking for today. Have a wonderful afternoon dear


8. May this beautiful day fetch you as many sales as you can carry! Enjoy your splendid day dear!


9. I am aware that the day is almost over, but I cannot keep calm until I see you again today!


10. Today is not the day to overwork yourself! We have a truckload of amazing things to do and I cannot wait for you to get back in one piece!


11. Hectic afternoon? Do not worry your pretty head; you are going to have a thrilling night! I promise!


12. Hey, how is your afternoon coming? You need to replenish your energy as you burn them, so meet up for lunch?


13. Hey dear, I know how much stressed you must be right now, take it easy on yourself okay!? Have a good day.


14. May your good afternoon be blessed, prolific, and thrilling. Make the most of it my dear!


15. I take this moment to say good afternoon to the sweetest friend that has ever lived! I wish you all the good tidings the day has to offer.


16. Have the best afternoon and always stay determined!


17. Being your friend has brought adventure to my world! Have a fruitful afternoon dear.


18. I wish you an afternoon free of worry and anxiety. Take pleasure in your day.


19. How lovely it feels to have someone to be able to tell how my day went! Just know that I am open to any conversations you bring to the table! Good afternoon dear.

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